WISN 12 News - Milwaukee

4.5 (3.1K)
122.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WISN 12 News - Milwaukee

4.46 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, MisMgmt
Great cast/horrible broadcast via iPad
I truly enjoy watching the news on 12news. The cast is awesome (I will miss seeing Sally in the early a.m.!) and the news is mostly unbiased politically, which I definitely appreciate! But the broadcast and repetitive commercials are awful. The broadcast itself is very glitchy and it cuts out for no reason also. A smooth broadcast day is rare. Someone should pay more attention to the streaming broadcasts and make sure they’re cleaned up. It’s the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars. Great news casters, dependable weather reports, and love the traffic helicopter reports! (Matt should get the gravely voice checked by a doctor.)
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4 years ago, Darnfella
Best streaming app for local Milwaukee TV stations
#1 in my book for comprehensive and accurate weather forecast. Sally-#1, she’s been amazingly on top of her game for years. Her impending “retirement“ is not something I’m looking forward to and I hope she not getting pushed out due to female ageism. #2 Broadcast streaming is fine, I hope ABC and WISN will focus more $ into this part of the app as we consumers want to “eat” our news on demand and not shove national or other cities news stories mixed in (it gets confusing) when consumers would like local information. The economy is good. The advertising costs enough, you are cutting salary budgets by reducing tenured staff, there should be the ability to get more beat reporters
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4 years ago, chopchop lovin' it!
Coming Out of the Closet...We See You!
I have been watching channel 12 for decades and I have finally realized just how “left leaning politically” your news people are...especially Joyce Garbaciak...she’s very good at her broadcasting skill but her bias and liberalism shows through...would love to see her express how “proud and honored” she is to interview President Trump like she proclaimed about Obama...don’t watch your news or ABC programs like Good Morning America, the past 90 plus days of coverage of the riots and destruction in democratic run cities, like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Kenosha anymore because of it...oh, that’s right, you didn’t show that from the beginning...that is until the Republicans outed you liberals and socialistic wanna be’s ...I just watch General Hospital on ABC because I have to...and that’s only until some other network picks it up! Shame on you...USA USA KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!
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5 years ago, SusieQSusieQ
Improving with fewer video ads
I’ve noticed that sometimes there are fewer video ads and ads don’t auto play often now. It used to wake my husband up hen all of a sudden an ad would randomly play. Appreciate not having to watch an entire ad before all news videos now and the ability to skip ads, so I don’t have to watch the same ads over and over. Thank you for heading in the right direction.
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6 years ago, bd5400
Ads and Push Alerts Are an Issue
WISN is generally my preferred source in Milwaukee however using the app is a chore sometimes. Often, stories that come in via notifications aren’t yet available in the app unless you specifically go through the notification. If you see a notification come in while you’re doing something else you can’t finish your task and then head to the app. You have to head to your notifications and access it that way or else you won’t find the story. The app also constantly pauses your music in order to play ads, even when you aren’t trying to view a video. It’s incredibly frustrating that you can’t read news stories and listen to your music at the same time.
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9 months ago, Fireflyinthesky08
Notifications no longer work
I have had the Channel 12 app for years. I admit sometimes I got a little annoyed at the volume of notifications they sent out, especially if it was something silly like a human interest story that had been airing all week. I guess I got my wish for fewer notifications when they just stopped altogether. I can’t get weather or news. I tried reinstalling the app, nothing. The settings are set to weather, local and national news. Absolutely nothing. I had to download Channel 4’s app to get notifications and now use theirs more often. I can’t figure out what went wrong.
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7 years ago, Quagmire_1
Disappointed and annoyed by the newest updates.
WISN is my preferred option for news and entertainment and I used to love the old app. Now, there are far too many pop up ads, ads that play automatically, and too many meaningless news alerts. I wish there was a way to choose which I’d like to receive. Additionally, when I do see a news alert that I’d like to read more completely, I swipe to do so and not only does the news alert disappear, I can’t find it listed in the app! Even when you put the subject in the search field, nothing.
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7 years ago, New Pastime
Love the update!
Love this app and your weather app, too. I love the ability to get updates on breaking news. Sometimes just enough to read the headline, but always have option to read entire report. Update: still 5 stars, but if I had to share a gripe, it might be the 10 sec ads before each video. I understand its revenue. Would be nice though to have an option to skip after 5 seconds. If I try to catch up on various videos, it gets quite annoying. Thought of one other gripe: getting the audible alert after one is asleep. Very seldom happens. (I think one had to do with an awards show result!) I don't want to silence my phone, but would like to have an option to silence the WISN audible alert per a schedule, like from 11pm until 7am.
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7 years ago, bfliss
Unstable and getting worse (unusable)
App used to be nice. Now ad videos auto play while just scrolling. Annoying when you reading news in bed and you wake your spouse with annoying noise. Before you can watch a small 15 second clip, you have to watch a 30 second commercial. The commercials that you click on, at least you know will play sound....except they don't. Lol. The companies paying for ads are wasting money. As of today, the app crashes 3 seconds after opening. Deleted app, cookies, etc, rebooted, reinstalled...still crashing. Just keeps getting worse. Gonna try other news sources besides hearst.
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4 years ago, loony50
Needs to be current!
Would love to see the news updated with some frequency! Especially on weekend. Check news and weather and they are sometimes almost 24 hrs old especially on the week end. That’s not NEWs! It’s old. Newscaster’s personalities are great, but need some work on the issues of a few “talking through their noses”. A little speech therapy would certainly up their game in the industry, especially since their actual presentation is great otherwise. Please teach Eden how to say Wauk-e-sha! It’s not Wauk-sha!
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4 years ago, twixt17
Could use editing.
Love the TV station and watch every day. The printed news needs lots of editing. (Missing words, etc) Plus I can’t stand that so many sentences are cut off so that I can never see the ending that should give pertinent information. Also the website uses all my phone WiFi within minutes. Other news sites don’t do that.
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4 days ago, Lucky12500
Your reporter on the police shooting at 14th and Vliet is disgusting and way beyond “reporting”. The reporter “Nick” remarking that the police intimidated the suspect and that the suspect did not drop the knife because he may not have heard the cops. The reporter was not there for the confrontation so how can he make these accusatory remarks? What would he do if two angry men came at him with knives? Police are always being tried and convicted by local news without the benefit of gathering the facts. When a suspect fires at cops the reporters always refer to him as the alleged shooter. One side inflammatory reporting only adds to the difficulty of thes situations.
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4 years ago, Irritated + 1
My first choice but...
Channel 12 is my first choice for tv news and the great weather team, and I prefer the app for the weather report. The “but” is for the infuriating interruption of articles by ads which block the end of sentences. This happens often enough that I find myself regularly switching to other local news apps to get the complete story with completed sentences.
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3 years ago, TriciaTLC
More updates needed
It seems that the exact same stories are on four 10 or more hours. In addition, the focus of news is limited to the Milwaukee area. It would be nice if WISN coverage could be expanded to include more news from Small communities in SE Wisconsin and refresh with more frequent updates or new stories.
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3 years ago, Sam from You
Your coverage of most of the news is one sided and biased. Not so much local but when it comes to the dems and repubs you are most certainly extremely biased. Your job is to truthfully report the news to us. Don’t spin it, don’t ad your commentary just give us the news. Don’t try to push us to feel one way or the other. Just report the news and let us the readers/viewers decide on our own what we should take away from it.
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5 years ago, Luann98
I like the convenience of having the app to glance at quick news stories, but when a notification headline is sent...I can never find that news story, even seconds after it’s broadcast. Occasionally, I find one interesting and would like to read it right away, so I end up scrolling through the whole headline page and it isn’t there. Please fix that. I shouldn’t have to spend five minutes of my day looking for an alert headline that isn’t there. Thank you.
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6 years ago, EarlyQuiet
Early morning forecast
I used to ride early and quietly watch your 345 am video weathercast so as not to wake my wife and take the dog out for his first walk. Now you start it with a rather loud auto dealers’ ad at an hour when no one will be out car shopping. Do you think you could just keep it to a printed ad before about 6 am? It would help keep peace at my household.
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3 years ago, GFlashy
Top Notch!
This is definitely my top pick for my daily news! Only reason for not getting five stars, is that I have noticed that some of your reporters, not to be named, throw the word “a” multiple times within their sentences. Honestly, I don’t even believe it’s a cover for the word “umm”. Once you start hearing it you can’t stop. It’s kind of annoying.
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5 years ago, Rosie Bush🌹
Love WISN news!
Love watching the news on wisn and the crew is amazing. I like the way they interact with eat other and joke around at times. I don’t like the way they changed the weather on the app. It use to be easier to check up coming weather and definitely miss it being in color!
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5 years ago, ClareKJ
Cumbersome app
I wish it wouldn’t be so difficult to get to a story that was worthy of an alert! Music stops - and when I go the the app, the story is not there! Also I really loved the standalone weather app. It used to be a better setup all around. If I have more steps to go through to get to content - especially content that WISN felt was worthy of interruption - then shouldn’t I be able to find it?!!!
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7 years ago, 4julia
Too many ads
An ad for every story makes me not want to use app! Understand it is a revenue source, but come on. Used to be able to deal with 15 second spots but the 30 seconds is a waste of my time. If I was interested in the products maybe, but car and attorneys-NO
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5 years ago, sunrise drifter
Missing Sally
Although I’m happy for Sally moving on to the next chapter of her life, I will truly miss her. I’ve watched Sally since she started with David Davis and started my family the same time she did. Maybe it is time for me to slow down and enjoy my life too. WISN does have the best meteorologist around.
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6 years ago, Lfriese
Latest update is buggy
I used to enjoy this app a lot, but the latest update is almost unusable. The pop up video ads are annoying enough, but on some pages the same ad pops up over and over again, and you get stuck in an endless loop. As soon as it closes it pops up again, and the only way out is to force close the app.
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4 years ago, Hghlndr76
Ads block articles
Been a fan of WISN for over 30 yrs, their app is the only news app I use. Usually a good article content, but the proliferation of ads in the articles is very annoying, especially when the ad interrupts an article, completely eliminating part of the article. An option to temporarily erase the offending ads would be greatly appreciated.
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3 years ago, judebad
Newsworthy station
Been listening to your station for many years have tried other news stations but your is the most informative we love it!!!!
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5 years ago, i atter10
Wish there were some Latinos as reporters,.news casters, meteorologist, etc. Some one that says we matter. Get tired of the only soap opera General Hospital being interrupt for breaking news, etc. Never another showing. The newscasters they have are fun to watch and have a good sense of humor, I enjoy them all.
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3 years ago, Fk1
Chanel 12
So far it's proves to Be good no technical problems while viewing . Thanks and News coverage is Good! And the weather, so Far! Thanks .Thanks !!! I am very thankful for for Chanel 12 I never new it was so very Good!!! Thank you!!! Keep it up!!!
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6 years ago, Bori575
Good for the most part
The app is fine for the most part. There are just times where I’m looking for a specific article and it’s very difficult to find through this Sarah champ. But other than that it is my preferred news app for local news.
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5 years ago, 2Mennos
WISN app
The app is great. Unfortunately the “Breaking News” seems to be Milwaukee City News focusing on the senseless shooting, killings, hit and run accidents involving personal injuries and similar. I now know which neighborhoods to stay away from. The viewing audience is much wider not just the city of Milwaukee.
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4 years ago, kmlMKE
Good App, less push notifications
I like this app. I want news alerts so I have push notifications turned on, but the alerts that get pushed need to be filtered/chosen better. Stick with breaking news only. Something small should not be pushed out. People can read about it on the app.
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5 years ago, Nogolfcart
Change to channel 12
I’ve been so impressed with the news coverage and unbiased reporting. Up to date and I can always rely on channel 12 chopper coverage. For anyone not watching channel you need to switch ASAP
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3 months ago, Phalygal
Really bad news highlights
I like to check up on the LOCAL news when I miss the broadcast. But their app is filled with so much junk and nonsense stories. Why add the all sponsored content, advertising stories? It’s a headache to navigate. I actually get my news now from the other two stations websites, cause this app is just is so unappealing. And I can get all the local news from them.
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5 years ago, oscarlbond
Only news TV or APP I watch!
I get up to either walk or go for strength training every morning around 5:30 am! I check the news and weather before heading out on WISN! Thanks for being there!!
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6 years ago, nonamelefttouse978
Overall decent
I prefer WISN for my news station, but I find the app slow to update. The weather is really behind sometimes where I get the video for the day before. Sometimes the audio doesn’t work either. Otherwise, I like having the app. -Just some areas of improvement.
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3 years ago, calli1031
Breaking news
I’m am tired of “Breaking News” when you have been talking about it for days. Your newscast is often repetitive. I always watch channel 12 for news and other things, but please reconsider these things.
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7 years ago, DisneyFreak1928
Disappointed in new format
I was a huge fan of the old app. This new format is much too difficult to find what I want, has WAY too many ads (some that flash and cause the onset of a migraine) and far, far too many notifications that I could care less about. I want my old app back. Now videos start to play when I'm trying to read a story. Getting very close to deleting this off my phone!!!
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4 years ago, doin'tknow
You have a outstanding crew on channel 12.i have been watching your station for over 46 years
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4 years ago, Jarh
Poorly Put Together and Written
I feel this site is filled with half written and inaccurate articles, often with critical information omitted. It seems they wanted to just have a site out there for name only without putting much effort into it. Sorry to feel this disappointed because they do such a good job on live TV.
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7 years ago, gosscharleen
Feed back.
I appreciate getting the news and app. It helps me keep informed what is going on in Wisconsin. I don’t live there but was born there and I miss it so much. Thanks for all your service and support. Charleen
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6 years ago, This game is not fun in a way
My go-to for news
Love this station and the app is great. My only suggestion is to have the the weather map automatically load. It is nice at a glance to be able to see what is headed our way.
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5 years ago, globe2see
It doesn’t rotate, doesn’t reflect the on-air news video feeds
It doesn’t have very good feed-back set ups. It says it’s being updated, but I think that is just the stories, not the actual app user-ability. And it’s user unfriendly when it comes to forwarding stories to others. Guess that keeps viewership down. It has stories still on it that are over a year old!
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5 years ago, EdgeMolly
Updates more frequent....
Would appreciate current updates....see some of the same items for too long. Also some additional current items in the news casts put on site. You are my go-to station!
Show more
4 years ago, racine reader
Forced to Listen to Ads
I like the news coverage. The problem is when you click on a particular item, you have to listen to 5 seconds of an ad. If there was a way to silence this feature, I would give 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Moni1003
Ever since this Global Pandemic was declared, WISN 12 has been my go-to place for the latest updates and news. I downloaded the App and set up the alerts. It gives me the power to be informed.
Show more
6 years ago, mickey65
Annoying app
Have to listen to an ad to get the news, so I google it for free. You give everything but the dew point, the old app had the dew point.
Show more
4 years ago, llpolk
Story Finding
While I enjoy the stories and breaking news, it can be very difficult to find. If I don’t click a story as soon as I get an alert it’s almost impossible to find.
Show more
4 years ago, 2014NC
I moved to North Carolina 6 years ago and still prefer the ap over local ones here. It is accurate, comprehensive for local and national news. Love it!
Show more
4 years ago, Ed Napier
Very Uplifting
Has a great overall view of the State and Communities it Serves . Great Variety and Uplifting News About people & Communities it serves ❗️Not Politically Correct and Always Bringing Good News To it’s Readers in The Community ✅
Show more
4 years ago, wisn listnet
The news stories are written show a direct bias against President Trump and other conservative individuals. WISN reveals virtually no negative stories on Joe Biden or family members. Where is the complete story on Hunter or Jim Biden? WISN’s president commentaries are very slanted toward the liberal ideals. If I am watching the station’s news show I am now changing the station before her presentations are completed.
Show more
11 months ago, Want-the-Truth
Keeps sending notifications even when off
Even though the only notification I have turned on is Weather, I am constantly getting notifications on other topics, including what they call breaking news. You can’t report the problem to them directly either. It takes you to their webpage where you need to call them or email them. It’s easier if I just uninstall it. The length and continuous bombardment of commercials is ridiculous. Nothing to see here. Time to move on to one of the competitors.
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