WGAL News 8

4.3 (5.1K)
111 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WGAL News 8

4.32 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
5 years ago, doctuc
Movies??? Not!!
I really am disappointed when I click on a movie, wait 30 seconds OR MORE for it to buffer, and find out It is just a photo with a caption with the camera moving in and out, or the movie is set to music and you have to read the caption s. If I wanted to read it ( no glasses at the moment) I would have read the article. Also because my eyes are are getting older it would make it so much easier if I could enlarge the article or picture on my phone screen to see it better. Can this be fixed?
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4 years ago, WazerCraze(r)
Disappointed to be disappointed
The only thing I can really rate this app on is it’s notifications and headline page, which really is a bummer, because I absolutely despise the news, but WGAL is the one news network I will watch or read because I actually trust their information. The app however would completely close out on me any time I clicked on a link, so I was never able to really navigate or do much on the app. I still love WGAL and visit the website daily, but as for the app, I can’t say much about it, but I sure hope it gets figured out!
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6 years ago, j lingenfelter
Not the best app. Too many ads to go thru before getting to the news story. You guys need to look at WRAL in Raleigh, NC. Now that's what a good app looks like. July 18- Not the best app. Too many ads to go thru before getting to the news story. You guys need to look at WRAL in Raleigh, NC. Now that's what a good app looks like. Except since NBC took them over from CBS news was treated more factually and now alt-left group think. Don’t become one of those apps that only are negative about our country and leaders. Other wise the weather app is nice. But when I finish reading an article and go back to main menu you have to start scrolling thru same stuff to get back to where u were. Fix that.
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5 years ago, Bellebell12
Convenient but not the best news app.
I am not a fan of read or hear the news, because most of them are about negative or violent issues. I understand the importance about knowing what is going on around and this app makes its job. However, the amount of adds is really annoying! So after a couple of minutes trying to concentrate on the news being interrupted with publicity, I’m done and I turn it off. I highly appreciate the weather alerts though, that’s why still I keep it.
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6 years ago, Dobiedi
Commercial overload
I like catching up on the news in the morning while getting ready for the day ahead and enjoy the morning news crew. However, although I understand the need for commercial ads, I find the running of 5-6 ads in one break or the repetition of the same ad over & over, sometimes within the same break, very annoying - so much so that I inevitably turn off the app and switch to another news source.
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5 years ago, chefdiet
The best news in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
I followed WGAL since they still have PM Magazine hosted by Doug Allen and Kim Lemon. Until now I still follow WGAL. They all work as a team. The journalists, cameraman, and technical supports work together side by side to representing WGAL. They all did a fantastic job and the way I see them they are likes, One big happy family. They always treat each other with respect and dignity. I love them all, the journalists, the cameramen, and all technical supports, and I love WGAL. Keep up the good work. Love, Diet.
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4 years ago, Dr_George_S
Too Many Advertisements!
Advertisements often load BEFORE the news. Does anyone use this App for the purpose of viewing the advertisements? We realize advertisements are necessary, but are they the first things we must see? Occasionally the advertisements fail to load properly and then the App freezes. Only four stars since, as a news service, you obviously have your priorities inverted.
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4 years ago, Dragstripchic
Decent basic news coverage
I would love to be able to actually read an entire article once. Articles just end mid-sentence and are missing entire parts, which is pretty lame. There’s always room for ads but not complete stories? Also the app keeps freezing when selecting a story to view from the main headlines page. I have to close the app, clear it from queue, re-open and try again. Sometimes several times. And PLEASE change the stories that have been on here for months!! I think everyone has seen the squirrel and dogs by now.
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4 years ago, Weaselward
Good app to get local news
I like the app for local news and for getting alerts to things happening in our area. What I DON’T like - and really one of the few things negative - is that when reading an article, an ad will cover part of the text! Aggravating as all get out! Other than that, a good source for local news.
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5 years ago, Saltwateranglin
Ads, Ads, and more Ads!
This is the local station so I’m stuck with what they put out...and it sure isn’t much! Same repetitive ads for any story you click on and they are usually for just a few seconds of worthless content. What ever happened to: what, where, when, who, and why when reporting the news. Most always you get one, maybe two, of the W’s. Really poor coverage. The weather page, my most frequent, is nearly as poor. Very, very limited information. I don’t even bother with any of the junk they put out. Why waste time any further. Such a shame, we need a good news site but we are stuck with this. Get rid of all those ancient news people, they are just dragging down the whole place now. Get up with the times, get fresh new good people and good looking people that are at least pleasant to look at while you boar the crap out of us. Wake up WGAL!
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5 years ago, Sara E
WGAL News App
Like the app and WGAL news coverage. It’s my first place to look for local news & weather. Really dislike the automatic commercial before each video. I already know about the news team and that drinking while driving is illegal. Just want to see the news video. That’s why you won’t get 5 stars until the video format changes. Otherwise your app is good and easy to use.
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4 years ago, Ffemtjones
App needs work
I have an iphone 8. Not sure if it is not large enough for this app but I always have issues with the stories just ending without being finished. You cannot click or scroll. Sometimes the title is incomplete. There are ads in between as you scroll and I am not sure if that covers some words. I it very frustrating. I hate video news and try to read the articles. The is my local news too which makes it worse because 90% of the time app is useless with partial stories.
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6 years ago, mimi of 2 boys
When I hear the ding I know something’s going on!
I like being current with things happening in my community, and being up to the minute, however I wish there was a way that the information could be listed in separate areas so that if I’m in a hurry I’d be able to check only the area that effects me at the time.
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6 years ago, fep001
Lighten up, Nay-sayers!!!
This is a free app, which means commercials pay the freight. Also, it’s just to provide highlights - you want the full scoop, log into NYT or other news service of your choice. I love the app: it keeps me informed of breaking weather, political and local news events. The alerts keep me attentive to things I normally might not pick up immediately. Well done!!!
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6 years ago, Chris 888
Good job
Well written articles, easy to follow and understand. The app. is easy to navigate and well engineered. If there is any upgrades that I would like to see it would be that the news articles would be updated during the weekends, I understand that this could be an issue financially and logistically however it would be nice to see since I obtain 95% or more of my news via the app.
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5 years ago, Central pa mom
Useful but...
It is useful. The traffic alerts have saved me from getting caught in traffic jams and occasionally the headlines are something I want to know. The number of alerts are maddening. Knowing that an incident of some sort is occurring in another state is not something I want or need as an alert but overall it's just useful enough that I keep using it.
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5 days ago, bowe6420
Constantly reverting to home screen while trying t read articles
Used to be my preferred news source. Recently the app malfunctions constantly. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I’m using iphone 8 which is an older model so I’m not sure if it’s an unsupported IOS issue, but all I can say is that for me, my local ABC news app has let me down. Can’t read anything without the app constantly taking me back to the home screen.
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4 years ago, JTan776
Video repeats
I like to watch news in the morning on the app while getting ready for work. For whatever reason, there is a stop, and 3 second repeating of the video, multiple times during my viewing. There have also been times when the video will not play at all. I have stopped using the app to watch live new streaming, and use my Dish Network app instead. It is much more reliable.
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5 years ago, EIEIO&Y
Overall good.
For the most part I like the WGAL news site. I don’t like the news articles that only contain news information in video form. If there isn’t some form of written information, I usually skip over that video. I don’t need to watch ads for a news article that I may not care to see in the first place. WGAL weather is notably good! Thank you.
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4 years ago, newsandmore
Finish your sentences please!
Is anyone editing? Your sentences are often not complete. Over half a year ago, I called and spoke to a member of management, who said it was being worked on. Update, the issue still exists for at least a year now.
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6 years ago, DTS07
Too many ads
I find it very frustrating that we must listen to an ad before being able to access the news story. I realize that the ads are would pay the bills for this site. I would much prefer being able to read the news site and then having an ad pop up before moving onto the next news story.
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6 years ago, Tnr3phd
Poorly functioning app
On both my iPhone 7 and even more often on my new iPhone Xs Max, the app routinely either fails to open or opens for a few seconds and then shuts down. In addition to the poor functionality issue, the design is generally uninteresting and not inviting/stimulating enough to peruse. It seems like a design from 5-10 hrs ago when websites were very basic. I am seriously considering deleting this app and using other, more reliable (and apparently more “Apple-friendly”) local news apps.
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5 years ago, Furmomof3
I find the WGAL app to be very buggy. Any given story has parts blocked by advertisements overlaying the text. Way too much advertising. Not very much local news. Lots of “Stitch” which is not news and usually not local. Why on a local news app? On the upside, I like the very prompt notifications of breaking news but usually have to go to a different app to get the story to not become frustrated by ads and graphics overlaying content.
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4 years ago, gem lighter
Love you all!
Love your app! I use it everyday and I like when I get all the news as it happens! I love the weather app and Joe and the team are the greatest! I plan my day by the forecast! Very seldom let’s me down! Love all you guys and all that you do for us in the community!
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4 years ago, Sandyloveslabs
New updates I want
While I too hate all the ads, one must realize that vendors and stations get their money and business from ads. Just as many ads on social media and TV cable or satellites- sometimes you need to accept reality!
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6 years ago, Subtitles wanted
Very disappointed with the change
I used the old app primarily for weather alerts. I find this one cumbersome to use to get to the details of the alert and to get to the radar map in case of a weather emergency where time matters. Just the county is not enough detail in the email notice since thunderstorms rarely cover the entire county at once. I thought I would give the new app some time but still dont like it. I gave it one star because it is better than nothing.
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4 years ago, ginofromlancaster
Weather alerts annoying
In general, the app is fine. However, the weather alerts do not filter out “helpful suggestions” from severe weather. I will get messages before dawn such as “you might want an umbrella today.” Or, after a severe thunderstorm has already arrived, “lightning detected in your area.” Can we get the important weather when it’s important, and have a setting to block all the junk?
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6 years ago, fis1111
Lancaster County is where we live and that is what we want to hear about. York and Harrisburg is okay for filler, but we want Lancaster news, weather, and alerts first and foremost. The other two cities have their own stations. Whereas WGAL is our only station we want our news. Gotta to love WGAL!!!!👍
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5 years ago, Disappointed weather freak
Dew point
It would be great if you would show the dew point in your weather section. I have been asking for this over and over again. WGAL is my go to for everything. Love all of the staff. Now if you could just get the dew point in your weather page it would be great! Thank you Betsy 😊
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4 years ago, Pepper7735
Ok, but lately I’ve noticed when I try to click on anything it just freezes the whole app. I can’t read or watch the story it’s just a blank screen. Thought the update would help but it doesn’t. Sad because I like the app and depend on it. Now it seems I may have to delete it altogether. No news makes it worthless.
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5 years ago, Up2starz
Love local news
I love to get all the local news stories and receive notifications of updates on what’s going on. The only thing that I don’t like is that the app doesn’t have all of the same stories that the website has.
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5 years ago, SMF_9 _9
Ads seemingly cut off portion of articles
I primarily use this app to read the articles. However, the articles frequently have at least one paragraph that ends mid sentence. It seems as though the ad that follows cuts it off. The coverage is great but the execution and use of the technology is not. Giving feedback with hope that it can be fixed.
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6 years ago, Still A Philly Girl
Long time viewer
WGAL staff are top notch. The app would be more user friendly if you would have written articles rather than videos. Not always in a location where I can watch and listen to them. Would like more local news- can always get national news from other apps. Do like the delay closing info that you provide.
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4 years ago, nanaread
News reporting
The reporting of political news is very biased and liberal. I have watched WGAL for over 50 years for news and weather. Recently I have stopped watching the news on WGAL because of the bias and prefer to find the news elsewhere. I honestly didn’t notice it so much until the 2016 election when the bias became so blatant. If you want to hear both sides of the issues you won’t find it here.
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5 years ago, 32nd.
Interactive radar map
I’ve found your radar map to be very accurate for rain, but sweep moves too fast to get good idea of actual timing of rain arrival in your area. Please add ability to pause sweep at a certain time!
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7 years ago, Vytautis
Too many out of area reports/commercials
When I first began using this app it was more focused on my local news. After all it's the WGAL app, not the NBC app which is where I would expect national news. Also, the ads have gotten longer and more frequent. The really ridiculous thing about them though is that 98% of them are WGAL ads! If I'm on their app, what do they think I'm watching??? Not a good usage of data.
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4 years ago, all bad nicknames taken
Area news coverage
We’re from out of State but we travel to south central Pa. often. WGAL app gives us a sense of what’s going on in the region so that we have a connection with the people who live there. Very good coverage. We enjoy the region and the people who live there.
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5 years ago, Libra56
Glitchy- No Live Stream!
My cable company dropped this channel, but I really like their news and weather, so wanted to live stream it on my phone. The app offers live streaming of their newscasts, but when I try to watch, the app crashes right after the ad that precedes the stream. I used to be able to get it to work on the 3rd try, but now it crashes every time. Disappointing.
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7 years ago, Bob1325
We want WGAL, our local newscast
WGAL viewers like The Susquehanna valley and want to tune in to you for Susquehanna valley news. I dislike all of the VUZ videos to get a story. Too many ads that you cannot skip. I am a reader and want to read my news pieces, along with short pics etc that are given from my WGAL cast. I love pieces about my hometown communities and the people that live in them.
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5 years ago, JimSilly
Too many commercials
Commercial before EVERY news item? Overload. Commercials are too long. 30 second commercial is something I just turn off and go to next article.
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4 years ago, soggy in Florida
Freezing issue
This app is ok when it works. Lately it has frozen on opening and I have to restart or even delete and reinstall the app.
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4 years ago, Butch31648
Quality News
I have been watching WGAL News since returning to the area 21 years ago. I rely on them for current news and weather all day and traffic info in the morning
Show more
3 years ago, leolove2020!
Constant covid heading
The constant “breaking news - covid” constantly being in the entire upper third of the screen every time you open the app is incredibly annoying. And it never goes away, even when you scroll— the heading scrolls with you! It’s been a year. This is not breaking news.
Show more
4 years ago, Fitch33
Prefer to read
I don’t watch videos - I can watch TV for that. I prefer to read the news when I’m sitting in a waiting area, waiting to a table, while husband is shopping, and everyone around me shouldn’t have to hear it.
Show more
5 years ago, Annodeel🌻
So far so good.
The main thing I like about WGAL is they are more York, Lancaster news. Keep up the good work. I just want to add I am a new transplant from Bucks County, about 35 miles north of Philly. I was a big Action News fan for many years. It took awhile but I do enjoy watching your broadcasts now.
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5 years ago, Shortstuff56
What programming??
You have to watch way too many ads before getting to any shows or movies and when you finally get through them all, site just buffers and buffers. By that time I’ve moved on. Too much work. Not worth it. Too many other options out there.
Show more
6 years ago, Sharonashopper
Totally enjoy the LOCAL news from my phone.
Very good. Well produced. Accurate. Just wish it was more up to date. More live updates. Once in a while I look for a current traffic or news situation and it’s not there.
Show more
3 years ago, 42Rufus
Excellent App
This is the premier tv station in our region. I give the app an A— it is really good but could use some tweaking to make it even more user friendly!
Show more
7 months ago, Jeff17347
Show a location
I wish you would show in your notifications what county an incident occurred in when I’m at my desk at work and you bring up an incident. I am not happy when I open the notification And find it’s a county or two away. I don’t like having to open my phone at work over issues that doesn’t effect me. I will delete your app soon.
Show more
3 years ago, typeryte
Need Variety and Updates
Covid is a part of our world but it is NOT all of our “world”. Cover LIFE and ALL that pertains to it, not just Covid, not just the extreme cases of Covid. BROADEN your News and please give unbiased reports. Remove some old, old “stuff” that has been on your app taking up space for months to a year! News is daily!
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