4.5 (11)
72.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smarty Ears
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WhQuestions

4.45 out of 5
11 Ratings
6 years ago, Jlindsay33
WH Questions
I love using this app with my 3-5 year old speech kiddos. They enjoy being able to say or select their answer and I enjoy the variety of questions that can be targeted. My only suggestion for future updates would be to have an option for picture choices for some of the lower-level kiddos who need that visual cue. Otherwise, this app is perfect.
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5 years ago, ariannaverar
Great visuals
I love using this with my younger kids with decontextualized WH question goals. The visuals help giving them choices. It’s even a great review tool for some of my older kids as I have them explain their answer choices. Only wish it had some other features to make it a more diverse tool for older kids or higher level WH goals.
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5 years ago, KSTraveler15
App I recommend for wh- questions
Primarily used with speech kiddos 3-6 years of age. The visuals on the questions provide a nice prompt. I like that it can be set up the session can be customized for which wh- question being targeted. I would suggest a future update have a visual for answers field of 3-4 for children working at that level.
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5 years ago, Spchtchr42
Great app!
Most of the kiddos that are working on wh questions have difficulty switching between the different types of questions. This app makes it very easy and my students love to see the pictures and use them as cues. Another great app!
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5 years ago, JenVDE410
Wh Questions
This is one of my favorite apps to use with kids as they are learning how to answer wh-questions. It has visual supports and the kids enjoy using the app. It also has a data collection component to gather and assess progress.
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11 years ago, Mpaoletti3
This is a great app for getting a quick measure of a child's ability to correctly respond to wh questions. I love that it tracks data each session and stores that data over time, so it's easy to quickly see if there has been progress. Some things that I might change: some questions are more difficult than others (for example, there are some questions that pre-k and kdg kids that are typically developing wouldn't really know the answers to simply because of what they are exposed to). It would be nice if the questions presented correlated to the age that's entered when you set up a child's profile. It would also be nice if their age updated over time. For example, when you first create a profile for a child they may be 4 yrs, 6 mos, but if they are still targeting wh questions a year later, their listed age does not change. It might be nice then if the questions increased with difficulty as age increased.
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5 years ago, konh13
This app is perfect for the kiddos with wh- question goals. I love the visuals that go along with the questions and the fact it tracks data is an added bonus!
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5 years ago, Lindsaym2022220
Lindsay M.
I really enjoy using this app for my language kiddos with goals specially on wh questions. The app is very user friendly and my kids enjoy using it.
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11 years ago, EI Slp
Great for speech therapy!
WhQuestions This is a good app for working on wh- questions during speech therapy sessions. I usually find myself struggling to come up with more than 5 "why" questions. This app has over 30 of them! It's easy collect data, just hit the check or X after each answer. At the end of the session the data is broken down for you into percentage of accurate answers for each type of question. Each students's data is saved into a chart that lets you compare performance over time. You can choose to work on only certain types of wh- questions (for example: just "what" and "where") all work on all types in the same session. I like that you can swipe past questions that are too difficulty for younger children ("Why do people get goose bumps?") without the app recording the skipped questions as incorrect.
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12 years ago, SLPNTR
Nice improvements with updates
This update has made this app easier to use, and my students are enjoying it more. I do wish it had photographs instead of cartoons, but the drawings in this version have improved as well., I would like this app more if there if it was more interactive to better engage my students, especially my less verbal students with autism. I also would like it if there was some kind of reinforcement after a certain number of correct responses. My students have beccome used to being able to touch all over the screen and having something happen, then getting some sort of reward, not just a "good job" from me.
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9 years ago, Mom2Amanu
Very Poor
I hate to give such a negative review because I know someone put in the time and effort to create this app, but I have to be honest so eager parents don't spend their money on such an amateurish almost useless app. 1) what you click on and what you get are two different things. E.g. Click on who but you get why questions. 2) once you are in a category such as "where" there is only 1,yes 1 question in that category 3) no back button to pick a different category, you have to go back to the home page, select the player again (even if you only have one child), then again be forced to select between speaking the answer or select the answer. This is for each & every question. I've never been so dissatisfied with any app - even free apps meet higher standards than this one. I wouldn't keep this even if it were free. Too bad because the concept was great but execution is beyond poor.
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12 years ago, BlairLH
Wh Questions
This is a very user friendly and well organized app. You can choose the question type and it provides you with data for your students. I like the variety of questions under each question type. The questions vary in level of abstraction which provides good diagnostic information as well as good practice for the students. The students enjoy recording their responses and listening to themselves. This is a big help for their self monitoring skills. I wish there was an almost button, because some students get the answer right, but don't formulate a clear, specific response. That would assist in my assessment of their progress.
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11 years ago, Dpolley
Good but could use an update
I really like this app, but I'd like to see the following changes. Some of the visuals give the answer, in a field of 1 or more, and some do not. I'd like to see some consistency in that. I'd also like to be able to change whether or not the visual answers are present or not - to turn them on and off depending on the level of the student. I also don't like that I can't score an answer as cued. That is essential in any scoring feature. With these minor updates, the app would be perfect!
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13 years ago, Andaia
Much better but still not worth the price
I am an SLP working with preschoolers (2-4 y.o.). This is surprisingly the only "wh" app out there. My main complaint is that there is no option for multiple choice. When I'm targeting receptive language I want the students to be able to touch the correct answer without having to say it aloud. It's also more fun for them for an app to be interactive--otherwise, I could save my money and use books and pictures instead! Which is what I'll probably still end up doing unless they add a touch-the-answer option for this app. Otherwise, what's the point of having it on the iPad rather than on paper?
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13 years ago, ErickaSLP
Big Improvement!
I love the updated version of this app. I had completely stopped using the old version because some of the questions were strange and it wasn't very user friendly. This updated app is fantastic. I've used it with 3 patients today who all have goals related to "wh" questions. They are great for all levels with plenty of basic what questions all the way up to why questions for the more advanced students. Great app, thanks so much for making the needed improvements to this app!
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13 years ago, lissy1010
Speech-Language Pathologist
I am an SLP working with children of a wide range of ages and disabilities. Wanted an APP to use with children who rely on visual supports. I like how the screen is clutter free and provides an array of three choices. The voicing is nice, but would like to have an option to turn it off so the child can focus on me. Most pictures are cartoons as opposed to real photos. Many of the pictures are distorted. The random option alters the sizing of the pictures and cover the question. Overall, I am very disappointed with the app. A waste of money. Although a higher level of questions, I prefer to Language Builder iQuestion app much better... and it is significantly cheaper. Don't waste your money on WhQuestions app.
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14 years ago, Speech Path lady
We love using this app in therapy!
We loved using this app with our kinder kids! I am aware that this app should not be used as a baby sitter and that my presence there to read for the kids and to prompt is a must. It would be good to have sound- but the fact that it doesn’t it “forces” me to be active with my students rather than just handing them the phone. Usualy I have to pay $15 just for one kind of question on flashcards!!! Paid $15 for 5 types of questions! Love it!
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12 years ago, Baylor09SLPA
Wish the child could tap the answer!
This app would be alot better if it was more interactive for the child. If the child could touch the correct answer it would be a five- star app. If this does get taken into consideration I would like for them to be able to touch the answer and for the app to remain on the same question that way I would be able to discuss why they got it right/wrong. I have some apps where it is tap to answer and to kids fly through it and I'm unable to discuss the question/prompt.
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12 years ago, Gloworm693
great app
This app has a good variety of wh questions. It would be nice to have a curriculum base of some sort but I know that is asking a lot. Some of the questions are a bit difficult for some of my students but it is easy to skip over them if needed. All are open ended questions (no answer chpices) but there are picture cues. That is good for some kids but others I wish the picture cue was not just a given. It wuld be nice to have an option to give the cue if needed and give answer choices if needed.
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12 years ago, rrvjean
Update Made Some Improvements
The revisions to the app have made it a much better tool. I like being able to choose the type of question I want to target. The ability to record the students answer is also good. I wish it contained real photographs instead of the cartoon style pictures. like the data tracking and ability to easily share it with others. Still a bit high priced for what you get.
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13 years ago, krista_slp
Much better after update!
I disagree with Andaia. . .an app is a tool, not a toy. The app is a presentation of various question forms and a child's ability to distinguish between them. Providing multiple choice pictures does not help a child focus on what is really being asked. It promotes guessing. This app is terrific for collecting baselines on each question form and allows you to figure out which are most challenging. I think it is a great update and a great place to start.
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11 years ago, PreschoolSLP
Nice App!
I like that there are a such variety of questions, and that you can set up profiles for each student. You can pick the type of questions you want each student to answer, and the app takes data for you. I let my students push the "green" button if they get it right and it is motivating for them.
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14 years ago, Ms. Sphinx
Bad.......Nothing more than flash cards, no sound.
First off, this app is not worth the high price, unless you want to pay that much for flash cards with a x or checkmark next to a picture that a child may or may not relate too. I am a single mom of a deaf child that just threw away money on an app that is worthless. There are several other apps that ARE much better and are not near the ridiculous price this is. The makers of Sentence Builder make a wonderful question app too. Stay clear of this app unless your looking for flashcards.
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14 years ago, Fav screener
Wh Questions
I use this app everyday for students with question comprehension problems. I love that you can use it for children with expressive problems since there are 3 choices. I would love to see a "when" category added since many students have issues with time questions.
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12 years ago, Pattibslp
Great app
I like this app to get an idea of what questions my students need to learn how to answer. Coming from a high poverty school, sometimes they get the question wrong because of basic vocabulary. It also can be used to teach basic information kids need to know.
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13 years ago, kk7998
The app works well on my iPad, just a couple covered up
I really like the app. Yes, a couple words are covered by some pictures but it does not justify the number of bad reviews on this app. This is the only app we have that targets WhQUestions. What do people want?? I find this app very useful with my 3-5 year old groups.
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14 years ago, go2sheila
Needs improvement
This does not collect data for individual students like the other apps of the same developer. Also, the images are distorted. I do not like it. Overpriced and not useful .
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14 years ago, developease
Great Concept!
We are so happy to see an app like Wh questions. This is such an important language concept and parents and SLPs needs tools at their finger tips. I hope there are future versions that allow the client to be more independent with the app!
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11 years ago, Tj555suck
WH questions
Great app to target WH questions. Allows you to select which WH to work on. You can also add multiple students and track their progress.
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14 years ago, sptchr
speech teacher
I like using this app on my Ipad with my students because it gives choices. The students like the voicing and i like the record keeping. There is a couple of problems when using the random box, the text gets covered by the pictures.
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12 years ago, Alteacher
Was not impressed
It only shows a cartoon pics and asks questions "how do you give a hug" , "who flies an airplane." The teacher then decides if the child verbally gives a correct answer and marks correct or not correct. There are no choices for students to pick an answer. a student or child would have no benefit from this app without an adult present. Not worth $2.00, let alone the price this costs.
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11 years ago, BentSLP
Add Choices
I have had this app for a while and don't use it as much as I thought I would. A lot of my patients need choices for wh questions. Especially when starting to target them. I would love if you could add an option to give choices with pictures the kids could touch.
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14 years ago, AllieSLP
Disappointing and Expensive!
I spent $15 on this app and am very disappointed! I was expecting better "wh" questions and more importantly, better picture quality. For example, for the "what do you do in the kitchen" question, instead of showing a person cooking in the kitchen, the response was a picture of an oven. Very overpriced and very poor quality. I did not use this app with my patients.
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12 years ago, SEGarcia
Wh-Question is an awesome app! Gar-Ram
I totally love my Wh-Question it makes treatment session go by so much easier because it keeps track for you. My kids love it because it makes their session so much more interesting.
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11 years ago, Bethbeno
Awesome App!
This app can be adapted for students working at a variety of different levels. I like how you can target one question type at a time or several. Great App!
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12 years ago, Carol52Carol
WH Questions
Thanks for this app ....there just aren't many good apps addressing WH questions available yet. I like the data collection feature in this one. Thank you smarty ears for all the apps you are developing and for listening to the users.
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14 years ago, Louie 48104
Bad idea, very bad execution. Useless even if it's free
This is another wannabe, expensive application that does nothing valuable. Just cannot justify using it even if it's free. The questions are poorly designed, and no guidance to use them properly whatsoever. Or: You could cut a few pieces of pictures and achieve the same function. Why pay $14 for this????
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14 years ago, AAC Girl
There are only a few apps concerning questions and this is a good one! Wonderful graphics, record keeping, and very expressive voicing!
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14 years ago, Mark SLP TX
Nice replacement
I am so glad to have seen this booth at TSHA!I love that Smarty Ears is developing Apps for SLPs! This app is nice...and it deserves the credit even just for thinking about it! Great idea!
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14 years ago, pdxtravelor
Not ready to be sold for Ipad
Major concern is that many of the pictures end up covering the text of the question on the ipad. Kind of like in word processing programs when the picture is not sent to background so text is visible. Really cannot use the program with students.
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14 years ago, Katy girl
Needs some work
It is ok. Pictures are not good choices and dont like the big x when wrong. Where are the "when" questions. Should have been $4.99 for this app.
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12 years ago, Dcns
Wh questions
I love the variety of questions in this app and being able to choose question types.
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12 years ago, mtmarySLP
WH questions
I'm looking forward to using this app with my kids.
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13 years ago, Life skills SLP
I really like this updated version. It works great with some of my students with autism.
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12 years ago, Schoolspeechie
Great ap
I use this ap to quickly run through questions with speech students. Def worth the price!
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11 years ago, Sharlaurie
Great app!
I use this app with my speech therapy students. It helps me to keep data. The kids like to us it!
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14 years ago, Dr. Purple
A wonderful tool!
Great app! Easy to use and very helpful.
Show more
12 years ago, amorenew
Great way to work on answering questions!
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14 years ago, Sytrek
Easy to use speech therapy app
Excellent application to complement speech therapy!
Show more
12 years ago, Frustrated208
Wouldn't even load
I bought this app and was never even able to get past the start up screen. It wouldn't even let me input student names. Very disappointing.
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