WIVB News 4 - Buffalo

4.6 (11.5K)
63.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WIVB News 4 - Buffalo

4.57 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
4 years ago, jeste130
Love you guys, have a question for you. The Gov is searching for the reason for the rice on COVID-19 rates in Erie County try this. How about all the long lines in Amherst during the early voting period. People in lines waiting 2 or 3 hours tend to get closer together passing the time and the period of time fits his exposer times. Maybe he should ask the state board of Elections why they didn’t carry thru on his early suggestion of mailing ballots to all registered voters. He mentioned it 3 or 4 days in a row. Instead he got a system designed to fail with a one voting place per town and long lines in the largest towns. Example during early vote Amherst, and all others had one place to Vote but on Election Day voters had 29 locations and no lines. In fact Al Vaughters interviewed me and we talked about it. Did this also start the current COVID-19 INCREASE? Your guess is as good as mine and the time line fits. Jerry Stevens
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6 years ago, Gramarary
channel 4 Review
I love channel 4 for all the News up dates. The daily weather reports ,social and special events all through Erie County and the surrounding area ... I’m grateful for the interruptions of local stations when there is special announcements in remaining to bring forth the news around the world . It is straight News from the source or sources and not FAKE News. Been a viewer since I can remember and will continue to choose Channel 4. Every news caster and behind the scenes workers should be proud of what they bring to channel 4 News Thank You Denise Dominiak Fan of Channel 4 News
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6 years ago, jes nemo
Notifications are pointless
While I don’t have a problem with the actual television station I am quite unimpressed with this app. When I receive a notification for a story the reason I usually want to read the story is because I am unable to watch the news at whenever time so when I click on a notification that takes me to the headline with a single sentence covering it telling me to watch the news at “fill in the blank” it’s completely erroneous. I understand in some cases perhaps the story is being updated but this occurs even if I click the notification hours, or the next day. It will tell me at 0800 to watch the news for the full story the previous day at 1700, with no other update to the story. On one occasion I’ve actually emailed the station for information on a story and they no longer had information. It’s like clickbait without even that minuscule payout. It comes off as a lame ploy to just get more viewers as opposed to being an alternative news source for their station.
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5 years ago, taracrystal414
Don’t get it
What’s the point of giving someone the option to “disable” auto play on the video when it doesn’t work. Mine is disabled yet every time I click a story, BAM! People start talking and the video is playing. Fix it! Even after all these updates my app still plays the video! If this isn’t going to get fixed I will be uninstalling the app. Sorry not sorry 😐
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5 years ago, old Hoz
Spot on
Thank you all for doing a great job telling us know about the weather before it gets to are part of the world. I named this spot because I feel your team of meteorologist do a fantastic job for us. Thank you once again from Allegany County for my family to yours .
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6 years ago, badger1949
News 4 Weather
Todd Santos gives an outstanding report West but Kaylie Went’s report is useless March 11 at 11:00 pm. She gives no direction or amplitude of the wind with no clouds that she says is going to bring cooling to Western NewYork. Todd always gives a complete and through report. He show what to expect in every portion of every county of western NewYork, through with how much snow and how it will affect roads for travel, melt for flooding, type and amount of precipitation, a clear and complete report!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Blackmailed again
Channel 4 and Verizon have the same union therefore Verizon (fios) never gets any bad press from chan 4. Never. Makes perfect sense, because why would they have bias stories about Spectrum. Every time there is a change or a rate change Channel 4 is all over it. Hello, fios customers get rate hikes all the time and pay some of the most outrageous monthly rates I have ever seen. Also, Fios has not expanded into Buffalo, Niagara county or anywhere south of Hamburg. But they love to run news about how “behind” we our on our line extensions. I think people are starting to catch on to the links between your unions and the news that never gets reported.
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7 years ago, Maureen1975
Problem appears to be solved
I’m revising my previous comment. The problem appears to be taken care of, or at least the pop-ups are not as frequent like they where, making it impossible to watch the app at all. If they could make the ones that do happen while the news anchors take a break so that it doesn’t interrupt the story you’re trying to watch it would be perfect like it was before.
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2 months ago, Nixi79
The app functions well. I do miss the ability to watch live from my phone in real time in the mornings. More customization of notifications would be appreciated. I’d like to receive Breaking news & Local news notifications without Sports. My Sports notifications are disabled, but some must be sent anyway when other notification groups are enabled.
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4 years ago, FloodWarning
Random ads app, no longer a news app
New September 2017 update to your WIVB News4 app is horrible. The live stream of news is constantly interrupted by ads. For every 30 seconds of news I'm getting another ad so I never here the full news story, rendering the app useless. Ads are OK in the commercial breaks and only for the duration of the commercial breaks. This needs to be fixed yesterday! Oct2020 update. Another stellar effort by the app developer. I can see the news but cannot hear it. It continually auto-mutes. The commercial inserts however come through loud and clear.
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5 years ago, Cotramomma
Unreliable streaming
I mainly use the Channel 4 app to watch the noon news. I have a lot of trouble with it not coming up or hanging in the middle of a broadcast. It may be due to my device or wifi, but it seems to mostly happen with this app. Another complaint: see ing the same commercial several times during a broadcast, and many times during the week is very annoying.
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6 years ago, scott shides
I’m usually not the guy to give feedback on a particular app or website but the news channel 4 app truly keeps me up to date on current situations. I’m fond of this app because o never have any problems with it and always have up to dat information
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4 years ago, Joe from Marilla
#1 news station
Kelsey Anderson you always make me smile , Channel 4 is blessed to have a positive and being from Erie county you know a lot more then the others from other states. I’m not saying nothing bad about them . But to me your my favorite...Thank you
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6 years ago, Lil'gurl
There’s a lot of things happening in the world! All we here is local news about Kelly first. Then the weather second oh then you might hear local news! It would be nice to have current things on the app. Over the weekend it was the same news. While there are major things going on around the world unfortunately!
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6 years ago, Shovel Nut
The potential is there
The app is OK, but takes a long time to load past the splash screen, and before the requisite ads. When viewing many notifications, the only info written or available is the same as the headline that brought you there. And a lot of the news is only "news" because there's no other news. Which is probably a sign of a relatively healthy community considering "if it bleeds, it leads". So, in summary, it's slow to load.
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3 years ago, SKITTLEDIGGER
Bloated with adverts....
5 minutes of commercials for every 2 minutes of news. This app is overwhelmed by various banners and averts that make watching the news almost impossible and slow on my iPad. Very biased news stories that promote many businesses and government but little real news. Also for every segment I have to unmute the sound until the next segment when I have to unmute it again and again.
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7 years ago, Gussieboo
If I wanted to watch TV I would, just give the news.
I keep getting notifications of stories, go to read the story and all it says is to watch the news at whatever time it is. If I wanted to be stuck to the TV I would be, but I'm not a person who sits around all day to watch the news, that's why I downloaded the app to be able to read the news when just wanted. Too late now, I've uninstalled the wivb app because of the false notifications.
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5 years ago, Joezzzzzzzz
Web page
Having a travel advisory/ban link on your main page is huge! It really helps making travel decisions without having to search threw 100’s of closing.
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4 years ago, Nan 55
Finding info
When I get notifications on my phone, I can’t get the info on the website. If the news is going to be aired shortly, it won’t be written out. Sometimes I can’t watch and just want to read it. If you send notifications, have the story online.
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6 years ago, L in OP
Constant pop ups
If you want a news app that has constant pop ups and cookies, so much that you can’t see or read the news, this is the app for you.
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4 years ago, 557474
annoying notifications etc...
i get an insane amount of notifications even though i only have local forecast turned on for them. The ad that i have to swipe up on every time is the reason i deleted its very annoying when theres other ad space already there. The template they used for the entire app looks as if it was made by a toddler on a leapfrog system. Good station awful app.
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5 years ago, Al Hahtahhah
Breaking News Alerts
Where is the story? NOTHING, but tune into the next News broadcast for our latest updates. Why send a Breaking News10NBC when nothing is there !!! Very upsetting and disappointing waist of my time !!!Please Change ... I cannot be in Rochester 24-7 . 😦
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5 years ago, walkergr
App is disappointing
I find the fact that when I receive a news alert to a story I would like to share with my family or a friend that there is no ability to text them a link to it from the app. This is always the case when I’m viewing a story that I became aware of through a notification. Please fix this oversight!!
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4 years ago, ";/$(54
Why, when people are already scared to death with concerns over the COVID- 19, would you run a story like the “bubonic plague diagnosed in China” if it wasn’t just to boost your ratings. National Enquirer was known for that....The media today is nothing more than for entertainment good and bad. The days of unbiased news reporting are gone. The media as a whole should be ashamed of themselves for fanning the flames of unrest and worry.
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1 year ago, Mz33333333
You required an update?
The internet was down for 5 days because of the worst blizzard in Buffalo history. Cell service was all we had as a source of news. THAT’S when you decided to require an update before I could openthe app? Made it useless until internet came back.
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3 years ago, Lita K.
Don’t like
I don’t like this app due to graphics and information not compatible with phones. As well, the news isn’t really news. It’s a lot of articles complaint about this or that. It makes it seems like Buffalo residents complain about a lot. And the so called “news” isn’t up to date when you need it.
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6 years ago, JSerria
Terrible weather app
Useless weather satellite/radar app upgrade. It was good the way it was. For my job I need to see a moving satellite picture. I need to see the weather moving into our area from states away. To see the color severity of weather coming at my location. In radar or satellite I can chews a still picture of clouds or still picture of snow etc. does not help. Just terrible now!
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6 months ago, itsasouljoirney
What happened
I’ve been a channel 4 news fan since the eighties . I’ve decided to cut you off. You don’t report news anymore. What about the tornado in Tennessee? You glorify the Bills and make them a #1 news story . I don’t find that great news . Borrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnggggg!!’ I’ll stick to the internet for my news. No world news at all not even in the states?
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5 years ago, tomfoolery380
Great Team
We love WIVB! All of it! The weather forecasters are spot on and are passionate about getting it right! The anchors present news not opinions. The sportscasters show a live for their work and teams! WIVB is a team in action not just words! 5+ Stars
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3 weeks ago, JosieVamp
Fix the back arrow
Why do I need to scroll back to the top to be able to get out of a news story? The back arrow should be accessible all the times, the other news app I read have it visible at all times.
Show more
4 years ago, Chuck&betsy
News 4
News 4 is the only channel that we watch. Your news is the best and being a sailor like Todd Santos, I really like his weather forecasts!! Thanks👍🏻⛵️No Destination! “Nowhere to go and all day to get there”
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6 years ago, jjan304
Video won’t play
Video won’t play just keep getting same advertisement over and over. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Money dies grow on trees
No video
For about a month I had no video just commercials, now I have to load video twice just to watch.
Show more
5 years ago, kath413
Always with me
When we spend the winter in Florida most every morning I open my channel 4 app to see what’s going on at home....
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7 years ago, Amy Lou 02
Terrible App
I've tried this on both iPad and iPhone - ads constantly intrude and make it impossible to use. Total crap!
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5 years ago, Iliketetris
Update? Seriously?
Every time I go on either the Ch 4 or Ch 4 weather app, I’m instructed to update, then redirected to the app in the App Store. Wake up, I’ve done this 20 or30 or maybe50 Times. NO UPDATE WAS THERE. I still don’t get full stories ———- Later in the week: Update? What update? I can’t update because I am updated. I am updated to the app itself matching what is the top update. Hello, Ch 4, FIX THE HOMEPAGE OR THE APPM, whichever is the issue!
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6 years ago, ssmith8292
No WIVB reception.
Since WIVB changed their broadcast signal, back in April of 2018, I think,I and many other people I’ve talked with can no longer receive their broadcast. I’ve purchased an HD antenna, and rescanned the channels numerous times to no avail. I am very disappointed in WIVB’s “attempt” to fix the issues, even though I’ve been told by them, that their technicians are looking into the issue.
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5 years ago, b seeley
Love News 4
Love News 4 Buffalo, but I am not happy that we can not get it on our Direct TV. Please resolve this problem! Thank you, I miss this station!
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3 years ago, gaines242
Old news
Almost all the news on this is over 24 hours old You are better off looking elsewhere
Show more
3 years ago, Robert129
Not up to date
The stories on this site are generally outdated especially on the weekends. I won’t watch any of the Buffalo stations because it’s frustrating to wait an hour to hear a weather forecast. Tease after tease after tease. I don’t care about the wind direction and I can see the temperatures across the region. I don’t need Mike to read them to me.
Show more
5 years ago, Lady Blue 17
Channel 4 news
The ONLY station I watch for accurate weather! The ONLY station I watch for news of Any kind! Love all the broadcasters! My Hometown!❤️
Show more
5 years ago, Trap3636
Awesome news
I grew up in springville my young life, I remember channel 4 news when Don Paul first started. Always count on the news 4 team
Show more
6 years ago, Cyrilanthony
Storm watch
Ok to let us know about storm and tornado warnings but not for a straight 1/2 hour! The announcer repeated herself more than seven times. I counted. Banners at bottom are better
Show more
4 years ago, bbbbbweeeeeew
Ads - wayyy too much
Too many ads before I can watch news clips.
Show more
4 months ago, FireballPhoenix
Constantly crashing
App will not work more then 5 times without crashing once open. Horrible update. Are we going to get a working app anytime soon? Have uninstalled and re-installed twice. Still does it after 4-5 times opening it. Please fix!
Show more
5 years ago, Seanile613
Painful again for the 3rd time.
Once again, This is worse than the previous version. It frequently freezes up and then closes out. Can’t read more than a story or two at a time without it freezing and closing. Can’t swipe story to story. Poorly designed. Try again.
Show more
6 years ago, warzakkid
Perfect app except…
The only improvement I would make is to hire a proof reader for the stories. Many typos & spelling errors.
Show more
5 years ago, Mary & Larry
App needs work
While I enjoy the ease of reading the news online, the channel 4 app needs improvement. It loads slowly, and you have to click through an ad to get to the news. Once opened it is filled with ads disguised as “news”. In these days of fake news, that just seems unethical.
Show more
6 years ago, Disney Duuker
Home Page Could be organized better
The Home Page has a lot of Subject titles or banners where the actual headlines could be placed. I want to view the home page and scroll down seeing the top news, sports, and weather headlines.
Show more
5 years ago, ingabord
News 4 Mobile App
I enjoy the weather updates on the app. They always seem the most accurate. The news stories are limited. I feel there could be more news content.
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