4.8 (1.1K)
87.8 MB
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Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WHNT

4.76 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, BNDR 44
Best News App for N. AL/SM TN
This is absolutely the best NEWS APP for coverage of North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee news. The local news setting for my city and county are spot on and they cover all important news with no bells and whistles which I like. I don’t have to do a lot of searching and they include you to be able to report news straight from the app and report corrections if you find one. I rarely do and it’s only simple typos to help get those corrected. They make you feel like you’re part of their news team. 5,000 stars!
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4 years ago, redfedrcon
News & Weather
Love to be informed of the the latest news & weather I’m a roofing contractor that needs to the most up to date on information on the rain events from the best option of the weather for the next day ! I like to have a plan for my guys to be ready to remove and replace a roof with no surprises !! Also just love the up to date news about all the sad fatalities in the storm related events and all the other news of events that I want to pray for..
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3 months ago, limburgh
Living out of Huntsville Al area.
Ok I use to be able to get news From WHNT 19, down here in Milton Florida. Use live in Muscle Shoals. Some day hope to move back. Anyway I was able to keep up with news out of Huntsville and surrounding areas.. Now I can’t 🥺😢. Is there a reason why?? Hopefully someone can explain why. iPhone user.. It seem to be maybe with app update hear lately.. I would like hear back from you please. Thank You.
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5 years ago, junping jack
County road 17 in Jackson County.
I heard the road had dropped 18 inches. News coverage only shows 231 cracked road. Please update news footage to cover 17. Residents on the mountain have to travel about seven miles further to get off mountain. Wondering where we are
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3 years ago, ortootltom
The app released Feb 19,2021 is very poorly designed. It is designed for those that can “watch” the news while they are at work, not those of use that may need to catch a “quick read” of a breaking new item. Very disappointed. There are less articles of interest that before. Maybe you should have considered updating your news articles more often than once a week instead of revamping in app to something so unappealing. It has no design flair very basic like something a 6 year old might do.
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6 years ago, Bossybeth99
The best
Channel 19 is the best around! I’m thankful for the new app and the updates I get each day keeping me up to date on news, traffic and weather updates! You guys are like family! Great job to WHNT Channel 19
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6 years ago, Kaitlyn Lane
5 stars
It has the most updated information and it is all true also No inappropriate or unwanted ads or comments great job keep it up!!👏🏽👏🏽
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2 years ago, Katy1516
Hate the ads
I had no problems with this app until recently. When I open an article, I am often automatically redirected to a sponsor’s website, usually State Farm.
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6 years ago, CC helper
Whnt news
I am often away from 19 news and my 2 daily newspapers, so I rely on this app to keep me posted. We watch Jerry, Melissa and the whole staff each day when home. Keep up the good work!! William E Tiller
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5 years ago, Decatur Fan
Thank you!
Thank you WHNT for keeping us up to date with current news events, weather updates and local happenings!
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6 years ago, Thea (Cindy Cooper)
19 is the best!!
I trust Jason Simpson and his team for weather!! He’s always right on target and I know I can depend on his forecast to be accurate!! Love the news team too!! I only watch channel 19!!!
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3 years ago, LLaffinPlace
App locks up when there’s an update
I do not take kindly to apps that force me to update them NOW when I typically do not have time and am trying to access information. It’s a fine app but it should not be forcing me to update it with no option to delay until later.
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5 years ago, SMLL55
Great news app
Factual. Well written. Grammar and spelling are to be commended. Updated even on weekends. Better than any others in our area.
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2 years ago, MelaniaRocks
Alerts never connect into story
Every time I get a pop-up notification from this source and click on it, it immediately goes through a pop-up advertisement which I dismiss, and then I can’t ever find the breaking news story that made me come to the site to start with!
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5 years ago, star treck 1
It provides many current issues with factual information and many human interests story’s
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2 weeks ago, Mr_Bradley
Bad local news app
Sorry but in using your news app, I was unable to navigate without an ad pop up every page that I went to. Over 45% of each page was some sort of an ad so I am deleting your app. Nothing news worthy to see on this app.
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5 years ago, SamanthalHud
Wonderful, always updated !
Love it.
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2 years ago, Pedsmom
No arrow to get out of videos
When I watch the videos of stories there is no why to get back to news . No arrow to get out of videos . I use my iPad for app .
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2 years ago, MLY4MSU
Notifications are clickbait
This was a fantastic app until the notifications turned to clickbait. Would prefer to be notify with the news lead, not “click to find out where it happened”.
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6 years ago, Mack Gaddy
The version of the app has changed several times since i first downloaded it, quite some time ago. The latest version will only refresh when it wants to, not when i refresh it.
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3 months ago, thatcjkid
Where are my saved articles? Saved section no longer visible in menu.
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6 years ago, Boblabla
Old app was better
I find the redesigned app to be more confusing with all the ads. No way to go back easily if you tapped one. Slow loading on live stream. To many redirects to your webpage. Not happy with it. 😐
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5 years ago, @AMAnderson
I love this app so helpful when cable doesn’t work!! Great job!!!
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5 years ago, C&TP
Love it
This app is really helpful. Love this app
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5 years ago, misspell???
???? WHNT
I love receiving local news daily. However, there are many misspelled words. (I wonder if I misspelled “misspelled”.). Oh, well.
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6 years ago, WiredPirate
SPAM notifications
WHNT app sends out notifications for sponsored content like IHOP. I only want notifications for LOCAL NEWS. The only notifications I allowed in the app we're breaking news and weather, IHOP adverts are neither!
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3 years ago, Soap N Suds
You don’t have a search feature and the layout is awful. We need yh3 old app back.
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3 years ago, northalabamareviewer
Freezes Up
Lately the app freezes up shortly after I start using it. Please fix!! Not usable!!
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5 years ago, TheHuntress792
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11 years ago, Mahoney Muncie
One of the two best in Huntsville
This app seems to look a little better on a tablet (ipad) then on a phone, as the designs features work better on a bigger screen, but the news is always solid. Huntsville is blessed with two great news apps - this and WAYY using the ever popular doapp interface. WAFF comes in a distant third using to much national news and content that is the same with other Raycom owned Alabama stations (WBRC, WSFA)
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5 years ago, maggie lee sherrod
March For Life in Washington DC
Why was there no coverage of the 2019 March for life in Washington DC???
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7 years ago, Danger82
Needs work
19 news is my primary local tv news source of choice. They are often directing viewers to their app for additional info. Often, I don't find what they are noting on the app, or it takes too long. Then if I do find it, and want to share it by "text", usually the "save" button in the upper right corner is blocking me from being able to select the icon. Yes, there are generally other options within the article for sharing. I typically share via text, or email. These other options don't help in that regard. Though one is email, it is an imbedded email service, whereas you have to type in your info, which presumably goes into a database, which I am not desiring to add my email address to. Basically it does not send you to phone email app with the link. If it were to do that, it would also, at least provide me the option to copy link and paste to text, but it doesn't!
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15 years ago, Danrh9
Good If You're In Their Coverage Area
It's difficult to rate this app, because it's really going to depend on if you're are in WHNT's broadcast area. If you aren't, this isn't going to be of any interest whatsoever to you. If you are, it's pretty much the best and only option to get North Alabama news through an iPhone app. It delivers a number of local headlines to you in a manner much more effecient than going to WHNT's iPhone compatible site. However, the navigation is pretty rough and not all news stories make it's way from their site to this app. Also, it'd be nice to be able to view video news stories from this app. It needs a lot of work, but it's a great start. If you live in North Alabama, it's a great download. If not, it's not really worth your time.
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15 years ago, sstiefel326
Good to see an app for my area
So many apps are geared toward large cities in other parts of the country. It's good to see one that is right in my backyard. When bad weather rolls in, especially, my satellite signal tends to go down. Hopefully this app will help me get current weather info when that happens. I also get most of my news online, so it's great to get some local news while I'm at it. I would have given this 5 stars if it played video clips or gave real-time audio of the broadcast. Maybe the next version?
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11 years ago, jtsiii
This news app is AWESOME!
I have used the CNN app for a few months, then my son showed me this local news app. I love it! Breaking news seems to come through WHNT app before CNN. I love that you can drill down for even more localized news reports. I have had some issues with audio on some videos... but I'm sure it will be fixed. But if you want an app for news... especially north Alabama news, this is WONDERFUL! I don't write many reviews at all, but this one is definitely worth a moment to mention to others. Way to go WHNT!!!! impressive development with this app!
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9 years ago, Woodnote55
I Hate This Revision
I have been using this app as my primary news source for the last two years. This latest revision is awful. It requires too much scrolling just to see the stories and ads pop up in the browser for seemingly no reason requiring you to close the browser and go back to the news app. Please bring back the grid that shows all the top stories on one page with a short synopsis and fix the pop up problem. Better yet go back to the previous version. It was way better than this one.
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15 years ago, JulietAlphaSierra
Pros: local news, sports, and weather without having to open a browser and navigate unoptimized web pages. Numerous weather views. Cons: most news stories listed aren't even local, but rather national AP stories. No pictures or video. Feeds only updated a few times a day. No animated radar. No ability to zoom or change overlays on weather maps. No keys for maps. Unclear when weather data was even last updated. Good to see them trying...I guess. And it IS free, but my suggestion is to subcribe to the various local RSS feeds in your reader of choice and download the weather app of your choice. Or use Weather Underground's iPhone optimized website. I KNOW Huntsville has enough out of work computer science folks to do better than THIS!
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8 years ago, PeedOffPigeon
Crashes a lot
I prefer to receive my news from WHNT, but sometimes the app is quite frustrating. Many times I find a story that indicates a video is included, but have to search for the video from an alternate source due to absence of play feature on this app. Recently, I find that in the middle of reading a story, the app crashes to my home screen. I hope there is an update in the works.
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11 years ago, Tanuki1826
Love This App!
This app is exactly what I wanted and needed! I can get breaking news fast as well as the weather. The picture and sound quality of the videos is good. I would recommend everyone in the Tennessee Valley to get this!
Show more
9 years ago, Hr hittr
Trouble with Live Feed
I really love this app but have recently not been able to get the live feed to work in the mornings. I've missed seeing the news while getting ready for work when the rest of my family is still asleep. Hope this problem is corrected soon.
Show more
11 years ago, Mtnride
You guys nailed it with the latest version. All the other local guys better come up with something quick. This is now my go to app for local news and especially weather. Man this thing is great!!
Show more
9 years ago, Sandyh2000
Almost worthless
I previously reviewed that this app was worthless. Well, not it is almost worthless. By that I mean, sometimes I can actually read one story or two before it crashes. After repeated openings and crashes, one is able to read the stories. Finally, the app is great in portrait view (when it works) but does not allow switching to landscape view. Guess only made for iPhone - not iPad. Please fix.
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15 years ago, Bamaboywill
This app is just like having Dan with u all the time. It is faster than trying to load the site on the iPhone. Needs a little work but what app doesn't.
Show more
14 years ago, ashstan
It's basic and simple but provides easy access to news and weather. I check this app several times a day. Good job so far!!! Thanks!
Show more
11 years ago, K-J-L
Don't like update
Been using WHNT app for yrs. Unfortunately don't like the latest update (or being forced to update it). This version not as user friendly or streamlined. I get that it "looks" cleaner, with the category folders, but it seems cumbersome to go through the folders to find interesting stories. The weather section is not user friendly at a glance.
Show more
7 years ago, Smiley4768
I love this app it keeps me up to date on breaking news and whenever it's going to be bad weather without me having to go online. Thanks WHNT Team for all you do
Show more
7 years ago, Vickers news
Easy to use
Loaded with content. Easy to use and I appreciate the push alert options. I like your weather app too.
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14 years ago, grimrocker1
Works like a charm
Works great! Only wish there was some pictures to go along with the stories, other than that NO problems. Great for keeping up with Tennessee Valley news and weather.
Show more
14 years ago, Atheroman
New update Mar 28 is great
Initial issue was good but basic. The update is much better - more professional looking, more information, and better formatting.
Show more
8 years ago, Rachel 😍
Always keeps me informed on up to date news in my area and areas around the world. Definitely recommend
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