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User Reviews for WFSB

4.52 out of 5
13K Ratings
6 years ago, shubowlingmom
Still some snags....but overall dependable
The app is my news source. Overall very pleased. I’ve had a couple of occasions to contact WFSB 3 when the app’s had issues, and they’ve been right on it, and even responded to me. They just need to monitor it more frequently, or ask users to contact them. One major complaint though, and this is actually more about website...inability to comment on stories. Not liking that AT ALL! Channel 3 is better than that, (I hope!).
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4 years ago, K one STM
WFSB with voiceover
I have been using the WFSB be app with my iPhone and voice over for about two months. I am totally blind and would like to see some improvements in the app. For example, I would like to see a verbal description of weather. Obviously there is no way I can use the weather radar but, I do not see much description of weather Doppler. I know I am only one person but there were many blind people who watch you. There are other things that could use some improvement to. There are many things that don't work properly with voiceover. I'm not trying to complain, I'm just making you aware of things that need to happen. After reading some of the reviews, I also would like to add that I to have a problem accessing live feeds. Sometimes they come up very nicely others they don't. I have a very good Internet connection here and I always use Wi-Fi. For the most part, I do like the app.
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4 years ago, June12,1955 3:28pm
Why did you mess with perfection?
I never had any problems with this app before it was revamped. Before I get rid of it completely I thought I would delete it and reinstall it. If I scroll down the app it closes. It closes probably 90% of the time. I then have to reopen it and try again. I usually just close the app altogether. I have always been a big fan of news 3, watching every morning before going to work. Now retired, I’m not up in time for the morning news and used to watch it on my phone. But,it’s a nightmare to try. If this doesn’t work, NBC here I come. Ps: This is the third time I have written about this issue with your app. I really hope someone can figure out why this is happening. OMG! Now I really know that it’s not me and there is something seriously wrong with this new app! You ask me to pick a nickname to appear along my review. Okay, Frani I can understand someone already is using it. So, I pick Squishy’s mom and then ChopSuey then PoloBear. Guess what? There all being used by someone. Come on! Now I’ll try picking the most outrageous and see what happens.
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5 years ago, Lauren;)$$@
I’ve been watching WFSB since adrianne baughns
I’m only 51 but I was brought up on WFSB channel 3. I’ve watched thru Hilton (when he almost blew off Mt Washington) and Gayle and the Oprah/Stedman interview. Dennis and Denise, all these yrs (I love to look at 20 yrs ago clips). And..... since I was an adult.... Scot Haney. Lol. I remember saying to my husband that if I wasn’t married, I’d date that Scot Haney. Then everyone told me he was gay.... and oh well... I still loved him all these yrs. (just not in the dating way! Lol) I’ve watched thru 9/11 (when Bruce lost a family member) not to mention challenger disaster and storm Larry and October tornado in Windsor locks. And thru first female governor, not to mention realizing in that time what “cancer” meant. As time has changed and so many people are just watching smart tv, Netflix, and streaming. I cannot give up local tv because I cannot give up WFSB 3. Thanks for the years and memories
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2 years ago, i <3 break it off
Overall good app!
I use this app everyday, I actually love getting the notifications from it on both my phone and Apple Watch. It has helped me keep up with breaking stories and also to know if there is sudden traffic on a highway. I use it for school closings, weather, and occasionally I will watch live news. My only complaint is that when I open a notification for a breaking story the app never brings me to that story!! I always have to go find it another way which is pretty annoying. It always opens to live news or something totally unrelated. Is this intentional, by error or just a functionality fault? Would love to actually read the article you are notifying me about when I touch it. Maybe it’s a setting?
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1 year ago, Steele Elliot 2 1/2
Would like to see the format changed. Many times can I get into a video. Scrolling takes too long. I have many times try to search only to receive a cannot be found notice. Irritating. I follow a out-of-state station called WMUR and they have a wonderful format and many different sections which offer different types of subjects. Might want to check that out. It’s very appealing. Like to add that there are too many ads and too many notifications about the same thing just written a different way. Multiple weather alerts over the same thing repeatedly. Annoying and totally unnecessary. Many of those can be cut out. basically everything is just messed up and looks confusing
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1 year ago, VSO Publishing LLC
Channel 3: 2 Many Ads; 1 Reason Why I don’t like it!
This news network by far is one of my favorites. The news covers many events local to me. I can watch the live streams on this app. When I receive alerts, I often click on them to see what the news is. The issue I have is all the ads! I click on one news story, then in the “related” stories or additional news, the stories seem like news, but are ads. I attempt to crawl up the wormhole, only to have to leave the app and start again. Understanding that advertising is an integral part of many applications, if this were a game, the ads would ruin it for me too! Not sure how to have less ads, but this is by far too many for what should be strictly news. Less ads, more stars!
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7 years ago, Fairfield reader
Generally good - Could be better
I appreciate the updates. I would prefer it if the important details of the story could be presented in the first line, or in the piece I can see when I open the app, rather than a tease, so that I wouldn't have to waste time clicking through to every story. It's a newsroom - I imagine you have talented headline writers and people who know how to write a lead, and I'm willing to listen to the whole story when I sit down to watch the news. But when I'm busy, and using the app to just get a quick overview, I don't want to keep clicking. Otherwise, I like your app very much.
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2 years ago, Maureen LB
I used to be on this app checking the news periodically throughout each day. I absolutely loved it and it was the perfect setup. All of a sudden when I tried to open the app this evening it kept saying “no content available”. I went into the App Store and it was asking me to update the app~ which I did. I’m now missing all of the news stories I had saved, there’s no longer a National news category and the website itself is much less user friendly! I now hate it and will be looking for a new local news app to switch to. This really saddens me because like I said I really did love this app. I’m not a person that likes change but this app no longer meets my needs. The new setup is horrible!
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7 years ago, jta575
Way too many notifications
So the app itself is okay it’s the notifications I can’t stand, so far they are up to 26 just today. I know I can shut off all notifications but they should just really tone down the non essential ones. I feel I have no choice then to just delete the whole app because obviously the people running it go crazy notifying everyone in the State with things like a tree down in some small town with 5,000 people, once in awhile would be okay but 26 notifications from 6am-7pm is ridiculous! I looked back at the reviews for the past year and so many people say there are just too many notifications but yet they have gotten worse not better so they really don’t bother reading reviews.
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5 years ago, ms senior Connecticut 2014
This is in dedication to the late Denise D’Ascenzo.
I’m saddened by her passing. She brought a spark to Channel 3. However, that spark will forever shine bright. She made the station Glow. I have rated this station top 500 and will always be a star above other’s. I will miss Denise in the mornings but I will see her gleam through the other staff members. Therefore, l demand all of you step forward and keep marching forward, we all have a job to do! Keep pressing forward “Joy Cometh in the Morning, saith the Lord. Psalm. Rest In Peace Denise from Ms Jones, Senior Connecticut 2014
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1 year ago, Beans8385
Not able to access app
Love this app, but recently I can only access it with my cellular data. When trying to access it with my internet, I am receiving an error message saying it cannot access/locate internet. I have an iPhone and Frontier….checked my iPhone settings, modem and all other apps. Restarted my phone…uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app and no luck using your app!
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7 years ago, Noley G
Thank you for your good work
I am a little unsure if I am rating the ap or the content. I am new to the ap but find it easy to use. WFSB is our news of choice. I find the staff to be invested in the stories, sympathetic when it is a sad story, in tune with the lighter stories. They seem to find the right times to be a bit silly or to acknowledge when the joke is on them. The weather team does not ignore us up here in the northwest corner.
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2 years ago, Tonuche
Good day with Caitlin and Scot
Scot and Caitlin are excellent together ! Their chemistry is amazing ! They are more fun than Kelly & Ryan ! Yesterday watched them with morning news (Caitlin is a great anchor ), Good day and afternoon they were on all day together and everytime I came in house I turned on 3 to see if they were on and couldn’t change the channel when they were . Please give us more of Caitlin and Scot !
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3 years ago, Ktulp2001
Worst app for local news ever!
App keeps crashing every time a new ad pops up. I have a brand new iPhone 11 and it takes me 10 or more minute to read a 2 minute read because every I get a few lines to a paragraph in it crashes when an ad changes. There is no reader view and I’ve even disabled JAVA, tried ad blockers, switched off pop ups and it still crashes. If you think I’m going to sign up thinking it’ll stop; forget it. This app is unusable to me so I’ll just use my other area news apps. It’s a shame. This seemed like the most a-political news app I could find. Bye Bye.
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2 years ago, Tgra1974
App is awful, each update gets worse. Deleted it
Only thing worse than the app being clunky and crashing is the fact Nicole Nalepa is on it. She’s pathetically needy and seems to think we are interested in her pregnancy. We are interested in the news, not her. It’s pretty pathetic and cringe. WFSB has become an embarrassment to news everywhere. Denise is no doubt rolling in her grave watching the embarrassment that is Nicole Nalepa and Roger Susananin (guy who smears food all over his face like he’s mentally or physically disabled on a regular basis)…..but she wouldn’t be watching on the WFSB app, it freezes and crashes 😂 try NBC CT, glad I did.
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6 years ago, K&H Bird
I have been watching WFSB for many years, they are right on target! ALL of you guys are awesome. The morning news starting at 5am when i get up, make my day! You are all like family with eachother and with us as viewers. Thank you for just being you!! Monday through Sunday, ALL of you are the best & Thank You.
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2 years ago, 46mae
New website
Logged into your website this am and was very disappointed to see a new website. I realize change is difficult for everyone however I am not happy with the new site. Previously you could scroll down on the main page to click on what you wanted to read. Now you have to navigate back and forth to find the subject on the main page and click on the subject site. Unless you know where to find the info your looking for, it’s too much back and forth. Not a fan sorry to say
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6 years ago, Doctor Elizabeth
Every time I go on this site I end up with ( We will be back later )as the news feed is not on . I am looking to see the updated info ASAP not that I have to play around with your website and finally get an update! It is so much easier to go to Channel 8 and get the most current information and get the information . I do not want to see ( we’ll be right back all the time ) !!! I want the news quicker and updated ASAP!
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5 years ago, Neverwill
No sound
Overall good place to get local news but I stopped being able to hear the Watch Live feature. I can watch weather and get sound and go through News stories with the individual videos playing sound, but the “Watch Live” section hasn’t played with sound for weeks on my iPad. App is fully updated, ios is updated and sound plays in every other game and app.
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6 years ago, Game got worse
Minus 1 star
Every time I receive an update on my phone so Channel 3 can tell me about the life status of Swedish-born DJs, I remove one star from the review. Shouldn't take long before Channel 3 realizes this isn't news, surely isn't Connecticut news, and that people don't care about this. There are many people from Nordic countries who died today. No need for a status update on each of them - thanks.
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11 months ago, saleen8927
WAY too many useless notifications, and too many ads
It’s just ad after ad after ad. Some are unskippable, and some force sound on even if you have volume off, which is terrible if you’re in a reception area or somewhere public. Plus, many of the ads seem almost like scams, as if WFSB doesn’t screen them before allowing them to advertise. WFSB has good local coverage, but either watch it or find another way to get your news, because all you’ll get in the app is ads.
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2 years ago, Youkie7
Too much weather reporting
Can you possibly cut back on the continuous weather reporting. It’s too much. We enjoy your reporting on Connecticut and National news. Since Bruce retired it seems the weather is your priority. 3 updates in a half hour show for weather then commercials we get maybe 12 minutes of actual news. Rick Carragher Moosup, CT
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5 years ago, Jlibano
I understand from a developer’s point of view it may be easier to maintain 1 mobile app versus a few, however I was pushed to download the regular WFSB app because the Weather app was obsolete and is no longer offered in the Apple App Store. I only need this app for weather, however there’s no push notification for only weather, it’s app wide. So now instead of getting an update on the upcoming winter storm I’m getting alerts on “who will be singing during the Super Bowl halftime show.” Ill stick with the Weather Channel app from now on.
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2 years ago, Mstiger69
I love this channel because they cover the local news in my area and I love the cast. Since this last update with the changes of the new improved app it has been terrible. I cannot watch any live streaming or news that was aired earlier. I hate to find another app that has local news but it’s frustrating. I would stream while I get ready in the morning but haven’t been able to since this new app. Please fix the issue and I know I’m not the only one.
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2 years ago, RJB-T-D
New design
I’ve been a faithful friend of WFSB for many years. It’s the news I always watch first and foremost. But I’m a senior now and I’m very disappointed . You definitely didn’t have my age group in mind when you designed your new format. I used to be able to use my channel 3 app very easily but now it’s extremely confusing for me and for others in my age group. I’m disappointed that you didn’t take us into consideration.
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4 years ago, PAS81349
Used to Love It
I used to love this app. I would get all my news here, however lately since they redesigned the app, I can see the headings, but when I go to click on them to read more, most of them just end up looking blank. It’s not a service thing, and it works for some headings, but not all. Super frustrating when you want to find out more information about a particular heading.
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2 years ago, Anonymous playa 1
New update is terrible
The latest update is very hard to navigate and I get an error message on the top headlines. When I click on a notification all the other notifications are gone and I can’t see the stories I want to read after. I’ve always used the app before and it seemed to work good for the most part but it’s very frustrating to use now. WFSB was my go to app for news but I have to use other apps until this problem is fixed
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6 years ago, lors9833
I have been watching your show since I was a young child. Your show is the best I’ve seen in the morning! I always enjoy a good laugh with the morning show with everyone in the morning show. It’s definitely a good way to start the morning. Thank you all for being a great news cast!
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6 years ago, CTJOSEPHA
Could be better
App just could be better. The watch live option has too many dead spots. I try to use this app when traveling and find it locks up and often restarts on my iPhone X. This does not happen on the WCBS app in NYC. Video attachments would be a nice touch to the written stories.
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6 years ago, MediaPs
Long-distance enjoyment
After moving out of state, my wife wanted to keep in touch with her CT friends. Each day she tells me another interesting fact that she picks up from Channel 3. I know more about Channel 3’s news than I know what’s going on here. The app is easy to download and use. Thanks.
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5 months ago, Dreamcatcher2025
The same stories are on here for days. Is there a time limit or could the latest stories be on top? Maybe a couple happy stories so the news isn’t all gloom and doom and death and crime. Not saying no “Dirty Laundry” but maybe sprinkle some good in there. There’s always some good local people doing nice stuff. 😌😌
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2 years ago, 30YearViewer
Lost a long term user after new update
This new app is nothing but an ad pop-up magnetic! The older version was perfect. Now you can’t clicked anything without intrusive advertisement pop-ups! Annoying musical notifications. Quick weather format changed and is too small. This app is not conducive to use….permanently deleting after watching channel 3 for 30 years…I’m done! This app change was not for the consumer but for green and money! That saddens me the most!
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5 years ago, mjf735
Best station
As a volunteer in my community it’s also wonderful to know that major or just events that should be covered get covered , and WFSB has great people that serve everyone, so thank you WFSB 3, you are an amazing channel,and the crews from channel 3 are the best people for our everyday events that you cover
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1 year ago, mike_from_ct
Needs work
Logged into pizza playoffs second round but it only showed the previous round. Wouldn’t allow me to vote. Sooo how are you to proceed to round 2? Also, on another topic, the Paramount+ app for TV is basically useless. Lately it logs out after about a minute, then you have to relaunch it, lo back to the live Chanel 3 selection, then it will stay on a few minutes, then logs out. It’s the only app on my tv that does this, everything else is fine. Will probably cancel.
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4 years ago, Ant123456789-;()$(:)
I miss the old version
The new app view is not very user friendly and very clunky as you try to navigate the app and I’m a guy in my 30s so this is no issue in terms of understanding technology. The old version was simple and easy to use and I’m not sure why they chose to mess with something that was perfectly fine. This new version also crashes frequently....like ALOT!! so I’ve looked to other sources for my news needs. Hopefully changes come in the future in the way of a much needed update.
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2 years ago, Alteadytaken1971
You need to enable location tracking for this APP to load. That’s a non starter for me. Prior to this update checking news, radar or the technical discussion for weather was a simple task. As far as I can tell they no longer offer up the technical discussion. Also there are many more adds, but that’s understandable because they need to make money, I don’t expect anything for free. But wanting my location??? That’s crossing a line. I’m deleting this app.
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6 years ago, UTFlyr
Not updated regularly
Although it's a nice looking app, the news content, local news, is not updated regularly, especially on the weekends and holidays. News items from three to five days old appear as new. For all their boasting about having the latest news, the fact is that it’s often old news.
Show more
6 years ago, Celiac1959
You just recently made a change to the appearance of the stories, not as bold, liked the old way better! But 5 stars because you guys are the best! Most professional news team with a genuine piece of humor thrown in the mix by Scot of course! You don’t want to miss!😊👍
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6 years ago, Zack Wallace123
Best Channel 3 App Ever!
Thank you WFSB, for every news story that has been notified on my iPad . I really appreciate all of the live news streams and every weather update including the severe thunderstorm warning that was just extended a few minutes ago. Zachary Wallace
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6 years ago, Jaybeesq
Great local, state coverage
I appreciate the up to date coverage and local updates, especially traffic. They’d get a fifth star if they archived notifications when the story changes: take down the traffic alert or silver alert once the crash is cleared or the person is found!
Show more
4 years ago, HugoSTE45
Why are there headline notifications?
Every time I get a notification I can’t tap on it and actually read the news bite. It just shows the logo with the words we’ll be right back. I want to read the news bite without backing out then combing the news or weather section every time. I don’t want a video of it. Most of the time it won’t load due to crap WiFi/LTE coverage. Not that hard people.
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2 years ago, apple products group
Please update this redesign
Loved the old app, the new changes make the app too busy, very distracting, even my teenage daughter said she doesn’t like it. Instead of going directly to stories when text alerts are received, the user needs to scroll looking for the story. We love WFSB, however, these changes should have been beta tested, the main page is busier than Times Square. Hoping for some updates to this redesign.
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6 years ago, Lady Von Dauphin II
Very good
I like the WFSB app. I’ve been using it for quite a while and find it to be very good. I’d give it 5 stars but they made a change in the 7 day weather graphics. Now they don’t show the PM temps. I can still find them in the technical discussion, but I prefer them in the graphics. Otherwise I like the app.
Show more
6 years ago, Fluffy Turkey
The Livestream would be excellent if it worked. Endless ads on a loop interrupt it and it repeats short section of the broadcast. Then the feed goes back to ads. EXTREMELY frustrating. I’d love to see the weather report here when I can’t be home, but it’s too much bother if you ever get to see it at all! Besides, they’re incessantly pushing this app ad nauseum on the channel 3 broadcast. 🙄 I’ll stick to my “Storm” or “Storm Radar” thank you very much.
Show more
4 years ago, abcdefghijklmnopqrdtibwcyx
Love all the folks in the morning. They are able to mix accurately news weather. Traffic with a true sense of humor. No other program would have a retiree to get up at 4:00. Please keep it up. Thanks. Bob
Show more
2 years ago, Original dpb
Absolutely horrible
This use to be my go to app! Working outside for a living, the weather is very important to my every day life. The Doppler radar was of most importance, it was fast and easy to open and run. Not so much anymore. This new format is not user friendly. It’s actually overwhelming w all the ads and clutter. So after many years I’ll be searching for my new go to app!… disappointed to say the least. See ya!
Show more
4 years ago, DarkFyr187
Bad update
I’ve used this app for years. The worst complaint used to be endless notifications about non-news. Otherwise it worked well - until the latest update. It’s locked in portrait mode; most of the content appears to be a non-responsive push from the web site instead of an actual app; the technical discussion for the weather is missing; and many of the pages run off the edge of the screen.
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6 years ago, cherry_blossom12
Love the app downside all the notifications
Deleted this app because of the constant notifications, I wanted just severe weather notifications instead I’m getting every news notification. It’s extremely annoying and there is nothing to choose what to get and what not to do I just removed the app completely.
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2 months ago, RockinRobin60
Hard to find Links!
It never fails! Whenever the news reporter says that you can find more on the WFSB website, it’s never true! Or not easy to find. For instance, the report about scammers selling someone else’s land. The reporter said that if we want to see if our town is on the list to sign up for Property Check to go to WFSB or to the app. Well where is it? I even tried the search option. Nothing!
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