WILX News 10

2.5 (116)
63.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WILX News 10

2.51 out of 5
116 Ratings
6 years ago, Honeybearz
Love the app, with one caveat.
Only one significant issue, the video! Trying to watch the videos is impossible. The flashing bar at the top and bottom of the vids gives me instant eyestrain & headache. It detracts from the reason i watch them-to both see & hear the news item. Please fix this!! 🎃
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3 years ago, benha1ea
Breaking News Authority
News 10 always has the best, most accurate and is the first to have the stories of our community. The push alerts let me know when traffic is sticky, when there’s bad weather on the way or when a big story happens. I check the app every morning before work to see what’s goin on and what to expect. 👍🏻👍🏻
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1 year ago, Chauncy1962
However, the app never loads. I often have to delete the app and reload it and then it works for a day or two. I have moved away from Lansing but still have family there and want to keep up on the news. I hate having to go to different stations because you keep such a limited number of stories on your app. Also the font is so small I can’t even read it anymore. I’m giving up and go into the Fox News app for Lansing.
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1 year ago, SStott79
Can’t silence notifications
You get spoken notifications even when phone is on silent AND they are topics that you unselect! This is very annoying and also embarrassing when it happens during a moment of silence or when during a work meeting. It was really bad when it happened right after we were all told to silence phones in case of an active shooter event. I decided the app was dangerous after that, even if the chance of that happening was minuscule.
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6 years ago, phred.d.elder
Worst ever?
I'm disappointed in the app and or the station. I tried to watch the live broadcast at 6:00 pm to see the weather. There was a SBTV splash screen that displayed about a minute (saying it was a commercial break) then the app played the same 5-6 commercials continuously for the next 20 minutes. I eventually was able to see the live stream broadcast of their main competition, though too late for the weather. At least it was live news. A ranking of zero stars is appropriate.
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4 years ago, sunshineps08
App won’t stay connected
I loved this app for years!! I love channel 10 news too! Now every time I try to use the app, it disconnects automatically. I have tried updating, disconnecting and the reapplying the app. I miss getting my news!
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4 years ago, 123al123
I Cannot find the rest of the story on the app. I receive a news break on my notifications, I go in to the app to read more about it, and it’s no where to be found. It may, or may not, show up 1/2 hour later, or so. Grrrrr. I end up going to the internet to get the story, in real time, from another site.
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5 years ago, Whocanfix?
This app crashes more than any other app on my phone! Sad because it has good news coverage. Wish they would fix the cause.
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5 years ago, JPECMom
Can’t opt out of sports even when you tell it to!
I have the sports button turned off and I still get all sorts off breaking sports news! When frankly the only sports news that would be breaking news that is not about a game, score, who’s traded to who, etc would be if an airplane or a bus full of one team crashed!! That is the only sports I need to know about WILX!! Fix this please!!!
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1 year ago, Bookfairy831
Poor readability.
I’ve had the app for years and have been through many changes with it but the latest change was too much. I have an app for national news so I needed one for local. With the new changes, I can’t find the local news anymore. Deleted the app and will try Fox47 or WLNS instead.
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2 years ago, Steamboat49230
Poor app
Poorest app around. Will not even load right now. Just like the station it represents. Thank goodness we can get WDIV ch 4 out of Detroit for our NBC station, news, weather, and sports. I had to dump this app and reloaded it to update it &/or fix the bug that it had. There is one other football team in the state that this station hardly ever mentions. Go Blue!
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4 years ago, Radracer41
In many cases I get a notification that there is breaking news and when I click it to go to the app it’s not available. There are plenty of other apps that offer better weather information. This app offers nothing in the form of content
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2 months ago, myles7701
The app itself is fine, but the ads are pretty annoying. I would much rather be able to pay $1.99 or something to remove as then have to deal with an ad every single time I launch the app.
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6 years ago, JustFoxxy
Worst app ever
This has got to be the crappiest app I’ve ever used. They should be ashamed of themselves. This is a news organization where you can’t get any news. I am deleting this app because I finally have come to the conclusion that I’m not missing anything since I can’t get the information anyway.
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5 years ago, JettTheJetPlane1
They give you the option to chose what you get notifications for... but it does not mean anything when I put what I want. If your volume is on its super disturbing and annoying. “A new station alert has arrived” audio full blast when my phone is off.
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6 years ago, Jackson non-fan
This would help!
It would be nice if the stories appeared in chronological order. It’s not helpful when a new story appears ten stories down.
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5 years ago, Mimiballer2480
Please Update App for IPhone XS
Every time a news “story” is clicked on, the advertisement they have displayed on the page hinders me from viewing the actual story. Can only ever read the first paragraph then all the middle is covered with the advertisement and when you scroll it doesn’t go away.
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5 years ago, cjenns
Poorly Implemented Alerts
When you click on an alert in Notification Center all the alerts for the app are dismissed even though you haven’t read them yet and there is no way to see them in the app. That is not the correct behavior, obviously.
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6 years ago, SandyKHo
I get a notification on my iPhone about a breaking news alert, so I tap the Notification and it opens the app, but NOT to the article the notification was referring to. I can never read the whole notification because I can't find it.
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4 years ago, buddylu
Very poor grammar & editing
Too many vague stories/articles with incomplete information. Daily and numerous typographical errors, which are not only irksome, but at times misinforming. For instance, an article today (5/5/20) re. Governor Whitmer’s Stay at Home Order, reads “Stay at Home OFFER.” Completely inexcusable!!!
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4 years ago, Jim the conservative
Crashes iPhone
I have loaded, unloaded, re-loaded the app on my iPhone X. Keeps crashing every time I want to read a news story. Very frustrating. I like your tv station, but I can’t read the news when I’m on your app. I don’t have that trouble with WLNS. You need to fix this!!!
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5 years ago, jallison5
I really liked the app and used it
I really liked the app and never had any of the issues others described. I had to remove it from my iPhone X running 12.1 today because every time the app opened is crashed my phone, causing it to reboot.
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3 years ago, Mcreviewerton
Not Working For An Entire Year
This was a good source of local news, then a year ago the app stopped loading. It hasn’t worked since then despite about 4 updates.
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5 years ago, donotlikeads
I love reading the news here, but after the last update, the newsfeed keeps freezing up. I have to swipe out of the app every time this happens! Please fix this!
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3 years ago, cant please you
App won’t let me get in. When I click on it the app comes up but when clicking on news it is blocked. Loved the old app, will be finding another source for local news
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2 years ago, BillK99
Horribly intrusive ads
Recent change to bombard users with unavoidable ads they have to watch before the app will even open is being obnoxious!
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6 years ago, 2Ilovelinda
Why won’t you let this story die? Enough is enough
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4 years ago, AnnaDanna1
offensive ad
Why do I keep seeing political propaganda for trump when I try to get to the stories! I can't read anything unless I close it and try again! This is very offensive.
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5 years ago, Viewer in Michigan
Much improved
WILX has improved this app. The new “Newscast” button helps accessing the live programming.
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5 years ago, Ajax241
Buggy and ad-ridden
The app is useful for local information but is packed with ads in every tiny space they can find. Lately it’s been locking up and is barely useable.
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1 year ago, Loving it in Michigan!
Hate new format
They have changed the format of the news, which includes ad popups that can't be closed out. It interferes with reading the news.
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6 years ago, Blu3yed
Tired of non important notifications!
Keep getting notifications of same case and nothing of importance or the emergencies I should know about in my area. I turned my notifications off.
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6 years ago, Norterer
You do not need to give us 15 minutes of special weather during the ND-UM game. Adding insult to injury is the double up from the screen crawler giving the same info. Fire your weekend interns— they have no idea of their responsibility.
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5 years ago, nope903978
Political Ads
I use this app frequently for local news and weather, but I will be deleting it based on a recent pop up ad. Ads of a political nature have no place on an unbiased news site.
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2 years ago, bigwillie69429
Not friendly
Have to scroll thru all stories can’t pick individually
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4 years ago, Andrew.drewsdream
News is ok, but the ads are click bait
News is ok. , video playback horrible and the ads that they display are clickbait at best.
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4 years ago, MadDogDregs582
Crash monster
This one is unusable on my phone because it will crash every time.
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5 years ago, snick5908
You might want to consider
Another company to design and update your app. It only restarts my iPhone now. Going to start using/watching WLNS from now on.
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6 years ago, connieb13
Bad app
Can never get this to load or if it finally does it crashes. So disappointed. It used to work.
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1 year ago, pinpoint weather ha!
New state supreme justice was lynched? That’s what your headline is suggesting, do you really want a race war? Why say these things?
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11 months ago, bloomingroe
Love the news folks! Trustworthy reporting.
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4 years ago, CloudzOMidNight
Will not load app.
I have an iPhone 7 software version 12.1. It doesn’t load app.
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5 years ago, Soulflyford
Phone crashes and restarts when I try to open the app.
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4 years ago, bb86mm
Obnoxious ads
Video ad before I even open the app..... no thanks. Deleted.
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2 years ago, Jfwoodland
App will not load
App crashes on startup.
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6 years ago, Happynotsomuch
App frustrations
I try to open the app and it just spins, so frustrating. Need to update it!
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7 years ago, tbearmi
There's no way to shut off, nor any clear instructions on how to shut off the CLOSED CAPTIONING on the app for iPad
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5 years ago, nc003
The app keeps crashing on iPhone xr.
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6 years ago, Disappointed with news 10
Bad app
Worst app ever. Not one notification ever goes to the related story
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7 years ago, E_Huffy
Never loads, crap app
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