2.4 (30)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WGME 13

2.43 out of 5
30 Ratings
11 years ago, ShadowDES
Great for the weather
It has the complete weather forecast (via video). Great to be able to get the complete forecast without being at my house. This alone makes me give this a 5 star.
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4 days ago, Chevy2500HD4x4
Nothing more than a right wing tabloid with a bit of local news to go with it. Trash
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6 years ago, Illmeth
Update: if I could write a fair review, this app would be in negative numbers by now. All day it’s sent me election update notices and when I click on them the app opens to a page that shows a play arrow and says “we’ll be right back” OR it just sits there showing the play button. Worse than useless because you could forget it, but it bugs you with notifications and then won’t play what you clicked. hate this app. You get an alert, that you want to read, yet when you click on it you just land on their "front page." What you clicked on is almost never included in the stories that are there. SOMETIMES, you can search and find the story, but most often, it's just not there. I end up googling it and reading it on another local news agency's site.
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5 years ago, wgme consumer
Needs a lot of improvement!! Notifications bring you to a entirely different story at times. Once your in a specific article the back button/ arrow is an absolute nuances to engage back into the main page, make it bigger so we don’t have to tap it a hundred times!!! Whoever writes the reports into the app should definitely use spell check and editing before sending it off. Just makes your organization look bad with misspellings, especially for a news organization!! Don’t fire anyone, just fix it!!
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9 years ago, rockstar1712
Disjointed app
Ugly and lousy. You can tell they threw a bunch of cheap web developer to simulate an iOS app and you end up with bizarre behavior: you open the app and the web page asks you to get the app from the App Store! The worst is that this ISNT A WEATHER APP: it's a NEWS app and I keep getting push notifications for local murders. Finally, finding the weather is just a joke. Too many clicks, ads, and an ugly web based app. Disjointed, ugly, inefficient. Already deleted.
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13 years ago, Old Eire
Great app, very well thought out. Usually I'm a WCSH devotee, but I do love WGME's app.
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12 years ago, zzziippyyy
Next to useless
Updated to the new version today and it takes forever toload, it appears that they have integrated video with every story so when you hit the news tab it tries to download every clip before the app opens. Useless And a waste of 3g/4g/LTE bandwidth. Beware if you are on a limited data plan. WGME offer us an option for either text only or text with video until this app gets refined properly it imho is useless.
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7 months ago, troubled privider.
Terrible app.
App is terrible. It is sluggish, random adds will pull you into the web browser, or App Store, without pressing anything. Rotating the screen to watch a news video will restart the patriot subaru ad you just spent 30 seconds watching. None of the screen control functions work. I can’t swipe from left to right to go back a page. Just awful.
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9 years ago, AP29901
strange update
deleted Portland's Channel 8 upgrade because only local news required video watching and other news was non-local. Now this- can't go to landscape mode and I cannot get beyond the tutorial to the news and other features. More and more of tv apps are similar format with same problems- same designers evidently. Probably delete this one too!!
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14 years ago, Beach Guy 101
Nice app if the weather was even close. We've had high 80's to 90's this week but this forecast says 74! It does't even agree with their online forecast, which was correct. Looking forward to an update.
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3 years ago, Ashli40
Really disappointed with this app. No wonder it has nothing but bad reviews. I’m wondering why nothing has been done to fix and improve it by now? Will stick with Facebook and just going straight to there website for weather updates. Again really disappointed.
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6 years ago, Courtcaymommy
Having trouble with the sound
I have tried to get my sound to work I have deleted it off my iPhone and re applied it and I still have no sound it worked for a couple of days my speaker is on but no sound volume is up still nothing I really would like to have the sound
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8 years ago, not worth the effort
Please Fix
Notifications don't bring you to the story that matches, just the home page. You then must hunt for the article. App screen does not allow you to rotate view Story line regularly runs wider than the page. Resizing or scrolling does not help.
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8 years ago, Marie she
App review
There is a very frustrating problem with this app and I'm avoiding using it. You get a notification that is interesting but when you try to open it, it just opens the app instead of going straight to the story. Please fix this!
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12 years ago, acrimonious.mofo
The layout of the homepage is odd and includes what is basically spam, as well items that haven't been updated in months. That would be ok if there were not intrusive ad banners at the top and bottom of every page one opens. The Press Herald app is marginally better so the search for a good local news app continues.
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5 years ago, diceman_72
Sports section outdated
Whoever is in charge of updating sports doesn't do their job. Sport stories stay on the app for weeks at a time. The Kentucky Derby was over a week ago and is still out there. Meanwhile, the Celtics were were eliminated and the Bruins advance, but no mention of either of these local favorites? Wow.
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14 years ago, Rt88
Keeps me up to date on local news and is pretty slick for what it's trying to be.
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14 years ago, Rhino581
Good but
Seems decent except the radar doesn't load.
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12 years ago, xGrimMessiahx
Great station! Horrible app. Barley works. Might just be my phone but the app never loads. :-(
It barley loads. Worked for about a week. Then I can't use it anymore. News 13 rules but you guys really need a new app layout and op system. For now I'm stuck with channel 6 and there GIANT 3 day forecast. Woo hoo.
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12 years ago, Tigercard1
Advertisement Update
They updated the ads so before you read a story it closes the app & brings you to the Internet to look at this tiny banner. Seriously? So irritating
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5 years ago, Hondast1
App layout needs to rotate
Hello, I would be great if the app layout rotated when a tablet was being used in landscape mode.
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11 years ago, Mr bottle cap
Great app
Use it on my iphone and ipad thanks wgme
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10 years ago, Kittykatx
Deleware live program instead ?!
Went to watch morning news and it's a live feed of a Delaware news morning show. Not sure why wgme 13 can't get it right ?
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7 years ago, Goonz207
Very crappy App it doesn't have the most recent news for days and the loading time for it is too much of a pain.
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10 years ago, ChupaderoKid
Where's the support?
I want to like this app, but the bugs keep popping up. With no easy way to contact support it's a no go. Don't hide from your product.
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12 years ago, Bur2010ton
Update stinks, takes forever to load, and opens the wrong story every time...horrible...if I could do 0 stars I would. DELETING the app until its better
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10 years ago, 11112223333
I love this app
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7 years ago, Jd4speed
The alerts don't take you to the story that the alert is previewing.
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11 years ago, gmacs66
Wgme app
Having trouble with app. It doesn't open up. It has been a couple weeks now. I always have trouble with this app on my iPad.
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5 years ago, Moxie256
The worst news app in Maine
The app is very generic with much less balanced news & good weather reports than WCSH. Plus you get political merchandise ads and opinions from the viewpoint of Sinclair Broadcasting.
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13 years ago, HoverGuy47
This might become a good app, but it's stuck on the download day, as reported by a previous reviewer. The graphics seem sharp and quick.
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13 years ago, Roaddog 6
A waste of an app!!!
Loaded it on the 4th of Dec, only news stories posted have been from Dec 1. Press Herald or WCSH are much better for local news apps!
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1 year ago, tommiinello
No access Apple TV
I have to get my news from Boston. IOS Apple TV is not supported by channel 13 maine.
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5 years ago, dsawyer556
Do NOT like the new app
The new app is no longer a dedicated weather app. Not happy at all. Will be deleting, and looking for a new weather app. FAIL!
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2 years ago, Thisnicknameisridiculous
Great…if you love ads
This is a great app… If you love to be bombarded with advertisements
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12 years ago, Solitaire4ever
It's ok. But doesn't share. Only shares a blank page & I wished it had a obits.
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12 years ago, CCO207
Never opens, crashes. Just plain junk.
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7 years ago, MeJoeBear
This app is the worst moble streaming app. Basically does not work. App does not open in the horizontal makin it useless.
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12 years ago, Quent doughty
Wgme 13
It's junk !!!!! Crashed on me and I don't plan on installing it again ... Glad it was free :) zero stars
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4 years ago, Sorry I'm done
Dont use
App works poorly, design is terrible !The commercials play well ! Junky App..
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13 years ago, Davidrh8
Wgme 13
This app doesn't update! It's stuck on the day I downloaded!
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9 years ago, KackyW
Can't get past the tutorial
Just what the title says. Guess I'll stick with the WCSH app.
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4 years ago, Who is the main is my style
WGN me 13
I love tromp
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13 years ago, Carrat 22
Good App.
Just installed this app, basically for weather - today's snowfall totals. Gave me that & a lot more on demand.
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13 years ago, Toddarnold
Tour trucker
I travel the us and want to keep up with news from home but the video will not play on iPhone.
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13 years ago, Spiderpig456
Channel 13
Very happy to have this!
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11 years ago, Heathernk
Already love this app!
I've had it 15 minutes and Love that I could get a weather video! ... And it's thorough, the most up to date, and well done! Ch 6 app is too simple and no weather video available (I was a loyal WCSH6 fan but they've forced me to find the most up-to-date video forecast elsewhere--best one is here with you @Ch13) nice work!
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12 months ago, The beauty of having a mind
Sideways on my screen
It only allows vertical view on my ipad. To be fair I only just downloaded the app. The weather looks like opposing forecasts from everything else I’ve seen today, including looking out my window. They say sunny with clouds. BUT: It’s clearly completely overcast and ready to rain before long. Radar on other apps and websites clearly show the heavy green radar approaching us. How does this say partially sunny? I’ll give it a chance, but am not liking the forced vertical view. Will update my review later if my opinion changes. Channel 13: PLEASE post your latest weather videos from the news on YouTube. Your website is atrocious, and I suspect the app isn’t going to be what I’m after. Update: Aside from the app being ONLY vertical, which for me is a major negative, the menu of categories across the top of the screen is cut in half, so I can only see the top half of the text. I’ll be deleting the app.
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