2.9 (287)
77.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WKYT News

2.9 out of 5
287 Ratings
4 years ago, Stone Cold Pimp
Chronological Order
The app is alright but would be much more organized if the newest stories were on top, not sprinkled in with stories from a week or two ago. Makes it hard to follow. It’s the news, not Facebook. We want the facts presented in order, not the stories you think should be on top.
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3 years ago, Crispy520
The fragile journalist
Over the years, I have watched as WKYT lost its way. The poor grammar, lack of updated stories, and obvious lack of objectivity have made my decision to delete this app much easier. I am sorely disappointed in the writing and lack of investigation of the headlined stories. Your community counts on you for reporting what IS. You must take care in such cases of reporting. You, WKYT, have forgotten how important journalism is. You’ve allowed technology to make you complacent, weak, and cowardly in your dispersal of information to the public. I realize this is just “an opinion” to you but be careful; your responsibility is greater than your previous and current, flippant reporting. I do hope that you take heed of these words. I want you to succeed but you have to become more than fragile glass. Go deeper into the stories, my friends.
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2 months ago, dixieburg13
I read the news on the app on the go every day. The same depressing news is on all day, all night, then again the next morning!! Nothing good, always about politics or crime. It takes me all of 2 minutes to scan through my reading every day. Come on y’all, if you’re going to have a news app, make it worthy of reading and update it constantly!!! Who wants to read the same news all day long!!
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5 years ago, ScottyDR
Love the TV News at WKYT but not the App
I understand that someone has to pay for the app and it's services, but you can't hardly read a story for all the advertising. You would think WKYT news was an advertising business not a news service with the amount of advertising being more than the news you get from the app. The bad part about leaving a review is that it is obvious that they don't read them. So it's a waste of your time to give them a review, because they obviously don't care what anyone thinks.
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7 years ago, Jspalding
Needs improvement
You got something going on with this app that causes it to just crash. I was reading an article several times when it just crashes. I'm not sure if it's because of the new updates. But we need to get someone in charge to make sure the app is up to date with phones. It just get frustrating in the middle of articles the app shuts down.
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4 years ago, treyjoe
I really think the app is handy and is good for me. But I really do believe your liberal views hurt you. Seems as if you always make the Democrat or Homosexual agenda your priority. I’m wondering if it would be possible to make it basically no partisan and not against the Christian value system most Kentuckians hold. I hope you take this as a help not a hurt thanks..
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1 year ago, Mspcchickie
Old news…
Not up to date… wish it was! Listening to the radio is much more relevant. It didn’t used to be this way.
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4 years ago, Hurried consumer
Is this a news or political app?
Going to check the news and being forced to watch several seconds of a hated political identity (either one right now) makes me want to switch to another local news provider. I can stand that an ad pops up and it my choice to listen to them prattle on or not. Making me listen to 5-10 seconds of them begging for my money and vote is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, PurpleHaze1001
Always disappointed.
Even with the Fayette Mall shooting the updates were few and took forever. You would think with social media and apps being how most news is received now they would make this more of a priority. Really weak. Also, so so tired of seeing the same graphics for the Daily Covid Report. Surly you guys can do better at this.
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4 years ago, Lordpiglet
Used to be good for live news
Now I get constant live stream failures or freezes. Every time the livestream fails you have to resell them it, watch another ad (amazing they never fail) then wait to see if it works. If the stream is down, then tell me before you waste my time with an ad. Now you even get an ad when you open the ap.
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2 years ago, Col Hall
No longer useful
Used to be OK but now opens an ad that doesn’t go away in any reasonable amount of time and you can’t close it, so you can’t get to the news. I don’t know if waiting an extended amount of time would help or not, not willing to wait that long when WLEX and WTVQ apps are available and working.
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12 months ago, Sia0828
Where’s the news?
Obviously, if I’m on your sight, I like WKYT. I don’t need an ad repeating over and over. I’m there for the news-not an ad glamorizing the people giving the news. Where the heck is the easily accessible news like it used to be. Makes me want to delete the app entirely. I’ll endure wlex to avoid self glorifying ads on WKYT.
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5 years ago, Point counter
Keeps crashing
I have had this app just quit several times. Recently it wouldn’t load at all. I have deleted it and reloaded it, and now it seems to be fine.
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1 month ago, Diesel2431
Too many notifications that do not matter
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4 years ago, Thejxn8tors
Pretty pitiful
I wish Lexington and surrounding counties had a good news app, surely there’s a decent designer somewhere in Ky. Unfortunately all of 3 of our major news channels apps could use a complete overhaul! I’ve kept the app because the news alerts are handy but unfortunately just following daily or hourly news stories is pretty sad.
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5 years ago, The sagacious one
Too many Ads
I dislike how not only do you have pop up ads but you camouflage even more ads within your news feed. Definitely overkill. With the addition of pop up ads that can’t be ignored I’ll be deleting this app and not re-installing. I suggest lex 18 for anyone looking for a local news app.
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3 years ago, kjvis4me
You app doesn’t work half the time. You need to upgrade your site. For now will get news elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Griffith4120
News app
The app is great , except when you open it . There is always some kind of sell ad that you have to close. It should just go straight to the news. If I wanted to buy something I would use another app.
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2 years ago, smarcum872
App Never Loads
I have tried to use this app for years. It simply will not load properly. I have reinstalled, updated, and tried it on different devices. I would love for it to work, but it definitely needs some dev attention.
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5 years ago, Hornp
Spammy links within
It’s cool to see the local news but this app has so many spam ads in it that I’d rather just not even bother. Clickbait “articles” from outbrain. The only thing worse is taboola. SMH If you want to be a trusted news source, sell ads from reputable local businesses and skip the garbage.
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7 months ago, Bb19891482
WKYT news
I like WKYT News way better than LEX 18 News. And I rather hear Sam talk, then any other news reporters
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2 years ago, dawson40234
Something is always down. App crashes often, the weather is never right. Rain percentage always changing. Just not a very good app to take up space on my phone.
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3 years ago, govaccountant
No longer working
Have used the app for several years was satisfied with it. But recently it started requiring you to allow location service to be active. Can no longer use it.
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5 years ago, Farmgirlky
Stop the loud pop up video ads!
It’s bad enough that your reporters don’t proof their audio-filed reports and that no one else bothers too, now we are assaulted by pop up video advertising the minute the app is opened. Time for me to find a better local news source online.
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6 years ago, Shruduwhe
Does it really have to make the siren sound when "light rain detected in your area"? Seriously, it's like the boy crying wolf! I only want the siren when SEVERE/TORNADO weather is coming.
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2 months ago, Just want my Meds
Not very Newsworthy
Advertisements camouflaged as news stories. Minimal details on news which ends with will continue to update and never any updates. Receive more relevant breaking news from national outlets.
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3 years ago, EBaby12345
It never works…just spins
So unfortunate. This really is the station I want to follow, but the app never works. Phone up to date. App up to date. When I open it, it just spins….and spins…..and spins. Please make this app better. No choice but to use a competitor’s app. :-/
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3 years ago, Pcso1115
Latest Update Makes App Unusable
My app updated yesterday and now the it is unusable. It immediately crashes on both iPad and iPhone. IOS is up to date so not sure what the issue may be.
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5 years ago, C11112221
App Crashes
The app needs to be updated to be more compatible with the new iOS. It crashes about 85-90% of the time when I open it, and it started shortly after the new iOS came out. Your app developers need to address this issue.
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3 months ago, Coin laundry lady
Spam locks up opening
Have had to delete multiple times due to spam
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5 years ago, TaylorSwiftisBAE
Alright but crashy
It isn’t a bad app but it has a bad habit of just randomly crashing when you’re just browsing around the app.
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4 years ago, Metallica_1983
Update causing app to crash upon opening. I updated because it would not open updated caused to crash when opened. I deleted and reinstalled but still crashes upon opening.
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10 months ago, kdmerchant
Misleading headlines
Article today about a kid dying during a football game. He died because he fell off of a cliff, nothing to do with the football game, clearly some sort of agenda.
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3 years ago, Goose1123
Worst design layout
This app is like playing a game of scrabble trying to find the information that I just previously read an article from. I’ve seen start up companies with a better layout platform. Get it together WKYT
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5 years ago, KJohn610
Worst Appt
Since April this app has turned to crap. I’ve kept it cause I love the news station. I am deleting this app and looking for a better news app. This app has way to many problems.
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2 years ago, JQKY
2022 Primary Election Results
At 7:54 p.m., I am looking the winner of the Lexington mayoral race primary. WKYT shows no votes, with 0% precincts reporting. I had to go to the WLEX website for an update.
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4 years ago, 69doofus
Political ads to get INTO the app
I liked this app, right up until I was required to watch a political ad for a minimum of five seconds before I could even bypass it. No thanks, I’m done!
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5 years ago, lexbb33
Lock ups and crashing
In recent weeks the app keeps locking up and crashing, it seems to be related to the ads.
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3 years ago, Grimace7707
Data Mining
WKYT now requires your location services to read news? What a piece of garbage. Who wants to read short news stories at the expense of their information being mined? Time to delete app. No thanks.
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4 years ago, Chrissy8201
The app is good but.....
The app is good but why are there political surveys when I open the app? This should not be the first thing I see.
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3 years ago, bkt577
App not working
My app will not open to allow me to read about an alert I received.
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2 years ago, grandmommy3418
This channel is so far behind breaking news it is really unbelievable where are your people your editors etc.
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7 years ago, Jerry Puckett
Excessive Ads
Should be WKYT Ads and more Ads instead of WKYT News as the app gets more updates it gets worse more ads news articles are badly written some need a third grader to rewrite them I really like the WKYT newsroom but their app needs help
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7 years ago, TomTh@!
Keeps reloading
Go look at some comments, come back to the app and it reloads. Switch to another screen to check something, switch back and it reloads. Very annoying.
Show more
4 years ago, Soccerawesome
Was good till recently. Now it crashes as soon as I tap on News. I’m on the latest iOS but the app hasn’t had an update in 3 weeks. Hope one is coming soon?
Show more
3 years ago, Jodath79
Can’t open app
Continuously crashes every time I open it.
Show more
4 years ago, yoo hoo KY
Get rid of pop up ad when you open the app Newest story on top More frequent updates
Show more
5 years ago, Fitfrenzy
Won’t open
Worked great until a month or so ago. I tried deleting and reload and it still won’t load. Worked great when it did.
Show more
7 years ago, Shirley Lewis
If I am away from home and new flash comes through, I can’t open it , it will flash shut off :(
Show more
5 years ago, Tinker195953
Latest update app will not open.
I’ve notified them twice in past two weeks, I get no response. I will just use a different local station app and delete WKYT.
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