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User Reviews for WFMZ

4.64 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Chilly Willy 19
69 News
I grew up in Allentown and watched WFMZ since day one on air. Moving to other areas including the Slate Belt and beyond I am able to stay abreast of news, weather and traffic. Watching WFMZ grow to its present status including your new studio from the PPL Center shows the compassion and credibility they have for all. Many years ago while at MusikFest I suggested weekend coverage. Today WFMZ is on everyday from morning to late night. Bringing the news to the Lehigh Valley and Berks County and Beyond. The Accuweather Channel is a valuable tool dedicated to keeping viewers abreast of pending weather conditions. Working various schedules at work I am able to stay up to date 24/7 using the apps. Thank you WFMZ for everything you do for all of us.
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5 years ago, Jrom713
Much Improved
This app has improved immensely since they separated the local,national and sports from the BS news and nonsense of the entertainment scuz. I am no longer exposed to that dreck. I’ve gone from one star to four. That’s saying something. Just a quick update on my last review. I’m thinking this app has improved even more since my first review. They update the news a lot faster than before. It’s also separated into more categories now and there appears to be more stories. The news does, however, tend to slow down on the weekends.
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5 years ago, Billymons
Why alert tone change????
My iPhone 6 used to have a alert tone specific to a 69 news alert which I couldn’t change, that was ok. Now some how it changed to the Tri- tone alert and still I can’t change it. I don’t like that because my text message tone is the Tri-tone, and always has been. I wish I could change the alert tone. Now I just took it out of my notifications.
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6 years ago, pahnews
Nightmare on News Street
You took a functional, fast and familiar means of keeping up with the news and turned it into an annoying, cumbersome, frustrating mess that leaves but one question, What were you trying to accomplish and why did you fail so miserably? I’m busy, everybody is busy...you’ve turned a simply dream to operate and turned it into a nightmare. Regards, Peter
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6 years ago, Nthpyatal
I’m giving this one star because it pops up. Other than that I am not impressed. The weather closing updates come up 10 at a time. No more picking your favorites. The change button to show all entries doesn’t work. Where is the traffic map? Shouldn’t need to download separate apps for traffic, weather, entertainment and news. It was nice having a local news app with everything I was looking for but all the updates are not necessarily good. Thumbs down!
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3 years ago, sas377
Newest update is a step backwards
I gave it about a week to see how I would adjust to the changes, but they’re just not good. The font is extremely difficult to read. It is not easy to scroll to read just headlines as it’s cluttered with pics/video and different layouts. There is also no ability to customize how the homepage looks. I’ll never understand why businesses take a perfectly good app and ruin it with changes that aren’t improvements. It’s looking like this is another news app that I’ve stopped using as it’s just too cumbersome to get news quickly.
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7 years ago, ael_ecurai
UI not great, alerts okay
#1 thing this app is missing: SEARCH. If I was looking at a story a few days ago and want to find it again, or see all the articles related to one I'm interested in, that's next to impossible. The menu is a huge, cumbersome, un-hierarchical mess. Navigating is painful. The notifications are one of the only things that make this app useful to me, and even those could use some improvement in customization options. Not impressed, but I like this better than local Patch news, so it gets to stay for now.
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3 years ago, Mommom 6
Best News
WFMZ is the best news weather traffic in my area of Schuylkill County! the anchor people are the best! I look forward to my mornings evenings late night with WFMZ very informative. It’s amazing how you Report many stories from our area and our local WNEP is a day late and a dollar short! Keep up the great work keep us informed I look forward to my days with WFMZ!
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7 years ago, Saint Life
Needs Improvement!!
Please get rid of the "Turn on bluetooth" notification that pops up every single time I launch the app!! It's annoying!! Also add a feature to search for a specific news story. I saw a story pop up and wanted to read it but I couldn't find again after I closed the app and opened it again! Fix the crashes as well! Some stories I look at causes the app to crash and I lose the story I wanted to read!! Which is why I ask for a search feature.
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5 years ago, Nana of 06
School closings
I’m disappointed that we can’t choose our school district so we don’t have to go through the whole list to find them. I would like to see the old format where you can choose your main schools. Thank you
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6 years ago, username902
Great improvement for iOS
The previous app revision was so bad I abandon it. After this newest update it is cleaner and simpler to use. I only wish they would get ride of the huge ad in the middle and put the weather in place and move the ad down. Great improvement from the last. Great app to get my local news!!!
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6 years ago, Shirley#1
Travel with WFMZ!
Whenever I am traveling I can always count on news from my hometown area! The 3 weathermen are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!!! I look forward to watching the weather, these guys are really good! Shirley from Leesport!
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6 years ago, wtfitsmealready
Great app. Too great.
Love the wfmz apps, but wish there was a way to have the alerts more localized. I’m from the Greater Lehigh Valley, and get annoyed with all the Reading alerts I get. No offense, but I don’t really care about any ‘local’ news, outside the Northampton & Warren County Areas. I wish I could only get alerts from that tightened circle.
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5 years ago, 4MyFeedback
New Ad Windows Distracting and Annoying
I used to read the news via the WFMZ app multiple times per day. A recent update now has ads on the bottom of the screen which are very annoying and distracting. I plan to delete the app if I don’t see a change within the next few days. I tried to X-out of the ads so I could focus on the news and was repeatedly sent to other screens for the ads. Very disappointing, WFMZ.
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6 years ago, BusdriverPhil
Too Much Advertising
When the app opens you get a pop up at the bottom of the page that never closes.
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7 years ago, PoeGRL
Needs Much Improvement
It upsets me that the company seems content with subpar performance. This app could be great if someone took the time to fix all the bugs. The app crashes constantly if you access alerts. Also, the app needs to feature more up to date articles. They keep the old articles around far too long which results in fewer actual "news" articles.
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7 years ago, Gray01
Good app but always crashes
This app is great but please fix the crashing. I've noticed it doesn't crash (as much) when I just click on the app, however almost every time I access the app from a notification it crashes after the page loads. PLEASE FIX
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6 years ago, ryeter12
Local news fast and factual!
You’re able to read headlines and gather the facts quickly. If you want to know more, it’s right there for you.
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4 years ago, Eirjvhedf
No casting
I moved just out of the viewing area for tv and thought I would try casting the app to my tv from my iPad. No such luck. There is no casting ability for chrome cast/smart cast or airplay. Perhaps they can work to have that added?
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4 years ago, mannygnzajr
With the times
I have been kept up with the proper information as needed for my family and friends and household and my self... thanks
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4 years ago, Goliath in vietnam
Favorite weatherman
I like Mat Lower a lot. He is differently on the ball with his weather forecast. I like the way he laughs and giggles, I think he would make a good Santa Claus. Something to think about next year ! Bob
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6 years ago, Duanne12
I would rather not get alerts as often as I do for areas I do not know anything about. I wish I could pinpoint that information to my interests. Living in the Reading area, I do not wish to see so much from Allentown filter through to me.
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6 years ago, JL Borden
I had an issue with the app crashing when I tried to open stories from notifications. Since the update I haven’t had a problem.
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4 years ago, Maria Germosen
Thank You
Is wonderful that you are keeping us informed about the Corona Virus in such a professional and accurate way. Thanks for the app.
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6 years ago, RealtreeDan
I like being able to see what’s happening in the valley. But often I am reading the same story’s on Sunday morning as I read on Saturday. Think weekend stories or news needs to be updated on a more frequent time basis. Thank you. Dan from Allentown.
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3 years ago, tayterbug330
Full screen ads? Not cool.
All of a sudden, whenever I open the app now, I have to sit through a full screen ad and then hunt for the close button when it’s done. I get that it’s a free app and ads are how they pay for it, but the full screen thing ruins the entire experience. I don’t even want to use the app now.
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6 years ago, Suziqbert
Pop ups
The pop up advertising is annoying and no search to find a story or news article. Other then that good app.
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5 years ago, BryanJFinny
Love this news app
So grateful for the accuracy and timeliness of how the news and weather are done on this station. Never hyped or politically driven. I like that a lot
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7 years ago, JEREMYBRANDT
Constant Crashing
Clicking on an alert ALWAYS makes the app crash! After being teased by the alert headline and then having to relaunch by the inevitable crash, I can no longer locate the article for which I had received the notification. It drives me INSANE because this bug has been a constant issue for a LONG time! Please FIX!!!
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4 years ago, Oldbuc
Great Local News
It’s great to see local news & weather even though I’m in Florida. Matt & Christina, please let me know when it’s safe to return north!
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6 years ago, Data Watcher Too
Weather alert method awful
I will sporadically have a male voice come on my phone saying “Station Alerts!” And then a bar will show up with a blurb about the weather. I see no way to turn off the sound for this and it scares the crap out of me every time it happens.
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7 years ago, abd410
Fix your app!
The one app on my phone I can count on to crash CONSTANTLY. Wish I didn't get alerts every time someone gets stabbed in Reading. Also, if WFMZ is interested in hiring a proofreader who understands grammar, they can call me. Their articles read like they've been written by a 9 year old.
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5 years ago, Flamboyan 201
Fantastic app
Thank you for this great app .That keep me informed of everything that happened local and worldwide!
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7 years ago, BZ123ZZ
Too many ads!
There seem to be more ads than news! Why don't you offer a pay version without ads? For national and world news I use Reuters, no ads, for local news I use Lehigh Valley live. They have ads too but not as many as this app. You are supposed to be a news station not a billboard!
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4 years ago, Springtown Ed
We love the News Alerts‼️
WFMZ69 Weather and Traffic alerts are helpful and appreciated.
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4 years ago, Ncjcirkdncn
What’s the point of an app when every time I try an read an article, I must click read more. Which in turn opens up the internet browser and the website to further read it. So I’m not even on the app anymore at that point... rendering it useless.
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5 years ago, u c guy
Comments made by station owner are horrible
The station needs to have another view.
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5 years ago, Strifedimmer
Auto play video in unexpectable
Can no longer use this app to check news at work since the video auto plays when you click news. Completely unexpectable. Your even wasting people’s data with your forced play videos.
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4 years ago, necotbb
App locks up
App begin to lock up when viewing news articles and would not allow return to main screen or next article or anything
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5 years ago, Smarie1125
Jeff’s least favorite Christmas song
I absolutely LOVE that song from the 1st time I heard it about 18 yrs. ago
Show more
5 years ago, joeefx1
It’s always good to get news as it happens and you does that for me. Thanks
Show more
6 years ago, Archangel4681
Annoying Pop Up Ads
Lose the annoying Diamond Federal Credit Union ad that automatically opens and plays when you click on a story. It’s unnecessary and drives me away from using the app.
Show more
3 years ago, LTH1220
New Update
The latest update is terrible. The new UI/UX concept is like going back in time. It’s too difficult to find articles and the interface seems like all the articles are just ads. Need to figure out a better user interface ASAP.
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6 years ago, Debbie2025
Great news!!
I always use my 69 mews app and storm center to see what’s going on in the area!! Love it!!
Show more
5 years ago, Indigo37
Watch morning and night from Daytona Beach Fl to keep up with the LV. Thanks!!
Show more
6 years ago, ScoobsDoobs
The old format was much better. What are all these boxes? Plus, our daycare is never listed as an option for school closings. AND...the worst is that I get bombarded with stupid alerts about every news story even though I’ve turned them off!!
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6 years ago, thecollegeaccount
Awful app
I used to love this app... now it’s hard to navigate to find stories and I can’t find the live weather forecast which is why I use it 90% of the time. It is an awful app... I might as well delete it and look for a better one.
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6 years ago, itunesBrian1
New Format Not Good
This new format is not good. It’s hard to navigate to find the news I’m looking for. I liked just being able to scroll and now I have to tap and swipe and scroll just to find that I’m not in the right place anyway.
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6 years ago, Beachbum IV
More National news
I would like to make this my preferred station. Not at the present time. Need to expand the coverage for important news.
Show more
5 years ago, Froggie79
Auto play
PLEASE get rid of auto play. Nothing like being at work and go to read an article and sound bursts out of your phone (even on mute) because of auto play.
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