WKRC Local 12

4.5 (8)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WKRC Local 12

4.5 out of 5
8 Ratings
7 months ago, Pcole69
Unprompted ads
The app keeps auto playing ads without trying to watch video feeds.
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4 months ago, BadgeMan160
UPDATED AGAIN Still only vertical view…..
December 14, 2023. Tried again- no revision. Antique App. Deleted again. Maybe next year! ? April 3, 2023-Downloaded app once again hoping that it had been updated to include an horizontal view option that I prefer (as all your competitors’ apps offer)…..NOPE- deleted.
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11 years ago, klw0720
Won't even open!
I just downloaded this app & it crashes immediately after opening! I was so excited to not have to use another station's app anymore because it truly sucked! Please fix!
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2 months ago, jmdoherty5
No longer plays live news
The news feed attempts to play for a split second then goes to a blank screen. This is normally when an ad plays but rather than an ad, nothing happens.
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2 months ago, Phil Deardorff
Atrocious app!
As much as I like 12 News I am frustrated with the extremely poor quality of this app. It requires extensive advertising viewing and the live stream is jerky at best. I am deleting!
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2 weeks ago, Bobswan88
Never improves
This app gets worse with every update.
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3 years ago, Julie Strunk
this app only works in vertical position :-(
App only works in the vertical position?! why??!?! ! I will be deleting this horrible app that only works in a vertical position again. I keep checking in every few months to see if the app has been updated so I can finally enjoy it (because local 12 is my favorite news station), but every time I open this app...it still will NOT work in the horizontal view! This is very frustrating since in order to enjoy using this app it needs to sit in my tablet holder in the HORIZONTAL (LANDSCAPE) POSITION! :-( PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP TO WORK IN THE LANDSCAPE HORIZONTAL POSITION!
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10 years ago, BriceFoley
Notifications and General Design
The notifications I receive are good; however, when you click on it, the app opens to the page where all stories are displayed. Using my iPhone 5, I should have the ability to simply click on the news alert (push notification) and it simply redirects me to that story - not provide me with a list of all current articles. Also, please fix the general design. It seems cheap and it's not very user friendly. On a positive note: I absolutely love Local 12 and watch it daily. I guess I will continue to use WCPO's app.
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3 years ago, pfoole2016
Wanted: A News Outlet Overseen by Someone Over 30
So, after having had enough of Fox 19s silliness, I deleted their app. Knowing the local NBC and ABC affiliates were equally as clownish as the aforementioned, I reached for Local12. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, have absolutely had it with anything related to COVID. Anyway, I installed 12s app. hoping something fresh and, dare I say, uplifting would catch my eye. But no, I was let down yet again; the top story was all about new cases in Ohio. Are there any adults in the room? Obviously not.
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10 years ago, Dy8
Great, but a tip of advice...
Maybe in winter they could send school and business closing notifications every time there is a new one. Beats going into the app and look for yourself. Hope the WKRC-TV station hears this if they are the ones who make these updates. Consider this idea ;)
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9 years ago, Boohoo zen
A Joke!
I expect this layout was suggested by the CEO's high school child who has never been told No. I can over look this to get a news story I'm interested in. So, a few days ago I click a video. The ad pops up first(someone has to pay for the lights). The ad has a timer set for :15, this is what burns my chaps. Everyone in the known world expects 15 sec until the story starts. Try one maybe a minute. I surely didn't count. In today's world you delete and try elsewhere. Bye channel 12!
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2 years ago, PailasHealthy
It’s not local news anymore
I’ve enjoyed watching the local channel 12 news for a long time and within the last several weeks it no longer plays local news only national news. I tried erasing it and re-download in the app it says it will place local news but in fact it does not. Very saddened by this because I like the personalities of the newscasters
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3 years ago, jcgreer
Why don’t my local 12 app doesn’t work
I did have local 12 news app but for some reason it doesn’t work anymore and I want to know why. I liked getting on the app and check it out
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4 years ago, WCT-P
Like the app, but it’s got a (recent) flaw
I like the app and find it useful to skim the headlines. The number of ads with a story can be annoying. The flaw is that the entertainment section of the newsfeed hasn’t updated in over 2 weeks.
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2 years ago, Mikus@Maximus
Too Irritating To Use
Lately this app has become unusable on my iPad because every time a story is opened most of the content is squeezed out by an ad video, requiring you to scroll up and down to read the actual content. Other local TV news apps are more user-friendly. Ugh.
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10 years ago, mamamaria36
Love it when it works
I love this app but recently it won't load when I try to open it :(
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11 years ago, just_jeepin
The first time I ran it, it showed me a gray screen so I had to force quit the app. Second-time it worked, looks ugly. Then clicked on top stories. There's no way to get back to the main menu! No settings for the app. Ad space that's blank. This app was not ready yet and is a huge step backwards!
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8 years ago, Sambear2
App is generic, too many better ones
This app is way too generic and you don't post about things that are on tv. I was with my adult kids and grandkids at the Webn fireworks, almost got trampled from the shooting and there is nothing about it on the app. If it's there I can't find it! Get it together with this app! I use the better news apps now
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2 years ago, Robnsn
Love the app. HATE the Stirr commercial!
Please please please change or better still delete the Stirr commercial Much too repetitive. Been the same for over several years. I would give this a 4 star without this commercial.
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8 years ago, LinzyNicole
Decent app- weather video does not work
Disappointed to see the weather "watch" button is still playing a weather video from Thanksgiving even with the new update. Hoping it's fixed soon!
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8 years ago, Nicca80
This app is garbage. Half the time the so won't open. I get notifications on updates and it freezes or the app doesn't respond and they remove articles before you get a chance to read it. Either their info is false or misleading to drag you in to them. Complete unsatisfactory garbage
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8 years ago, TechyUser
Notifications never work
I use this app often and appreciate the news articles it contains. But - the developer should know that the notifications NEVER work. If I see a story as a notification and swipe to read it, it NEVER opens that story.
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11 years ago, matrixx24
The replacement of the previous app is this? There really isn't any presentation or wow factor to it now. I liked your previous one you offered instead. At least the news stream is back. That gets a star. I'm sorry Local 12.
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2 years ago, Cin-Bengals Dave
Lives in a VERTICAL universe 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Decent local news but only allows vertical view. REALLY ☠️ Does your app programmer drive a Ford Pinto and use a rotary phone. Wake up, Apple rotates why aren’t you smart enough to realize MOST people use the features they have.
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8 years ago, Nick718
The app update is stuck in the system and won't even go through. I have all the local news apps and channel 12's is by far the worst. Guess I'll stick to channel 9 until "local 12" figures out how to care about something other than television newscasts.
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2 years ago, PapaBear1962
Great, if you like repeating ads
Ads repeat. Every time. Do you think we’re not paying attention and need/want to see the same ad twice in a row? And do this every afternoon break? Not making me want to support your sponsors, or keep your app.
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6 years ago, Big D n ky
Just show me the news!!
Every time I have open this app. I have to watch commercial after commercial. It will not let me skip through the commercials. It shows the same commercial over and over. I’m done. All I wanted to do was see the local news.
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9 years ago, Steve60971
Ok to Awful
It wasn't great before but this new all video/audio version is the pits. I get that this is a TV news app but forcing users to watch video or listen to audio to get the news isn't always convenient or even preferred. Deleted it and will rely on the other Cincy stations.
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1 year ago, Llacey42
Not great
For crying out loud, update the Local News and Nation & World feeds! They haven’t changed in 2 weeks. They only update Sports and Entertainment. I’m going to check out some other apps.
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9 years ago, Cincybangalfan
App runs fast and great
Get to everything much faster!
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8 years ago, Robin5098
Worst news app ever. Not user friendly. Hard to navigate. The local stories are all videos and I don't want to use up data. I'd much rather read them. Plus, tomorrow there will be a major snow storm here and there isn't one word about it. Not even a video...
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7 years ago, NuAir2
Cammi "li'l Miss Empathy" and buggy new versions=buh-bye
Loved the anchors of Rob, Kit and Tim. I get cavities every time Cammi goes, "aww..." Tired of waiting for Liz to push her out. Streaming hasn't worked consistently for at least six months. Can't follow a notification if it's more than 6-8 hours old. 26Mb of wasted memory reclaimed.
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11 years ago, Tigergurl1408
Crashes a lot, and when trying to download it just wouldn't download, had to keep trying multiple times.
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9 years ago, Momlarm
Why did you change it!
Why did you change a good thing?! Before you upgraded your app, it was my "go to" app for local weather and school closings. Now I can't find what I need so I will be using a different local channel!
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9 years ago, ChemProf68537
Much Better than WLWT's
At least the page will rotate.
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4 years ago, 02191998
Shelia, take your coworkers lead and put some clothes on. It’s winter and you look like a fool.
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10 years ago, hennykimmy
I too have been having the flickering screen then the app crashes. Would think there would have been a fix by now as it's been several days.
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10 years ago, LeAmaj
Since the last update on this app, it has not worked. Every time in click on Top Stories, it starts flickering and when I click on a news story, the app closes.
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5 years ago, 587680
Deleted App Due to Ads/Surveys
Runs too slow and had ads or surveys after every other news stories. I finally deleted the app and added another local news channel’s app.
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7 years ago, Judyirene
Wkrc local Q12
This does not work on my iPad. Have tried several options and cannot get it to work. The weather app worked for awhile, now it doesn't work. Still doesn't work. Want am I doing wrong
Show more
10 years ago, SamalamS
Every time I try to open the app on my iPhone 5C it ends the whole app! Can't read any stories or anything. Does not work what so ever! Might just delete it and go with another news channel
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4 years ago, Thend73
Current update broken
Most recent update is broken. There is no text in any of the news stories. Please push out a fix.
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8 years ago, Why make this difficult?
App doesn't work
Not only do notifications not open to the story, there are no stories or anything that opens on any tab other than traffic. Useless!
Show more
8 years ago, AgentLLL
No news.
I cannot seem to get the app updated, after several attempts.
Show more
4 years ago, SweetLouLou22
Why there need to be 2 ads in a 5 sentence article is beyond me.
Show more
9 years ago, The BGB
Expected more from #1 news station
Absolutely horrible app. Not sure how this got through development. I expected a lot more from the #1 local news station.
Show more
10 years ago, mckenziemh
Keeps crashing
As of the current update, the screen flickers when I open the app and the crashes when I attempt to open a story
Show more
5 years ago, Datdudebp6699
Cast option?
Layout is confusing, and not user friendly. No option to cast to TV. Deleted app.
Show more
11 years ago, Shell2120
Buggy app
This is the buggiest app I have. It regularly crashes before I can open a story to read it. Bring back the old app! The new and improved version is terrible.
Show more
5 years ago, ladygz
Kyle Inskeep
So glad Kyle is back. I was really worried he wouldn’t return. Happy homecoming Kyle !
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