WJTV 12 - News for Jackson, MS

4.7 (4.2K)
87.1 MB
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Current version
Media General
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WJTV 12 - News for Jackson, MS

4.73 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Adell D.
Best Morning in the South
Where can you get the best informative morning new in the south Mississippi area is WJTV 12. Where you can’t fail to know what is happening at all time early in the morning for your news, weather and sports it’s WJTV 12. The station where you can never go wrong for your informative day as well as week, its WJTV 12.
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4 years ago, Jilly0912
Not enough news coverage
Would love to see more news than just local and also entertainment news. I would recommended this app if these changes were made. Only a few local news reports is not really worth the download.
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4 years ago, eman#
News & Weather Alerts
Love the news and weather alerts and the peole giving the news and weather and news!
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4 years ago, Ms. Teacake
The Latest news Updates.
I am able to get the latest news updates. So that I can stay up with what going on in our States & World.
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6 years ago, 1993 cool cat
Five stars
Great coverage of local news and the app is easy to use and always up to date
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4 years ago, P.U.S.H. Forward
Great Reporting
All the update news and local special interest. A reliable news source
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7 years ago, Sexymama Tee
I really enjoy this app it allows me to get not only my local news but worldwide news as well!!!!!
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5 years ago, that my nickname Pops
Why we can not get channel 12 anymore
Why we can not get channel 12 anymore
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5 years ago, Amaseta Reyes
Thank you for the coverage of the severest storms we had this month, Great work, job well done
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6 years ago, Benita Battles
Best of News
If you want good dependable, truthful news here it is. You can relye on it to be there for ya. Just, watch, & listen.
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5 years ago, Jess at the Hilton
Love their news
Be on top of all the local news!!!
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7 years ago, Plumber69
My #1 News
To the point and contentious coverage. A super staff
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7 years ago, I am deleting this
Basically quite good. Sometimes I get a message about a story and go to the website and the story isn't there.
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5 years ago, BugLady24
App is horrible
I can’t see any local news. I can only see national news. What’s the point of having one of the top news apps in my area if it’s only going to show national news and nothing about my area? Please fix this!!!
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6 years ago, aclovitt
Poor live TV stream
Not only is it difficult to find, but once you do find the live TV stream, it will not load. This is unfortunate during severe weather.
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7 years ago, wjtv app fiend
Wonderful app.
This app keeps me informed so I don't always have to watch TV to get my news.
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4 years ago, jessicas promotions
Amazing app thank you
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5 years ago, katy belle
Both Byron & Melanie are great, but who hires those yahoos who Cannot tell if they are live, cannot speak clearly & organizes Those on locations feeds. Also 5 minutes of weather are good, Hearing broadcaster talk 9 minutes about weather & miles away counties & communities is boring. Less weather, more Walt Grayson & Real news
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4 years ago, Moss517
Ms Terry
Great weather reports!!1. Watch 12 always!!
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7 years ago, Travette79
I love the app...
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4 years ago, jwinfield
Of all the news outlets I follow on the internet, WJTV is the absolutely the worst. Do away with the map at the top...pictures of some folks...a highway with car... And, please put news stories. These same boring pictures every time I go to the site is BORING.
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4 years ago, Titosr
Can't watch videos on my app how do I fix this
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9 years ago, Music lady2.
Awesome way to catch up
Many times I don't have time to watch the news! This app keeps me up to date. I just wish it had more stories about Kosciusko, MS. That is my town and we don't have a tv station. Sometimes, I feel like a second class person because I live in a town that has no news coverage. I also cheer when you mention Kosciusko or other areas in central Mississippi. Thanks for listening!
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3 years ago, Mama8gks
I live in no notmississippi
Please I can’t remove this.
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4 years ago, DerpyDog321
Biased reporting
Biased reporting/ racial pot stirring
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11 years ago, Twister 601
Great App!
Use often while traveling, great way to keep in touch with local news while away. From the latest Jackson murder count to the latest Jackson official attempting to explain why businesses are steadily leaving Jackson, to mayors discouraging educational institutions from locating in their community, you can get the straight scoop right here with this app.
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11 years ago, Fmr Lawman
Good app, needs a bug fix
I've always liked the app with the exception of the fact that it didn't have live streaming news, but now that it's been added, will you guys PLEASE address the buffering issue?! I know it's the app because all of my other streaming apps work just fine. Thanks.
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11 years ago, Mississippigal12
Great site
The news updates keep me informed. I really like this site and also the weather news and map.
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10 years ago, Kyrillos27
Enough with the alerts
**BREAKING NEWS** Stop with that. It's silly. If it's being texted to my phone, it better be breaking news or I don't need to hear it. If it has to do with traffic, don't preface it with traffic—your readers can use context to figure out traffic. All caps comes off like you're shouting. Refer to CNN or NBC News apps on how to properly do a push notification. Keep doing them, just keep it in the same syntax as a regular English sentence. Overall: the worst of all Mississippi news apps
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10 years ago, Fred qwerty
Great news
Thanks for helping me keep up with my home area now that I'm living in north Mississippi. The news is kept up to date.
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9 years ago, RCH1739
Great News App
This app is way better than the other local news apps. It is clean, easy to use and not confusing like another app. I recommend this app for anyone.
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8 years ago, Bret K
Much Better
Greatly improved over the 2011 version. Enjoying the app very much! Thanks for the update!
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10 years ago, Countrymamaof2
1st page is too much!
We use apps for convenience and an opening ad isn't working. The layout is a bit messy and I would use it more if the ad was gone. Other than that, it does it's job. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Cdavid46
Not too bad as far as design goes. Seems to work well. However, when the same "news" story appears for weeks, if not longer, the usefulness as a site to get CURRENT news is very low. Think maybe you might try to provide "new" news?
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10 years ago, BBC9
Too many ads
I go this app to get a different perspective on news in Jackson. MS. It has too many ads! They are at the beginning and all throughout the app. Almost every other frame is an advertisement!!
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11 years ago, Nursenanalois
Great site
Love having up to date news available.
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10 years ago, Who u may call me
Love me some channel 12 news
Very informative and to the point. Keep it up you guys and gals
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12 years ago, CarmelThang
I love that fact it is so accessible. And I can catch up on news anytime
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12 years ago, Mdms-02
Never updated.
The station went above and beyond for design and layout for this news app. My only complaint is, it never changes. The news is stale. They don't update the news selection often like the other stations do.
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11 years ago, BeanlandOleMiss
Too many ads!
The startup ad is bad enough but now you've added pop-ups when a story is clicked. Not to mention your stories are stale and rarely updated in comparison to wlbt's. WJTV is my favorite station on tv for news but your app stinks because of the ads.
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11 years ago, samir64
not bad
I like the concept of his app, definitely needs more improvement on the iPad, pages are blurry and I feel that the whole app is very bland.
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10 years ago, New age artist
W j tv newscenter
Nice design/ shows more story detail than other news apps !!
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9 years ago, Jac rus
Videos do not allow access to view from iPhone 6. Will this get resolved soon? Un/re-installing the app didn't work. It would be nice to see those videos.
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10 years ago, Whyaclark
Good way to keep up with hometown news
It's okay nothing spectacular but does help those that have moved away from MS keep up with some of the goings on.
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9 years ago, JB Camaro
Great news app WJTV
Great app to stay current with your city news!!
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11 years ago, Mrs.whitehead
Too many ads!
I watch news channel 12. On my phone, I use the wlbt app. Less advertisements on wlbt and 16 wapt apps.
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10 years ago, Tenacity6
App Crashes Often
I watch News 12 Live all if the time and I would love to rate this app five stars but whenever I click on the "live" link the app crashes. Please fix.
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11 years ago, Proudtowatch77
A viewer
Love it, still learning though.
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11 years ago, Baldone52
The app is confusing. It is hard to find the news all small across the screen. Not updated. Not very user fiend.y.
Show more
11 years ago, Msokie
You don't update the app frequently enough. I hate that categories are shuffled around all the time. Less categories and more updates would improve the app.
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