2.7 (128)
66.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WIBW News

2.73 out of 5
128 Ratings
3 years ago, NIWTK
Why do you have to sound that siren when you issue a weather statement? It's confusing and alarming. I see nothing in my settings that allow me to turn it off. And if I was able to turn it off, will l lose the ability of getting the siren if there really is a tornado spotted? Thank you
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5 years ago, mynaim
This app Needs Professional SoftWare Help!
I gave this app a 1 star simply because I can occasionally start an article without having to re-open the app.. otherwise, it shows a definite lack of consideration for the client reader, but full concern for the advertising client that gets their ad re-seen every re-opening...?! Disregard the client readers that refuse to read further due to such persistent stress!! They’ll grow a disdain for the advertising abuse and boycott the advertisers and also the broadcast provider of abusive ads.... Good Day without irrational, repetitive, mind hiccuping commercials.. why not show the articles without ads and have a section entirely devoted to ads that the viewer may search through by choice for interesting and creative ads for genuine interests or entertainment but Leave the Reader an Undisturbed Reading without breaking the chain of thought and interest..
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5 years ago, Khanna2010
Needs some help
Getting past the first ad doesn’t always happen. I sometimes have to re-open he app 2-3 times before it will stay open. It will frequently flash open then close again. I’ve also noticed since the update that the text in the articles overlaps the ads within the article making it very hard to read. Grammar and spelling is also a little choppy at times. I really do understand the need to get the information out fast, but spell check only takes a few extra seconds. Also, things are not “involved” in flames, they are “engulfed”.
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7 years ago, 9876643210
Weather alerts don't work, bring back text alerts
Miss having the weather alert texts. Was sad to see you get rid of that. On the app would like to be able to get more county options for weather alerts instead of just 5. I am a paranoid person when it comes to storms so I like to see what's going on around me. Before you took the alerts away I was able to get alerts for more counties with it. I am signed up to get weather alerts now from the app and I get nothing. Bring back the text alerts!
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6 years ago, Tiffanyh7
It's great!... When it will open
This app works really well and I like the setup of it. However there are many times when I can't even get it to open because it immediately crashes when I click on it. I've never found a pattern for when that will happen, but it is rather annoying
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6 years ago, jjack123456
App issues
I use to love the app, but recently the app will only load the adds and nothing else will show. When you close the app and go back into it, the problem still isn’t resolved. I had the app set up to send me notifications and when I click on the notification to see the full article the app will pop up then close out. I unfortunately had to switch to the KSNT app.
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5 years ago, JFR5614
It’s Average.
I use it frequently to see what’s going on in the local area. No major complaints. Only recommendation would be to get rid of the advertisement that pops up when opening the app. The picture of that man and woman is annoying!
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5 years ago, judyt222
Trouble opening
I kept getting an error message every time I tried to open from an alert. I deleted the app and downloaded fresh, but now it won’t open at all. I’m hoping this is just a network error and not still an app problem. It used to work great and I really liked it, but I haven’t been able to access WIBW for weeks now. I am on an iPhone 6SPlus iOS 12.3.1.
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2 years ago, StreamNerd
Content full of scammy and shady links.
WIBW apparently does not vet their advertising content which takes up 2/3 of the screen and the “related links” at the end of articles. It’s a never ending stream of wellness scams, fake news, advertorial content all pretending to be news from WIBW, and in the process destroying what little credibility they had to begin with.
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6 years ago, MSb1940
Lately this app opens, shows an add forever, then goes to a black screen. Hopefully deleting it and reinstalling will fix the problem.
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7 years ago, AndresV.
Ads, Ads And More Ads
The initial full screen advertisement is obtrusive and forces you to close it to see anything. More ads on every page. I realize local news sources need revenue but maybe I despise having to have this app just to get weather. If there is a severe storm, I quickly want to access the weather page but your ads get in the way.
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6 years ago, newswtchr
Need feature to cast to TV
I live in an area of limited choices for tv providers and spotty signal from the antenna. An option to cast from my phone to my TV for the live newscasts would make me happy :-)
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2 years ago, yojimbabwe
Latest Update = wait for it….. still waiting
The most recent update takes way too long to load the most important tile in the app — the News link. The latest iPhone 13 delays almost 8 seconds between tapping the button and responding. Ridiculous.
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7 years ago, The emoji guy
Great Local news app period
I like this app because if there is ever an event going on or breaking news they let notify me imminently. DOWNLOAD IF LIVE IN NORTHEAST KANSAS way better than ksnt news
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7 years ago, Magicallyinvisible
Too many ads
The ads are a little much. It seems that most of the ads are spam ads, "new rule for drivers in Kansas!" Give me a break. Can we at least get real ads! The videos rarely load properly. And they all come with an advertisement video before they play. Get better, WIBW!
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7 years ago, Ccc092954
Two important thoughts
Two things Do not like having to close out the advertisement before I can see the news alert. Very frustrating. Next All posted images cannot be expanded for s closer look at the original pic. When you post a wanted pic for help. It's not helpful if we cannot make the pic larger.
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3 years ago, darrelwhaeffele03
Need an answer
Why does this App lock up when you are trying to get it? Maybe you don’t want to answer the question so you don’t take any of my nicknames
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3 years ago, tstewartg
The ads are annoying but I’m more alarmed by the misleading clickbait articles scattered in the feed that look identical to legitimate local stories. I only use this app when I absolutely have to.
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3 years ago, Kathy Name Used Already
App won’t open
Not sure what has happened but the app won’t open. Uninstalled and reinstalled…no luck. I get “breaking news alerts” but can’t get to them to read them. I have to go to KSNT or CJONLINE….I would love for your app to work again.
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4 years ago, penguintoes
Please FIX
Ever since the last update, the app crashes every time I open it. I have tried to delete and redownload. Please fix, this is so annoying and frustrating. As a local citizen, I want and deserve easy access to the news.
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3 years ago, Danainks
App update
Newest update doesn’t load. I deleted and tried a new downloaded version and it won’t load either. If you click on the app it either dumps you or spins.
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3 years ago, Kannotopen
Hasn’t worked for months
Doesn’t open, all other Apps work flawlessly. The problem is in your App. Are you going to fix it or not ?
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8 years ago, Hyfnsnyder
Sometimes frustrating
Grammar and spelling aside, I have been toying with my alert settings so that when I hear the "breaking news" alert, I actually have an option to read the alert. Normally, it disappears when I pick up my phone and nothing new appears in the app for hours. 😳 Have the Russians attacked the city? Or what?
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5 years ago, wildfire9791
Freezes constantly
I have to close the app completely 2 to 4 times before I will be able to read the articles. Constantly freezing. Please fix!!!
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6 years ago, Shay-z
Just Traffic Please
While I work in the WIBW viewing area, I don’t live there. I really just need weather and traffic, but there is no traffic option. Ugh.
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3 years ago, Scarlett2811
After the update yesterday the app will bit open. It just goes back to the Home Screen.
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4 years ago, unhappy sometimes
Sometimes just won’t even open
Always crashing sometimes doesn’t even open so you can see what is going on
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6 years ago, SusieBee 2
Obstructive ads
Video ads pop up from bottom of screen every few seconds.
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4 years ago, Tark52
Defective app
Does not open has not open for over 6 months finally deleted it today
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4 years ago, akay80
App hasn’t been working for some time
Not pleased with this app. For some time now the app hasn’t been working. I can’t seem to even open the app.
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4 years ago, rock fan myself
Radar works well unless it’s storming and you actually need it. Then it just shows a map.
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10 months ago, linnyswank
Writers need grammar and spelling lessons!
Misuse of “there”, “their”, “they’re” Misuse of “to”, “too”, “two” Misuse of “your”, “You’re” Ending sentences in prepositions Dangling participles Run on sentences Many other errors, but these are the glaring errors! Please, if you’re a college educated journalist you should write grammatical sentences, as well as spell words correctly!
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3 years ago, RNJLSAL
Bad app
Brand new phone with latest update & app still doesn’t work. Terrible !!!
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3 years ago, thisshouldnttake100trys
Does not load
Does not load most of the time. Takes 2-3 attempts
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3 years ago, AllenBedgood
Won't even open...
iPhone 12 Pro Max. I guess this app wasn't built to run on top of the line devices... 🙄
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5 years ago, Coffee&Slippers
App won't open
After last update app won't open.
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3 years ago, sgnik3
The app keeps crashing can’t open up app???
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4 years ago, Kriollo
False advertising
Promotion fake outbrain advertising and make it look like real news...,,,
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6 years ago, ksspring
Live newscasts
Are not working! All you get are a bunch of PSAs and no news broadcasts. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Raguribe
Very informative for northeastern Kansas.
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7 years ago, Topeka camper
Can't load app
I got a new phone and got all my stuff moved to my iPhone 6. There were several apps grayed out as they were updating. The WIBW app new updated. I deleted the app from my phone but it doesn't give me the opportunity to GET it. It has the circle that you press to update but if you press it, it grays out and nothing happens. I have rebooted my phone twice. I don't know what else to do to get your app. HELP.
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8 years ago, Jhawk2ns
Doesn't open
About half the time at least the app will never open past the WIBW blue screen! I get alerts and then try to read them in the app but the app will never open! Usually I end up on Facebook looking for the story that the alert was talking about! Frustrating! 😡 and now they plan to not use text messages to give weather forecast so I'm going to have to find another app for this since this app won't open consistently! I feel like this has always been the way this app works and that there should have been some sort of fix by now!
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10 years ago, Mac n cheese luver
I would give it five but since the last update I can't get into the app. It keeps crashing everytime I try to open it! Other than that before I got the update it worked just fine and I could catch up on what was happening or what the weather was gonna be for tomorrow or the day after. Now I can't use the app at all. PLEASE FIX!!
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8 years ago, Make a book
Great App
I have enjoyed having this app. It's great receiving the weather updates and alerts so I know what's happening plus prepare for. I may not have the trending news set up but I'm able to keep up with the news having this app. Thank you for keeping it updated.
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8 years ago, Creative granny
I do NOT like the upgrade. They ruined a perfectly good news app. The weather portion is awful!! The weather alerts are now on the app and no longer sent as a loud text message that would wake you up and alert you at night. The radar is tiny , the closings section is not enabled and can not be set. The entire feature is not good !! Very tempted to delete the WIBW app and get my weather with the weather channel and on Facebook . Very disappointed ! On a scale of 0-10, I rate this at a 1!
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10 years ago, GingerSnaps94
Needs some work.
The radar part is cool, but there is a major flaw with the TV Listings part. The little arrows don't drag down, but you are able to tap in the boxes and change the date and time. However, when you hit go, it looks like it's changing but it just reloads the current listings. It's frustrating.
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10 years ago, arasmada
Needs work
I like the content this app provides, but it crashes every other time I open it. Navigation is a pain, none of the screens have a "back" button, so you have to click "Home" to get to another screen. Several of the Weather links go to the same screen.
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9 years ago, Ally75927473
Ok-when it works
Been trying to open the app for two days now. I go to click on a story and the app shuts down. Happens to my husband on his phone too. We both have 5c. Quit changing the format. Stories and pictures are too big. Takes forever to scroll through them. Also, headline picture doesn't match up with the story photo most of the time.
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10 years ago, Under.dog3
Zero stars
Yes, if I could give this app zero stars I would. Ever since he update I can not get it to open. It's worthless at this point maybe ksnt has something that they are using and one that they will answer their emails about if there is a problem. Wibw has gone to h*ll in a hand basket since last year this just shows how much they don't care about their viewers or the quality of their broadcasting anymore.
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11 years ago, KsJayhawksfan
Huge improvement
Cleaner and easier to use than previous version. Takes full advantage of screen for iPhone 5 and newer.
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