Where is Xur? for Destiny 2

4.9 (11.9K)
240.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Serkan Bal
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Where is Xur? for Destiny 2

4.91 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Scorpianaa
Great app, definitely recommend
This is a very simple straight forward app that has a countdown going during the week to when Xur will appear and then when he does, they tell you exactly where he is. It’s very convenient to have this app at my fingertips when Friday comes around and I want to check our Xur’s wares ASAP. The app also has a list of the best exotics based on user reviews and ratings which is really convenient. It’s a single place to go and search for a particular exotic to see what other people think of it and decide if it’s even worth it to buy what Xur does end up having. Additionally there is an Archive showing what Xur has had in the past and a Guardian Wishlist that allows users to participate in a poll for what pieces they hope Xur will have that week which is just fun to participate in. Not sure if Bungie checks it out and makes choices based on the polls or if Xur’s wares are randomly chosen or what but it’s still fun to see what the community wants. Definitely recommend this app to any and all Destiny 2 players.
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5 years ago, Decog
Most use able companion app for Destiny 2
I’m really happy with pretty much all of the functionality of the app. It takes the pain and guesswork out of leveling a new D2 character for me because 1. I can actually get build ideas from the reviews section of each piece of gear. 2. I can see what Xur has and started to plan a build (ahead of time) based around a good piece of gear for one of my classes and even start saving toward that goal. 3. Participating in the wishlist kinda feels more communal and as such offers another kind of insight into how other players use exotics. I just dig what this app has done for me as a returning player to the Destiny Verse but new to Destiny 2. It’s basically been the main tool in my toolbox for jumping into the game and getting up to speed in a satisfying way.
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7 years ago, SnazzyJazzyHands
Great little quality of life app
I love this app, I’ve been using it since Destiny 1, and now with D2 out it’s been really nice to just be able to check out the gear he’s selling and decide whether I find it worth it to track him down rather than having to run all over the place then find out I already have or don’t want anything he’s selling! I think the only suggestion I would have is maybe put a little blurb when you press and hold an exotic that has the description of the item or at very least weapon type in the voting, though it’s not a huge complaint seeing as voting doesn’t actually affect Xur’s cache outcome anyway. All in all, it’s a great little quality of life app that I’ll be keeping around for much more time to come. :)
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6 years ago, Squedds
VERY helpful
Where to start? At first I was skeptical, and I kind of hesitated to get this app. I thought maybe it wasn’t going to display all the correct information, or I was going to get ad spammed (Well, there are some ads but it’s not much of an issue) but no. This was definitely the right choice. This app is such a convenient thing to have, let’s say it’s Friday and you and your friends hop on destiny. “Hey dude, you know where Xur is?” Instead of wasting more time then you need to by looking it up, you can just open up ‘Where is Xur’ and see where Xur actually is on the app in an instant and see all the stuff he is selling this week, just like that. You can vote on the guardians wishlist and vote for what you want Xur to sell next. And see what others voted! Great app 5/5.
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3 years ago, puniinuq
Amazing App
This app is amazing. It shows you where Xur is, What he’s selling that week and the weeks prior, and Written reviews of best exotics for each class and that weeks exotics. I’ve recently been playing Destiny 2 a lot so this is a really big help, not just to help to see if Xur’s stock is any good, but to help to see what’s good and what’s not. If I were to add anything to this game it would be whenever it shows the previous weeks items, it would show the legendary gear to. Right now it only shows previous exotics and not legendarys. You also can’t write reviews on armor for some reason? You can write reviews on exotic armor but not legendary. Other than that this app is amazing, it’s definitely a must have.
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3 years ago, Alex nexes
This app is great
So what to say, this app does what you need it to do. Find Xur’’. He will appear on the map highlighted by a green symbol. It will track you to him show you what weapons he has for sale that day. It will show you how long he will be there and when he will come back and allow you to vote on the items that you would like him to bring next week. Of course it’s a poll system this is a gaming democracy. You feel like you are taken into account it shows you how many other votes are with you and what other items are up for vote. Long story short get the app it’s worth it and it’s free ya there are a few adds but hey it’s a small free price to pay for a great app.
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3 years ago, EaglealexYT
Awesome App for destiny 2 players
I’m a fairly new player so when I started playing I wondered how to get exotics since I saw everybody else had one so I went online and I heard about Xur and wondering how I could find him I saw if there were any websites that could predict where he would come and sure enough I saw the Where Is Xur? Website and from that I saw they had a app and let me tell you this app is great for new players because when I started I just grinded up for some LS and got my first exotic ophidia spathe and let me tell you it helped me a lot so for any new players that want to know where Xur is and get exotics get this app you won’t regret it.
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This app is 100% WORTH IT it tells you exactly where Xur is on exactly what planet, and ALSO tells you the exotics that he sold WAY before that! this app gets you a wishlist, witch lets you submit exotics that you want Xur to sell, it also has and area that shows all of xurs exotics, AND you can click on any exotic there and it will show you the picture, perks, and the exotic perk!!! It also shows you what he’s selling this Friday!!!!!! I used to have to go to my moms broken iPad, log on to safari, and try to find I good web sight with the right date! NOW all I have to do is log in to MY phone and click on the Xur app!!!! SO GOOOOD!!!!!
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4 years ago, jackisblack69
Exactly what it is.
This app gives you the amount of time it will take for when Xur is in the game. When the counter reaches zero the application will show you what location he’s at. WHY I GAVE IT 4 STARS The reason I gave it a 4/5 would be the UI. I want (This is my opinion) to connect my account to have a character choice section where you can see the exotics you have and see the stats on your current ones. When picking that character you can see the emblem and choose between light and dark mode (I know you can make a D2 reference with that setting) there is more I would like, but this app does what it says. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants to find Xur without looking at a video.
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6 years ago, WC Ghost
Easy to use and super helpful
This is a great app and is very user friendly. Has everything you should need to quickly locate Xur and get whatever gear you need from him. The only suggestion that I would recommend to the developers is to make the map a little more detailed. When pointing out Xur. An example is when a few weeks ago he was mentioned that Cur was on Nessus on the big tree, you’d could add in the patrols or something the user may reference to narrow the search. But other than that great app and definitely no complaints here 5 stars for sure.
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2 years ago, MR TC
Xur app
Aww man where do is start? Without this app I would be lost and would have to ask around to find out where Xur is, what he has and the types of weapons. This is annoying for me and my contacts. This app has EVERYTHING you need to see the location, what’s available, when he’s leaving a countdown clock…AMAZING!!! It’s quick and to the point by showing the exotics that are available to buy and what other guardians think of those exotics!! It has all you need regarding Xur and the location to find him.
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5 months ago, WDGaster0305
Makes Xur worth the time
Who wants to go search for Xur, only to find he has the 3 worst exotics you could ask for? Certainly not me. This app makes it not only simple to find Xur, but even seeing if the trip is even worth it by displaying what he has in his shop, and how much it will set you back. They have an easy to navigate system and frankly, if you’re playing destiny, this is a NEED. I just started a Titan and barely missed Xur selling the Saint-14 helmet. Would’ve had happened if I had this app. 😞
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4 years ago, KiD_Reckless21
This app is amazing
I love this app, it’s really good at showing you where Xur? Is and telling you the planet also what weapon and gear he can sell and what weapon and gear he sells today. Also I like the wishlist system but I don’t know how it works that much because when I wish for something like a weapon after it showed you the top wished things but this weekend it used the top wanted gun which was hard light but it didn't use the top wanted armor pieces for a anything else but this app is great and would totally recommend you get it if you play destiny 2 a lot.
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4 years ago, APugCalledPotato
So convenient! Love this app!
The most useful and easiest way to find Xur! It gives you an accurate location and has a quickly automatic refresh to show his location every single time he arrives. It sends you notifications every time he arrives and leaves. It even tells you what he sells what he sold before since the Forsaken DLC. There is also a fun activity to participate in with everybody else called the Guardian Wishlist. There is also rating of exotics that Xur sells, so you know what to and what not to buy from him.
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5 years ago, Only one i thought of😝
It’s the best app for Xûr Info!
First off I would like to say that I use this app every Friday and weekend, it’s the greatest app and doesn’t ad spam you at all. Seriously you should download this app. It doesn’t just say the location of Xûr it also says what he’s selling and allows you to vote for exotics to arrive. Honestly if you need a Xûr app for destiny this is your best bet. And to the creator I would like to leave a small comment. Thank you for this app, for I no longer have to go on every planet to find Xûr and I know if it’s worth it or not. As a D1 Veteran this app is very helpful! <3
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5 years ago, d3fa1tu53r
If there’s something wrong I can’t find it
Iv used a few different destiny apps but this one I find most useful since playing destiny 2 there’s a hard time finding exotics but I’m glad I downloaded this because now all I gotta do is drop in a map and find him in an actual detailed location witch is nice the ads don’t really bother me because I could be spending 30+ minutes going threw every planet and player interaction areas but I just gotta wait 5-10 seconds and bam I’m told where he is. It’s a great app
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5 years ago, ronin goat
Pretty good
This app is pretty good, it there are few annoying things. First the pro. This app has helped me so much, without it I would be screaming in my clans ears “WHERE THE HECK IS XUR”. But the one con that I see is that, the only time I ever need to “actually use this app” (find where Xur is) it seems to spam me with ads (when I click on location) but other than that I love this app and it is amazing P.s. there used to be something kinda misleading in the app, but they fixed that so now I rate 5stars! :)
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6 years ago, LiL. Robbie
I love this app
Ever since this new update on destiny where it does not show where xur is this has become Even more helpful. It’s also really nice to see all the new exotic stuff and see what other people think of them, and if you get lucky and read the reviews someone will say how they got that item. I like how it shows the special stuff like the aim assets and the recoil too. Really great app guys and if you play destiny and don’t have this app your missing out.
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6 years ago, Captain app gratis
Thanks for sticking with us
As a Destiny fan, it can be hard to stick with the game as Bungie constantly delivers mediocrity. I’ve loved this app since Destiny 1, and I was afraid that after the Destiny 2 fiasco this app would stop getting updated. However, you guys have continued to bring us great updates! Thank you! Know that we appreciate you, and that your updates are INCREDIBLY useful; this newest one with the weapon details is AMAZING and a feature that I’ve wanted for a long time.
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5 years ago, Dredgen Toaster
Like an old friend
I’ve used where is Xur since D1, and I haven’t given thanks to the creators as much as I should have. I’ve been a guardian for years and passively used this app across multiple phone as well as in both D1 and 2. It’s like my favorite exotic that no matter how much I try to alter my build, I always seem to re-equip because it feels so solid to use. Keep up the good work and thanks for locating squid face for me after all these years.
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3 years ago, rctt review 1
This app is great
It’s very simple and straightforward yet so informational, not only does it tel you Xürs exact location and arrival time, but it also tells you his stock, prices and weapon information. Not only that but it also tells you everything you need to know about every possible exotic and ratings from other players. Great app would recommend to any Destiny 2 player.
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1 year ago, Mocha245
Allows you to see exactly where Xur is and shows you what items he’s selling, which saves time both looking for him and deciding if it’s even worth going for him. It also let’s you see a list of everything he can sell as well as what expansions you need for them and when they were last sold.
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5 years ago, TheCPub
No Forsaken Items?
I love this app. I check this app every week to see where Xur is “hiding”. I also enjoy reading other users opinions of weapons and armor. However, I can only give this app three stars, because it does not include new items since the launch of the Forsaken expansion. Which is odd, because the add on the App Store includes images of said items. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling several times to no avail. I even spent $1.99 to remove ads, on the off chance this would fix the problem. (Not sure why I thought that would work.) Would give this app five stars if I could fix this issue. EDIT: thank you for the response. I determined the same thing this morning. Five stars it is!
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7 years ago, Flying_Kites
I might be in the minority...
But I really actually enjoy this app quit a bit! It not only helps me not have to chase all over the Tower and then find out he's not there but in the Reef, but also it gives me the chance to have somewhat of an impute in what weapons (potentially) he could be selling! Idk it's just an ease of use app and a time saver! Along the lines of "DIM" (Destiny Item Manager)! It's just a nice way to package it all up!
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5 years ago, T1mathor
It shows the exact location of Xur, His current items, the possible items he can sell, AND allows you to vote on which item you want him to sell, the app couldn’t get any better. The only thing I could think of to add would be to add would be a bit more pizazz to the menus since they look a tad boring but that doesn’t really bother me, it’s basically perfect.
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4 years ago, pepsi and swords
Everything it promises and more
This is simple. You want to know where Xur? Is? Well here is the exact location, as well as a description to help you out, you wanna know if it’s worth actually going? Here’s all the stuff he has! You want to know what everyone else wants? You got it! You want to see actuall player reviews on each piece of armor to see if it’s worth it? THEY GOT THOSE TOO!
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4 years ago, TheUser127
Great structure, but not what you’d expect.
The overall construct of the application is likable and straightforward in telling you where Xur is located on Friday’s and weekends. Apparently, the app is nothing more than a simple map, your vote doesn’t matter, even when they end up being the highest voted exotics you’ve selected. But at the end of the day, only the cruddy exotics turn up as a result, and NOTHING from your wishlist turns up. It’s just a guessing game with this app, Destiny 2 with Exotic Bingo. I will continue to use this app, but only for locating Xur. That’s what this application is for, right?
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3 months ago, kaiden01281
Thank you
This app saves me SO MUCH TIME, I don’t have to get on destiny 2 only to find bad equipment that Xúr has for sale, and I can just do a quick 15 - 20 second check on here instead, it may give you an ad when you check where his location is or what item he has, but it’s so worth it otherwise
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3 years ago, bruh Moneyy
A must have if you play destiny
Where is Xur? is one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. I hated going from planet to planet just looking for xur locations CONSTANTLY. The app is easy to navigate and makes it easier to find xur. Knowing what items he’s selling is also a big plus. The app even ranks the best armor pieces to have! Where is xur is definitely a game changer. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, The Nick Feezel
It’s so convenient.
I’ve been using this app since Destiny 1 and it has only gotten better. It is supported and updated frequently enough and has a little wishlist gadget to show what most people want. It is always correct and doesn’t take long to load. Eventually ads were added but they are no issue at all.
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4 years ago, Hi it's me the grinch yes me
Great app
This app is great for everything you need to know about Xur. Notifs that can turn on and off for his arrival and departure. It has an archive for all past xur inventories. It give you a map and a description of where he is and shows his inventory. It goes in depth on every exotic and allows the users to rate the exotics. Outstanding app. Would definitely recommend.
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5 years ago, tall.midget
Amazing and fast
Amazing instead of waiting for my friends to load up google to find him I just open the app and it instantly tells me it’s very convenient and there is a wishlist so it tells you when the stuff on your wishlist is in and it notifies you when he’s in and people can write reviews on guns so you know if they are worth the LS
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4 years ago, sucidalbagle
Very nice and straightforward app
It’s very straightforward, see where Xur (tentacle Santa Claus that comes every weekend) is. You can also participate in a poll and see archives. It does have ads that I can’t clear, but that’s probably on my end and I can just close the app and open it back up. Not going to remove a star for it though, as it’s a good app! 5 stars!
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4 years ago, SCinNC
Was good. Ads are now oppressive.
This app is simple and has worked well for the last year. However, in the last couple months it seems that the in-app advertising has taken a decided turn for the worse. Ads are now difficult to clear without being taken to the App Store repeatedly. Click the “X” go to the App Store. Close the app and reopen it, new ad, same issue. Uninstalling it now as it’s become obnoxious.
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5 years ago, Psmike13
Wet useful
This app allows me to find or view Xur’s items without have to use a search engine, which can save you precious time if you already have all that he’s showcasing at the current time. That is most Useful for folks who don’t have that much time to play, but still would like the collect rare items.
Show more
5 years ago, Kane guzman
Very helpful
This app looks like one of those fake apps but it definitely works! Just press location and it gives you the exact location. And it gives you notifications when he is arriving or leaving and gives you a reminder. Great,Great app. I play a lot of destiny 2 and I didn’t know who Xur was. And he helps a lot
Show more
3 years ago, chain41
This app helps save so much time, usually I’d be looking everywhere and when I did find him it was either good stuff on stock or it was disappointment. It’s good not only because it tells you where he is but it tells you what he has, and I’m now reliant on this app for destiny 2.
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2 years ago, C0ugaar
This app is a must-have for destiny 2 players
This is by FAR one of the most useful companion apps for d2 that I’ve ever used. If you’re trying to find new exotics, or get good legendary gear, then you n e e d to download this. I’ve gotten tons of good gear, all thanks to this app. If you play destiny 2, then there is no reason to not get it.
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3 years ago, Avi Atto
Perfect app!
It used to drive me crazy trying to find Xur again after I accidentally stumbled across him in the Tower. I was new and wanted a bow so bad but I didn’t have enough light shards for the one he was offering. Discovering this app was the finally piece I needed to start building a steady collection of exotics- I love it! You can’t really play Destiny without it.
Show more
1 year ago, wannabesaint-14
Definitely worth using
It has shown me a detailed list of what he has had everytime he appears. Giving me where he is and what he has in stock too. As a beta d1 player this definitely helps me after coming back…. I am praying for the helmet of saint 14 too
Show more
3 years ago, UnCharted_YT
Where is Xur? More like where is the award for this app
This app is a total game changer for me I love being able to figure out where Xur Is instantly and knowing what weapons he brings next. This app is perfect for anybody who wants to be notified about the game at all time. Thank you to whoever made this I wish you the best of luck God bless you
Show more
3 years ago, Brett Wock
At Least Try It
This is very useful if you also work like me. It alerts you when Xur arrives and when he leaves as long as you have the setting on in the app. It also tells you in how many hours etc. At Least try it and if you don’t like it you can always uninstall it.
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2 years ago, Teehee48001
Worked great until season 17
Maybe Calus and the Leviathan aren’t the only things haunted this season because the app absolutely does not work now. Used to work amazing- the adds were a few and far between- and was very accurate, but now the app won’t even load. Very sad and very unfortunate death of a very useful app. RIP
Show more
5 years ago, 0.773H
Fantastic stuff
This app is friggin helpful, when it comes to locating Xur. Not just locating him though, being able to see what he has before even getting on the game is a real time saver, and the fact that you can see everything he’s brought and can bring is so very helpful as well.
Show more
4 months ago, JyneeBaroda
Best app
If you don’t want to hop around planet to planet finding Xur then download this. He’s off from Tuesdays til Thursday, and is back on Friday. You can choose what armor and weapon you would like to show up, does not mean it with though. Gives you ratings of the best weapons and armor for all classes.
Show more
5 years ago, Ashes527
Great app!
Super quick, easy to use, helpful, and accurate app! Would think there would be a lot of ads, but I’m really happy there isn’t! Only one quick ad if you go into a sub-menu and I understand that you guys want to make money from this. And I don’t mind, because you deserve to!
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2 years ago, i love the artwork, good job
More then I expected
I thought this app was just telling you where Xur? is which is already helpful. But it has items you can pick for him too sell, and even more features that are very, very helpful. 10/10 app
Show more
12 months ago, Halo6 master 99
Great app
You can vote on what exotic armor piece and weapon you want and it also gives you exact location of Xur. You can also see what Xur is selling every time he arrives and that reminds me it tells you exactly on point when he arrives and when he leaves.
Show more
4 years ago, usherz9
Please read this devs
Ok so can you please make it say for weapons that require you to have destiny 2 forsaken say that so that way I’m not sad or mad because some of the guns are really cool but they require you to have forsaken so please make it to where it says that you need it to have the weapon.
Show more
2 years ago, unkownmr
Easy find, and must have for d2
I’ve been a d2 player sense day 1 and I’ve used this app sense it came out it let’s see where Xur is. and wish list may not always make it it but it does actually work, you just think of it this way, d2 devs will ether go off wish list or have it be random
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