Wisconsin Public Radio App

3.8 (258)
49.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wisconsin Public Radio
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wisconsin Public Radio App

3.81 out of 5
258 Ratings
1 year ago, !tiopepe!
Improved app.4.6.0
This version is excellent improvement over the last version (4.5.x). I use this app to read the news I am interested in and now I can quickly scroll through the stories. The content and writing is excellent but I do miss the space allowed for reader comments.
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5 years ago, Old Wisconsin Gal
Very disappointed
My husband and I have been supporters of WPR for a very long time because I am an avid fan of Chapter A Day. (My parents listened to the program during the school day back in the 1940s and 50s!) The update is so different and not accommodating. I try to listen each day during the broadcast time but sometimes can’t. Before the update, I could find the program later in the afternoon or evening and listen and keep up with the story. Now I must wait at least until the next day and sometimes Monday of the following week to listen. I don’t like the Main Page at all. I can’t get to the choices I want. The previous Home Page worked well. I also encounter many of the same buffering problems and get “kicked off” the program when I pause. It’s not that I’m an older adult not navigating the site well. The previous format made sense and was easy to use. I feel my choices are limited, now. At least when I go to Florida this winter I can TRY to keep up with the stories. Thank you for continuing Chapter A Day all these years. It’s just harder to enjoy, now.
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2 years ago, Dodddddd
Some Simple changes and bug fixes would make this a four-star
I’m glad to have the ability to listen to over the air radio on my phone, but this app could use some work. A) The news articles on the landing screen should have the option to listen to the story without having to go to the website. B) The bottom of the screen with the play control covers up the link to the Npr website and in some cases it impossible to click to go to the website. The play button at the bottom of the screen seems to be completely useless since you have to go to View the website version in order to listen to the story, and ironically the play button covers up that link
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5 years ago, TLXO7
I love this App. No more driveway moments.
I love this App. No more driveway moments. When I drive to work listening to WPR on the care radio and have to be on time I finish listening to to the sowe on demand latent in the day. When I drive listening to WPR are on the radio don't get into my driveway, my phone connects to my home WiFi and I keep continue listening to WPR through the live stream. And if I have those I herded on WPR moments I go too the on demand section and play the part I'm referring too. The new version is great. And everyone how complainers, should take their time to get familiar with something new before thy give a rating.
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6 years ago, interested in more
Delightful music, interesting and captivating programs, and easy to digest news coverage. WPR is always excellent. The app only improves in my personal opinion. Some are saying when they call or look at something else they are kicked off their program. This does not happen on my phone. If I use sound in other apps I can return and pick up right where I left off. I’m listening to it as I write this review. The update color and design is neat, clean, and organized. An overall very satisfying experience. More than any other app I have. What would I do without WPR. Thank you.
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3 years ago, 53703
On Demand 5 stars, Listen Live 2 stars
LOVE the On Demand section. The lineup of WPR and national programs is outstanding. The live streams, though... 🤦‍♀️. The initial promo/Info spiel at launch can be absurdly long (don’t count on catching all the top-of-the-hour news unless you launch the app well ahead of time), the feed is unreliable, and ID spots sometimes break randomly into programs rather than at the standard breaks. I have superfast WiFi and robust cell service, and my phone is my radio, so the buggy performance is maddening. I have the WNIJ, WBEZ, and WBUR apps on my phone so I can switch when the WPR app lets me down.
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7 years ago, SandyWI
Huge learning curve
I've lost track of every program I've started to listen to since I updated 2 days ago. When my phone rings or for some other reason I have to leave the WPR app, when I get back it doesn't just pick up where it left off; it's not intuitive how to continue from where I left off. So far very unimpressed with this update. I don't want to spend a week learning an app that I have come to rely on to be my constant companion throughout the day and night. If I have the time to learn this app and I find I love it, I'll change my rating. But for now it's a 2.
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2 years ago, RubySwirled
Disappointing source for WPR content
There are only a few fresh WPR news feed stories added each day (at best), but there is plenty of content on the WPR site that could be migrated onto the app. This makes no sense and is a huge miss given how many of us get news on our mobiles now. The NPR app has a great feed, so there is no need for me to get their content from the WPR app. There are only 2 things this app needs to do well: streaming and a story feed. It seems like a part-time intern could do the postings, so… what gives?
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4 years ago, Frustrated in Eau Claire
Constantly lose connection
For years I’ve listened during the morning especially. Now for the last 2+ months I have been constantly kicked out. I’ve tried moving locations in my house, time of day, staying in place - nothing works! I can’t even remember the last time I heard a whole report without interruptions! Ugh! Please fix this now! Your program is especially important now during the epidemic. As a long time supporter I feel especially frustrated and disappointed. Yours is the only local/national news I can trust without hesitation.
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7 years ago, annieOR
Lots of buffering problems
I’ve used this app for years and am a huge fan and member of WPR. At times, and seemingly more frequently with the latest upgrade, the app nearly constantly pauses for buffering. The sponsor message will often reply when the stream goes again. I’ve switched to other streaming services at the same time, including NPR One, to test if it is the Wi-Fi connection and had no problems with the streaming on those apps.
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6 years ago, LovesgoldensMadison
Mostly a huge improvement
After some muddling around, I figured out how to get to the on demand programs I want. 2 things REALLY need improvement: 1. Programs should pick up where I left off-even if I pause, or completely leave the app, leave it on my phone and restart on my iPad. If SiriusXM cAn do this, so can WPR. From: A long time fan of WPR!
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7 years ago, waffleknit
Great update!
Wow, what a huge change! The new update works well, and I love all the features. Haven't had any issues in a week if using it, and I love that I can now pause/play from the lock screen. Great idea with the alarm/sleep setting, email the station, and of course, the donate button. Nice work, guys!!!
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7 years ago, Sue6771
Much harder to use than old version
I could very quickly get to many programs and find out the day's schedule on the old app. Now much harder to find what I want and it take a lot more navigation to get where I want to go.
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7 years ago, almostLutzka
Works well when it works. Frequent live stream crashes are annoying. Used to be rock solid, but then previous version also began crashing live stream. New version doesn't remember where you were before crash, so you must click through to get back to live stream. I don't remember having to do that with the old version.
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6 years ago, Monumental M.
I love it!
And I can’t live without it! If I am home where I can get it on FM radio I don’t need the app. But when I am traveling and in AZ for the winter months it truly is my salvation! The news and programming from Wisconsin Public radio is so much better, and provides me with my favorite programs!
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5 years ago, Vince in Wisconsin
Awful. It’s not WPR. It’s this terrible app.
This app inexplicably drops the stream every few minutes. When it picks up, you are treated to a sponsor message. The problem has always been there but has gotten progressively worse to the point this app is now practically unusable. My Alexa speaker has no problem streaming WPR with no interruptions on the same WIFI and other streaming apps have no problem on my iPhone. This proves the issue is this poorly performing app. I am buying a small FM radio for work.
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1 year ago, lllunita
Can’t find local news stream anymore
The app was changed recently and I no longer can easily listen to the live morning edition or weekend edition shows. I have to navigate multiple steps to the website. Inconvenient! I listen every day there should be an east way to tune in
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7 years ago, Existentialista2
Pause from the lock screen fixed
Thank you for fixing the pause from the lock screen. I wish I could still see what's playing now, from the home screen.
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6 years ago, Pudgepudgeesq
Ideas Network
I’ve always been a fan of WPR. They do a great job of coverage and staying as unbiased as possible. Their programs are amazing. I’ve been a sustainer for a year now and I can’t think of a better way to spend hours in a day.
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2 years ago, ajholik
Great app!!
One of the better public radio apps out there. I like that I can listen to all three public radio stations, and also read news articles from both WPR and NPR.
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5 years ago, GregCusack43
Beautiful always!
Although we now live in Portland, Oregon, I got hooked on Wisconsin Public Radio when we lived in NE Iowa for 9 years. Is supported them now, and I still do. Thanks to this app, we can still enjoy their programming from 2,000 miles away!
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7 years ago, 1000laurie
Had been enjoying it until now
I moved away from Wisconsin but I continue to donate to WPR because I listen to some of the programming on the app, like old time radio drama. I've had to restart the app three Times & now I'm asked to enter a review before I can listen to the show. Still hoping this latest upgrade turns into something worthwhile. 🤞🏻
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6 years ago, mary_roses2007
Great update
The updated version works much better than the previous one, less buffering and issues with connectivity. I love being able to listen to WPR where ever I am!
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3 years ago, Usopp
Easy to use
I had a classical music app subscription, but felt like it is the same as donating to my local classical NPR, so that. I always enjoy opening it up and enjoying what playing. And hear new things. Nice.
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4 years ago, kc9ts
Works well for me
I find the app easy to use, and it works well for me as a way to listen to WPR or just catch up on the news headlines. (I still think radio belongs on the FM and AM bands, but that is another topic altogether.)
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7 years ago, Sewquilted
I have been listening to WPR on my phone since it became available. Every time there are changes there are problems. I try to open the app and it closes. This happens many times in a row. This is very frustrating. WPR/NPR are my favorite news sources but this needs to be fixed.
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4 years ago, Anj61
A link to the outside
Love the app, especially now that we are Safer at Home for the next month. Gives me a link to the world with my favorite radio network from a place I don’t get great reception!
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3 years ago, Davin Pickell
Just (doesn’t) keep going
If an alarm goes off on my phone, either I have to start all over again with the app or at the very least I have to tell it to resume playing. Could do better.
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3 years ago, kkflo00177
Great content, frustrating bugs
Nice mix of written and radio features. I wish there was a state news list that was more robust. Often crashes during morning and evening news. Like, very often.
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5 years ago, ddd_bbb
Simple interface needs tweaks
The WPR app is fairly easy to navigate and find desired content. Some areas are designed for discovery. Crashes or freezes happen too often / hacking??
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6 years ago, Mrcollinsmediateach
I love the on demand feature
This is a great app. I don’t always catch my favorite shows at the time they’re on, so the on demand feature this app offers is excellent.
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7 years ago, ebork
Not a fan of the extra step
I’d prefer it default to Listen Live rather than to News. I use the app to listen, not read. Other than that it works fine.
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6 years ago, STHK
A Great Balance, and Always something there to listen to...
A great companion when old school radios are not nearby and excellent on vacation to be entertained and keep up with the world in an objective way.
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6 years ago, Der Förster
Wanted to Love it -- But Disappointed
The basic design seems clean and intuitive, but there seems little interest in fixing two serious issues. The app often simply quits for no discernable reason. It's not ad-free - there are 'thank you's to sponsors' that are ill-timed, invariably cutting off parts of news stories. Fortunately there are other, more thoughtful public radio stations with good apps.
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2 years ago, Cc cv v van
Love the app
Great for Wisconsinites who are living in other states and want to keep up with home state news and shows.
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4 years ago, Shel H
So convenient!
No more radios in every room. My morning routine is streamlined because WPR is in my pocket. From coffee on the deck to feeding the pets and taking a shower, Morning Edition is always playing on the app.
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7 years ago, CdBzb
More is not always better
I find this new design confusing and cumbersome. It does not function any better in my experience than the last version technically. I seem to need several more steps to get to where I want to be in the app. The added bells and whistles are not music to my ears.
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7 years ago, Falk4
Bad update
Really disappointed in the update. There are too many steps to stream live shows. Also, the app turns off all the time. Hope you change it back or at least fix it in the future. I love WPR, I’m a member but I find myself looking for NPR apps that are more user friendly.
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4 years ago, Ltl Suamico
Like the app.
More options to get real information instead of the fake information on all the other sources.
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12 months ago, Jim Bob🙈
Love it
Love to be able to take WPR with me and to listen to things again later.
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6 years ago, meg13n
Not so great
I liked being able to search for topics across many public radio stations from different areas in the old app. Can’t seem to listen to live broadcast very easily. User interface is cumbersome. Not a fan of the home page either. Sorry :/
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3 years ago, HighIHateThisAoo
Completely Satisfied
Best source of news I’ve come around!
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6 years ago, jonreason
Almost great
Love it. However, when playing music and my Bluetooth headphones disconnect, the sound starts playing from the speakers, which not everyone wants to hear, and is embarrassing. Heaving earbuds in, sometimes I’m the last to know 😕
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7 years ago, SuperiorRanger
Love the app!
Love the app! Just wish i could get local programming (like Radio Superior, that airs on Friday nights when I have to work) over it as well.
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5 years ago, andiek11
Easy app for great radio
App is efficient n easy to navigate. WPR is a great station with listening options for all ages and interests. Love the valences programming is today’s decisive world.
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3 years ago, wpr lover
Great app
Incredibly intuitive and focuses on providing you the information.
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3 years ago, wolfbur
WPR rocks!
WPR app work perfectly and the news and information is as informative, interesting and reliable as always.
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5 years ago, hungryforbrains
Easy to use and listen to my favorite WPR shows.
I love being able to listen to NPR/WPR. All of my favorite shows are as they are on the dial.
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4 years ago, Brucecory
Good for live radio
The rest looks well organized, but I use it mainly for live broadcast, which works very well.
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6 years ago, GeorgeCostanzasWallet
3 clicks to listen??
I don't mean any ill will to WPR (love you folks!) but the app isn't great. In order to listen to either the classical or talk network, one must make Three clicks. That's crazy. No one should have to click three small links just to start a radio station on an app that IS A RADIO STATION. Thanks, love you
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