WKRN – Nashville’s News 2

4.7 (13.2K)
63.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WKRN – Nashville’s News 2

4.69 out of 5
13.2K Ratings
6 years ago, switched to 2
You were there for us !
I’ve been an avid follower of another channel’s news for years; however, you made a believer out of me when you were ‘there’ with the Dickson County news when other channels had nonsense programs on after hours. I don’t know the specifics of how it works, but if you could have extended programming, I’m sure other channels could as well. Thank you for keeping us informed about the blue alert. It was as if it was our brother, too, because we are proud of our men/women in blue and of all who serve. We were there with you and the searchers as you kept us informed, praying for the capture and for safety and healing of broken and shattered hearts. Now, continuing to believe Baby Joe will be brought home.
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5 years ago, Jkeeton
Needs help
The app sends notifications that will say things like “see security video footage” or “dash cam video” so you’ll click the notification hoping to see a video of a burglary or car chase but instead there will be a picture that looks to be the beginning of the video but isn’t. It’s just a picture. Then you’ll read through the story, hoping still to find a video or a link to it, and there is no video. This is the only local news app I have that will send out a notification saying there is video and there is not. It’s especially frustrating because a grainy photo of the beginning of a video does not help the public. We as the public, expect our news stations to send us videos when they say they are so we can identity these potentially dangerous suspects and know the extent of their crimes. To be safe, if they can’t fix why it’s not posting the videos with the stories like the app supposed to, then temporarily they should at least send out photos of the people we should be looking out for.
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6 years ago, Concerned customer JD
Newscast via your app.
I used to be able to listen to the news from my app, and get live weather reports from your App. Now all I can get is a portion of the news and then a constant loop of commercials that never stop playing over and over and over. It could not be more frustrating!! I wish she would fix this problem! It has been very frustrating trying to pick up your news cast as I drive home from work.....
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6 years ago, Nickybird 13
Too many notifications
This is my go to app for all local news. I do think, however, there needs to be less notifications unless there’s breaking news such as a crime alert, weather, other warnings, etc. I’m constantly receiving notifications from this app and it gets a little annoying at times. Your editorial team could also use a proofreader before publishing stories. With the rapid change of news, I’m sure this might be challenging but there needs to be a second or third set of eyes checking that the content is not only accurate, but grammatically correct as much as possible. This is just what we expect from a news organization.
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5 years ago, Tennesee Granny
What happened to my channel!!!
It’s bad enough that we’re paying top dollar for tv services, but to have your favorite channel just disappear ! Just got up ready for cup of coffee to watch favorite news casts on channel 2 and nothing! Very very disappointing ~ May consider going to another provider on internet ~~ Lousy customer service has brought down even the most thought of companies.....
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5 years ago, TnGunNut14
Too many notifications
I have my app set to weather notifications only yet it still sends me non weather related notifications. Some prince in Europe having a baby is not breaking news and I don’t need a notification about it. I know this issue isn’t necessarily with the app itself, but with whomever is tagging the articles. This seems to be a common issue with Nashville news stations. I already deleted my news channel 4 app for this same issue. Probably will delete this one too. I only want the notifications that I select. Not a fan of having to sort through 20 notifications to figure out which ones are relevant to me.
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6 years ago, reality and reason
Enunciation and proper pronouncing
I do wish the reporters, and those at the desk, would be careful in how they pronounce words and even to assure what they are saying is correct. The trees in South Carolina are palmettos not palms. Explaining a situation by using me, myself in the same sentence should not be necessary since me and myself are the same person and one of those will explain that person is present Improper spelling occurs often in written form when the TV anchors are presenting the news and news is scrolling at the bottom of the TV.
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4 years ago, Nashville Mikey D
Best in Nashville—News 2 app!
I have tried all the others. This is by far the best news app in Nashville, Tennessee from our local news media outlets. It is simple, to the point, and easy to use. I highly recommend it. I have never written a review before, but I had to for this app. Please, don’t change it! Weather, news, and more are great on here! Thanks for keeping it simple and great!
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2 months ago, Chetly
Thank you!!
Finally we’re able to go back to the main story page without having to scroll all the way up to the top to get to the arrow …now you just swipe down a little bit and the arrow pops up in the top left corner. Thank you so much. It was annoying now if you can only add just swipe right to go back to the menu page, it would be better but good start.
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6 years ago, CAtreasurehunter
The folks at WKRN have really stepped up with making middle Tennesseans all over feel they are important! From keeping all of us informed with news, providing us with safety information of weather events, to reaching out to families who have been devastated, and so much more you are truly serving this area! May God richly bless the efforts of WKRN leaders and their staff!
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6 years ago, Dennis Grandinetti
This channel 2 news app is slightly better than its competitors. But not by much. They send you breaking news but when you tap to view the app doesn’t have the story. My second issue is too much self promotion and advertising. When you click to see important breaking news story or dangerous weather you don’t want to see advertising first. Sometimes seconds count. Come on WKRN are you so desperate for dollars that you put your audience in risk for advertising. Please don’t make me download channel 4 to listen to Lisa Spencer
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3 months ago, Titanchic
Good Information
but somebody needs to work on the app. Once you open a story to read, you have to scroll all the way back up to the start to get the back arrow. Take one of those stupid ads off the top so you can go back without having to go all the way to the top of the story. I’ll read the headlines but I’ve quit opening stories because it’s such a pain.
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7 years ago, Yung chilly mane
Please allow more choices for which notifications are pushed!
I like having notifications on for breaking news that is actually important, but this app constantly pushes notifications for news that is not worth checking immediately, in addition to extremely annoying WATCH LIVE NOW notifications. If there was a way to choose what sort of news stories you receive notifications for, it would greatly improve the app.
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4 years ago, Joyful49
Accurate, Up to Date
I know I can count m WKRN to deliver accurate, up-to-date news and weather. I have only counted on this station to provide coverage for me for more than 40 years. However, recent the anchors and reporters have seemed less than quality.
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7 years ago, RooftopRumbleGTAv
Screw you News 2! You changed your app to where you have to get another app just to view the weather. The previous version of the App was fine. I could look at the weather and radar and look at news stories all in one. Now, I have to download a separate weather app to view the radar. It wasn't broke but yet you felt the need to fix it. I do not understand why companies constantly feel like they have to change how things work when the current system is doing just fine.
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5 years ago, SassyVonB
Keeps crashing
This is the only local news app that I’ve used, however, ever since the updates and changes to the app it crashes on me EVERY time I try to use it. No other app on my phone does this. The new format isn’t as user friendly anymore, either. Being able to swipe left before was WAY better than forcing you to go to the bottom of the article (that you’d rather skip over) before you can switch to the next. Sorry, but I’m looking at other local new apps now. Just my 2cents🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, Douche basket
Story pictures
The former version was better in that when you clicked on the story, you could see the displayed thumbnail from the home page and any other pictures included. Now there is only the option to watch the entire video segment and no gallery viewing or single picture displayed.
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6 years ago, Wish I was home
Quick easy to read news that keeps me updated
Always the updates that are important. Easy to use to read the news updates that are important
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6 years ago, Todd1499
See below
New app isn’t as easy to use compared to the older versions. When trying to vote on some it won’t take me to the voting screen when you tap where it tells you to tap here.
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3 years ago, Frustrated Solitaire Player
No Good
Just got the latest update. It’s terrible. Format is not eye catching. Difficult to navigate. And WHERE IS THE SCHOOL CLOSING list (when there is closings). The previous version was MUCH better and should have been left as is. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Please consider restoring this app to previous version, or at least make this version make sense. Thank you for your time, Frustrated User
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4 years ago, Doubloh
Needs COVID update
Great app but it only stores the most recent 6-7 stories. In this crisis that means that only the last 6 hours or so of the stories are available to read. Probably fine for slow news days but not good now. Seems like it would be simple to change the list to the last 100 or so stories.
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2 months ago, Georgia Sarah
This app is so full of audio ads that start running on their own. It stops music or videos I’m already streaming when I go to check the news. It also frequently reverts to days in the past, and shows that news as if it’s current. I have headlines from May 9th, over two weeks ago, as the “freshest” news available today. It’s a complete piece of garbage.
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6 years ago, lp1001
Notifications come too soon
Not sure why but every time I get a notification and try to open, I get a message saying they are experiencing technical difficulties. If trying to be the first to notify people, please be sure to have the story link ready.
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6 years ago, Gigi2all
What Happened?
I loved the breaking news, but now my notification is a banner that says “notification” and when I go there I have to watch an advertisement. I’m deleting the app. I will check out apps from other news sources. An ad at the bottom of the breaking news is one thing, but actually requiring a video ad before getting the “breaking” news really defeats the purpose. Only thing “breaking” is the app itself.
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4 years ago, AwDb1992
I’ve tried multiple local apps here in Nashville. I’m most impressed by your app. It provides timely updates on news and weather information.
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4 months ago, amandolinn
Great but
This app is great but if I had one thing to change it would be maybe don’t put ads on when we’re in the middle off a tornado! Like 20 seconds could make the difference. Just saying.
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4 years ago, JabberJawsJr.
I like the updates throughout the day. The weather updates are great too. Thank you for all the up to date information
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5 years ago, Dickletn1
Retired husband and me
This is our go to station in the morning and lots of news during the day. Programs we favor are on WKRN like the View, Dr Phil and Kelly and Ryan to name few. The program that comes on at twelve you may take off.
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5 years ago, Gamby(...)
News 2 app
When I can read the articles, I like using the app. However, most of the time the articles cannot be seen. The app needs a lot of work
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6 years ago, Tennessee jenn
Some work is needed.
The app will suddenly crash after reading a few articles. Clicking on the weather link to see a 7day forecast is looking for the needle in a haystack. Too many “weather” options, instead of just showing the daily forecast and 7 day projection.
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6 years ago, Buddman xl
Strait forward & digestible
No nonsense style & readability...perfect for catching up locally at anytime of the day...glad that Mr. Biddle has a home in which to ply his talents...and it’s easy to navigate which when it comes to news that’s important for me...thanks WKRN news 2
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6 years ago, cant all be taken!
News review
Often you can’t just read the news without the live broadcast which I can’t have on in a waiting room. Just need to read. And all the ads are annoying! Never know what is a link to access my personal info by hackers so I never click on them.
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5 years ago, jes123!
Great team
Hands done best Nashville news team. Always professional and entertaining. My main reason though for responding to this review was to compliment Bree on her more professional attire this week. 👍👍 keep it up !
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6 years ago, Debszoo1013
New format
Love the ap, but not a fan of the new format. Like the breaking news alerts, but still preferred the older format. Have to jump through hoops now, to get the information that was so much easier to read in the old format.
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5 years ago, apollo 2018
Weather and News!
Channel 2 News and Weather is absolutely top notch. I am up early and watch all night. When I can’t sleep I have you on. Thanks for keeping me going.
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6 years ago, TennesseeRose
The Morning Traffic Girl
I love 2. Have been watching it for 25 years. But I am not liking the way the Traffic Girl dresses in the Morning. She just doesn’t fit in with the News Team. I am sorry
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5 years ago, Rebecca4flowers
Good App
Nice app for my local news. Sometimes I get a notification about an event, but when I check the app it is not listed. Quite frustrating.
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6 years ago, poohdinker
Go back. To the way it was
Many of the reports has no sound, it will jump on and off, the whole news report is not very good. The weather was all we would watch now is so dumb and just lousy.
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4 years ago, nixtl
Don’t trust the fake 5 star reviews
This app is bad. It will quickly drain your battery while harvesting your data for advertising purposes unless you are using a VPN. But now I get the impression that the app won’t allow VPNs. Today when I tried to open the app, I got a message saying “Cannot Connect to Internet. Please check your network settings and try again.” Guess I’ll delete the app 🤷🏻‍♂️
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3 years ago, freeman tom
Best app in Nashville!
Your app is easily the best of the best in the metropolitan market of Nashville. Easy to use, informative, current, and greatly appreciated by our family. The Freeman family Brentwood, TN
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6 years ago, Luci An
We love channel 2 news and weather also entertaining love y’all on 2 . We have been watching for 27 years when we moved here Neil Orne was just starting his new job here . Great Team !
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5 years ago, Eeebowleye
App developer needs another job.
I’ve had this app for years, but have been plagued with “couldn’t connect to internet” and old stories that don’t get updated over the weekend. I also feel that News 2 choice of news coverage has fallen below sub par to other News outlets. Could be worse I guess...CNN
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6 years ago, Cj37388
I like how you are always on top of breaking news. You seem to get the news before others do. Keep up the excellent work.
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4 years ago, Sugartreebelle
This channel gives me very good information. My main questions are answered through this channel!
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5 years ago, 101m'boro
Great news station app
Easy to find and use radar. Stories are up quick and easy to read.
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6 years ago, 4wvrstn
Notifications are worthless
App notification is more of a teaser add for broadcasts, instead of linking to a story that is available to read immediately the alerts are for news that will be live streamed.
Show more
5 years ago, DebsLeebr
I like the updates during the day but often find it difficult to find story related to notification
Show more
5 years ago, jjjwww676767
Doesn’t provide news stories from notifications
This app needs lots of work to sync notifications with actual news stories from notifications. I get a notification, click on it, and the news story does not appear. Very frustrating
Show more
7 years ago, Doc1769
Why did you change a good thing?
I used to enjoy your app before you changed it. Now I hardly bother looking at it. The old format allowed users to easily find anything they needed - weather, school closings, local stories, news... it just seemed to have much more to offer than the new one... lots more lists and links. Please, please change it back...
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3 years ago, smithville89
Updated app
Since I downloaded the updated app, it doesn’t work. It will shut off after playing a few minutes. Before I could turn it on and it would work fine for the whole hour and half I watched. I have restarted both my iPad and phone, and have reinstalled the app . Neither has fixed the problem.
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