WFAA - News from North Texas

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for WFAA - News from North Texas

4.81 out of 5
61.4K Ratings
2 months ago, TR Williams
I moved here from Indianapolis in 2012. I fell in love with WFAA NEWS and have never switched to another channel for news. I find that WFAA NEWS is accurate, on point, informative as well as timely reporting. If there is anything negative to say about the employees who report the news it would be…that a couple of young ladies wear clothes that are too small or too tight/snug and that they need to learn how to or not cross their legs when sitting or interviewing. If the dress that she is wearing is too short or snug/small they know it when they put it on and before they come on the air. Crossing their legs is distracting and could bring unwanted attention….. Clothes that are fashionable is not for everyone. In many cases you are able to literally see up their dress which I find distracting, distasteful and offensive as a viewer. Otherwise, I love WFAA and the staff that report the news. Thank you for the opportunity to share. 🕊️
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4 years ago, Miss G's Mom
News staff shines during on-air coverage of Dallas tornado
Maria Sevedra, Jessie Huwela, Kyle Roberts and all the behind-the-scenes studio folks did a masterful job of providing vital information during the non-stop unscripted on-air coverage of the weather events Sunday evening. The studio staff, along with numerous WFAA reporters and photo-journalists out at the various scenes of damage, did an excellent, compassionate job of keeping the public informed and safe. I was particularly impressed with the way the reporters always asked those being interviewed on scene if they were OK, and always expressed sincere concern for the losses people may have experienced. There is a different “feel” to the reporting at WFAA and ABC — it’s why the station has been my “go to” for news and weather coverage since I moved to North Texas in 1971. Kudos!
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4 years ago, Texas summer girl
Previous version better
This new version of WFAA is harder to use. I have deleted the old version & downloaded the new version but it keeps popping up crap asking me to download the new version. There is an apparent flaw in your new version. I downloaded the old version when I got my phone earlier this year & no problems nor did it keep asking me to download it over & over. It knew I had already done that. Your new version apparently doesn’t recognize that I have downloaded it. I have followed(watched) WFAA since moving to Dallas area around 1973. I wish I had not downloaded the new app. I should have waited till y’all got the kinks out (like Apple’s iOS 13. I am waiting a while till Apple gets all the bugs & kinks out before I update to that messed up mess). I wish I had waited before I downloaded WFAA’s new app & read reviews on it first. Between 1 & 10, I gave the old version a 10. I give the new version a score of 2. I don’t like the new version. ☹️
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4 months ago, Jean Conner Klassen
Best News In America
My expectations were high when I moved from Dallas to another area of the country and turned on the news. Having become used to the professional and informed staff at channel 8, it was astounding to witness such poor presentation of the news. Thankfully, I had the channel 8 app on my phone. Like a scene from the movie, “Doc Hollywood,” I daily return to see the events, weather and sports on my favorite news channel, delivered by the best in industry. Appreciate the talent and professionalism you have in journalism in the DFW Metroplex. It is the best in the country and certainly not available elsewhere. They deserve every award and continued recognition they have received and much more.
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4 years ago, Sassette57
The best start to my day
Man, I watch every morning to see what my commute and the weather is going to be like. I laugh because my grandchildren will come in to watch the news when I’m in my bathroom getting ready. I have three little Gregs at the house. I love the new app because I am able to watch on my phone while getting ready while my grand babies watch while sitting on my bed lol. The app also enables me to keep up with the latest and I can catch up on anything I missed the night before. I can go on and on but I won’t... suffice it to say I love it whoop whoop!🙌😄❤️
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1 year ago, Tx1064
App review
While I enjoy being able to see news stories, I use the app mainly for weather. I occasionally will eat a “live” or breaking news video to come up to date on the topic. My main complaint is that on these “live” breaking news stories, the videos always play an add before the live feed story starts, resulting in missing key information to the reason for streaming a live news video. This defeats the purpose of the breaking news update. This also happens with the live weather videos so a portion of the live steam is pre-emotes by the ads and you miss the information. Adds are okay on a pre-recorded video but not on a live video. Very frustrating and, again, counterproductive.
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2 years ago, JennFMcG
While I have your attention and...
Dear Channel 8, I just wanted to applaud you for the “While I have your Attention” videos. They are truly beautiful and so well done. You have always been our preferred news station in DFW and this is just one more reason why so many of us here love and support you. You have assembled an incredible team of people. Every single one of them is outstanding. And the camaraderie between them is magic. From Jessie and Maria, to Dale and Pete and Chris and Izzy. And all of those in between. Thank you! You are doing something right!
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4 years ago, fififauxfun
Good but could use tweaks
I’d love it the developers added the feature to be able to pinch zoom/enlarge an article on the fly. There’s no way to do that. So if you are having trouble reading it or the images contained (such as weather maps and such) too bad. Would also love to be able to tap an image and bring it up separately where it can enlarged. As it is, the weather report articles are completely useless because you can’t at all read maps and I’m on one of the larger iPhones. I downloaded the app specifically for the weather updates but find I’d like to read non-weather related articles but without zooming it is just annoying. Developers: please add this basic functionality!!!
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4 years ago, cindy sams
WFAA is the best news cast. I been watching ch. 08 since I was in school & I was living with my mom. I love ch. 08 thank u WFAA for the best news cast. I am still watching WFAA I live in Fort Worth my mom & my step mom is watching your newscast I love Pete Delkus he shows me the weather. I love Dale Hanson talking about the sports. Keep WFAA on tv. My mom lives in Arlington & we love u. Thank u for showing Donald Trump & governor Gregg Abbott last is Clay Jenkins. That they were talking about covid 19 virus 🦠 thank u what ever Pete says on his forecast is true if I watch ch. 04 it may by true but Pete is better at 5:00 pm 6:00 & 10:00 pm.
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5 years ago, Lmundy1
Even these reviews are mostly ads!
There are two types of reviews in this section. There are glowing five-star reviews about how great WFAA’s on-air news program is, which is true - best in D/FW. Then there are one- and two-star reviews about how horrible this redesigned app is, which is also true. Filter out the glowing praise for the live-tv news program, and you’ll see that the consensus is that the new app is simply news text from the teleprompter interspersed every few lines with three flashy horizontally-arrayed ads for toenail fungus cures, bad restaurants - you name it, it’s there with big color graphics. At least when I’m watching the news on live tv, I can make a quick restroom trip when the commercials start running. My #1 local news source is no longer my #1 online local news source.
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5 years ago, Dessert cart lady
Jesse Huwela
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy you doing the weather. You are usually right on the money with your forecast. I stayed right with you and Kyle during the Dallas tornadoes. I believe you and your continuous following the radar is the reason no one was seriously injured. Great job Jesse and Kyle!! I switch the channel when pompous Pete does the weather. Would love to see you become WFAA chief meteorologist!!! You do your job. I’ve never heard your belittle or put down anyone on air the way Pope Pete does. Congratulations on a job well done. Same to Kyle and Greg!!!
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2 years ago, zippypc
Truthfully...I am biase
When it comes to WFAA. Living in a small town with Dallas as our playground for shopping, restaurants and cultural happenings WFAA was the station to watch plus reading the daily newspaper “The Dallas Morning News”. My grandmother was a subscriber hence my parents were too! I moved to Dallas and WFAA kept me in a comfortable place with the quality newscasters etc.. Their passion for good journalism beams! I am back in my hometown but not without WFAA and The Dallas Morning News. Thank you for continuing quality journalism in the metroplex and beyond!
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1 year ago, elegle
Audio on all clips, please.
Sometimes when I click on a story I find that the whole narrative is written and to my great disappointment it is very small and goes too fast for my bad eyes to read. I would prefer to have audio or the story written out below so that I can know what’s going on. My eye problems are frustrating enough without adding the frustration of not being able to read it and know the details of the story.
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4 years ago, Keshnaketa
Your Weather app
The app is OK! But if it’s NOT broke don’t fix it!! So WHY??? This app??? The weather radar just isn’t like the last one and just isn’t very user friendly. I have animals and this app not very reliable!! LOVED your last app!! User friendly, reliable and could access it from anywhere in U.S. were able to pin point exact location of Ranch when zoomed in and then zoom out to see where storm is headed when examining radar.
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5 years ago, Annoyed@facebook
Not Impressed!
I’m used to app redesigns and getting accustomed to new features, but this new WFAA app seems to lack any sense of organization or design, and I’m just left wanting the basics I depended on back, and something easy to navigate. I went to the WFAA app for a quick glance at news and weather, but now there’s nothing quick here. It almost feels like I’ve got a loading problem, leaving an awkward looking app minus any useful formatting or design! I know I’m not the only one, when one of the first “headlines” I see is directions to use the app. That’s a big FAIL in my opinion! I’ve probably accessed this app less than a quarter as much as usual since I downloaded it. I don’t see WFAA being my top news source unless drastic improvements are made fast.
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7 months ago, 60snm
Enjoying WFAA from Tyler Texas!
I have always enjoyed WFAA since we have been able to enjoy it on our cable. After they removed it from our cable, I downloaded the app and have enjoyed it since. Thank you for providing the news live so we can enjoy seeing up to date news and weather from the metroplex and the world. We would not see it locally without it. Love love love your morning show!! Tashara is awesome too!
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4 months ago, greensuperfrog1
News great, politics too much
Been watching for years. Love everything but your politics. Should be more neutral. Micheal is my favorite because he is more neutral and he is very uplifting. I am older and wish more people would be like Walter Cronkite and just tell it like it is with no opinions. It has gotten worse since 2000- just going to have to blame Biden or whomever is calling the shots. People are not as stupid as you think. Most of them anyways. Play of the day is my favorite part because we get to smile.
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5 years ago, Aus10fromHous10
Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement
I would’ve put a button for the favorite topics on the bottom menu bar. Also, please add topics and content for local college sports teams (SMU, TCU, UNT, etc) The main news page should load all at once, instead of as you scroll. A couple moments up front to load for a better overall experience when you’re scrolling is worth it. Also, it shouldn’t reload every time you go to the homepage after reading a story. Too many times I’m trying to scroll and it takes me to a story instead. The scrolling on the old app was much smoother.
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4 years ago, trevthewebdev
Absolute trash
Like other comments, previous app was better. We were under tornado warning the other night. I opened the old app but they aren’t supporting it, downloaded this sack of garbage, couldn’t find live radar, couldn’t find live weather reporting, could only find clips that were between 2 and 4 hours old. On top of that they bludgeon you with ads, want to scroll to find something? You’re going to have to fight as ads pop in and jump you around on the page. Shame on you for approving this travesty and shame on the developers who put this thing together. There are scroll bars in the middle of the screen while scrolling covering what little content there is!
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3 years ago, *Bex
8 - review
The only reason i gave it 4-stars is because each time i open a video to watch it, i have to watch it in “portrait” format and cannot change to “landscape” when i turn my phone sideways; especially when i am out on my daily walk and a weather update comes in, i turn my phone sideways for a better view, but to no avail. The view is so small i can’t even see the city names.
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3 years ago, EasTex Story
With Family Scattered Across North Texas...
...the WFAA internet feed makes us feel like we are still in the DFW area even though we live in the Eastern Florida Panhandle. The broad North Texas weather coverage is what keeps us returning to the app. Ch8 coverage is Superior to the Weather Channel in many ways, which otherwise is our “go-to” for weather. WFAA Local news features are what capture our attention and keep us viewing. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Dem-Rep
I’m so tired of Congress wasting our money and the news being so one sided. I’m a registered Democrat but I don’t want impeachment, there’s more important things that need to be addressed. Chanel 8 and other news media are giving them to much tv time. This started 4 years ago when the Democrats refused to acknowledge our president. Please media step up and represent the people, send our messages out there. What the Republicans said today at the house debate needs to be played over and over again to the public. This is the way a lot of people are feeling. Don’t be a one sided station
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4 years ago, 3457575758
Old version was so much better
I haven’t had any problems with this app until recently it’s very glitchy and I hate how you can’t see the ten day or seven day forecast with a somewhat detailed description of what the weather is going to be. Every time I open the app it has some type of glitch and I really have come to strongly dislike it im very disappointed and would love for it to be fixed. Glitches include half the screen not showing up, the weather part not updating, and the video forecast that always plays the intro about five times before it actually works.
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4 years ago, Kellam Clan
Quality News Reports
We live in Van, Texas (about 90 miles east of Dallas near Tyler) but keep our TV on Channel 8 WFAA. Currently, we are unable to get WFAA due to the AT&T/Direct TV dispute. We miss our favorites...Dale, Izzy, Chris, Pete, & the National News w/David M. Hopefully, this contract dispute will be settled soon but if you can tell me any other way we might be able to get WFAA through another source, please advise me. Living in the country is wonderful, but we don’t always have access to different sources for media.
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5 years ago, tchaikatsky
I have watched WFAA since 2006 when I moved to Texas. I am now switching my alliance to channel 5. Greg Fields is awesome. a true gentleman. I thoroughly enjoyed the old team and Ron Corning kept me smiling. Cara is ok. Mark is a reason I was continuing to view. Demetria was opinionated and started my reason to leave. But you have reached a new low with the new traffic lady. She took Greg to task last week on air for not saying hello to her in the morning. Today she used a double negative and “ain’t”. Hhmmm what kind of role model are you portraying? Her use of the English language is atrocious. Plus she is more opinionated than Demetria. I will continue to watch WFAA in the evening and weekends . I will also watch ABC when the morning crew is not airing. Farewell Friends!
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2 years ago, Tina Sparger-Buice
WFAA the best in DFW!
WFAA is the best station for news, sports, weather and overall broadcasting in the state of Texas. I have watched channel 8 since we moved to Texas when I was in my early teens. It truly does support the best staff and news. I like the honesty they show, their humor and always their humility, most of all the dedication they show to kindness! I will be a devoted fan as long as God allows me to be on our earth! I love all of the past and present broadcast staff! Tina Sparger-Buice
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3 years ago, Julesfly
Has always been my news and channel of choice. They are informative and helpful on topics that we all can relate to and use in our daily life. For instance “right on the money.” As I have been sadden to see journalists come and go it will always be my channel of choice. In fact, I switched from Direct TV to Spectum last year because of the disagreement. To me it was like having my lights turned off. WFAA❣️Jules88
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1 year ago, Hayhashaz123
My Weather People
I’ve watched WFAA news for longer than I can count! I won’t watch any other station! Greg Fields is my main go to guy/person for my weather. Cynthia Isaguirre is my favorite news person. I was sad when she went to the night crew as she and Greg were awesome on the morning news. I still watch faithfully for both morning and evening to see my people! I wish to meet them some day. Our world needs more people like them! Way to go WFAA. Judy Price
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2 years ago, Ms. Durst
WFFA app is great
I have truly enjoyed this application with it’s breaking news and weather reports. Keeping me informed on what going on local, national and across the world with the truth in news. I love Dale Hanson with his news commentary and sports. The weather team is outstanding in the nation with it on the spot weather events. This app is A one and free without a television cable network subscription agin I love this app. Keep up the excellent work guys.
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3 years ago, snall1
News coverage
I have the app for the weather. I get irritated that even our local news stations are trying to feed us the liberals’ narrative rather than what’s actually happening or leaving out certain aspects to suite the liberal point of view. Quit slanting the truth. I’m not saying you do this on every story but I have found it happening more and more. Not appreciated, I mean, who’s your boss.....Nancy Pelosi????
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5 years ago, Youunderestimatemysneakiness
Give me my easy access radars back!
Why? The old app had the VERY BEST access to weather radars. Now I have to scroll through different categories and can’t pull up individual radars. Take me back to the original. I don’t understand why this change was necessary??? I really hope the people at the station actually read these comments. I did, and I see that I’m not alone in my opinion. WFAA dropped the ball on this one.
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5 years ago, Jbrown2339
Not an improvement
the last app wasn’t the most modern or cutting edge, but it did what it needed to do, and was easy to navigate. This version has bright colors, but it’s difficult to navigate and the weather section isn’t as simple as the old one. I generally come here for the weather, and the layout is odd and not intuitive. Just not a fan, wish the old one still worked.
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2 years ago, Pickjm
All about the adds
Bad weather “Get the channel 8 App and stay tuned”. To what? All of the adds that interrupt every story and anytime you try to get to radar? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Staff, reporters , anchors, and even Pete Delkus! There are way better outlets like dark sky that show you what is about to tear your barn up instead the latest ad Tenga is trying to force yo to watch before the tornado. The web site’s not much better. However, I love the news cast!!! Leave apps and websites to those of us who have been doing them since is was in the basement at UTD!
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1 week ago, charlesg17
Mr Gaddy
I would like to know why is it the state Texas is allowed to violate the rights of the 1 amendment and the civil right of people and that of women an know says anything about. They are turning out to a social state. They don’t want you read books or or they want to take my tax and hand it to to rich not the people that could use it. Ask why two millioners out Houston are backing this bill.
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4 years ago, forget it-will change channels
News anchor
Chris-news anchor—-he sounds like his mouth is full & doesn’t come out loud & clear as Cynthia. I have tried to listen carefully, to no extent, thinking after he was here awhile, he would get better. I am aware he has an extensive news background, but his delivery is not great. My husband was news director 28 yrs at one station (first ever) & believe I have learn to know good & bad delivery on air. Thank you for reading my feedback.
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2 years ago, buckchops
App no longer works after update - 0 stars
The app no longer opens after the update. I’m on a supported iPhone iOS. I’ve rebooted the phone. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. Nothing works. It flashes and then disappears. It hangs in the background but never fully opens. Even tho u can’t see it, it gives u the option to swipe up to close it. The UNENDING ads when you’re trying to check safety during severe weather was bad enuf...but now that u can’t even open the app, I’ll just go back to The Weather Channel. I’d give it 0 stars but the App Store forces u to give it at least 1.
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4 years ago, NovaSHMC
Unnecessary alerts frequently
I liked the app at first. I only subscribed to get alerts for Local News, Breaking News, Emergency Weather Alerts, News on The Star and The Texas Rangers. Recently (since COVID started) I’ve been getting 3-4 notifications a day on fluff pieces that aren’t News and not what I subscribed to. In turned off alerts for everything but breaking emergency news and emergency weather reports and I still receive several notifications a day on junk like politics and fluff pieces I intentionally turned off the alerts too. I’m very disappointed how annoying this app got.
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4 years ago, Kahalpin
I really enjoy WFAA, especially Mark and Kara, and Sonia-her the most. But the traffic woman, Tashara, she doesn’t speak the same all the time. I realize there are times to change your tone. But the way she speaks is annoying, it isn’t even good grammar. I look at news anchors as examples to the younger generation of good grammar, behavior and other things. I realize a lot of people use y’all a lot down here, but it isn’t a word!!!
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2 years ago, CheruBen
Notifications need work
I have unchecked all news notifications. I only want weather alerts. Unfortunately, I still consistently get other alerts no matter what, Cowboys win (don’t care), some crime or whatever report (again, don't care). Don’t give me an option to opt out of those alerts if you’re not going to actually silence those alerts. If this continues, I will just delete the app or shut off all notifications.
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4 years ago, nickname gone, you're great
Thank you
I just want to thank all of you’s for keeping us updated on what’s going on and the weather, it’s a blessing to know that your there, and that you take time from your family’s to kept us up to date, yes I’m aware that it is a job, but you go beyond just a job, I pray for all of you’s and your families , may God Bless and watch over you and your family’s. Again Thank You.
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5 years ago, beckslade
Challenging app
The new app is not user friendly. Now I just avoid using it. Traffic reports aren’t easily accessible, so many pop-up ads and videos that it’s hard to read the story, can’t scroll left/right and must use the back arrow (hard to reach on larger phones. The menu at the bottom is not comprehensive. You have to click home and then scroll down to find the category you want. The only accessible category on the menu is weather. I expect much better from a main station in a market the size of DFW. Honestly, the old app was better, and the old WeatherCaster app was stellar.
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4 weeks ago, classof06132003
Weather Team
The weather team here is very accurate…you can almost set your day if you have outside stuff to do with a storm. The time prediction when they say, is pretty spot on. Also the reports of allergy triggers…helps us with asthma and allergies. New equipment and technology, plus the pros (Pete, Jesse, Greg, Muriel and Kyle)…. Thank you. You’re the best weather team in this area….
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3 years ago, vlg1955
Love my WFAA!
I’ve loved this station for many, many years!!! Great programming…and the local news is my favorite! From the news anchors down to the reporters, they all feel like “family” to us! Thank you for keeping us informed and entertained!!! Love this app too! Notifications from you keep us on top of the latest breaking news!
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2 years ago, scoobydooby08
Like the app but…
The app works as intended. I downloaded it for weather notifications; however, many times I wake up to notifications about someone getting shot last night. I don’t care about that nor do I want the notifications. I turned off all notifications except for weather, yet I still get bings about violence that doesn’t impact me. What’s the deal?
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4 years ago, Donald Hogan
Guarding Our Lives
WFAA is like a guard for North Texas, saving and alerting us to potentially dangerous weather. The commitment you and your associates make to your work saves lives. We can’t always depend on sirens especially in outlying rural communities. Many thanks and best regards to the hard work of Pete Delkus and the effort of the entire WFAA staff in keeping us informed. And hats off to providing an absolutely beautiful and informative app! Thanks for your service!
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3 months ago, saddy 75
Enjoying the news where ever I go
I am really enjoying this app. I have you guys at the touch of my finger. I enjoy the notifications and the ability to read and listen to news as I have an opportunity. I really like weather updates. Overall a good experience. Keeping me in the know.
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5 years ago, Sugarsdaddy
New Version is Worthless
I used to access this app every day for news and weather. The new update makes it essentially worthless. Hardly look at it at all now. Trying to scroll through stories only to have the UI drop you back on part of the page you have already scrolled through just to make sure you saw the advertisement that had not rendered yet is not my idea of great. I just tried to pull up the weather and it just spins. Never had these issues with the older version. I have no problem with change, unless it breaks something that works just fine.
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5 years ago, Any not already taken?
As most business do, WFAA clearly asked people(friends and family) to give 5 stars to drown out the bad reviews! After the launch they had like 2.6 stars with a page of bad reviews and now magically they are back up and there are a barrage of glowing reviews! IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!!! The only problem with the old app was the lack of proofreading before posting stories. But I could live with that because the stories were easy to access and sorted by topic. Also the weather radars were better than some of the actual weather apps. This new version is a jumbled mess that I will be deleting.
Show more
3 years ago, MsMackk
Enough is enough
Does every story/post have to sound like a hillbilly wrote it? I’m tire of “y’all” in my news feed. Maybe TRY to write with a bit more professionalism because the other is really not cute, quaint, or clever. And here’s a tip: other states DO have great tacos, Mexican food, Margaritas, etc. This is why people in other states hate Texans so much.
Show more
4 years ago, Vmiyoshi
Unwanted Notifications
I had this problem before with a previous version, looks like this issue is back (don’t know how long it’s been back). Problem - I’m getting notifications about stuff I don’t care about. My notifications setting are set to only notify me about severe weather, so explain why I’m getting notified about “a great place to have a wedding at.” I’m real close to deleting the app, the issue is you guys are excellent about weather updates... Get this fixed then place create an app for the Apple TV
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