Win the White House

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iCivics, Inc.
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4 years ago
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User Reviews for Win the White House

3.99 out of 5
899 Ratings
3 years ago, justinw0681
Great Educational App!
The game overall is very fun, exciting, and rather informative. However, there are some places that could’ve been more optimized and updated. In some cases on specific ProMotion devices (especially on the iPhone 13 Pro), the user interface refresh rate seems to be locked at 60 Hz while the display is optimized for 120 Hz. As for the audio, it seems, (I could be wrong) doesn’t work on my iPhone. I tried turning sound on and off again in the app settings, but it seems to be not working. To conclude, I just wish this issue could be fixed soon with an update to the app. Thanks again for this great app!
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3 months ago, Eric Garza2001
Icivics can y’all make a new political game
Hi icivics I love the political competition on win the White House but there’s 2 other areas that American politics focuses on can y’all create a map where the game chooses a random state and we are assigned a portion of that state like how senate races work and depending on how good or bad we challenged that our game chosen political opposition the senate map shapes territory in all 50 states based on our political battle and all 50 states chose their governors in the state wide election I propose that can be a second game and the same rules apply we compete in a chosen state and we campaign as governor of that state depending on how good or bad we challenged our game chosen political opposition the governor map shapes territory in all 50 states based on our political battle I think both my senate and governor political competition games will be a great addition for people around the world to expirence the full American political arena thanks for reading this long proposition and I believe icivics can make it happen and make it great
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4 years ago, Phoenix Warden
Great Game Few Suggestions
Found this game from a few people on discord and decided to get it and it’s really fun, but I have a few suggestions. -Maybe make it that the president candidate you go up against isn’t the opposite gender every single time. -Also maybe add more ways to persuade the states. Maybe that costs 4 dollars and gives 3 momentum for that state, but can only be used once a game, so people have to use it wisely. -Maybe make other parties as well, like independent parties, Libertarian Parties, and Green Parties. -I also would like a presidential debate. -Also maybe make customizable vans for when you proceed to the next week. -Another suggestion : Gamemodes! Maybe a Multiplayer Version and Hand & Play version (where you make your turn and give it to your friend who is the other candidate) -Also difficulties: Easy Normal Medium and Hard Mode. -Another suggestion is a game mode where you can run for senate and run for the state of your choice! Even if this can’t be added to the game please make it another game (if it already exists please tell me which.) -Final Suggestion: I know the game is based off the White House, but maybe you could make it for more countries like France and Germany and England and more (Since some English people like other countries there could be English dubs still). That’s all for my suggestions! Thanks!
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4 years ago, ThePlayerOverThere
As A Kid This Game Is Amazing! I Like Politics More Than You Think But Anyways This Game Is Kinda Accurate Of How The US System Works. Any Inaccuracies? Well They Only Give You 1 Caucus But I Understand That The Game Would Take A Million Years To Finish Then. Other Ones? Well Sometimes Very Blue States In Real Life Like California, & New York Are Red States. Those Are The Inaccuracies. A Suggestion Is To Actually Take A Poll Of Each State And Use That Info. There Could Be 2 Modes. Random Mode & Real Mode. It’s Amazing! Btw It’s Not Hard It’s Medium Sometimes You Win Other Times You Lose. What Would Be Cool Is If You Added Other Countries So People From Other Countries Can Use This I Mean They Might Know About The Democrats And Republicans But It’s Gonna Be More Inclusive With More Countries! This Is Good For All Ages! Love This Game In General. Just Play This Game And You’ll Love It Maybe You’ll Lose At Your 1st But You’ll Win Soon Enough! 5 Stars!
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4 years ago, Ammir9
Great Game, Add Multiplayer, Crashes upon opening after update
This game is arguably one of the best iOS Precedence Simulators as of its release date to now. After the new recent update the game crashes after selecting new game, making the game unplayable. Once this is resolved a really great feature that everyone has been waiting for is multiplayer. Multiplayer will keep the player base of this game growing because there is a community to play against and to compete with. Finding the game relatively easy, I find myself finding the game more and more boring as I keep playing and growing as a player. Multiplayer will add a fresh splash back to the game keeping it competitive and fun resulting in the outcome of a faster growing player base and community keeping the players stay around longer. Overall this game has great potential to become a 5-star top 100 free chart game.
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4 years ago, AlexTimber1212
One of the best political games
I absolutely love this game, it allows players to create their own candidates and run for President, this game is also highly simplified which allows those who don’t know much about politics the ability to understand what goes into running for office. There is a few suggestions I think would benefit the gameplay, I think a great addition would be the ability to campaign as an independent candidate or save your political characters. Multiplayer and and the ability to see the popular vote would also be interesting. Overall, a great game that I would recommend to anyone looking to enjoy a political game.
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3 years ago, Zombiescrambler
I’ll give 4 ✨⭐️ —
— downloaded it seemingly as a decent educational App. It coasts to only be educated of the two publicizing parties in The USA. —— I do not believe this to be educational, as it is not educating people on the fact we are independent thinkers. This meaning; the Independent option should be open. If not the game/App. is not teaching but segregating based on “political views” —— voting is an 🔴Option🔴 as well - in the States we can hold voids in accordance to our set design. I would assume this realism was also left out of the educational simulation.
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3 years ago, Wannabe Ledgends
I LOVE this game but....
Don’t get me wrong, I love this game so much, but I do have one problem with it that I wish could be fixed. Game difficulties. I have never lost in this game, and I’m sure other people have not either, so that’s why I would like a difficulty where I can make it harder, and don’t win by a landslide each time. Just so I can make the game close and keep it interesting, I make dumb moves to let them make a little bit of a comeback, but I still end up winning by a landslide. This in my opinion, is a big problem. I love this game like I said before but I wish that you could make the game harder with game difficulties.
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4 years ago, UnitedStatesOfTexas
Great game
I love this game, it’s simple and fun. Winning the presidency is satisfying and watching the big states turn to your color, making the opponent lose many electoral votes, brightens my day. I only wish that at the end of the election that states would be solid red or solid blue as to distinguish them better, maybe along with your certificate you get a red and blue map of the us, but this is just my opinion. I’ve also read other people’s reviews and I think they’re absolutely amazing ideas, like other more countries, real and random mode, multiplayer (maybe even pass & play), etc. All great ideas I think the dev Team should add.
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4 years ago, IronTrooper159
Fun, educational, good for kids who are in to learning about what it takes to become president.
I would like to start off this review of saying that this game is definitely one of the best becoming president games of the century. It allows you to create your own campaign and run against the computer or if you sign in, your friends! I feel it is very educational for children who want to grow up and want to become politicians. You start in the primaries, and after that if you succeed you move on to the national election where you can go visit states to get momentum to help your campaign.
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2 years ago, unitle
I like this game, but there are some problems
To start with, this game is not rigged, I have played as both democrats and republicans and have won with both, however the game gets boring over time and is really easy after you have played a couple times, also it is really basic, pick the right choices and you will win, and it’s not like choosing the right choice is hard, it’s easy. There is some strategy, but it’s super basic if you focus on New York, California, Florida, and Texas you will win. If you think this game is fun, download it. However it would be nice for the game to be more in-depth.
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4 years ago, B1ub1e
Very fun
The game is a very fun game that I have spent a couple hours on. Other reviews were saying how hard this game is and how it’s biased towards democrats, but it definitely isn’t biased. Out of all of my games I’ve played I haven’t lost 1, and I chose Republican. I also have an idea for the game, maybe the devs could add random events that could boost momentum for a certain side in certain states, like maybe you or the other candidate said something bad about a state, and caused the state to lean more towards the opposing candidate’s side.
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10 months ago, Russbo1
Fun Game - Taught Me A Lot About Politics!
This won’t be a long review. Fantastic game! I never knew what went into running for President. The key, as you may have seen, is to win, you need more electoral votes to win the presidency! So, campaign hard in battleground/swing states and please the American people and you just might win! Edit: You guys are gonna be updating this app for next year’s election, right? I loved playing this during the 2020 election. Can’t wait to see what you do!
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2 years ago, Censorer
Great! Few suggestions.
Great game! So much fun! Would love to be able to play with other Presidential elections. For instance, when Alaska and Hawaii first got to vote in 1960. It would be fun to play with other electoral votes. Also, one little thing. Sometimes, when I poll a State and it lands on my side, I will have no issues the state opposes and my opponent will have no issues the State supports. How, then, is it possible for my opponent to still win the State? That doesn’t seem fair.
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6 years ago, Janebrainthegenius
This game is sooooo fun! It is pretty easy once you play a few times. Also, the people who say that this game always makes Republicans lose are wrong! I have played so many times with each party and I always win. Some ideas: I think that you should be able to completely customize your running mate and your own character more. Also, you should be able to choose from other, less popular, parties, or even create your own!
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1 year ago, Akklibakk
Excellent Game!
I don’t know why people think this is a hard game. You just need some basic knowledge of politics and to play the tutorial. I find the game very fun and entertaining. It’s all about strategy which I love a lot. It’s also realistic and full of customization. Overall a pretty good game. I’m only giving it four stars because there haven’t been any updates that make the game more fun. I definitely recommend this game to people who like strategy and politics. Solid game!
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4 years ago, Moonbeam1012
Great Game
It’s a really fun game , but it’s hard to win. If you get everything right you will most likely win. It’s a really great game for i civics and for those who might want to be president someday. If you ever want to be president you should definitely download this app. You can choose Republican or Democrat and you to against your opponent to try to Win the White House. I mean honestly if you ever want to run for president the real campaign would be hard since it isn’t just a game but it’s a great way to figure out what you kind of need to do.
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2 years ago, efhshffhh
I have a new Game idea for you
You guys to create the press secretary game you get to pick your own character have no turnAnd the background report get the rooster hands and the Press secretary pick one they say their own question. And you pick which question to answer at the reporter please please please create that game will be even fun to play as press secretary in the White House it should be called White House Press secretary please please create it
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1 year ago, lemonsqueeba
exactly what you expect
I downloaded this game and played a couple rounds and won most of them. The strategy is to capitalize on the high electoral states and keep pushing support there. I ran all my games as republican just to see if the game was "what they say it is" and I can assure you with my first game of 369 to 169 that the republican candidates don't have a disadvantage. This is a very skill intensive game and you really have to know when to do things at the right time.
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3 months ago, James libby
Add this one thing to get 5 stars
I like this game because it is easy to play and is educational with helping people learn more about issues and what each issue means. If y’all could add a multiplayer mode where u could play against your friends this would honestly be a much more replay-able game. Sometimes the cpu is kinda dumb it would be fun to play against a real person
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3 years ago, WeirdoNumber2
Don’t listen to the people saying it’s biased they just probably don’t know how to play the game
I’ve played as both a democratic candidate and a republican candidate and I can tell you that it’s not biased. No matter the different beliefs that you pick, you can easily win if you know how. Stop assuming that everyone is out to get you because of your political party. That aside, this is a great game, 10/10 I enjoy playing it with my young sister
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5 years ago, S.E.C.R.E.T.
Overall Very Functional App
This is app is very educational and even has a choice of grade levels, which sets how hard the responses are in the debate and campaign. This game can be challenging but it is overall not that hard. I would recommend it for your child if he or she is 18 or under. My 8-year-old enjoys this app and plays it every day. I’ve watched him and the game style is very unique too. This is the fun, educational app for children!
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2 years ago, dls6789**
Time for an Update
Probably one of the better election simulation games out there, but it’s definitely time for a major update. 1. The game presents little challenge after the third or fourth time played. 2. Fundraising in a state should give you a bonus in that state the same way running a tv ad or making an appearance. Perhaps changing the scale to fundraising - 1pt, media -2pts and appearances -3pts. 3. Each turn you should be allowed to do whatever you want with your money. I should be able to run as many ads as I have money for. I really like that if I’ve fundraised $3 I have to do all three options. I should be able to run 2 ads and make 1 appearance. 4. It’s kind of silly that the home state of the candidate and their running mate turn into battleground states or start with a lead for the opponent. Again, great game, time for an update and a bit more of a challenge
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4 years ago, Wolf776
Very good! But can you add more?
I love this game so much I would go as far as putting it up there with some of the best political games out there. But is there any way you could add more like while your on the road you also have to stop and go to a couple of debates along the way. Maybe even after you will then you could serve your terms out as president.
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3 years ago, Haz Bor
One complaint
This game is really fun, but also way too easy. I played too many games of this to count and only lost once, and that was a game where I lost on purpose. There are other things I can picture that would make the game better but none that are as important as an increase in difficulty. All that needs to be done to fix this is to have the ai go to the bigger states more often.
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2 years ago, TheRottenTomatoesoftheappstore
Great game for kids
I remember playing this when I was younger, and I absolutely loved it. People are saying “Oh, it’s faced towards democrats.” That’s not true, I became a republican, named myself “I am republican,” and then I won. Plus, Quick strategy: If you’re a republican don’t poll California. California is always blue, and I like that, because that reflects real life. This is a great game, keep up the good work.
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8 years ago, Sarah16LovSummer
This game is super fun and time consuming. I would recommend it to anyone in fifth grade or higher because it's kind of hard. It's easy to play and it's educational, so if your parents are strict you can play it on school nights. I understand the elections way better now! Super fun, I totally recommend. BTW, don't get discouraged if you lose the first few times. You'll get the hang of it!
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2 years ago, Fan23double06
Good game but
The game is nice; however, after playing the games a few times I notice the AI always doing the exact same things and going for the exact same states, (Alabama and Arizona), and I’m sure it’s a bug, but hopefully when ICivics makes the next version of this game; they’ll make it less same throughout.
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2 years ago, LilyForTheWin11
Can never seem to win!
I’ve played this game since I was in 4th grade and now I’m a freshman in high school (about to be a sophomore in a couple months). Anyways… I’ve had this game for over 5 years and I’VE NEVER WON!! A lot of people say this game is biased and always lets the democrats win, that is surely not true because I’ve played as a democrat over half of the time, and never win as a democrat. Now that I’m older and I know a lot more about government and politics than 5 years ago, I would think that this game would be a piece of cake; once again NOT TRUE!!!
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2 years ago, Comrade✊
Needs more parties.
I still love this game even though I’m kinda to old for it. Although this game is great and teacher kids about what sides believe in, I think that this game needs more choices for political parties because you can only go with either democrat and republican. Why can’t we have other parties join?
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1 year ago, the cpu is powerful
Game is a landslide
I Don’t Know Why But This Is SUPER HARD Even Though It Looks Like A Simple Easy Game IT IS NOT. I open The App The First Part Of Setting For President Is Pretty Easy. But Then It Just Gets Way To Hard I Just Think That The Devs Forgot To Make Like Difficulty Choose Like Easy,Normal, Hard, And Super Hard That Would Make It Fair For The Player But Right Now Nothing Is Changing. And Also Pepole Say That If Your The Republican You Don’t Win But… THAT IS NOT TRUE, I was A Democrat AND I STILL LOST. Please Fix The Game So It Could Be A Bit More Easy. Conclusion: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP
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3 years ago, i dont no what 2 do 4 nickname
This is the best political game for kids I’ve ever played. It is a free game but doesn’t show any ads. The only thing I suggest to make the game better is more than five issues, because it gives a variety of options and five is not enough. Otherwise, I love this game.
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2 years ago, Red Revolver 2086
10/10 game and it isn’t rigged by the democrats
Hello! This game is by far one of my favorites. I love politics and this is just AMAZING. I play as democrats and I play as republicans, they both WIN IF YOU PLAY THE GAME RIGHT. Don’t complain that it’s rigged (cuz if you think that, you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to play this fantastic game)
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4 years ago, Beno F4
Hey like the game
Hi, What I like about the game is how it lets you manage your campaign and it is also easier to dig up political dirt on your political opponent. One topic I think you guys should add to the issues in the Democratic\Republican debate is BLM protest because due to the ongoing protest it would make no sense on why you can’t talk about the issue since it is currently a hot issue in the U.S right now.
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4 years ago, hi suhdjejs82
Great game!
The people who say stuff like, “this game is to harddddd” or, “if you pick this party you lose” my lying I play both parties and have never lost, if it’s to hard for you go down a grade level. The tutorial is very good and the game is fair. It taught me so much about civics, thanks for reading, bye!
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8 years ago, PigeonStew
Very Fun
This game is amazing. It does a great job of simulating a presidential election while keeping it short and simple. Only things I would recommend are making it a bit more challenging, and to add two player, so you could run against a friend on another device. Other than that, great game.
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1 year ago, eilyflower
ok so about this game being rigged
Im 10, I am stupid and dont know about politics.. i Read the reviews and lots of you are saying its impossible and biased against republican blah blah blah but thats not true, i played literally ONCE and got 417 against the cpu's 121 because i caught on how to play real fast. so yes this game is so easy and the opposite of impossible
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5 years ago, Isabella Loves Dogs🐶
Great game for kids.
This game is awesome! A lot of people play it at my school as well. This is a fun way to teach kids more about the election. Also this game is not rigged like some people say it is. Just because you lose once doesn’t mean it’s rigged 🙄. Anyway I strongly recommend this game to everyone. Thanks for reading! 🙂🙂🙂
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6 years ago, Squad Goals 🎅
Great for learning
I play this game in school and I am supposed to play this game during summer break. I love this game and it’s good for learning Civics. But what’s really annoying is that even though I listen to the person’s advice and I do everything I can to win, I ALWAYS lose. I never won an election. Please fix that. Otherwise, it’s a fun game.
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3 years ago, jedi aprentice
This game is very fun and enjoyable one thing is you should be able to be the president after you win the election, also they should add different game modes so you can go against family members or friends
Show more
4 years ago, FANOMAJOHN
An Absolute Blast To Play
This Game Is Like Risk Meets Elections, I Play This Game All Of The Time. I Wish There Was A 2 Player Mode, More Candidates, More Issues, And Maybe A Mode Where Your Actually The President, And A Re-election mode. No Real Issues With The Game Except For Dialogue, And You Could Add More Voice Overs. I Just Want More! Definitely Recommend!
Show more
2 years ago, 80sman1986
It is NOT a pay-to-play game which makes it SUPER DUPER fun! It educated politics and policies in a simple, unbiased way, it teaches about the different methods of revenue a candidate gets to have interested followers and is an overall fun game. I however also recommend adding debates to the game
Show more
1 year ago, kitty lover 4829
Great game but …
The game is great but I only have one problem . No matter how much I try I have tried for Weeks I still can not seem to get it the opponent always seems to start with more points then they win .
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4 years ago, Hahahahaha so much fun
It’s a great game
This by far the best election/personal campaign game I’ve played, many games I’ve found are either very low in quality or are not the game I’m looking for which is running for President and having a personal campaign, but this game has all of it👍🏼
Show more
8 years ago, I<3Trodon
Great game! 🤘🏻
Love the game, everyone at my school plays it during class, (no one has been caught, yet) it's fun and easy, and a great way to teach kids about the elections, and even some 40 year olds like it. I just wish that it was multiplayer. Anyways, great game! 🛡🇺🇸🤘🏻😁😎🙎🏼‍♂️
Show more
3 years ago, sexy_mama123
Fun but gets boring
This game has a very good premise and execution but lacs in the difficulty department. Winning the game isn’t hard and will most Likely always have the same landslide. If there were more chances to screw up, and the campaign money system was more diverse it would be better.
Show more
4 years ago, _x_haPL_x_
Great game, easy to play
This game was great to ease the election stress :) I 100 percent recommend this game for anyone learning government or in social studies and it really makes learning fun. This game is less useful for those past middle school level but it’s still a blast.
Show more
4 years ago, epic_lego_gamer
More games
I love this game. I play it on brain pop everyday. I wish you could add the games that you have on brain pop to the App Store so I don’t have to use my computer to play these games. Please and thank you
Show more
4 years ago, saucey33
The game is not bad, it just doesn’t make any sense. Like you have states like Alabama and Mississippi going blue 🙄 and California going red. Plus, if you’re playing on the republican side, good luck! The Democrats always win and is not good for kids trying to learn about politics and the government, cause the game is trying to make you go left. And this game was probably made my Democrat’s. Like I said, it’s not bad but needs to be more fair
Show more
4 years ago, Dude96384
Near perfect
This game is very good and fun. The only issue I have is that the opponent constantly tries to win your home state. Other than that it’s great. A few suggestions would be customizing your VP, and maybe add a presidential debate. That’s all.
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