3.4 (110)
47.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wisconsin

3.43 out of 5
110 Ratings
8 years ago, mcjourneybest
Needs public safety access
Would be useful to have public safety access numbers at front page level
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4 years ago, Not a Chump
Great and getting better!
There are so many pieces to this app, many of which merit 5 stars. The UW directory allows Eau rollover into my iOS contacts. While I have the choice of several Metro bus apps, this one is the best, providing real-time information with the easiest user interface. The MyUW and Canvas both provide the vital gateways to all UW classes and information. I could go on, but you get the idea; an essential app for anybody in the UW community. BTW, when I’ve encountered bugs, somebody from support actually responds and fixes it.
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2 months ago, duchapeau
Hijacks your phone
I accidentally hit this app, which I had already downloaded long ago. Immediately questions about location and notifications came up, and I didn’t want to answer any of them, since I hit the app by accident. The pop-up questions hijacked my phone and I couldn’t do anything (get out of the app or even do a hard shut down) until I answered the questions. I hate apps that do this and I don’t tolerate it. App deleted.
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7 years ago, Not news friendly
News is hard to navigate/read
Was looking for a place to read/peruse UW news other than via email.... this is not it. Background photo makes it difficult to read the text, and there isn't one category that allows you to scroll through ALL news stories, which is desirable since news stories often could be categorized multiple ways.
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7 years ago, Soccerpolska
Terrible Bus App
The bus app is inferior to other alternatives. Besides the unfriendly ui, the real-time bus tracking fails to update quick enough to be useful and often lists buses that never actually arrive or have long-since departed. UW Bus and Transit MDR offer faster, more accurate tracking that rarely have these errors. I highly recommend those alternatives to students who are tired of being late.
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8 years ago, Abcdeer
Where are all bus stops???
Did you guys just delete all bus stops from the bus map?? Why can't I find any bus stop near campus? That was the only function that I was using in this app!
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8 years ago, That guy 123456
Decent for the Bus
Crashes occasionally and not the fastest, but has some good features.
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3 years ago, bedixamanwa
Can’t send email using wisc account
I am not able to send email from my wisc email account using the app, because the “send” button doesn’t fit the screen. Should be an easy fix, no?
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7 years ago, mike1992_xu
review for Wisconsin App
Very useful for UW students, and also for Wisconsin residents. I use the real-time bus schedule a lot. Really precise.
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8 years ago, jameslundgren
Great app in the making...
Would absolutely be five stars if it rotated to landscape mode. Other than that this is a well done app for UW-Madison. On Wisconsin!
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8 years ago, Buckysbuddy
Bus app stinks
This metro bus app used to be very helpful and easy to use. Now you can't view bus stops without selecting an individual route. It's disappointing that they've ruined this part of the app; it's the only part most people used.
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4 years ago, I go to MADISON
Terrible app
It crashes all the time. It would not even let me click on anything without kicking me out.
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7 years ago, WiscMe
THE Bus app to have!
Finally, a bus app that works in real time!!!
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9 years ago, FrequentBusRider
It Works, Most of the Time
The times when the bus arrive are accurate. The only issue with the app is that it doesn't always know where you are at. If you know your stop, you can still find the arrival time. I think this app should be updated more frequently.
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10 months ago, LJ Fiddler
Stuck in portrait mode
I swear this app used to work on my iPad either in portrait or landscape - now it’s only portrait? Seriously hinders its functionality for my setup.
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5 years ago, G123321123
Joke of a mobile app
It’s basically safari. Not mobile friendly in the least
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5 years ago, Gr8Ayeee
Campus map arbitrary
The campus map is in some weird 3rd party map extension? Why not use google maps or Apple maps? This would be much more immersive and helpful
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2 years ago, I will not tell u my name
It crashes allllll the time. I can’t do anything on it.
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5 years ago, gwhooty
Loads too slow
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9 years ago, cagi
Avoid upgrade if you care about bus schedules
I used this app predominantly for bus schedules, and the new app is pretty darn awful for that purpose. There is a lot more functionality in this version (somebody said Learn@UW for example), so if you care about those, that's good, I guess. I used the campus map as well, which makes searching for places pretty easy, but the map itself is not made for browsing, as you cannot click on the stuff you see (buildings, bus stops) and get information. The directory search seems useful, as well. I like how they allowed clicking on a campus address, which shows that address on the campus map, although it seems it doesn't always work: Science Hall is not on top of Bascom Hill, for example. The whole thing does look quite a lot prettier compared to the last version, if pretty is important for you. Kudos for the effort. I hope you get to fix things fast before these reviews come flooding in. But at this moment, from this particular user, for the noticeable drop you caused in his standard of living you get a single star. I'd roll back to ver.1 if I could...
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14 years ago, wstrinz
Excellent, some suggestions
I really like the app, and I think I'll be using it frequently. A few suggestions: it would be nice to be able to search for all the bus stops in a given map area, whether or not you're nearby. Second, I hope real time bus routes will be added eventually, because that would make this app amazing and possibly newsworthy. If not that, then at least have to option to be taken to the realtime tracker site when you look up schedules. Finally it'd be nice if the schedule page was embedded in the app, instead if having to launch the web browser separately.
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13 years ago, Stettman
Great App! Future suggestion
Good app, especially since it launched last December of 2010. My suggestion in ver 1.2 or next major one is if it's possible for real time tracking for buses and if you could include Badger Bus times. Ill be traveling back home to Milwaukee so it would be nice to view it all in one. Also if possible, rework the customization of the map, it seem to use the generic googlemaps/mapquest. Just have a customizable map of the UW campus as a whole rather than the outskirts and whatnot. Other than that, great start looking forward to the next update!
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10 years ago, breadwords
Slick, quick, easy to use
This is approximately a ten-fold increase in the quality of the app, both in terms of user interface and ease of use. I disagree with the review stating they can only use buses by route; they obviously didn't zoom in on the map to see that they can now access any stop in Madison no matter where they are without even having to search for the stops around them. The bus interface is beautiful, MyUW is gorgeous, and HALLELUJAH Learn@UW finally joins the group. I'm very pleased with this update; my compliments to the development team.
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13 years ago, Jengaworld
Great real-time bus info
I use the app almost solely for the bus feature, which is terrific. One can search for the nearest bus stop(s) and see the next 4 buses scheduled. Even cooler: toggle from "Scheduled" to "Real Time" to when the bus will *actually*arrive (great for delays). The page with the bus times is in a microscopic font and the page can't be enlarged, which reduced my rating by one star. But otherwise this is even better than Metro's real-time bus tracker, because the UW app shows info by stop, including multiple bus lines.
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14 years ago, jrdave2304
Only thing that makes me mad...
is that this wasn't around when I was a student. Everything about this app is great, especially considering it's v1.0. I can see Directory being quite handy for group projects and quickly finding a professor/TA email. Search a last name, choose the result you want and you have the email address and . Works exactly how you'd expect it to. The Buses feature will be very useful to anyone that, well, uses the bus line; drops a pin at each bus stop and gives arrival times. It's not realtime, but letting that affect my rating would just be me expecting far too much out of a FREE app. Every other feature works as stated in the description above. Very useful and recommended!
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9 years ago, Dudley Lamming
Bring back the bus
As a faculty member at SMPH I have depended upon the UW app to get around campus using the wonderful Madison bus system. I am very disappointed by the new bus app - the small space for scrolling and the new location screen zooms way to far out. I hope the developers take the many negative comments to heart and restore much of the look and feel of the former version. While the new version brings back stops near me - making it much more useful - it still wastes half the screen on a map of the bus stop when accessed from favorites. I know where my favorite stops are, I want to be able to see a full listing of buses!
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10 years ago, Das Hans
New version useless for bus
I used to use this app all the time for my bus commute. But now the pretty new redesign only displays ONE bus per stop for real time GPS arrival times. If you're waiting at a bus stop that serves multiple bus lines, you can't see the arrival times for any bus but the next one to arrive, which is useless unless that just happens to be the bus line you're waiting for. Timing what time to leave the house becomes possible with this app now. Hopefully this will be corrected in future versions, but for now an app called "UWB" will do the job.
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9 years ago, Spare yourself the frustration
Terrible for bus info
The new upgrade is awful for the bus app. The layout forces you to choose which bus line you want and makes it difficult to choose the bus stop near you. Also, the times were accurate and now I will open the app and it will have the next three buses (over the course of 45 min) all showing up at the same time. The real time bus information is no longer accurate. If I could, I'd give zero stars for layout and accuracy. DO NOT UPGRADE if the bus information is important to you!
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9 years ago, Kraksauce
Bus Functionality Seriously Downgraded
I am really missing the old version of the bus times for this app. While this version is upgraded for other aspects of the app, 95% of the reason I used this was for the bus times. Now the times a relegated to a tiny portion of the screen so you can only see the next 3 busses at a time. Plus with this version there is an error and no times available an inordinate amount. Overall, very frustrating! Hoping for a patch to fix these problems soon...
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14 years ago, Weeezzzzy24
On Wisconsin
This the best app on in the whole app store and any Badger fan will agree and say the same... Soooo much info to go through makes me wish I was back at Wandos or maybe the KK watching the Badgers play I wonder if Echo Tap is on here it must be because it is sooo awesome On Wisconsin!!!
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11 years ago, eastermonster
Great app!
I use this everyday. The bus feature is real-time, which is incredibly useful, especially in bad weather. Also appreciate the "open now" feature on the library section.
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9 years ago, BeckmanModelE
Good potential
Not bad currently. Library info is handy. Gets hung too often using some features and map is quirky. Really need the map to display reliably. Looking forward to improvements in the exist tool set instead of advancing graphics any further.
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13 years ago, sterling_anderson
I recently moved and started riding the bus to campus every day. This app makes finding times to catch the bus much easier. The athletics section is great too. A great place to find schedules.
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11 years ago, Mrpbn7
Great for the bus schedule
I use this app primarily to check on the "real time" bus schedule. It's almost always accurate - and I can search for nearby bus stops when I'm off of my normal route.
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14 years ago, SpiDeY~
Nice Application.. :)
Easy way to connect with the Campus. It gives all information about Bus Stops, Sports news, Upcoming events, Videos..!! My UW (Wisc Acct) is missing.. Hope they add it in the next update.!
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14 years ago, Nvsule
Great app but needs some improvements
This is an amazing app. Very helpful. Good work by the UW communications. It needs some improvements which I'm sure will come in upgrades.
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8 years ago, marloalre
Good for the basics
The MyUW & Learn@UW links are good for regular stuff like checking grades, schedules, pay stubs, logging hours, Student Center, etc. Quick and easy mobile-friendly way of doing regular stuff. Don't really use it for anything else.
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10 years ago, Kirksss
Lefty-friendly for the next update
New design is very nice. However, the home button should be able to switch to the left side of the screen, so lefties can reach easily.
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8 years ago, Nickname miao
Why update?
Used to be so useful. With every update, just becoming worse-slower, crash, etc. Now packed with functions but NON is working on my iPad with iOS 9. Why do they update it just to destroy it? Do the developers ever look at the reviews here and realize how disappointed people are? Wish I could get the good old version back. A university developed app, what an embarrassment
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14 years ago, iluvmacs408
Almost perfect
Needs retina display support as others have noted. More importantly, it would super fantastic if it pulled down the live Madison Metro bus times. Metro's web interface for it is kludgy...
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13 years ago, Badgerstudent
Great app for bus riders
Very nicely designed app, especially the real time bus tracker. This is a fantastic app for checking on bus status around campus! Works great
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12 years ago, Sassi_Cassi04
Currently working!
I was hesitant to download the app because of previous reviews but since Apple's iOS 6 update, this is the easiest (and most reliable) bus route source!
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12 years ago, christina_kk
real time buses not working again!!
I cannot use the buses "real time" after the newest update! Please fix the bug! I like the real time buses function a lot!
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13 years ago, Xinjue Yu
Awesome ! But if it has live bus track it'll be even better. Cause it's really a pain waiting for bus in the winter of Wisconsin.
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8 years ago, 22spitzname22
update: why is this app such a PoS?
uninstalling right now. my frustration and rage has reached its limit. how can you continue to offer such an awful app?! nothing will load! no bus times for at least two days now, it just returns an error no matter what i try (restart, connecting with wifi vs mobile data, etc.). I HATE THIS APP WITH THE BURNING FIRE OF A THOUSAND VENGEFUL SUNS.
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9 years ago, aj12331
App crashes most of the time.
I really only use it to keep track of bus times, but 9 out of 10 times the all just crashes, or it just won't load. It's helpful when it is working though.
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11 years ago, Gomer63
I couldn't use it. When I hit an icon on the app's home screen it immediately crashed. I tried several times to use it, but it always crashed. Update: Installed the latest update. It still crashes when I click on Athletics. Try again.
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14 years ago, victorwi
Incredibly useful
Great app for anyone affiliated with UW-Madison. The directory feature alone makes this a worthwhile download.
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14 years ago, Iphond
So clutch. On Wisconsin
Awesome app. Really glad that there's an app for UW and its super convenient to have everything I need for UW in one app.
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14 years ago, Mel in Stevens Point
Great App!!!
Wish I had this back when I was a student!! Love the events listings!
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