Whack Your Boss Cartoon Land

2.2 (682)
21.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Empowered Strategies LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whack Your Boss Cartoon Land

2.25 out of 5
682 Ratings
7 years ago, Thatbaristafellow
It’s a shame...
This version is pretty bland, I can understand why it’s not the original, but in honesty that’s what we are looking for. I don’t feel it needs to be for Ages 12+ you kinda hope as parents you don’t have your 12 year old looking up something titled “Whack Your Boss” it’s nice to see it brought to iOS but majorly preferred it be returned to the original. I grant it too stars based on lack of content, and few glitches like the 1 option not working, and what happened to the audio for his headphones? I hope for the best!
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2 years ago, Lil $avage
Why is it so plain
This game feels like a baby version of whack your boss. How come it only has six ways instead of 24 like the original game this is so wack. I don’t understand why this is rated 12 in the older mean was just a whole bunch of silly stuff that you’ll see on Cocomelon and some stuff. I hate the fact how they just drew all over everything and just made a whole knock off out of it. I wanted to play this on mobile because on computer you just get a whole bunch of viruses the websites that it’s on. But this is highly disappointing.
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5 years ago, NIGHTMAREFOXY737
Lacks content
Honestly, I enjoyed the Old version a lot more than the new version. The old game had a lot more gory stuff, which I personally enjoy, but this one just lacks content. Also, why is it rated 12+? This game is barely gory. The only blood left in this game is the cleaner’s bag. I would hardly classify that as 12+ content. Also, you need to fix the pencil. I tried to tap on it but it didn’t work. And you need to add a lot more ways to whack the boss, even though he never dies, like in the old version. In the old version, there were like, 16-24 ways, but now there’s just 7 ( including the unworkable pencil ).
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6 years ago, 💕🍪Cookie💕🍪
Version and overall throughts😂
I don’t really like this version as much as I liked the old one simply because it lacks content.... I liked the old one better because it had WAY more content although it was a little bit more violent but I liked it a lot but this version I don’t think I could say the same thing...Its okay but I wouldn’t play it as much as I would and used to play the original version of “Whack Your Boss”... I think it should be changed back to the original...also what happened to the music after he beats his boss?? “No when,No want, No worry” it’s lacking a lot of content...
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2 years ago, melianna wigley
It’s okay but the pencil.😒😡🙁
The game is still good except when I touch the pencil it won’t let me whack the boss with it so, but the rest work it’s just not the pencil the pencil is not even working like, whoever made this app can you please fix it because when I kept touching the pencil it made me mad because it will not work so yeah fix it please and so we can make it easier to touch the pencil and finish all six of the things to whack the boss with it.
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3 years ago, Leslie73018
It’s an okay game
It is nothing compared to the original game “Whack your boss” this one is more suitable for children who wants a game they can have fun unlike the other where you have so much more you can use and there is gore. I do recommend this game however , I do not recommend the original version to it nothing but violence and gore a child should not be seeing for his or her’s age.
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6 years ago, Waterishwaif
It should need some improvements
Well to me, it's not a bad idea, it was some funny moments but it should add more into it. Like the original game with 24 ways, it should add 24 ways as well and thats another problem, it was too short, it needs more ways to whack your boss and also replace the cleaner with some kind of a cartoon character, like someone that is simpler to Mickey Mouse or Bugs bunny or any simpler cartoon characters that you might think of
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5 months ago, I love caca😍😍
It's bad🫤
It's so bad ngl it's not gore or violent and it's just cartoony and that's not what I want I want blood not goofy animations anyways if anyone is reading this please play this on safari and search up whack your boss, Whack Your Ex whack your neighbor whack your computer any other whack it games so please delete this game I do not play it ever again, and just play it on safari and this wasn’t made by the original developer and there was no credits, even though there is a copyright down there
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2 years ago, Lala big head
I hate this Aversion
I honestly hate this version I like the old version more than the new one I liked how the old one had gore this one has nothing which isn’t entertaining as the old one was Bring the old version back!!
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5 years ago, Royalflush735262
Great game!
This is a very good remake of the game. If I had a child 5-10, I’d give this to them, as there is no blood whatsoever. One complaint is the pencil. I have no idea how to activate it. I tapped it like the rest, and other than it glowing, nothing happened. Other than that, you have earned my 3 star approval Tom Winkler. Good job.
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6 years ago, Erikin1984
I want to give it more...
But I can’t give more than 2 because it’s a let down from the original. If the Apple store won’t let you upload the original, than make your website be mobile friendly do us IPhone users.
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4 years ago, Daniel.cxx
Whack your boss
It’s so stupid because it doesn’t let me tap anything so frinkin fix your game I tap something and it doesn’t let me freakin fix it stupids
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10 months ago, 沙琪玛er
very disappointed
I was very happy to find this game on my mobile phone, but after opening it, I found that it is not the same thing as the one on the computer... I can understand that removing the bloody content can make it 12+, but what kid over 12 years old would think What about hitting the boss? This is originally an adult's game
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5 years ago, Red Sourpatch
I don’t even think this deserves one star. It’s really lame. I suppose for a child under 11, it’d be okay if the game had more than seven options (though the pencil option doesn’t work). As a stressed adult getting a house, planning a wedding, working a full forty hours every week, and possibly pregnant..... this game just disappoints me greatly. I LOVED the old version (everything about the old one) but this is bull.
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1 year ago, Leo Pletcher
I miss the old one
The old one was so fun there’s blood there is a whole bunch of fun stuff now it’s all clean. It’s not fun anymore. Are used to like this game a lot. I miss the old whack your boss and why do you make it only six I like 24 better
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4 years ago, Deadpool official
I like it but there’s one problem
I like it but I don’t like the fact that it takes two minutes to finish just the opening scene
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5 years ago, ¡Cometa22!
Funny but...
I was excited when I downloaded this because I remember the original I used to use to vent on my desktop. And while it was a little funny, it felt pretty bland compared to the original.
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4 years ago, jondupree617
Nothing like the original I played years ago on 2flash games lol just didn’t do it for me. Didn’t take a lot from the original game
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3 years ago, Marsheena77$
Terrifying game ever
My guy bro change this game it’s terrifying I would never do this to my boss he’s very nice and you could also see me on Instagram and TickTock and you have to change it again because you’re freaking me out I have a walking nightmare because of your game
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6 years ago, Tbommy
I deleted it
I deleted it because it sucked and had bad reviews. I hope it you can get back the old one because it was fun. Fun and you took it away wow good move. But can you do me a favor and send us the old one and beside the old one THE CATOON. Plz give us are freedom we deserve. By: give us old one 🙄
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4 years ago, taco cat broo catttttt
Not very good
I started playing this game and I thought this would be almost like that old one but it was terrible there was no gore it changed and there was no blood but there was blood on the cleaners bag I really don’t like blood but this was just not good like awful I could not play finish this game it just made me mad😕😕😕😠😠😠
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4 years ago, e_h_v74
Switch to the original please
I’m giving this one star because these whacks are very childish and this app should be 4+. 12+ should be violence with no blood or gore but the original did have this so please include that and the whacks are boring and long and overall this game is pretty lame so I’m giving this game 1 star
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5 years ago, jimmyfallonguy
Doesn’t work properly
I noticed that the final object that you use to whack your boss doesn’t work, which is the pencil. It highlights it but goes away and doesn’t go into a cutscene and I’ve pressed it repeatedly and nothing happens. Also pretty much a PG version of the original game.
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3 months ago, .+*reveiw-maker*+.
After finding this game again after all these years, I was super excited. But the excitement soon ended when I realized there was only 6 ways to kill your boss! Soo boring! Not as I remember. Add more ways and bring the blood back! 😡
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4 years ago, Game_Reviewer112
I find this game to be completely boring compared to the original version. This version lacks content and really doesn’t seem like what it’s title is. With this version, I really don’t think the rating should be 12+ I think it should be 4+
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2 years ago, toga ree
No just no
Tbh this game is trash it just feels so babyish and it shouldn’t be for 12+ i don’t like this game i prefer the original but if your looking for something that has no blood but still getting anger out i guess this is a good app
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6 years ago, gunnis wolrd record
I hate the new version have you seen the part when he hit in the hanger it dosent even show blood I like the old one this is worth 1 star the old one is worth 5 stars it’s just bad cartoon version more like don’t download version it’s just bad sorry if I effended you
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6 years ago, 
I came here after watching a 2016 GT livestream thinking it only got better. Turns out it got worse. I’ve had a horrible day at work dealing with an abusive boss and I wanted to take out my immediate anger by the violence of this came. Would rather 0 stars if possible
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5 years ago, LivingGoat23
Bad Bring Back Old Version
Little kids of a low range shouldn’t b able to access the store anyway without an adults permission. Like there is this thing call Parental Controls. I come back to play a fun old time game and it’s all kiddy up. Real Sad!
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5 years ago, BRI Freakin' ANAAAAA
Super Different
I remember playing this game as a kid. From what I remember.... the content was very different in regards to “whacking your boss”. It isn’t the same. Actually more kid friendly. So if you’re looking to play the same Whack Your Boss game from 10 years ago... this ain’t it!
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3 years ago, D kwhdgd
It is not the original version I’ve player the original version and it’s completely different and much better than this version
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3 years ago, the one who u think
It’s sad
This used to be my favorite game when I was younger and now that it is changed it just makes me sad to see how bad it is now it got rid of everything good in the game and now it’s just a cartoon version and it’s just horrible now
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3 years ago, ozone fan /11
The green thing just eat the boss
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3 years ago, i smoke on yew
I give it one star because the pencil option won’t work and it only lets you do 4 and I hate yaw need to make it regular again immediately
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7 months ago, Kimmy_1999
Friendly Stress Reliever!
Fun for those who wanted to relieve their stress in a “non-violent” way 😁
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3 years ago, SHARK_LORD
Just. . . Why?
This has only six of twenty ways to whack the boss from the actual WYB. It also made the animations totally crappy. I did two and I’m immediately deleted the app. It’s just crappy.
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3 years ago, weiytpsgfkz
I love blood and taking out my anger
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6 years ago, اسما الجهوري
Bring the old version
The old version was so fun you had 12 ways to whack your boss but now 6 and dumb whacks and its like 4 and up 4 AND UP man i wish the get back the old version plz plz plz bring it back
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3 years ago, Christian Ogbonna
I played this on PC but what if i played it on iPad? PC was the funniest
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5 years ago, ogdude12
It sucked
I don’t really know what to say I just know that it sucked Bad animation bad gameplay and not as much option as the old one also all the other options made no sense
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3 years ago, ⁉️Mariam⁉️⁉️
Disappointed tbh
On computer this game is super fun and stressful reliving so I bought it on my phone and I’m really disappointed it’s not the same as I thought it be
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6 years ago, MisterMadRonin
The pencil doesn’t work
The pencil doesn’t work when you touch it
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3 years ago, vvsjdbx
Not what it use to be
This version of the game is super boring, I love the old version. When I downloaded the new version it was just wacky and lame the whole, didn’t get no excitement from it. BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION
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4 years ago, Mrsweat_midfield
Not what I thought
I came and got this game on my phone thinking it would be the original version because I play vendor games on my school computer
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6 years ago, Elleyar231
I definitely preferred the old version. This one is so rated G. Like what happened to him shoving the water jug down his bosses throat, Or being able to take a dump on him! At least the characters are the same🤦🏾‍♀️.
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3 years ago, jverhv
Doesn’t have blood
I like it better when it has blood blood is the better games can you make the bloody ones and make them free thank you
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6 years ago, ilalso
Nothing like the original.. everything has been changed to be less violent. Now it’s rated for 12 and up what 12 year old needs to wack a boss?? Stupid
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2 years ago, kirisolos
I hate it.
Bring back the old version this is just awful
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11 months ago, themobileboy
I always love to play this on my computer but on websites there is more way to whack but on mobile devices I feel like there isn’t enough whacks so please add more
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5 years ago, Fischer Justin
This Game made my Day!
Thank you so much!
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