WLBT 3 On Your Side

4.6 (7.3K)
57.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLBT 3 On Your Side

4.65 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Makingit123
What I think about Three on your side
It’s a great place to keep up with the weather any place in your town or area and state anytime of the day or night. If there’s bad weather in the area you can depend on them to stay with you and tell you the truth as to where and when it is so you have time to prepare yourself for the weather. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to watch the weather at any time . Thank you for your best meteorologist you have. Hi Dave and all the new ones.🌹🌹🌹🌹💗💗💗
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6 years ago, Kayla in MS
If it isnt broke, dont fix it!
It seems that just as soon as someone gets an app that works perfectly in every way, someone somewhere sitting around a board room meeting table decides that since its too perfect to be improved, they will just start from scratch and mess it all up again. Did you give these guys a monthly technology budget just to sit around and think of ways to make things worse? So heres what you are going to need to do: either 1 - delete the technology budget so that there wont be a team to pay that wants to just screw things up and make everything more complicated. Or 2 - fire the team now, bring in some new people to replace the app and get it back to like it was. Because at this point, you are losing veiwers and followers because of this app’s jibberish. So, like, fix it. Please dear god fix it.
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2 years ago, pollyrob98
Weather Team is Awesome!
I want to thank each member of the weather team for the continued and up to date coverage of all the bad weather!! Shame on anyone that would make light of their dedication and excellent weather coverage! I feel sure their broadcast possibly saved someone’s life! Can you say that about the stupid sitcom you may be missing!
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4 years ago, Rachel4338
Notifications appear before story is available
First, a breaking news story notification pops up. It sounds really serious or interesting, something you definitely need to read. You click to read the story, then it either takes you to a different news story or says it’s unavailable. Then guess what? The notification is no longer there, so you have to read thru all the app news stories to find it. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes for the app to show the story. Why is the app wasting people’s time if we can’t read the story?
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4 years ago, Johnstonalum
Good station, terrible app
I enjoy WLBT & the reporters, journalist, etc.. that are involved with the this news station. However this app stinks. It barely functions. Anytime you try to watch a video and turn your phone to maximize the picture on your screen, the video stops & the app freezes. This has happened for years, across two different phones. This non-functioning video issue occurs on the newest iPhone 11 Pro. So, it’s not the phone. Another issue I have is with the glaring volume difference between the, UNAVOIDABLE & blaring ADVERTISEMENTS that this app bombards the user with & the usually low volume of the actual news video the user wanted to see. Please fix these issues!!!
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6 years ago, Dog Tan
Wlbt have some of the finest journalists that report their news with accuracy and with dignity, compassion for their viewers! The people that cares about how they deliver their findings of what’s taken place across the cities, county, and what’s happening overall in our community and country! Maggie Wade, Howard Ballou and Walt Grayson are the best. When it comes to weather we have some of the finest meteorologists! Ted Fortenberry is one cool composed guy!
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6 months ago, RCH1739
I only use WLBT’s app for local news. I don’t normally mind the ads except for when they have sound. I usually look at the news at night while in bed. It is annoying when it wakes up my spouse. Please remove the sound. I know I can always mute it.
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6 years ago, LMTGH030410
The latest version is a joke
I despise the latest updated version of this app. The Homepage and News have the same content. The previous app offered easier navigation and more news, I loved it. This app is limited to just local from what I tried to look through. What happened to Entertainment, Strange News even Trending. Apps are supposed to be easy to navigate and find out information, this one isn’t at all. Inevitably I deleted this app because if I can’t find what I’m looking for I don’t need it taking up storage space on my phone.
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1 year ago, antidisabilatrasyranism
The I 55 Kroger shooting
It is fantastic to hear that there has been an arrest in this shooting being a black man myself I will strongly admit that these young black men are terrorizing our city. They are out of control and something needs to be done to put a stop to this.
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2 years ago, Bearcat#19
Proof reader
If you are going to mention a person’s name in an article (halfway through) would you please tell us who they are and what their position is. This particular article is about voting at Eudora Welty library and A/C problem. You mention someone halfway through named”Perry”. Tell us who he is! You guys do this frequently. And the words accompanied and accomplished are not interchangeable. Professionalism matters
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6 years ago, Soakwet
WLBT 3 news
WLBT a wonderful station to watch anywhere anytime Channel 3 been apart of my family for a decades enjoying the news yet miss Paul Williams but they are my favorite stations too keep me update from local ,weather, and sports updates
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4 years ago, Better News?
Please STOP the ads!
Aside from the grammatical errors contained in the body of a regular portion of the news stories, combined with the BOMBARDMENT of pointless ads, I suppose this is the best we simple Mississippi folks should expect to receive. I truly feel sympathy for the older generation of Mississippians who have to endure these ads, which not only serve them with little interest, but are manufactured to open when the user attempts to close said ad. Can you imagine the growing number of third party of mindless game tabs open on ole grandpa’s phone that we got for him last Christmas? All he wanted to do was look at the local forecast. Instead he’s forced to endure ad after ad of “Candy Stacker 5000”, or whatever other nonsense you allow to advertise on your site. Please do better. This is unacceptable.
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6 years ago, Talon_King
New version is horrible
The newest version of this app is horrible. I do not know how this design was allowed to make it out, but it is not user friendly in any way. Everything is unresponsive in it. Want to read a story? Forget it, nothing happens when you try to. Furthermore, you just had a redesign not too long ago, why are we having yet another one? My advice, stay away from this version of the app. It is useless as it is now. It only serves to eat up space on your device.
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6 years ago, ATAATA11
Updated app
This new version is absolutely horrible! In the article y’all ask if we want to get updated news, we’ll I’ve updated the app and it’s way worse than the previous version. You constantly get alerts on various breaking news stories but they never appear on the app. Today is Thursday and on my app I’m still showing Tropical Storm Gordon as my top story. Can y’all please get the app updated as advertised or I will be forced to get my news elsewhere. Thank you.
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2 years ago, hawkdoc_13579
Ad failures
Now you have an ad from “Vix.” Something completely in Spanish. It Takes the whole screen and has no way to exit. Anywhere you click takes you to their website. If you can’t afford to keep your website up without crappy ads, let it go. It isn’t like you are keeping it updated anyway.
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3 years ago, huang175
After update app doesn’t open
After updating the app, the new version will not open on my iPhone 12.
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6 years ago, l-graves3006
Never updates
It used to be nice and you could flip from story to story. Now you can’t and they never update the stories. I’m reading stuff from this weekend and nothing new, maybe an article or two but last updated story says 12 hours ago. Need to work on staying on top of the game.
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4 years ago, Cleopatra 2020
Fast news
Updated regularly with more facts less opinion than even major news channels
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6 years ago, Arneader
Breaking News
I like receiving breaking news and I like being able to post breaking news online.
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3 years ago, Xlkems
Why do you not have a way to share you news stories on Facebook? Quite often, I want to share a breaking story and that isn’t an option I can find anywhere. Help?
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6 years ago, ❤️3💯
WLBT Review
I give WLBT 5 ⭐️s they get to the point right away. And what ever they don’t know or question they investigate. The reporters and Anchors make me feel like I’ve known them forever. ❤️❤️me some WLBT❤️❤️
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6 years ago, shirleyjacks
News Review
I am very pleased with the new Channel 3 app. I use it several times a day. I really enjoy keeping up dated with the news alerts. Please keep it up. Thanks to 3. S Martin
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6 years ago, kcolr
Kisha manning
I like to get updates and information about what’s going on in the world and what’s going on in the weather
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3 years ago, Qsrgutbdy
App used to be okay, but it no longer opens to the article you select. When you get an article notification and click on it, it opens to the app but not the article. Pretty useless. Last couple of updates haven’t fixed, so I’m deleting.
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5 years ago, Astunnie
Local News
Wonderful source of current events.
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6 years ago, bjmartin53
Use to your app was great. Now when things pop up on screen
You can’t find the story anywhere. Also when you click on a store there is a little blurb about the story you want to read but more about other stories. Sometimes change is not better
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6 years ago, Jilly0912
Old app better
I personally do not like the new updated news app. The old app was not as confusing and you had more news options to chose from ex: Entertainment and Strange news. I am having to go to another local news app just to get the news I use to could get on this app.
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6 years ago, kittygobyby
News Now
I enjoy getting my news when I need it, anytime anywhere.
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6 years ago, 4Unow
Great app
Brings the news straight to you. Makes you aware of things going on right then. Stay on top WLBT..
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2 years ago, KB2345$
Not consistently opening
When it opens, I like the app. But very frequently, all that happens is the WLBT3 launch screen is displayed and the icon just turns…..
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3 years ago, Lsc6
App review
This app is a perfect example of ruining an easy to navigate and read app. It’s disconcerting to have to figure out what is news and what is an ad. Someone was more interested in graphic design than the readers. I have almost stopped using WLBT for my local news.
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6 years ago, Nece56
WLBT is the best station! It is the only one I ever watch. Thank y’all so very much for all your hard work. Bringing us the very best😇
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3 years ago, amckelvey961
App is too slow and frequently crashes after new update.
Just as the title says. Ever since the new update, many articles either take way too long to load or don’t load at all.
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6 years ago, De'Chi
Awesome News Alerts
I love my app it keeps me posted it all the on the upcoming weather
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2 years ago, piece of feces
Latest update
The latest update is a joke. All you get when you open app is a bunch of pictures no info on what pics are about. Guess you make up your own story to go with pics
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4 years ago, Willow1953
No sound
WLBT had been my go-to app until a few weeks ago. Now, there is absolutely no sound for the articles or the live broadcasts. There isn’t a sound issue with any other app I use, so what’s the problem with this one? Yes, it has the latest update.
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5 years ago, Seb'smama
App update
What’s wrong with the app update it won’t open since the update. Never had this problem before. Very frustrating!!!!
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5 years ago, Lisa from MS
App Won’t Open
I updated to the new version now the app will not open.
Show more
5 months ago, euylas
Liberal based network
Keep your liberal opinions to your self. Give us the weather and the actual news, after that just keep your mouth shut we don’t need or want an opinion section.
Show more
1 year ago, Bobby. Baker
The #1 Investigations program in Mississippi. Now, did Tate Reeves remove the Lawyer from the Welfare Scandal ? And why want the State Auditor indict Phil Bryant.
Show more
4 months ago, Imgonnadrownmyiphone
Used to like this app before temu
I used this app forever. The temu ads broke me. I will only be using this app from now on until the moment an unstoppable, uncloseable ad from temu pops up, then I’m out.
Show more
3 months ago, Physchob83
WLBT is the only way !
Precise information always given out .
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1 year ago, Hoss107
Peyton Garrison SHOES
We need to start a go fund the poor girl been wearing the same gray shoes for over two years everyday except one day she those horrible black boots. cold
Show more
3 years ago, LMorgan601
6.6.5 and 6.6.6 versions
Never had a problem with this app until this the latest versions. Very buggy. Click a notification and the app opens and freezes.
Show more
4 years ago, bgsjitvdjinr
Outdated news
News articles are outdated. When a new notification pops up on my phone, it takes me to the outdated article (example-Coronavirus updates keep showing the first article published). I end up going to a different news source to find current news. AND, I can’t post this because it requires a “nickname”, but every nickname I type in is “taken”🧐 Frustrated Ridiculous SC Sherry All nicknames are taken Joke Peanut butter
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5 years ago, Queen B in MS
App Update
Just updated the WLBT App and now it doesn’t work at all! Anyone else having that issue on i-Phone?
Show more
2 years ago, rokureallysucks
App won’t open
Why do you need my location to show me the news? It won’t open unless you know exactly where I am? Why is that so important to know and what does it matter where I am?
Show more
1 year ago, jhdh90
Articles of breaking news will not download or open
In fact, this rating will not send.
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1 year ago, Strange doc
JS Houston
I’ve watched WLBT for 60 + years but no more. The firing of Barbie Bassett was more than enough to motivate me to boycott you guys. In a word : disgraceful. I doubt you’ll find any white person woke enough to suit you’re agenda if this lady could not.
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3 years ago, Captoon jack
Delete this app.
Negative stars should be an option. The app will only work now if you let them track you. Deleting Now.
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