Wind Creek Casino

3.3 (309)
70.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wind Creek Casino & Hotel
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wind Creek Casino

3.27 out of 5
309 Ratings
1 year ago, jb bloom
All the games u play you gotta lose about 15-20,000 before you can win 5,000. Literally every single game is like that. And for the daily draw, they let you get to about 120k pretty quickly and then they make it so you can’t get anymore than 5,000 per spin. Also do not by quests… you cannot complete them in time… waste of 30,000 points. Also I’m the store be careful not to accidentally buy things
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3 years ago, vortec292
Bait & switch
I spin the stupid wheel every day to save my WScore up to buy free play - they don’t tell you when you get over a certain WScore you’re no longer eligible for free play. Compared against a fresh account considering maybe they just weren’t offering free play rewards for last month. Just checked a fresh account which has free play in the store, and my fiancé’s son can use his score to buy free play….he’s got around 200k on his score and I’m just over 500k. There’s nothing in the app or the app description that lists that as an expected thing when you get over a certain amount. This is shady theft at worst or at best it’s them preventing me from using my “rewards” on what I want. I have to drive two hours to get there - to make that drive I want something to draw me in. Further, they refused to transfer my free play from one machine to the next and said that I forfeited it. Shady crooks is what they are. Steer clear and waste your money on a real casino, not a slot brothel.
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3 years ago, KWatson2565
UPDATE messed up
I have never ever had an issue with this app. However about 2 days ago I did the update that was to fix something. Ever since then I can’t view my rewards, status, or profile. I can do everything else on the app. When I go to view these items the screen goes completely black. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app 4 times already and it hasn’t fixed the issue. I got to looking and the update was to fix rewards bug issues. Well I never had a problem until now. So I guess now mine will be messed up. I contact WCC support chat and they say they have no issues on their end or any reports. They all keep saying to uninstall and reinstall the app or do a complete shutdown. I have troubleshooted all I know to do. I wish I’d never downloaded the new update!!
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2 years ago, Herbal.Healing
Best Casino by far!! Plz Read Why!
I have 15 different casinos cards. And Wind Creek is my fav!! I’ve seen more winnings here than any others! I’ve won some and lost a lot!! Lol But, I haven’t been able to go for awhile! But 3 years ago, me and my sister decided to meet here for a reunion! Long story short, I had money stolen, when I wasn’t looking!! If I had been any other casino I would have been S.O.L.!!! But the security people was on the ball, and with some time all my money was returned!! The staff here are so friendly. I even missed a big win, one morning! So if your not here, your losing!! Merry Christmas!!
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2 years ago, emii0419
Bad customer service
I think it is ridiculous that they have you play all these different games and after you require enough w score points you can than have your free play vanish! Resulting in you not being able to use any free play till the system decides to give it back to you! This should be available to all customers even if it is required to have a subscription so that way we can play free games and still get free play to use whenever you would like. I am very unpleased with the customer service very rude and unfriendly literally told me they have no power over it vanishing! I will not be using this app anymore! hope to hear back from someone soon regarding this issue..
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2 years ago, Razor-Kota..bear
Absolutely DO NOT I repeat DO NOT play on this site!!!!! I gamble a lot!!! 70k this year alone so far so I don’t just say a site won’t hit cause I’m going through a dry spell. But this site is by FAR THE WORST gambling site in Pa or Michigan, West Virginia and New Jersey! I’ve played on every site each state has cause I travel for work and For the first time I actually truly believe a site is fixed!!! I deposited about 7k in let’s be generous and say 2 weeks and I’ve cashed out zero times!!!! I don’t bet big and play the same game on all sites and have never seen the stuff happen that I do on here. Anyway use me as a example and spend your money elsewhere!!!
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2 years ago, cbabyblack
Wind creek app a rip off
Back in September I cashed in some of my wscore points for free play money it took me a long time to get enough points to get 50 dollars in free play to go to the casino after I used them in the wscore store I now have to have one a million points to just get 10 dollars in free play I called and ask if the wscore would reset the lady as rude about it and told me to just watch and see if it resets but that’s been two months ago and nothing this app they have is a rip off I guess they don’t really want you using points you play forever to get rules should apply for everyone playing this game .
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3 years ago, bamablondie69
Free Play
I purchased free play through the app one time and haven’t been able to since! What garbage! I downloaded this app to play since my husband and I love to go to casino! I know several people who have this app and are able to buy free play and go the casino on a weekly basis! I can’t understand why I purchased free play from the Winnstore and immediately after the free play option disappeared and has never returned! I have again earned over 500,000 and want to buy some free play for my visit this month and am unable to do so! So disappointed! What’s the point of playing!!!
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3 months ago, BreezRhea
What a joke
This app is by far thee worst casino app I have ever had the displeasure of using!! I was unaware that if you let other ppl use your device to login to their own account bc said person didn’t have internet at the time, they as in “management” will then take it upon themselves to deactivate your account (give you no explanation as to why UNLESS you contact support just for them to finally tell you why then not give you a chance to explain & then tell you you are not allowed to reopen your account) so honestly I am glad I can’t waste my money on them any more!!
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4 years ago, jamiewarrender
Great promos and big wins!
Used the deposit match bonus and only had to play through ONE TIME before I could withdraw. All of the other places usually want you to play through 20-30x. I deposited 180 and withdrew 300 in less than an hour and I’m still playing with the $90 I left in there. I had big wins too while I was playing. Lots of casino games to choose from.
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6 months ago, Wsfaliars
Liars the person at the players club desk told me put their out mouth
The app was showing I had free play.. when I got to the players club desk ( after checking my free play at the machine) the guy told me there was nothing on my card. They said you can’t go by what the app tells you. So I said “ so it’s a gimmick to get you in here “ he laughed and said yes… so because I was lied to and mislead I will no longer be returning to either of the properties. People stop wasting your time at this bingo crap casino and travel another hour and half to a real one. This is scam at its best.
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2 years ago, rup1720
I love playing these games! Unfortunately lately have had issue’s with games loading not all just certain games. Did what support tech told me and it still didn’t work. I really wish someone would fix this problem. Have played on site for along time even when I play tournaments I get knocked off or game slows very disappointed and frustrating
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3 years ago, Leanne5593
Used to love playing.
Now over half my games won’t work. It’s only a red screen. Contacted support on the app and they said try to log out and back in and if that didn’t work try to uninstall and re download. They even said I’m the only one who has reported the issue but wasn’t sure? The games use to work before, just the passed two weeks they’ve quit. 😔
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2 years ago, jimlovesjen
Tons of tech issues, sham of a slot site.
Horribly managed casino site. The only benefit to this site is if you go to the casino you can earn points to trade for free play. The only downside is , they don’t give you parameters for it and there are no rules for when you can redeem or how many points it takes. They change it for each person and it seems discriminatory, because there are NO guidelines for it. The auctions and drawings are easily hacked by cheaters. And the tournaments often have issues.
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3 years ago, EMTim81
This app is a scam and waste of your time!!!
I spent a lot of time to accumulate enough Wscore (495,000) to purchase $50 free play from the Wstore. I finally did it and when my friends and I were ready to go to the casino 3 hours later, I went to cash in the Wscore points, but now it said I needed over 1 million points to purchase the free play!!! When I called customer service I was told they can’t discuss this app and I should have bought it when I had the chance. This app is a scam and the customer service is unprofessional!!!!
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10 months ago, Renee1981$$
Black screen
I have had this app for several years had no problem until two weeks ago. There was an update and now when I try to go into this app all I get is a black screen I have seen that other people are having the same problem but when you contact support, they seem to think no one is please fix this problem. I enjoy getting the coins in order to purchase FreePlay.
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1 year ago, Jaydee710
This proves it all
Well unless your into myth busters I wouldn’t download! This casino really proves that they do control the outcome of your winning chances maybe not on all the slots or table games but the promotions aren’t even worth it they get you by giving you a daily spin yes you get a free CHANCE every day BUT what’s the point if you never win!? I can’t say never because the very first time I spun it I did win a $5 bonus but now over a month later not even a dollar so what’s the chances of winning
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3 years ago, cjdckla7
Used to enjoy
The last week or so I’m having trouble getting into my games. I get a blank screen or it loads then it goes off. I’m really frustrated with this. Contacted support and told me to log off and back on and uninstall the app and install it. Tried everything did not help.
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2 years ago, Tanya Elise
I have deposited money onto the site maybe four or five times, and I’ve never withdrawn anything. In my experience I haven’t won a darn thing it just sucked my money right up almost immediately not even letting me win a little bit. And I don’t bet hugely to begin with I start out small to see if I’m gonna win anything. I just deposited money today for the last time I think because it looks like it’s going the same way. I gave it a chance. It failed.
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4 years ago, BamaMom62
I have to agree with smuttdogsteve about the wcscores takes longer to build up not like it used to before they took some of my favorite games out and it doesn’t pay out like it used to but I still love playing online and at windcreek.
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6 months ago, Alvarez2611
Hey win creek
I’m your customer for over 10 years few weeks ago I started play on win creek app , yesterday I was blocked because they say I’m cheating the app and many things just because I play and buy free play … why when I play 500 dollars and your machines don’t pay anything don’t say you are cheating.. I fix the problem but I just want to leave the people play we lost a lot of money in you place to you do this… thanks
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2 years ago, kool Auto Dealer
Banned from chat & Account locked
I do not know what i did to get banned from the chat. Then i got my account locked for commenting on Instagram about it. I dont know if i am going back to this casino ever again or not.,If my account is locked i guess i cant play or get rewards or anything so this is my last post about it. There is other casinos Harrahs is a real casino not fake like Wind creek Caesar rewards are way better. Cherokee NC casino is my favorite.
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11 months ago, seaaaantay
Just doens’t work when responding to any 80+ notifications.
The app is not working currently as designed, tournaments fail to load and give a black screen when joining via apple notification. Turn them off, and just do daily spin wheel. :/ Wanted casinoverse to be better but even using multiple new iOS devices doesn’t seem to even be a resolution to have this buggy app load correctly.
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3 years ago, Marcellomom54
Game is fun the only problem is every time you score a big win most of it goes to the score while 5% goes into wscore points. I’m not understanding why the score points are even irrelevant because of you move from game to game those points go away, they don’t get added to any promos or credits. So why is it even important to have score points at all
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2 years ago, Candice!!!!!!!!
0 stars - Do not recommend
I’ve been playing non-stop for a while in order to earn free play. I earned over $100 worth and planned to visit the actual casino. my Wscore free play option has been absent for over week. Now, they’re trying to charge 27,000,000 for $10 with if free play when $100 was just 1,100,000!!! Ridiculous!! I won’t be wasting anymore time nor attention on this app and I hope everyone follows suit!
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1 year ago, ShortyPK
No auto play
This app doesn’t have auto play from what I have found. Don’t have time to sit and just hit button over and over. Like to be able to sit phone in window and it play while I wash dishes
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2 years ago, Pleegirl
Free play
I am so dissatisfied with the new rating system! You used to be able to win free play by playing the on line games now if it’s not on my wstore section I can’t claim them. I called the 866 number the lady was very abrupt with me saying she didn’t care if I had 15 or20 million points, I still don’t get any free play. My friend spends quite a bit playing here guess we’ll just have to go play somewhere else!
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3 years ago, Stefadru
What’s going on with the store?
I’ve been using this app since early December and have used it to cash out and for free play at the actual casino. Now the past month or so, on my phone as well as my boyfriends and mothers all show that there is either no store at all or the store will show up and $10 of free play is 1,000,000+ Wscore, which makes the app not even worth using at this point when that’s what I enjoyed most about it.
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6 months ago, Timbo67tm
Best Casino App around
It’s the greatest app available. It provides free play, good credit, the greatest games, and so much more! This is the experience to enjoy if you want an amazing time.
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3 years ago, 144t
A lot of bugs
I’ve been playing this app for sometime. But about a month ago most of the casino games wouldn’t work on my iPhone. I contacted customer service they said they would let the technicians know. As of today i can only use half of the Games. Plus there’s not a lot to begin with. So out of maybe 40 or 50 games you now you’re down to 25. They need to fix the issues they have.
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6 months ago, Minutes examining injustice
Daily wheel
I would gladly give this app 5 stars if the daily wheel was actually random…but it is very apparent that it’s not.
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2 years ago, Soccerguy2234
Worst app, horrible rude unhelpful customer service, impossible to win on these horrific casino games, to withdraw whatever money you didn’t lose it takes 2 WEEKS to have your money returned. It’s absolutely a joke of a company and if I could give them less the 1 star then I would. Don’t waste your time.
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7 months ago, Lavinda76
Bad Update
I use my app daily and now since they have updated it for the past two days I haven’t been able to do anything it’s just a black screen. I’ve waited for it to load, and the only thing that loads is my daily bonus after that the screen goes black.
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3 years ago, _-BG-_
Update Blackjack
I’d give 5 reviews, but blackjack you can only max bid 50? That’s way too look when slot machines you can do a lot higher. Please rise the bet limits for blackjack.
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2 years ago, Paymebaby
Winning WindCreek
Quality service Fast online service questions answered from their chat team Smooth operating app. I want a free Wind Creek t-shirt!
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1 year ago, nicolebsmith
Changes after you redeem
I accumulated enough points to get the $130 credit for the fire restaurant. Everything was great. Easy redemption and all. Now the points have gone to a ridiculous amount to redeem something. Over 4,000,000 points just to get a $10 food credit. That’s insane!!
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1 year ago, dixie35115
Updated app now can’t load
After the update, nothing loads. Just goes to a black screen when I open the app. I’ve tried installing several times, nothing changes. Just a black screen!
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3 years ago, Crushed Candy Cane
Not well optimized for iPhone
Whenever I swipe down the screen to see Notification Center or Control Center, the game I’m playing automatically restarts. That did not happen with my Samsung. Also the back button (top left) often does not respond to touch.
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4 years ago, bullsis
Have only been few times as my brothers guest. Not real knowledgeable about casino. Have always been treated with curiosity and respect and had fun.
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3 years ago, nunsy65
App and game load time
Takes forever to load the app then the game takes forever before it even starts. Then have to start all over bc of an error. People in the chat say it happens to them also.
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7 months ago, Ginger Campbell
App stopped working
I have had this app forever and it worked fine up until about 2-3 days ago and it now opens to just a black screen. I have tried removing the app and adding it back and it still won’t work! Ugh!
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2 years ago, Cricket 109
Not happy
I am unhappy also. I was getting my free play in my app and then suddenly it’s not an option. I called and they said there was nothing they could do about the app unless the app updated. There is not an update available for the app. So guess I played to get free play.
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7 months ago, GradyLady36
Price change
I loved the app until it cost over 3,000,000 WS score for 5$ worth of free play this change just happened today it’s making it impossible to win anything rather play else where that give you a fair play
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3 months ago, out of opotions
Upgrade makes the game screen goes black
Never had any problem playing this game before but once I did the update, I cannot play the game anymore. Everything goes black after the first entry on the game.
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6 months ago, not leaving it
It’s still a bug or something
I can’t do anything but spend the wheel then the app is black! Why? I just deleted the app now it’s not doing or showing anything
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3 years ago, 14LAB
Fun to play
So many game choices to play. Sometimes some do not work but most.
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2 years ago, 3riiicah
No fun
More than half the games won’t load. The ones that do load keeps spinning. I play regularly and recently realized that my WSTORE was removed and unable to get ANY FREE PLAY to play at the casino. What is the reason for that when the Free play can only be played at Wind Creek
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1 year ago, Lulu20210607
Delays especially during Tournaments
There are often delays in adding wins during tournaments. In addition currently receiving error messages while playing games.
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2 years ago, fieldsboy
Free play
Had 100 dollars free play to use, drove an hour and a half, opened the app to get my free play, and it was unavailable. Spoke with customer service, and they basically said sorry for your luck. Unreliable app.
Show more
1 year ago, spidy2018
Windcreek app
This app is horrible can’t buy free play goes from a couple thousands witch is ok to millions just to buy $10 in free play wish I never downloaded it please fix this issue!!!!😞😞😞😞
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