2.8 (114)
73.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WITN News

2.8 out of 5
114 Ratings
4 years ago, 003-L
Hate new live stream
I hate the changes to the live streaming. Yesterday took a bit to get it working. Today won’t work at all. Please put it back to what it was or I will have to change which news live stream I watch.
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2 years ago, CruzinChipGalDeliveries, LLC.
New to the area and disappointed.
Good Morning, we just moved here from Lincoln County, NC and so disappointed in this app. When we first started looking in the area, I didn’t even think about the news networks as a critical part of the area I had in consideration, I should have. When opening your App. it should take you to the headlines of the day!? I don’t want or need to jump through hoops to find out what’s going on and WHERE this is happening, again, NEW TO THE AREA(!), I haven’t lived here all my life, I have driven around hundreds of miles so I’m adventuring out but GPS can only do so much for me. I rely on learning the area from news reports and READING about the area online. When I do watch the news, I have chosen WITN to be the channel I watch because I loved news channel 36 in Charlotte and was hoping you would be about the same. The folks on the TV are very personable, I feel like they are just reading a script, it’s very different and I don’t like it. I think I’ll try a different one for awhile, at least a different APP. to see if any are easier to navigate. Thank you for your time.
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7 months ago, CorrieRL
Tired of intrusive ads
Like many other reviewers have noted, this app has gone downhill. Ads are a large part of my frustration, I understand they’re part if what keeps the app afloat, but there has to be a line. If I click a notification of a news briefing, I should be taken directly to that briefing. I should not have to sit there while a full page ad plays until the timer ends, then have to search through all of the news stories to find the one that should have been directly linked. I could handle ads on the article page, but having to wait only to then have to find the story myself, ridiculous. The separate app for weather is also annoying, but I could get over it. The point of the app is to make it easier for people who aren’t able to watch the scheduled broadcasts, but it feels like the app is designed with a focus on being most beneficial towards their advertisers, not the people using the app.
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1 year ago, therealbassman
Clunky and intrusive app
WITN is the slightly big fish is a very small pond in eastern NC television news, the best news station by default. But this app…ugh! Clunky and annoying. Video ads pop up when you try and check headlines and you have to completely close the app to shut them down. Cumbersome, amateurish. The app used to be mediocre. They redesigned it, making me yearn for the good old days of mediocrity. As bad as WNCT is as a news outlet, U I think I’m going to give their app a test drive just to be rid of the thing.
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6 years ago, Rp2940
Issues I have with this app
I have several issues with this app. The first one being that WITN only uses Associated Press as their source their non-local news, which also includes their bias and opinions from AP. The ratio of non-local to local news seems way out of proportion. You could simply install the AP app instead for most of the content WITN provides here. My biggest gripe is the fact they have removed the ability to post/read comments within their app. Even though my IQ dropped a little each time when I could read them. However, it was always entertaining.
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6 years ago, wont watch no more
I’ve been watching WITN for many many years ..... that said I am soooo disappointed with y’all to the point I will never ever again turn to your news an I’m removing your app ‼️I am from Warsaw ‼️ I am not commenting on the WH insident but I am commenting on YOUR report of it 😡 you chose one small part of all the video of it to show the public OVER AN OVER AN OVER 😡 our mayor an law enforcement are good people ❣️ but after this week of your news seems you had rather pick the side of thugs ‼️😡‼️ so long you belong in that same file 🙋🏻
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1 year ago, Steve 9a1
App not loading on Wi-Fi. Works fine on cellular data.
This issue started with the latest update last week. All other apps and internet usage is normal on Wi-Fi except this app. Both my iPad and iPhone are having this issue. All software is updated.
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8 months ago, Nelzer75
I understand the business model need for ads and ad revenue but to have a full page add play at full volume (often not even in English )when a user clicks on your app says 2 things: 1) you value whoever clicks on your app more as a potential revenue source than a member of the community who wants news And 2) you’re just wasting everyone’s time when you play an ad that isn’t even presented in a language the app user may or may not speak. Please stick to reporting the news using banner ads or embedded ads or allow the user to opt out of the full volume, full screen ads.
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7 years ago, Freedom OF Religion
They don’t post church closings for weather
Apparently, I thought this was a decent app until I learned that they are not posting closings for the local religious organizations. If you are going to post closings for businesses, schools, and community organizations, you should also post closings for religious organizations when the weather is inclement. Yes, I am talking about churches and synagogues. I will be deleting the WITN app and using the WNCT app from now on. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
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1 year ago, Prrthead
Where’s the weather?
This app used to be a one-stop shop for news and weather. It worked well because often I’d go to check weather and end up scanning news. Now there is no weather on the app. They want you to download a completely separate app just for weather. Sorry, not doing that. I’ll just use WNCT’s app that does both.
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2 years ago, Carwyn Blue
Very unstable
Constantly tweaking and retweaking this app leads to a very unstable and unusable app. Taking forever to load and then often get a white screen. Developer doesn’t know when to just leave well enough alone. Other local news apps for the area are better designed and more reliable. This app is total junk.
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3 years ago, weezenbo
The full page ads are ridiculous
The full page ads that pop up in spanish with no x to be able to close out are ridiculous. This has been my favorite local news app but if I can’t get to it what’s the point?
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4 years ago, CathyT
Please go back to the previous format (but with correct spelling)
I don’t like the format WITN just changed to on June 19. I thought I was reading something on Facebook and it was difficult to read.
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6 years ago, agman73
Why does your weather forecast contradict itself? The daily forecast on the app is different than the 8 day forecast and they are on the same page. How can you forecast a 20% rain chance for a given day and you simply scroll down to see a 80% chance on your 8 day forecast for the same day.
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7 years ago, Soberbelle
Stupid ads
I don't know what's going on but every time I go to your site I get an ad that I cannot get rid of. I want to see the news all I see is an ad. That makes me not want to visit your site and it certainly does not make me want to check out whatever's being advertised. I don't know what's going on but that needs to go away.
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4 years ago, Rhonda Dunn
Local news
This is the worst news app. They do not update their information. Especially during difficult times. We have a crisis in the country right now (the corona virus) and they can’t even keep the facts updated. It is better to google corona virus update in NC because they can’t keep up to date.
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8 years ago, Fordman87
Home Page Priority
Main page had direct links to headlines, weather, local, etc. That functionality is now gone. The headlines page is now jumbled with no clear order ( breaking, chronological, etc).
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2 years ago, NC Queenie
No local news…
Great idea for an app, but the news stories aren’t local at all, and aren’t any of our actual headlines. Just clickbait articles about places three hours away. And yes, I have my location enabled and settings correct.
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1 year ago, Blanketview
Hard to find weather radar
I used to be able to easily find current and future radar for the weather. Too difficult to find now.
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5 years ago, rustyporkchop
WITN app
So much better than that other tv station in Greenville. Very fresh and informative
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1 year ago, carterl3
App not working
This had been working fine until recently when I get a message that I had no internet connection. Funny all the rest of my work fine.
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1 year ago, Abundant Joy
Switches to Spanish
I have had to delete and re-install the WITN news app twice recently because it suddenly switches to Spanish and has no way to restore English. I don’t speak Spanish.
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1 year ago, 5202wolfpacker
You are the only news app that has a loud Spanish advertisement that one has to listen to before accessing the news portion.
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1 year ago, Sue's Iphone 4
App was working fine up until a week ago, now the only way it works is to turn off WiFi. Weather App works fine with WiFi on. Very confusing.
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6 years ago, Lilysgram
Love the app but it’s so aggravating
Every time I tap news it kicks the app off! Still does the same thing. About ready to drop it..aka delete it!!
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12 months ago, janedoey2016
No Weather in App
They expect you to download 2 different apps; one for the news and one for weather. That is perhaps one of the most asinine things I’ve ever seen! I’m sticking with WNCT.
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8 months ago, DXB15
Too many ads
I used to use this, but now every time I open it an ad takes over my screen. It’s gone now - good riddance!!
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3 years ago, NoineySpoon
App doesn’t work at all
After updating the app, it won’t load at all. Uninstalling unless this is fixed.
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3 years ago, Throughwithit
App won’t even open
App will only load and never open, when u try to email them, it says it’s spam.
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3 years ago, LexEllie08
Doesn’t work after update today
App keeps crashing. Please fix.
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8 months ago, 123PeppaC
The initial ads are too long. They need to be removed.
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4 years ago, breal0607
The weather forecast needs to read the date instead of “day” and “night”.
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4 years ago, AWA65
Stupid app
As soon as you look at a story on this app it crashes after you go out of the story. Y’all need to get this fixed right, I’m deleting it for good and going to WNCT TV APP
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3 years ago, edgyv zswegjoiy
Too much spam here
WITN news flashes appear to be just hooks to get applicants to click on sensational sponsored ads. Thinking about deleting the app
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6 years ago, Smthjazz_74
Unstable and Boring
This app like to crash a lot. Especially if you want to play a video of a story. Additionally WITN has discontinued the comments section on it's stories. Ashame cause it was a staple of their app.
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3 years ago, FreckleFace139
App won’t open
App keeps crashing and won’t open
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4 years ago, plutusi-is-scaming
Biased news
Biased news. Alot of negative comments seems a bit one sided to what they think.
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5 years ago, Cheryl E Love
Use to love App!
When it froze up I deleted and reinstalled..... now will not open at all!!
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7 years ago, Pebbzs
Needs work
My mom relies on your app and it freezes everyday. Please fix this. It's a pain.
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4 years ago, 69goingon70
Does not work
Cannot get app to open
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3 years ago, Yahoo doesn't listen
WITN liberal platform
There is a reason they stopped accepting feedback.
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4 years ago, mop132
To much bias
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8 years ago, Twaters0197
What happened to the widget?
This is a good local news app, and I like the simple display of the weather. It had a good widget, too, but that has stopped working. Fix that, and this is a definite 4 and maybe a 5 star.
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8 years ago, Ethan lane .
The app crashes when I tap on it and sometimes it works and sometimes it don't when it works sometimes the screen will glitch
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11 years ago, Eubanksl
Thank you!!!
I have been waiting for this update!!!!! Great app no what the headlines stay put when returning from article!!!
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8 years ago, Colonelady
Not user friendly
We have a second home in eastern North Carolina so I downloaded the app to keep up with news and weather. The weather reports are for my home town not the vacation area and I receive a notification, I don't know what it is for.
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8 years ago, V3093
Location change
Like the app but would like to see gps "while using", not "always"
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9 years ago, Sepps227
Eh barely okay
App freezes regularly and works when it wants too. Occasionally it will freeze my entire phone and I have to either wait or just turn off the screen. When it works it's great but that's sparingly
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10 years ago, Dev1234567890
Pretty good
Only thing is the sometimes weird looking news story descriptions. Otherwise good.
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8 years ago, JR_in_NC
not news friendly
Unless there is a setting I'm missing, easy access to news was replaced with weather. Multiple clicks are now needed to access news. I don't like the new format.
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