WKRG News 5 - Mobile, AL News

4.7 (6.3K)
87.2 MB
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Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WKRG News 5 - Mobile, AL News

4.7 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
3 years ago, loulou5262
New 5
I know a lot of people come down hard on you but reporting the news how it is, is very important and I thank each of you for your hard work
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5 years ago, NeeNah4967
Pleased with WKRG tv 5
I am a Mobile native, living in Moss Point, MS and grew up in Mobile during the time when we only had three channels and our floor model TV stayed on 5! I am so happy that 5 reports news in this Mississippi area. As I watch the news I am up on things in my home town and I feel so included when the weather map shows Pascagoula, because that is the town that is next to Moss Point. I feel so connected to Mobile via channel 5. I love ALL of you for the professional way you bring the news, breaking news, push notifications weather and sports! Missing Mel tho 😢 and I didn’t know I was going to cry 😥 on his last day!, but I did❗️his sister Roselyn and I were classmates! Continue keeping Mobile, Pensacola, Baldwin County, Moss Point, Pascagoula and surrounding cities informed of what’s HAPPENING locally and everywhere else!
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6 years ago, I'm not a Liar. I am a Truther
Too many ads
News 5 loves their sponsors too much. As soon as you launch an ad appears. They over-cover some topics such as the ‘controversial’ Waffle House arrest and try to create a rift between law enforcement and the public. They are quick to antagonize the police as if they are trying to create a Baltimore situation. As far as politics go, they are far too quick to slam republicans but back liberals when they want to increase taxes and lower the standard of living. When Moore was running and the allegations can out for him, they insisted on showing ‘her truth’. Truth does not take sides and there is no such thing as my truth or your truth. They failed to show that these women came out publicly, some before some after the election, saying their accusations were false. This station might as well promote fake news. People are better off relying on their neighbors or their hairdresser for news. The only great thing about this news channel is the weather. Adam and John are the real MVPs!
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4 years ago, beethovenswig
A few suggestions
Could you PLEASE somehow not have ads before your weather reports and for your live updates during severe weather? It’s so aggravating to try to get important (and sometimes life saving) information through a live feed but miss it because of ads. Also, my app is now auto-playing vids, which wouldn’t be so bad if the ads didn’t play full blast even when the phone volume is turned off. This app can be aggravating/glitchy at times as well.
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6 years ago, jules by the bay
Losing confidence
I have been a WKRG watcher for years and now rely on the app for my news while traveling and have been very disappointed in the turn it has taken. Incomplete stories, very limited news, misspelled words and in the last few months all kinds of computer jargon in the middle of the articles. I start with WKRG but finish my news with Fox 10 because the stories are better written, more news and variety, and I am better informed through their news app.☹️
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4 years ago, orion!2
App Freezes
While the weather and news content is very good the while scrolling through the first five or six news stories the app freezes constantly forcing me to close and then reopen. This is not an occasional thing, it happens every time I open the app. WKRG, please fix this annoying issue
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7 years ago, Dulcimerbreezes
Very good app
I love WKRG news, Facebook, and this app. Everything I need to know is right here; the latest stories, traffic updates, weather and news alerts.
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4 years ago, mobileborn
Too many ads!!!
Constant ads and page reload. Try to stream video and page will reload multiple times with ad repeating every time. Try to read articles and page continues to reload with pop up ads. I choose wkrg as my news source at home but just can’t handle the ads on the app anymore...iOS user
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2 years ago, Elmokmb
Ads launch automatically- please fix
Ever since the last update, the embedded ads that should require a click have been launching automatically. I’m constantly having to close an unwanted browser window to return to the app just to read an article.
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4 years ago, r beech
WKRG subscription!
Have paid several months in the past and NEVER... have been able to view live news for the whole months twice. Will Not subscribe anymore.
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7 years ago, DonaldRayC
Mobile / Pensacola's News and Weather
Very informative and helpful source for the latest news and weather for the Mobile / Pensacola and gulf coast region
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7 years ago, Archemedes74
Getting better
The best news station, the app is still a bit lacking. Click on a notification and story not found way too often.
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5 years ago, NEA#3
Instant News
Love current news on everything. Enjoy it at work, where we can’t use the internet
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4 years ago, foley nurse who sails
The app is junk. They play ad before you can read or play a news video. You are forced to watch the video game ad. The ad is too loud and appears to others you are on your phone playing video games. I would recommend another Fox 10 news app or even NBC 15 app to get your news and weather. I’m not sure why you are forced to watch a loud video game ad
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6 years ago, LET48
Better than other news apps
This station app usually just gives the news and doesn’t give too much of a political slant. However sometimes the app freezes or just has a blank white screen.
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6 years ago, Sunshine kiser
I love WKRG but sometimes when I get an alert about a new story, it’s not there. I tried finding the story about the brawl from the spring breakers after an alert, but it was not there.
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4 years ago, hpnanny
They are there for us!
There are there for us!! Thank y’all for all the news and prayers are going up for y’all to be safe and stay well!! 💖🙏🏻💖
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3 years ago, SelrahcC
Would like to give 5 stars...
App will freeze requiring a shutdown and restart. There doesn’t seem to be a place to leave feedback in the app so hopefully they will see this.
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5 years ago, 4 children
News coverage
I am so sick and tired of watching Florida’s news ! There is enough of mobile news to cover,just because you now have the Pensacola airport as a sponsor doesn’t mean any of us care a fig about them and their issues.i don’t care and will change my viewing habits sorry John nodal,
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5 years ago, Pensacola shopper
Settings modified but not working
I got this app today and have already deleted it. I updated my settings so I only get weather alerts. However, I keep getting Top Stories and Breaking News alerts.
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7 years ago, shorebird
Much improved new app for a local news station.
Plus good news coverage and the best Weatherman in the country!
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4 years ago, yehsydbdjdbduxvsksg
I have off and on down loaded/deleted this app many times all because I rarely was able to watch one of the videos. I was full of hope that maybe by now they would have fixed this issue, but as Hurricane Laura makes land fall I am unable to rely on this app.
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4 years ago, screewu
Ms Jackie Brown
It’s wonderful having my favorite news announcers come up on my phone . Please stay well. You’re important to our community.♥️🙏🏼
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5 years ago, Jermaine52
Good News
I am all the way in Houston Tx. And it makes me feel soooooo good that I can check on my Family and Friends in mobile.
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3 years ago, bipoom
Credit report stolen
Max Silver and Rick Harrison Houston,TX, said our identity had been used to open accounts at different banks and credit cards!bipoom
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6 years ago, LittleMsAnn
Always on top of what is going on in the area. My favorite source for accurate, up to date, non-biased news in the NW Florida and South Alabama area.
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7 years ago, Nanny515
My favorite News Channel
Love my morning news show, it starts my day everyday. And John Nodar and Alan Seals are the best meteorologist in America. They make us feel safe.
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5 years ago, Anthonysnest
If I wanted to know everything going on in the panhandle, I would watch WEAR. To get news for the Mobile area I have to watch WALA. I used to really like your station, I grew up watching Max Goodman and the Big Show every afternoon when I got home from school. Now however, I am forced to watch news on WALA, that never gets reported on your news cast.
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5 years ago, Read my review on Facebook
WKRG news five is my go to news source and all of the weather sports etc best source in my opinion
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4 years ago, C. Elrod
Weather App.
The changes made on the weather app. Make it harder to follow and notifications are not reliable I am now using another app. Thanks Chuck
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4 years ago, drob36532
Locking up
The app has started locking up as of the last update
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4 years ago, Who really gives a crap
Update is horrible
I used this app all the time. Just updated it and now ads run with sound ON even when the phone is on silent. Can’t watch videos at work with the sound on. Thanks for screwing up a good news source. Delete
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5 years ago, Gaysford Lumbra
Mel Showers
Look forward to watching Mel Showers when we visit Destin each Summer. Wonderful career and the best newscaster ever. Thank you for your service!!! Carl from Fort Wayne , Indiana
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7 years ago, Blackbear46
Need to Broaden Coverage Area
Channel 5 does a good job of reporting current events if you live east of I65, in Baldwin County or Florida. They rarely cover stories in West Mobile or the county with the recent exception of the Semmes crime ring arrests.
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4 years ago, Lotgar
Live in Texas
Live in Texas but from Mobile so ck my app regularly. This app is better than most
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4 years ago, AL_36535
Worst News app from the worst news station in Mobile
The app never works right, plus I get tired of the stupid breaking news stories with one sentence saying crews are on the way to the scene, and then never any updates on the story. Deleting the app after I post this
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7 years ago, Sara11239
Too many ads!
I can hardly get videos to load before pop ups load all over my screen. I could not get the "watch live" feature to work either.
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6 years ago, ron linda
Enjoy watching & reading the news we are from Pittsfield Massachusetts
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5 years ago, P Burt
Review for Channel 5
We are new to the area and they’re keeping us informed on the events around us and The weather
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5 years ago, Sharon Stork
Always watching!
Feels like home - watching Channel 5!
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3 years ago, india1997
Why change app?
Understand the adds. You now don’t have option to just read the news on each story, but instead you have to watch it. If I wanted to watch everything I would just turn on my tv.
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3 years ago, BJzim2
Terrible change!
I absolutely hate the new version of this news app. The previous was so much easier to navigate. This new version is identical to Fox 10 which is why I never like using the Fox 10 app. I really hope it changes soon.
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6 years ago, ColtMama17
Ridiculous over-reporting on the shooting last night. The public should not be watching SWAT missions live. To say nothing of an hour and a half is not enough time to notify one’s family before blasting it all over TV and the Internet!
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6 years ago, Capt'n Cuz
WKRG 5 Sports Overtime
What a good job Robbie and Jason did putting together the Jus Cuz segment! Thanks for considering the Jus Cuz for your trip! Next ones on me! Capt’n Albert “Cuz” Stinson
Show more
6 years ago, Donh53
Good Coverage
Lots of news, but I can’t read many stories since the story appears encoded completely.
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4 years ago, brenbren1966!
I watch wkrg 5 for breaking news and weather
Show more
3 years ago, Stumblefimgers
Nancy West
It would be nice if CBS would cover the whole news and tell the whole truth. Not everything just pro Democrats.
Show more
4 years ago, Motioncat
Very professional and informative!!!
Great crew day and night !!!
Show more
6 years ago, Cabbymark57
Channel 5
It is good to hear good on the news in the Pensacola area
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2 months ago, Jwooooowwwwwwww
Widget was removed with last update
The IPhone widget was removed with the last update. Please bring it back!
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