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Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
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12 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WJAC

4 out of 5
3 Ratings
7 years ago, M1d2i3v4
WOW! Nicely done!
Finally, a local news app that is worth checking frequently during the day!! The format is well done. There are plenty of stories and the stories are updated regularly. Please keep up the excellent work. Thanks for the effort that went into the development and immense improvement of this app. As a comparison, below is my review of 2 years ago. You can see how much my opinion has changed: I would give 0 stars if possible. Please stop getting my hopes up by offering an update and then releasing a totally untested, pitiful product. For a news outlet that claims to cover such a large area to offer this app to represent them on smartphones indicates how out of touch the news outlet and the app developers are.
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10 years ago, Distknot
The best app ever.
This is the best app you can get. Ir is better than fried chicken.
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5 years ago, WontShutUp
Not a Fan
Well WJAC use to be Johnstown’s news station, but that was a very long time ago. If you try and bring up the local news you mostly find stories on every other town, city and county. And there’s a reason for this... they keep the public in the dark about just how bad things have become in Johnstown. Oh those who are awake and can see the dilapidation of their city’s infrastructure and crime basically get it without the news to confirm this. Maybe those in charge of what gets out are simply trying to paint over the dark picture of what the city’s legislators have left their constituents with... a crumbling infrastructure and high crime rate. It’s amazing just how many stories do not make the news.
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5 years ago, prushinfox
Lackluster app and trash journalism
WJAC continues to publish shoddy journalism that demonstrates a failure to demonstrate even a sixth grade level of writing. The app is unreliable and articles remain on the landing page that should have been removed a long time ago. They remain in the pocket of special interest and political favoritism. Therefore the news reported is wholly unreliable.
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9 years ago, Ajpetro
This latest update keeps repeating stories. The old app listed time and date of each posting, that's gone. Worse yet, most of the news items are actually sports items. I mean, the AAABA league is interesting, but, enough already. Here's a thought, test the app before release.
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10 years ago, lejohnston
Needs debugged
Constantly crashes when trying to open it. Really doesn't deserve 2 stars at this point but it did work in the beginning!
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7 years ago, Leftyjohn101
Weather menu keeps crashing
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5 years ago, 1not-impressed1
Not impressed
This app stinks. This is the only app that I have never been able to hear the videos and it’s not just my phone, it’s been on many phones that I have had. It’s just never worked.
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11 years ago, 15562
Miss the old version
Don't like the new app-go back to the old. The radar was excellent in the old app could tell exactly when a storm would hit. Hardly look at the app now that the weather part is trashy.
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11 years ago, Disappointed Il
App has little value!
Note to WJAC: Dump this app and go back to the old format. This app is poorly formatted and contains only a small portion of the info available in the prior site. I have been forced to use "other" sources for my local news.
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10 years ago, monte8422
The app flutters on screen when you enter the news section and then crashes every time as soon as you try to open a story.
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11 years ago, I😍ipod
Great App!!
Helps Alot! when on the Go!
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9 years ago, Steph123567
The app was bad before, but I can't even stand to open it after the update. Stories repeat up to 3, 4 times sometimes. Very annoying!
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6 years ago, Jonathan Ro5eman
Good content, attractive layout, but...
desperately needs horizontal viewing mode in addition to vertical!
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11 years ago, 9q8q7q
New app
Terrible. Old app was great even when it would crash and then open on second try. Please fix this soon!!!!!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Bjaarn
Bad update
Update stinks. Stories repeat. Same stories one after another.
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9 years ago, nan802
Same stories repeated multiple times.
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9 years ago, wpaulo
WJAC App shows instructions for use but that's all!
App shows instructions for use but that's all!
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10 years ago, MOMMYof2gals
I updated the app and now it crashes every time I open it. Please fix ASAP!
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11 years ago, 15927
No volume
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