4.5 (5.1K)
84.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WIS NEWS 10

4.52 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
4 years ago, all fords
Loving all of news crew
On top of current happenings as it occurs first to report on latest events. Real time up to date reporting. On point with the upcoming weather so my family can know how to prepare to dress. I love news when it happens alerts I review news alerts on my app. True and dependable news that is news breaking events keeping me informed. WIS is part of my daily routine
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6 years ago, SCSlotlady
Latest update
I previously only used WIS 10 app for my news because I disliked the format for other local stations. Since this update, I’ve deleted the app and have no plans to get it again while it’s in the current state. The data that it requires is tremendous and I’m guessing it’s due to all the videos. If I wanted to watch news, I’d do it on a TV. I prefer to read the news and only watch specific stories. Plus, due to the size requirements, I had to delete other apps that I used. I’m. It trying to be rude, but whomever created and approved the new look must not be a user of the app because if they are, they would see how horrible it’s become.
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6 years ago, T Dauwg
Great and informative news .
WIS provides very up to the minute and informative news . All hours of the day , everyday . Especially breaking news stories on current events be it local , national or international news . I truly appreciate being kept well informed .
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5 years ago, Enjoy@13
Best Channel
I have been watching WISTV channel 10 for years, and I truly have enjoyed the people to include Mary King. I wave to her every time I see her. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, JEffthegeat
One of the worst apps
Finally deleted the app since news isn’t updated except for every 3 days or so. I’m beginning to believe that journalism is dead. Very poorly written, grammatical structure is often wrong and obviously no editing takes place. I have now learned that my expectations are too high with journalist and politicians. We shouldn’t expect much since most of the people in these positions, especially the politicians, were educated in a state that ranks 48th, in a good year, in education.
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3 years ago, opening eyees
Better service
I don’t like the updated app. The same news is on the app for several days. Also the sports isn’t updated in a timely fashion. Ie: When Carolina’s baseball team was playing their first game with Virginia you were unable to get the score until the next day . Also the live news is always coming from another state. Please get back to the Wis I’m always been happy to call my station.
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6 years ago, MAGA2019
Biased News Reporting
The news reported by WIS and any other network needs to be unbiased. It clearly is not. In case you are unaware, not all viewers are Democrats. Enough of the Trump bashing and innuendos. The US President should be given some respect. I certainly did not agree with Obama’s policies and agendas but he was still President and deserved proper respect. BYW...this has absolutely nothing to do with race, so do not think for a moment this is some racist rant.
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5 years ago, onePostal
Lots of NON-local news
Besides being OBSESSED with the weather - ALL THE TIME - more piddly news from outside the state of South Carolina. A lot of the stories are also written WITHOUT any proofreading by a responsible adult. I have a college degree from “Old School” days when typewriters were the norm; I can proofread a lot better than whomever is NOT doing it for WIS. Newsworthy items are also being missed or purposely overlooked - like Clemson’s BIG WIN over Notre Dame, 30-27.
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7 months ago, roneva1967
Difficult to read
Font too small! When you expand the view, you cannot read the entire text. A dark background would make it easier to read.
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6 years ago, King Tu
WIS News App
I don’t particularly like the new app. Another thing is the app is not updated often enough. You have stories on the app are days and days old, some are weeks old. New stories should be added immediately.
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3 years ago, bruceas46
Terrible updated app for iPad
The updated app requires opening several pages before the news can be accessed. First page is an ad, second page gives a choice between WIS and another app, third page select WIS app, four page select news. Just terrible, the old app was perfect
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2 years ago, Whuxford
Need for my location baffling
All Gray stations: each affiliate’s app continually annoys me with messages that my location isn’t current as Gray attempts to mine location data from MY phone. These incessant reminders try my patience and are driving me to leave Gray!!!
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3 years ago, chanaustddy
Horrible after update
Once the app was updated a few weeks ago it has become one of the worst functioning apps that I have. It is constantly glitching and doesn’t load. It is also extremely frustrating to navigate.
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8 months ago, really/real
Sick of the fake breaking news
I’m so sick of the breaking news that doesn’t matter, like Day 1, 2, and 3 of what’s at the state fair! Your station is making everyone not wanting to watch or have your app. You already have nothing but news on all day, so stop with the alerts all day.
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3 years ago, WittyBeau
Good app gone bad
WIS news app used be great and I could get everything I wanted from this app. However, when you now require Location Services to be on to work, that’s an invasion of privacy. If they change that requirement, I will use it. Otherwise, this is a quick uninstall for me.
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4 years ago, SkotRossi
School Bus decontamination
Are SC School bus interiors being disinfected while school is out? I would find this to be an important issue!
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3 years ago, CSM (R) Mike
The only issue that I have with this app is pop-up advertisement when I first open it from, Stanley Law.
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8 months ago, JWalkerH1
News flashes
You used to show the item that prompted the notice to show when we looked at the screen. Now you have nothing but an ad and numerous stories, none of which are marked or identified as the news flash prompting the alert! This app in its current format is trash. J Walker Hough
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4 years ago, DemonicChaos666
Where is the Wisconsin news?
I got this app hoping to be caught up on this sickness going around in Wisconsin since I dont have Facebook. I see more info about every other state than I do about Wisconsin, to be honest I don’t even know if I saw an article that had anything to do with Wisconsin. This is a United States news app, not a Wisconsin news app.
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2 years ago, 1 sad American
A reader
Woefully slow on updates and being current. Why show old stories 2-3 days old as "news". Call it "olds".
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3 months ago, Holly role @ 65
I’ve been watching this news channel for over 55 years but the last 5 years you have been a pathetic DEMOCRAT PARTY. All I see is support black negro people or all democrat people. This news channel has been dishonest and biased for the Republican establishment and for the white minority. SHAME ON YOU. WIS- 10 is pathetic.
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3 years ago, Chemallday
Worst app ever
I hate this app. It is broken down into all of these different sections and when I read the community section, the articles have hardly any information on the article topic. I will not use this. I can use my ABC and WLTX for local news.
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3 years ago, Nbroome83nsc
Not happy with updated version
Once the update was done...it takes SO long to get this app to open. I thought it was just my phone but it’s the only app I’m having problems with. Not happy with the updated version.
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5 years ago, Nkutrs
Ever since update 3 days, the app doesn’t work!
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2 months ago, Bcshields3
Fix it!
This app hasn’t worked in 2 day! I get notifications but when I go to app to open up the story, it opens to a white screen and never opens the story
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3 months ago, life is good 4 chris
Can’t get through advertisements!
Can’t get to news without going through several ads. Dropping your app.
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2 years ago, Sunnylick
I wish you all,would show more news on the app. It loads more than anything, and when it does come back on. You’ve miss half of the segment.
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3 years ago, DL1 SC
Ads and pop ups
New version of this app is a nightmare. Freezes when opens, hard to navigate, and is full of annoying pop ups and ads.
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6 years ago, Laurenvb17
Improvements for the worse
The old version of the app was more usable and easily navigated. This new version fails to spark interest in the news articles. How could you possibly make the news any more boring? This new app update...that’s how
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6 years ago, Njpee
Bring back the old format
I love WIS but this new app makes me want to get another channels app because all the stories headlines that you click have a white background which makes it difficult to differentiate stories... pleaseeeeee change it, it’s unreadable!! Thanks! :)
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3 years ago, beverline3
Covid vacc
Thank you for the latest information
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6 years ago, msknozit
WIS on ipad
In habit of checking this twice a day. New app does not make me happy. Prefer old app.
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6 years ago, Business executive over 50
The new method in which the news is INITIALLY shown is NOT user friendly
The former FIRST page listing the brief description of a news item was much more enjoyable. CHANGING the “presentation “ simply to “ have a new look” is not always a good thing. You need to remember that your largest readership are individuals over the age of 50. Obviously the people who made this change are the under 30 crowd. NOTE : the under 30 crowd must pay much better attention to the age of majority of your readership.
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6 years ago, The_Other_77
Yay! More ads!
- Said no one. Ever. I’m ok with the banners and such. Gotta pay the bills, right? But the ads in the new update are BIG and in the middle of the newsfeed like they’re going to have a headline. Not ok.
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3 years ago, AlexF3174
Go back to the old app!!!! I’m deleting this app after I write this review. The app is very hard to use has very limited news and is often not current!!!! Very disappointed!!!
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4 years ago, Sunfun20
Latest update is bad
Lately there have been too many ads you can’t remove and it’s repetitive. Same news rarely updated. Not interested in watching live tv. If I did I would watch on tv. Deleted the app.
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4 years ago, vawise1
Terrible news source
WIS is the worst news App I’ve ever seen. It consistently is behind on new news stories and keeps old news on the App for days. It’s a complete waste of time to get any valuable information in a timely manner.
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1 year ago, Concern2023
Reporting errors
There is a link to report errors on the article and it does nothing. I tried several different stories and the link does not work.
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3 years ago, Radioems
What a waste
This was a practical and helpful app. Then it was “updated “ to a hot garbage app! Glad there are other TV news apps that work well. Shame on the former market leader WIS for not correcting this over the last 6 weeks
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1 year ago, RHByers
Awful. All ads
Really hard to get to a weather forecast without being forced to watch commercial after commercial. Useless. Deleted.
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4 years ago, Nuvi GPS user
Don’t update to 6.3.0
BEWARE! The app now launches full-screen overlay VIDEO ADS with SOUND!!! Good luck finding the speaker icon quickly. Its location changes or it blends in so that you can’t swiftly silence it. There’s nowhere in the settings to disable sound for the pop ups. BEWARE!
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3 years ago, KD000012
Not Working
New updated version does not work at all. Have been trying since the update and still nothing.
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6 years ago, jimmy greenbeans
New app
I like the navigation and layout of the app before this upgrade. To me, this was a step back instead of upgrade.
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3 years ago, RH Reader
New update does not load in a timely manner. Most times I have to hit retry so I look for news elsewhere.
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3 years ago, adiddy30
Bring back old app
Please bring back the old app. This is very frustrating to navigate. I never leave reviews but I had to with this one.
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3 years ago, xviewer
Why do you have to close a full screen advertisement before you can view your app?
Show more
3 years ago, GozaSC
Shoutout to this ad-laden filth.
What a miserable experience using this app is. It's better to just not know what's going on in Columbia than to suffer through all the ads and pop-ups.
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5 years ago, sudoku jp
App doesn’t work after update
What’s going on WIS TV. After update was done my app doesn’t work. Looks like wants to open app but close app right away. I really like your app but need more bug fix.
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6 years ago, boat doctor
Old format
The original format was a lot more user friendly than “the new” current in. Sometimes things are better left alone. David Perry, long time user.
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5 years ago, Gamco99
Latest app update
I downloaded your latest update to my iPhone, but the update didn’t occur and now can’t open the app. Going to the App Store shows the app is open, but it is not.
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