WGN News - Chicago

4.7 (3.2K)
63.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WGN News - Chicago

4.65 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Nevada Pat
Report from Southern Nevada
One can always count on all of it's reports and if were not for WGN news team they always keep up with current breaking news. When returning back to Chicago and Michigan to be with our grandkids we always depend on Tom Skilling wether or not to bring our shorts or pack our Long Johns. Best of health each and every day to News Team and everyone of there family members. Wish you all the best Pat & Bob Las Vegas NV.
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6 years ago, Gunnar70
Fix AirPlay!
For an app designed for my phone it works good. The problem starts when I try to use the AirPlay function. Can’t navigate away from the app or stream stops on the television. Can’t set the phone down while using AirPlay because if I don’t tap the screen every 8 seconds the stream will stop if the screen on my phone goes to sleep. STUPID! Can you guys PLEASE just create an AppleTV app already? Or at the very least get it right with the airplay function. I want to be able to multitask while streaming the show to my Apple TV. That’s the whole point of AirPlay! To allow me to use the screen on my phone to do other things while watching the show on the bigger TV screen. Other streaming apps do this just fine, what’s the problem WGN? I cut cable almost 2 years ago. I miss my WGN with my morning coffee but at this point its becoming obvious you guys don’t care to make an AppleTV app. Deleting this app, it was a nice 30 year run WGN maybe someday you guys will discover AppleTV and make us an app for it. You know, like literally every single other network on the planet has.
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6 years ago, Suegee G
News with little detail and lots of dead dogs
So- I don’t know how to process this. I respond to the wgn request for feedback on their site and each time I respond that I would like to see fewer dead dog stories, but each day, more appear. Not more news about the people who have created this environment of hate and, well, dead dogs. I understand that I might be the only one telling them this but really. I don’t open up the news to find out how a dog dies today. I already donate to animal shelters, etc. I can’t believe that a local news feed just happens upon a story of a dog getting tossed out of a car in all ports of America, put in an oven etc. they must be seeking this garbage out. I deleted the app. It’s not news, it’s that worst person you know in the lunchroom who is forever talking about horrific things that no one wants to here. I am walking out of that room. Walking out of the WGN ‘news room.’ They can tell their horror stories to whomever, it’s not going to be me. I’ll be reading news from now on. Give money to organizations that help abused animals, do not give to WGN by signing into their app.
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4 years ago, karameliscious
Glitchy app, even after delete and reinstall
I Want to LOVE this app... when it works, which is rarely. If the app decides to open, it tends to crash within 10 seconds of being open. Reading an amazing article??? Just wait until it freezes on you, then crashes. Then multiple attempts at opening the article to Finish a good read.... only result in further crashes; ironically at or around the same part of that article. Did you actually read an entire article with no glitches?? Wonderful!! But good luck trying to share it with someone.... the sharing option buttons work when they want to; sometimes they appear, and something they don’t. The above has proven true on older version on my iPhone 8+, and my iPhone 11 Pro as well as my iPad. The only reliable detail of this app are the notifications they send for various news alerts. I
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3 years ago, Crissy Kann
App update is frustrating
I am a faithful WGN viewer and loved being able to watch on the go. This update makes it very difficult to do so. There’s no chance to rewind or fast forward, even for a few seconds, which is frustrating as it allows me to really listen for all the headlines as well as jokes. You also can’t have the app play on Picture in Picture like you used to, and there’s an ad every time the app closes (so if I get a text message that interrupts the broadcast, I have to watch an ad again). Plus, Pat’s sports segments are muted. It used to be that you could listen to him without highlights, but you can’t even hear him. It’s devastating. Please fix, WGN. You are our bright light in this tough time - and this is just awful.
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3 years ago, Poo Flinger Jr
Could be better
It’s not a bad app for getting local news. There are better options for national and world news though. The only reason I’m writing this review is because they ask you in app how you like the app. There are two options, a) could be better, and b) love it, and the could be better button does nothing! Lol talk about cheeky. One other silly thing they do is list the same story two and occasionally three times. Once is enough for most news apps but not here. So, my answer to their question is, could be better.
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2 years ago, brianbobcat
App Has Only Gotten Worse
This app has only gotten worse over time. Clicking a news notification almost never pulls up the actual story. Breaking news and videos play ads before the stream starts and then usually there’s a problem. And almost EVERY SINGLE TIME the video finally does play, there’s no audio. NOTHING I do fixes it. Turning my mute switch off doesn’t help. I have no Bluetooth, AirPlay, AirPods, or any other audio device connected. Quitting the app just results in another ad and no audio. What is the point to even having an app if it’s going to be this terrible?
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4 years ago, Fishey 58
WGN app
I was born In Chicago and raised in the in the suburbs. Moved around with my husband in the USAF! I was ecstatic when we were able to get WGN America programs!! I could see the morning programs and Tom Skilling. I could see Linda pull the lottery numbers!!! I now live in Florida, due to health issue. I can no longer see my favorite PEEPS anymore😢😢😢?? That I don’t like!! I love having the app I can see what’s going what’s going on there! Much LOVE to my WGN-TV peeps!!💜💜💙💙🥰🥰
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3 years ago, camsre
Good stuff, but not all notifications are breaking news!!
I dig this app. I like access to local news stories, and appreciate the Breaking News updates that are actual breaking news. But I’m getting frustrated lately with the updates in advance of every single televised, and virtual, and Spanish newscast. That’s not breaking news!! As a result, I’m inclined to cancel all updates unless there’s a way to turn them off that I don’t know about.
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4 years ago, Mo_Mo_ Mo_Mo
Too glitchy to bother anymore
I’ve had the app for a long time. Even if the way it’s set up was never great, at least it worked smoothly and I was able to see more local news than the other Chicago news apps. But now it’s gotten to be impossible to use. It constantly crashes. And when I can actually click on a news story, it’s slow to open and then freezes so you can’t see more than the first few lines and the Continue Reading can’t be selected because, of course, it’s frozen. So the app is now useless. I end up having to use the abc7chicago app to see news.
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5 years ago, Choose-another
I love WGN News
Yes, I love GN news but do I really have to hear the Tile Outlet commercial every single time I watch the news live, on my app??? Also, good thing I’m not into sports since they can’t show any footage related to sports. But my morning is all about listening and watching this fun, entertaining and yet informative news. OMG, I almost forgot the Friday Dance segment! That right there is worth a 5 star rating! ❤️😘
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4 years ago, lucs's mom
Always learning new stuff!
I listen to other news sources throughout the day. I just love WGN, I’m always hearing about something for the first time on this news stations. Great way to keep in tough with local news!!
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6 years ago, Wifi wonder
Fix the app!
As stated in the previous review the app works ok on the phone. But if you use the app with an Apple TV it doesn’t work well, and drops off after syncing after a few minutes. You have to go into your phone settings and set the display to always on which is going to run your phone battery down quickly. But if you use Safari on your iPhone you can connect easily to Wgn Tv live streaming and it works fine! So it appears the app has a software issue and you need to get it fixed!
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3 years ago, KnitChick1979
Too many ads
I’ve been using the WGN app for a while now, and I frequently visit the website (with my ad blocker off for WGN so I can support my local news). But the app has become far too heavy on the apps, it’s almost impossible to read the news stories with all the ads covering everything up. I’m close to deleting the app because it’s not really usable. (Also in the app it says “enjoying the app? Yes or not so much” and tapping the “not so much” does nothing 🤔)
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3 years ago, Partwerks9
And fix your app so that it works where it supposed to or not where it’s not supposed to
WGN app is now over writing other apps on my phone. When for example I try to use my Kindle app WGN comes up instead I don’t know how to make it stop interfering to meet with my other apps and I can’t find it on your website pleasePlease fix this problem so it works properly. I can’t have an interfering with my other apps
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3 years ago, Major News
Chicago’s Very Own Bugs
With the last update, for me at least the radar does not show precipitation or future, whether looping or future settings are enabled or not (both the phone and pad apps, running 14.4). And don’t expect journalism: rather than who, what, where, when, why, how, WGN app pretty much is lucky to report where and when, scarcely what, because WGN doesn’t employ reporters who know how to ask and follow up no matter how useless, ignorant or nonsensical the stuff interviewees spout.
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3 years ago, CK - CK
Not happy with latest update to app
Since I switched to streaming for my TV, I have been using the app to get my WGN morning news on my iPad. In the old version you could shrink the screen and continue to watch in a small or very small version or even move it off screen to continue to listen. In this new version I am not finding this option which is extremely a big bummer for me and will limit my time with WGN. 😥. I love the morning team but may have to find a new morning favorite. Please bring back this feature!
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3 years ago, Izzamae
Frustrating App
Trying to watch my favorite live morning news on this app is an effort in futility. Try to open it and it just freezes again and again, and I live in Chicago. I have to tap again and again for the sound to come on. When it blocks out sports it just shuts down. Pretty much the only things that seem to come through with no issues are the commercials. I will especially miss the morning news crews, but I think it’s time to try CBS or NBC:
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3 years ago, Powers place
Bring back the last version
You used to be able to play this app in the background while you did other things on your tablet or iPhone, but now if you open an app it closes out WGN, so you can’t watch the news while you read your email anymore. I’m a little disappointed that they called this an upgrade.
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4 years ago, SkiIllinois
What app is everyone reviewing
Update: I’m reducing my rating from two to one star because the app now has pop up adds. So annoying. I don’t know what everyone is thinking but they can’t be reviewing this app which is average at best. The top stories are repeated. They’re at the top of Top Stories and then again after several inches of adds. The content is very limited considering how large the news organization is. And the stories are not refreshed as often as I would expect. There are many misspellings and grammatical errors.
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2 years ago, ahsekp
Glitchy & doesn’t work more often than it does
The app spins, goes in and out. It’s very glitchy many issues with getting it to simply function. Works a couple mins then crashes out or just spins and spins and does not respond. I have uninstalled and reinstalled -get the same results. I was excited to finally see WGN with an app but It’s the worst news app. None of the other news streaming apps function this way. Make it work I’d like to actually use it.
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3 years ago, Bill 1223456
News can be OLD not updated
News articles are not removed when outdated in a timely fashion, they add new ones but don’t review what’s already there. Another issue is duplicate stories... the same article can appear multiple times. The app is very slow to load stories because of massive amounts af advertisements on each page. Overall not professionally done and a pain to use. It is better than the ridiculously biased bull on the majors or CNN types but still painful to use. Should be better.
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4 years ago, yappy dog in DG
What happened to the share option
Works good, but I just noticed that there is no share option any longer. How can you share stories with others. This is important during this crazy corona time. Bring back the share button please.
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3 years ago, Jstorr87
Bring back PIP
WGN is my favorite news program. Love the app for updates on local and national news. The live function used to have Picture in Picture function and I could listen while reading emails or scrolling elsewhere. Bring back the pip and it’s 5 stars all the way!!
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5 months ago, JoshuaJP96
Notifications difficult to manage, ads take over
It’s a free app, but the screen ratio of ads to useful content has grown to the point where it’s almost unusable. Notifications also leave a lot to be desired. I have only “Breaking News” selected but get many entertainment and celebrity stories pushed as notifications, which I don’t consider breaking news.
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3 years ago, XPad24
WGN is great but ...
There’s a glitch in the app. When I get a notification of news that just broke, I click on the tab that pops up, and it takes me to the main page. I don’t want to have to scroll and find what I just read on my notifications screen.
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5 years ago, Ebethannie
Up to date reporting
I love this app. It’s up to date with reporting what is going on. It covers a wide variety of news. I always read something I didn’t hear or read with other news media’s.
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5 years ago, Iluvgzus
Best News Reporting Ever!
I continue to follow WGN news even when I no longer live in Illinois. WGN has always been a great source for the latest news in Chicago, its suburbs, and the nation. Super reliable weather forecast as long as I can remember. You guys are great!!
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7 years ago, Rodente'
Sorry & Sweet
Easy to navigate. Stories usually brief that one of more entire stories can be read while waiting - for whatever. Keeps me abreast of what is happening in your home town.
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6 years ago, my up to date news
I don’t start my day without watching WGN or checking there app, one or the other, but while I’m out away from home it’s definitely the WGN APP for all my up to the minute news!
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6 years ago, Mia4444games
Live video stutters/repeats after update
Live video is buggy. After updating the app, the Live feed now stutters & will replay a sentence un-syncing the voice/video. Gets worse the longer it plays. Annoying having to reboot the app and sit through that same stupid Tile Outlet ad each time. Wish I hadn’t updated the app. This happened when I updated last year too and it was MONTHS before it was fixed.
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1 year ago, Tinae31
I like the streaming aspect, however it literally drives me crazy that it doesn’t show you what time it is! When you watch it on cable on the bottom right it tells you the time. But not when using the app.
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2 years ago, Brenda 4560527
Buffers way too much
I’ve had this app for a very long time and it is the only one of my streaming apps that consistently buffers so I wind up missing news stories. This is on all of my devices-iPhone, iPad, two different televisions with automatic updates on. I do not have problems with any other streaming apps. So frustrating! Please fix!
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3 years ago, Coffeyville Bound
Not a good app
It crashes all the time and freezes and when you want to watch live news stream and make it full screen it has advertisement and you will almost every time click on it on accident it sends you to google chrome..very frustrating just to watch the news.
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4 years ago, Little Ebes
Grandfather, Father, Husband, Brother,Uncle.
As a Wheaton Il. resident, spending our winter in Palm Harbor Florida. It’s very comforting to turn on WGN on my I-phone or TV. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like WGN Radio, TV internet. Thanks for always ringing us our great city to us.
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4 months ago, BBBrunhilda
Stuck on customize
App asks me questions to customize the page - gets to weather (2nd question) and there is no way to move past it. Can’t use the app at all and it has been like this for at least the past 3 weeks. App support just takes me to WGN page and there is no way to report the problem?!
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5 months ago, Awwww come on! Alert me.
It was working great on my phone until today when a message appeared asking if I would be interested in receiving weather or breaking news reports. I followed the prompts and was not able to advance past the message page therefore not allowing me to watch the news on my phone.
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5 months ago, Dog guardian
Audio does not match video
Latest update caused the audio to be delayed and not match the video. Commercials do not have the issue. It is like I am watching a bad dubbing of a old Godzilla movie!
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2 years ago, jamesc4s
Okay, at best. Notifications don’t work.
There is no background play. It’s not 2010 anymore. Which is annoying when the phone auto-locks or you respond to a notification. And worse, going back, means another ad. My main reason for deleting the app is because Notifications are broken. Regardless of the alerts I select, I seem to get them all. The app is of exceptionally poor quality. It was definitely a checkbox on someone’s yearly objectives and no one actually cares about it. I used to think highly of WGN. Not anymore.
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3 years ago, Medic0117
Well ever since the last app update when I play a video in the app it will not close! I have tried everything to get it to close but it won’t. I hope u can fix that. I’m using a iPhone 12 with the latest updates. Thank you
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7 months ago, Blackti3
New update has problems
Love WGN and the app, but since the latest update, captions are on and cannot be turned off. Also when trying to pick the resolution, the pull-down menu gets stuck and have to restart the app to get rid of it. This is all on Apple TV 4K.
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3 years ago, NMS222222222222222222222222
Love the news hate the app
I love WGN news and I look at the app everyday to get my news. But, the app is constantly freezing up. I constantly have to close it and reopen it to get it to work. I gets really annoying and makes me want to jump over to one of my other news apps that doesn’t freeze up.
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6 years ago, $:)$987@987
I moved out of Chicago after living there my entire life. I MISS the WGN morning crew something awful! However the WGN app is at least a little relief. I love you WGN but nothing beats Arizona’s weather!!
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6 years ago, Deborahgem
Please fix
Used to like it just fine. For the last few days a video ad for Windstar Cruises keeps popping up over and over even if I do not touch any ad related link. It is getting frustrating to have to close this video repeatedly while trying to read the news!
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2 years ago, Hammer640
Unable to navigate
This is not a beef about WGN so much but this app is just not good. Directs you straight to video and then endless commercials, will not let you navigate through the news articles. Just a bad design and barely gets any use for me for that reason.
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4 years ago, FeloniousMellon
Good stories BAD APP!
After the latest update this app freezes constantly. I tried the link to app support, what a waste! From there, you can link to all kinds of things EXCEPT app support!
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3 years ago, Frustrated avid viewers
This new app doesn’t work with our Apple TV
We love WGN! We love live-streaming WGN News at Nine! We are so disappointed that we updated to this latest version today & now are Not Able to watch the nine o’clock news on our tv by live-streaming it & air playing it from my phone or iPad as we always have before this frustrating update!!! Please help!!
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5 years ago, Timmy847
Best morning show ever
Awesome show please please please don’t break this one up to other stations have tried you have the best
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5 years ago, Hidy69
These guys and gals are top quality!
WGN is place I go to for quality, professional, with a spot of humor mixed in, news. Keep it up or go down fighting!
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6 years ago, The original Buz
WGN is great
As a former Chicago resident living in the Atlanta area, I love to “keep in touch” with my hometown city. WGN brings to me news, weather, and sports to assuage my desire to be home. Thanks and keep up the five star work!
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