WH Question Cards:

2.8 (22)
241.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Super Duper Publications
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.6 or later
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User Reviews for WH Question Cards:

2.77 out of 5
22 Ratings
2 years ago, speechDebbie
Unable to get past choosing a student
I have enjoyed this app with my students for many years until recently I am unable to get past selecting the students and choosing the activity. Please fix this! It had been a valuable and enjoyable tool!
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2 years ago, AzIsInAz
I have paid for the PRO version and used this app quite a lot. NOW, it is worthless. I cannot get past choosing or adding a student, it then freezes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same result. I am sick of paying of apps that either fail after purchase or the developer just collects the money and doesn’t keep them updated to function. It seems like Super Duper is purposely making apps less functional to drive business to their monthly subscription service. Why would I subscribe when they don’t keep apps functional after a purchase?!?!?!
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2 years ago, CIHMom
Stopped working and lost the decks I paid for
What happened? This used to work so well. My son showed me that the app kept freezing after choosing the deck and player, so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Now the decks that I purchased have disappeared, and the app still isn’t working with the one remaining deck. I purchased this because you have been a reputable company in the past. Please fix these issues.
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4 years ago, charisse s
Stopped working after purchase
This app is great for my clients. However once I purchased the additional features the app stopped working. I have removed the app and redownloaded however once the app opens it only shows the intro page without allowing me to choose any options to proceed
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11 years ago, SVHSLP
This app is good for addressing question goals but I continue to have difficulty with the data collection and the app compiling the scores for me after the question groups. It hasn't worked a single time for me.
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11 months ago, CFM, SLP
Love the app, but having an issue
I absolutely love this app. However, I just got a new iPad and the app won’t let me restore the decks I have already purchased.
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3 years ago, MrsRussellSpeech
No more sound
My sound stopped working. I deleted the app hoping that when I reinstalled it the sound would return. Not only did the sound not return, it says I no longer have the Pro version.
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2 years ago, kenzieSLP
Needs update
This app is worthless. It has a bug that doesn’t allow you past the intro page. Too bad because it used to be great.
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2 years ago, special speech
Will not work
Bought multiples inside the app and they will not work. App opens but that’s it. Will not go any further.
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2 years ago, Bluejydrangea77
Glitches all the times
I can’t get past choosing a player. It keeps freezing. Not a good app!!!
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6 years ago, PHL493
No Spanish option?
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2 years ago, reasterlin
The app is not working
This app is not working.
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12 years ago, preschoolspeechie
"Who" Questions are Super Duper!
FREE "Who" question app from Super Duper. Where, What and When are $1.99. Choose from different levels of play. Suggestion - mark the levels. I had to go through each activity to find an appropriate level for younger children. The drag and match activity - click on a voice activated picture, e.g. "Who helps people when sick" and tap on 1 of 4 pics below, e.g. response is "a doctor." For younger children, there is also a matching picture game which is much more difficult - child has to remember the question and then click on 1 of 4 squares to find the right answer. Then child answers the question, "Do they match?" The final 2 games require reading skills - very nice for the beginning reader. First reading activity uses the "decoder" Picture is on the left, e.g. "Who flies an airplane." On the right are 3 choices. When the correct answer is chosen the decoder appears and child can flash the light on the answer - very cute! Second reading activity is a multiple choice game in which child can either answer the question or ask a question. Picture is on the left and 3 answers are on the right. Super Duper has improved interactive components. I like it! Would like to see Levels noted on activity, eg. easy, difficult . Directions are clear and you can select the questions and number of pictures. Ricki, MS,CCC-SLP - preschoolspeechsource
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11 years ago, They love it!
As an elementary school teacher, I have frequently used this app with 1st and 2nd grade students. I use this app in the "decoder" game mode to give my students practice in reading (and/or listening) to answer questions and think critically. The app shows a colorful illustration, poses a wh question and offers answer choices. I like how there is usually a plausible but incorrect answer choice that makes the students pay close attention to the structure of the question. I encourage students who might be able to read the question to do so before they touch the screen to have the question and answer choices read to them. But it is nice that there is the option to have the question answers read by the app so that students who are not yet readers can practice listening comprehension. The app provides immediate feedback for a student's correct or incorrect answer choice so students can use the app independently. I also like that the app keeps score of multiple students for assessment purposes.
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11 years ago, Booms57
Nice app
Nice colorful pictures. The app is a great way to teach new vocabulary, occupations, etc. This app seems more appropriate for children who have some prior knowledge or experience with real-life events. Children with lower comprehension might have more difficulty in understanding what does an "administrative assistant" do whereas students with higher comprehension will more likely grasp newer information and can relate by exposure. Also, the audio directions are delivered a little too fast. I really like the multiple choice option for matching. However, instead of flipping over the target question, I'd prefer the target question remain visible while the student selects multiple choice answers. Having the question card visible reinforces and reminds students what they are looking for to match and provides time for the therapist to teach when an incorrect choice is made. Otherwise, this is a very nice app and I intend to use it regularly in my sessions.
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8 years ago, mrneedhamspeech
I love the variety of activities on this app, and the fact that you can turn off the dragon during the drag and match game. Many apps on the market like this one do not always allow the option to turn off potentially distracting elements. The only suggestion I have is for the open-ended questions activities: The transition between questions/answers is very slow and takes time away from therapy. Other than that, I have no other concerns. Keep up the great work, Super Duper!
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9 years ago, Ktmax17
Pictures fixed
I've been using this app for a couple of months now. I emailed SuperDuper when I noticed the pictures had disappeared, and I got a quick email back from them saying that they were aware of the problem and a fix had been sent to Apple and was awaiting approval. The app is now fixed and works great. It is hands-down my favorite app for working with students on Wh- questions. There are several different activities to choose from, so you can customize it as needed and the kids don't get bored. I am a school-based SLP also working in private practice, and I love not having to tote decks of cards everywhere! This app is well-worth the money.
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11 years ago, Wing Gundam
Wonderful game!
This game is just lovely! The colors are vibrant, the options are all very easy to find and use, and it actually works! The kids I use this with truly show performance improvement and they LOVE to play it! Wonderful game and wonderful app.
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11 years ago, V Thress
Great learning tool
My daughter has autism. She gets who, what, where, etc. confused. This is a great tool. I am always looking for different ways for her to learn. Extremely well done.
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11 years ago, Speech girl extraordinaire
SuperDuper Who cards
I am just checking out a few apps for a class I am taking and can't wait to share this. I am Super Duper excited to try this with clients!
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11 years ago, Zebrasafari
I like that this app is more interactive than the other super duper apps. The kids love the decoder function. I would like to see more apps like this from super duper!
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11 years ago, lschuster
please fix!
Our school district does not allow in-app purchases at this time. Please make this available as a WHOLE inclusive app for one price.
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9 years ago, Itsjvtho
No pictures....
I have just paid and updated to the remaining question categories for this application. However, the cards are not displaying the pictures. The cards are white and blank (This is for all the categories). Please fix this error ASAP as I am a Speech Pathology use this application daily with my clients. Thank you.
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11 years ago, rkfdpeach
Airplane sound??
Use this app daily but what is with the airplane sound today?? So distracting! I couldn't turn it off!
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8 years ago, ECILslp
Thank you for helping me fix the issues with the app crashing!
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10 years ago, Ms. Keisha
Wh.? Who
My students have enjoyed working with this app. I think I will purchase the other apps.
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10 years ago, sha wil
Very Good
I like it.
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11 years ago, 06791
Good app. Kids love it and I like how it gives the correct answer and moves on
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9 years ago, 😊girl
Not Working
I bought the Why pack and it will not even load! Payment was accepted, settings shows, but when I select start the app closes. The Who pack works fine, but the Why pack purchase has been a bust!
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11 years ago, Chd84
Good app for a while but now all it does is crash when I try to open. Please fix and I'll consider buying the pro version.
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9 years ago, Kgk32
Update Please!!
This app generally works great but recently it broke and now the cards are blank and there is no sound. Please fix it so I can use in therapy again!
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9 years ago, AllieTheSnorlax
Pictures missing, app unusable
The pictures are the reason many of my students can succeed with this app. The pictures need to be restored ASAP. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE.
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