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Gray Television Group, Inc.
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10 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WHSV News

2.99 out of 5
106 Ratings
4 years ago, OZisKTB
Churning Notifications
Before COVID, this was my GOTO news source. App worked great, able to tailor news to just what I wanted. Much better NEWS than local newspapers. Guess click revenue is down, because I now get alerts every couple of hours for the same news story. Nothing new, just the same story “Governor ...” 4 or 5 times per day. Stopped using any alerts, will checkin when I think of it.
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4 years ago, Embiotocid
Crashes frequently
The app crashes frequently. It did so even while I was submitted my review. Also, lately it’s been opening with an ad for a political campaign. Every time I open the app, it’s an ad for the same candidate. While I understand that this is how paid advertising works, the optics of it says, “biased” to me.
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7 months ago, Smiley23376
Poor reporting/editing
I think we can all understand that at times of great emotion or stress how, someone responds to a reporters questions may seem to be unintelligible. However, it should be the authors responsibility to ease this, otherwise the article is unintelligible and doesn’t reflect well on the author and news body. Take time to craft the story, help the reader make sense of what the quoted individual may be trying to say, and most importantly PROOF READ THE ARTICLE PRIOR TO SUBMITTING IT!!! Relying on autocorrect is unprofessional, inexcusable and lazy.
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1 month ago, Clifton 2024.
Clifton family opinion
WHSV news and weather are very un true. To start with if they call for rain at 9am ya gotta look outside and wait to see if the rain starts. If WHSV calls for rain or snow at 9am you can bet that it’ll never rain or snow if it does then is 8 hours after they predicted. Very in accurate or family has quit watching. They never even update there app. With good news always stupid stuff that never really ever local to us in churchville va. 🫣
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6 years ago, SueChoo210
Opinions not news
Headlines on news reports read as opinions of news, as do the articles. I need information - the facts reported of all the things that transpire not just those that perpetuate a particular point of view. I will form my own opinion. If I choose to read opinions about the news of the day, I will read actual opinion pieces. I want this to be more than weather and interstate accident reports.
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5 years ago, For le colors
App crashes frequently. Pulling up videos from news headlines is glitchy and I never know which one is the main video. Way too many notifications about traffic and crashes on I-81.
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6 years ago, Diary8888
Constant crashing and confusing “breaking” news
I constantly receive notices saying that there’s “breaking news,” yet when I go to the app there’s nowhere that shows this element! Only in the past day have I seen it — when I could get in at all since it’s always kicking me out. Please hire some programmers who can get the job done!
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5 years ago, deathsycle
Unable to read articles
Advertisement placement constantly blocks viewing the article and often makes it unreadable. Large image placed underneath the text and doesn't move when scrolling through the article. Constantly occurs regardless of article type being viewed.
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4 years ago, Duke228071977
Poor functionality
You’ll get a little notification counter on your icon, but when you click the icon to open the app there is absolutely NOTHING to indicate what the counter was issued for. Even their instructional videos don’t match the app. Very poor management/service when it could be so useful to the area.
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7 years ago, Retired navy enlisted
Starts with Sprint ad. The content is mostly Augusta, Staunton and Waynesboro. See accidents and police activity on John Wayland Hwy from Harrisonburg to Bridgewater but never anything on news or newspaper. Most articles say you are staying with story and will update but rarely do also usually refer to web site for more information. Might as well go there as use app but it's not much better.
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12 months ago, Mistergizmo
Like ads? You’ll love this app.
No! No! The first thing to come up when you launch an app should NOT be an ad with loud music. I just deleted it.
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7 years ago, Discontinue this app
I should've never updated this app
I wish I had never updated this app. I can no longer get Weather for Bridgewater. Not everyone cares just about Harrisonburg Weather. The app is so much more difficult to navigate now. The news has become so one sided that it isn't even worth reading. I'll be removing this app from my phone.
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4 years ago, puzzlessuck
Advertising for news articles are misleading
All the pictures leading to an article are not even related to the article itself. For example they showed a pile of puppies totaling 20 puppies. However the article was about 8 baby foxes. They showed a cell phone with some kind of unique cord protection and the article was about paying $3 for malware protection. FLASE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 month ago, Two Live Crew
Not local
Very little local news which stinks because local newspaper is no better. Never updates local sports unless it is JMU. Coverage on almost everything is never local.
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2 years ago, Red Flag 1
Used the app for a few years. Wrote a review that was in line with what many others had observed and echoed what they wrote. Review lasted a couple of days before it was yanked, then I simply could not even open the app afterwards. I don’t miss the app one bit, but; I wonder how long THIS review will survive?
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3 years ago, Rhafjdgfnsg
Had to delete
I’ve enjoyed this WHSV app for years, but recently if I don’t allow access to my location, it won’t open. Having location services turned off hasn’t crippled any other app, just this one. It’s too bad.
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7 years ago, Librarygirl2day
Library girl
App is okay. Wish you had an option to enable traffic alerts or check traffic cams at certain mm. Skycams are useless.
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4 years ago, Mikeyfromtheburg
Does not work
Worked fine until the last update. Now it is worthless. Can not get into the app. Piece of crap. Initial advertisement that you have to view cannot be closed so that you can actually view anything
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7 years ago, Christinebr
Shenandoah County I81 accidents
Why do you never report accidents in Shenandoah County on I81? I'm sitting in traffic now and there was no alert. But if it were near Tom's Brooke you'd report it. I need to get to the hospital where my mom has been taken so yeah, I'm a little upset!!!!
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5 years ago, self24486
Latest update crashes
The latest update has caused the app the crash frequently.
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3 years ago, Flyer1999
Does not work
Was working fine until recently. Now after deleting and reloading the app it work’s for a day or two then just get the spinning wheel. Will not open anymore. Have been using it on iPhone 6 Plus iOS 14.4.1.
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7 years ago, Mustdrivehp
3 stars
I like the weather part of the app but the news needs to be updated more often. I just checked my app and tried all the usual update techniques and I'm still looking at 24 hours + old news. Is there really nothing happening in the past 24 hours?
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11 months ago, rollin6s
Add a comment section
Your app is very biased and you should at least give people the opportunity to comment and express other points of view
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4 years ago, Goldemean
Great App
This app is great for up-to-the-hour local news.
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3 years ago, melissa24401
Doesn’t work
Do I really have to have the location turned on for the app too work on my iPad? That is annoying.
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1 year ago, Loner1023
Way better Apps
Constantly lags and now you have to have two SEPARATE apps just to look at the weather.
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6 years ago, Danny3456756
It’s hard to use the app and it doesn’t seem to have been changed since 2008. It frustrates me how often the app crashes. It’s ridiculous.
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1 year ago, butchie123456
Nothing but ads!
Live news feed is nothing but ads.
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4 years ago, APuritansMind
Deleting the app
A Joe Biden advertisement runs each time I open the app. I will be deleting the app and using one from another news source.
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3 years ago, used to be listener
App worked okay until last update. Now doesn’t work at all
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4 years ago, Bugg83
App crashes when clicking on news stories
Regular occurrence.
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2 years ago, S2637ed1
New version
Now the app keeps locking up when opening!!!
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4 years ago, bidensux
With Biden intro, I’m deleting this crap app. So much for the year unbiased opinions
I would rate zero stars if it was an option
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7 years ago, K8 4 d8
Still needs work
This app was to replace text notifications that I used to receive . Now, I get notifications but the menu that is supposed to list them in the app doesn't work so the app might show 2 notifications but when I open it I don't know what they are . So I would like to choose the sports notifications (scores for certain teams, etc. ) like I used to but that function seems gone.
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8 years ago, Crocodile98
WHSV is awesome 👍👍👍 👍🏻
I really do like this app because it helps me and my family for school closing sand 2 hour delays and helps my dad catch up on his sports so if any body or family's has trouble with news or closings get this app this very second nowwwwwwwwwwwwww you will love it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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10 years ago, bradly21
Love it but some problems
I use this app everyday. But I hate how when I'm loading a news report and it crashes quite frequently. Other than that, it's great :)
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9 years ago, Markr540
Comments disabled
Why should your "View Comments" section be disabled because of your staffs inability to spell and write a sentance correctly? For Which took place on a daily basis and was pointed out in your comments!!! Or is there another reason you would like to share?
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8 years ago, R1941
Ok but crashes
Trying to add more than 4 items to closings notifications causes app to crash.
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10 years ago, Wind2Surf
Crashes frequently
I like this app, but it crashes too frequently especially when you try to expand the view. Also, it would be nice to be able to use the text to voice features of my iPad, but DNR won't let you highlight!
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8 years ago, Maribec0178
Doesn't work with v9.1
App doesn't work with iPhone v9.1. I upgraded my phone about a week before I upgraded the app and the old version worked fine with v9.1. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app & resetting phone with no success. Doesn't work on my husbands phone either.
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10 years ago, Jese1212
Used to be an ok app
Current closings tab is convenient during bad weather. Otherwise this app is kinda lousy. It crashes constantly since the last update. Weather forecast is too "busy" (graphics layered on graphics) to read quickly
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9 years ago, Chibimono
Not that great...
It's a nice way to get the local news, but the weather section is too busy, the app crashes often, and they seriously need an editor for the people writing the articles.
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10 years ago, Valley viewer
Please Fix.
Would give more stars but app is very glitchy and crashes a lot. I usually end up having to just go to the mobile site to view stories.
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7 years ago, Poppy Zdoo
Whsv app
Crashes too much while trying to load content or during actual reading. Surely you can do better than this??
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7 years ago, Nana3/2
Weather section
Do NOT like new format. Go back to old.
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8 years ago, KappaKipKip
Nice job👍👍
Very fast and gets me the important info I need for the day👍
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8 years ago, Jen0629
Every time I click news & then try to read a story it just closes & I've updated the app :( now the app doesn't load if it doesn't force close before.
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10 years ago, ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏
Awesome app for va area
This app has help me lot in jobs news and also social midia event anything
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9 years ago, SeanBHS2018
Every time you try and watch a video you have to watch an ad
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8 years ago, Online purchase is 99.99
Bad bad bad
Ads can not be clicked away, instead it redirects you. Not to mention ads take up 30% of the page!!!
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