Winston-Salem Journal

4.4 (211)
31.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
BH Media Group
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Winston-Salem Journal

4.44 out of 5
211 Ratings
1 year ago, sheppam1
Body font needs to be adjustable
Though the settings provide for font size adjustments, it only adjusts the heading text and not the body. This should be resolved to make the articles easily readable by customers with less than perfect eyesight.
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6 years ago, staballoy
Well done local paper
The “Journal” is doing a good job as a local paper. It covers local, regional, and state matters well, with sufficient national and international coverage. It remains a broad spectrum publication, with a business page; and an editorial section with its opinions, and letters, and columns. It has weekly sections on food, gardening, the home place, the arts, and expanded editorial and business coverage. Sports coverage, particularly local, is thorough, but national sports are not shorted. The paper offers daily puzzles and comics for its readers’ diversion and entertainment. It is worth the subscription.
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2 years ago, iPad needs help
Too sensitive on iPad Pro
I have an iPad Pro with S/W version 15.2.1. The ability to move from page to page is totally annoying as I cannot go from page to page without it jumping back to the previous page. It is extremely erratic. It was a continuing problem well before V15. I view on my Pro in the horizontal mode.
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9 years ago, Maniacal muse
4 out of 5
I would have given them 5 stars if it were possible to comment on new stories. Maybe they could add that feature. Each update seems to make the app more pleasing. I'd like to suggest placing the lottery/game winning numbers their own category. I don't play and it just seems to clutter up the news feed unnecessarily. I do appreciate that I can read the stories here because they limit how many you are able to view on heir regular web site. Overall, I find the W-S Journal to be very responsive to suggestions and they welcome feedback. Thanks for that!
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6 years ago, Rayzr48
Pretty Good App, But. . . .
I have used the app for a while. The old version took you to a browser for the e-edition. The new one loads in in-app which is nice, but it does not allow you to rotate the device and view the edition in landscape mode. I find this annoying as I read the e-edition on my iPad and prefer landscape mode for this.
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7 years ago, Curler0702
Good app for local news
Good app that gives a quick news, weather and other options for people to access.
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4 years ago, Laura in Clemmons
Just us the website
This app does not work to read the news. If you click on a story a page full of ads pops up. Might as well use the browser on your phone and not waste the space on your phone for this app.
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4 years ago, Old Retired Guy (Again)
No Landscape Mode
Why any app created in the last five years would not have a landscape mode is incomprehensible. I always use landscape mode on my iPad and rotating to read the W-S Journal is annoying. Get with the program coders!
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5 years ago, Machiste
Fourth Estate Sale
One of the worst examples of leftist pandering in recent times. Their op-ed page prints mainly diatribes so disrespectful of a sitting President that at times they tread a very fine line between poor taste and downright treason. Too bad I don’t own a pet shop. Your circulation would increase dramatically.
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6 years ago, Klaxar
I love the Journal, but this App doesn’t cut it.
Barely works at all on my iPhone X. It is extremely buggy and almost always freezes while linking to stories from notifications. I would have deleted the App ages ago if I wasn’t invested in the local news.
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6 years ago, Stormn531
W-S Journal
Excellent source for information on my home town.
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6 years ago, Zilla68
Subscription Needed?
Requires monthly subscription if you view more than a preset number of stories a month including including obituaries. This is on top of the revenue they make from the Ads within the app. Really?
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7 years ago, Spiceuvlife
Quick look, concise, and timely updates
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6 years ago, King Vapes
Why divert us to the web?
Put complete articles in app. Worst news app ever
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12 years ago, Eriqt10
Significant improvement
Excellent update. New UI is sharp and very user friendly, readability is enhanced, and improvements to images are a nice touch. Runs very smoothly so far, and the news ticker is clever and useful, too. Quality app. Four stars only because users should not expect this app to include all items from the print edition. Definitely worth having. Thanks!
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10 years ago, MNC1111
Horrible app!
App crashes constantly. I have to log on multiple times: to read page 1, then again to read the next page, and then again (twice each time) after it crashes (which it does several times). Sometimes a version that allows "view text" and "view page" options comes up. Other times a version that is simply a too-fuzzy to read facsimile page comes up. What was once a pleasure--reading the digital paper in bed--is now a frustrating and time-consuming exercise in futility. "All Access" is a complete misnomer. Please fix this or go back to the original app!
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7 years ago, 7btrus
Keep up with my home town, convenient
Love the app. I read the Journal when I'm out of town. Also, I'm retired, so even when I am at home, if I don't want to go out and get the paper in the freezing dark, I can read it in bed from my tablet in comfort.
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8 years ago, Chyna Grace
Love this app.....
I have never been someone who reads newspapers. It just takes too long to find the few things that I am interested in. I can find everything with this app so easily. I love the way everything is separated but can be found so easily. Thanks for providing this to us!!
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9 years ago, jbtatter
Not useful to get local news
They send push notifications, typically used for breaking news by all other publications around the world, to push random articles. If you decide to take their bate, you end up using up one of your limited free articles. You can only read the first paragraph of articles on the app anyways, and to read more you have to click a link, and after 15 articles you have to pay for this service, unlike the apps for most any other publication
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8 years ago, Lvpzls
Enjoy the local news!
Just wish it would not keep telling me I have read 12 articles since we are subscribers. Some news is really old.
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10 years ago, Polaroid82
The information I read on the articles is very useful. Especially the updated information on the weather everyday.
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11 years ago, Howard Wayne Fulp
The Journal apps are very useful. Why can't the obits be reached from my iPhone ??? That was very useful to me since I play for a lot of funerals in Moravian bands. Always questions about the deceased that obits would answer.
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12 years ago, 6deacs
WS Journal
I use this daily to keep up with Wake Forest. It is quick and easy to use. My only gripe is the way the AP stories are omitted other than the teaser headline.
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12 years ago, Crowepepper
Everything I could ask for!
I use this app daily to read the Journal. It works great, I enjoy the portability and even better. You can't beat the price. Free!!! Thanks Guys...
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8 years ago, Trump Wannabe
Good Effort
Easy to read and find the day's stories. If only the print edition would have a nameplate to reflect the importance of this outstanding daily.
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12 years ago, Winston1633
Much better app since the upgrade
Great app for local news. Like the videos section.
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7 years ago, Quadnfarm
My go to app for local news!
WSJ does a great job of keeping up-to-date on breaking news and local sports.
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9 years ago, Mayberryrev
Great App
I enjoy the Winston Salem journal app every day I like how it stays up to date when news happens. Keep up the good work I am a faithful reader every day.
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11 years ago, austinpdash
Love having local stories
Not the highest quality content, but app works great and it's nice to have local stories.
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10 years ago, Goldwing76
Really like this app. Nothing like getting news updates on the run. Thanks for all you do.
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12 years ago, Safetrucker
As a long distance truck driver it's a great app to keep up with the news at home
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11 years ago, 99ww
I give it 2 stars. It rarely ever updates on my iPad. Even when it does it doesn't have all the stories that the paper version does. I still get the paper version daily. I have never been able to download the Sunday paper.
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12 years ago, Jack Squigs
Great Update
Haven't used this app in a long time, but I have to say, it looks like they've got it right.
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12 years ago, Not a native nyorker
WS Journal
Pretty good don't understand need for stories that are incomplete and only a partial paragraph. Can go to the web and find the entire story, you should go ahead and print entire item.
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12 years ago, Why not 48?
Great app. I can count on it for up to the minute local and national news updates.
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11 years ago, Cyberbean
Ok app
Decent app, breaking news needs to be updated more frequently. Fox 8's app stays up to date the best. This app is good for a couple views a day.
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11 years ago, Wes McCracken
Like it
Like going to one site for all the news weather and sports.
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11 years ago, Daddy"D"
Good for my local news
Keeps me up to date on what's going on in my town.
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9 years ago, Are Jay 1961
For a local news paper app it works pretty good with the exception of a lockup once in a while.
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8 years ago, CB MD
Good quick overview
This app gives me a quick overview of local news but needs to be purchased for more detailed views.
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12 years ago, Growmoreflowers
Only updates a few new stories each day. Nothing useful. I Don't check more than once in a while and then only to see if app is better. What a ridiculous attempt at a local paper.
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9 years ago, Medicresq
Bad to worse
App locks up while trying to read articles. Seems to be related to adds. This has become much worse since update. This is true only on IPad. iPhone version seems much more stable.
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8 years ago, Cappy@triad
I would love for the App to display the paper just like the one that comes to my door, or, give us the option of display
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9 years ago, Want to know WS News
Not a free App!!
Not a good app to have. After review of 25 articles they want you to purchase a subscription just like you are on their website . This should be listed in the description for this app. Would not recommend this app.
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8 years ago, Billybibbity
Great way to keep up with local news
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12 years ago, Serippey
W-S Journal
Read it every morning on the way to work. Helps me stay in touch.
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9 years ago, Bud32
Delivered the Journal as a kid and as an adult rely on the web for balanced coverage when traveling.
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12 years ago, Blkrider 1
High School Sports
There are NO high school results just spotlights. I would also like to see high school scores and stories. And you need to keep sports page up to date.
Show more
12 years ago, K'ville gal
Need to include obits and other content from paper that people want to read.
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10 years ago, TeachEd
Poor Quality
Freezes often.
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