WLKY News - Louisville

4.6 (2.9K)
116.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLKY News - Louisville

4.56 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
4 years ago, nmraandtba
Generally great.
Wish traffic info was available. Ads jump over the night time silence and wake up my husband. Don’t mind the ads and usually look at them unless there is sound at night. Then I have to skin the whole story. I do like the weather and radar being available first. When I want weather fast I come here. And I like the more local news separate from the national. Apparently I’ve done the survey before as it won’t accept any of my four usual nicknames. Well, it just rejected 2manynicknames.
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3 years ago, Experienced CCer
App functions well but strong liberal bias and more opinion than fact presented in articles
I use this app for a quick view of local news and the app itself functions better than most of the other local news station, which is the reason for 2 stars instead of one. However the obvious liberal bias presented as fact makes it difficult for me to even read the articles. Additionally when I have emailed pointing out inconsistencies in their reporting and asking for the other side to be presented, I have been completely ignored. As the American public, we have allowed news stations to spin factual news and subtly influence at least two generations. Our family is educating our children to notice these biases. I strongly urge everyone who watches and reads the news to be on high alert to how these writers, reporters, and editors are many times not presenting fact but opinion.
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6 years ago, Rondewla
With giving the news correct and prompt. Keep putting the news out there and along with others I would like to have LESS ADS. The ads are too long at the beginning of news briefs. I understand the ads help pay for this luxury but a little shorter would be great. Get me to the story and then the ad. KEEP UP THE GREAT REPORTING.
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4 years ago, 2MD6
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
I frequently use this news app daily. Since the lasted update it’s been a disaster. The screen freezes with a blank page when you tap onto an article and you have to exit out of the app, close the app, and then reopen app to be able to read the news article. It’s frustrating!!! This is the 1st time ever that I’ve had issues with this app. Fix the issue or go back to previous past upgrade since this latest upgrade is worthless.
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1 year ago, FakeNews66
Difficult To Depend On
The information on the app changes more frequently than most people blink. As I type this I have hurricane force winds at my home, but according to this stupid app I’m only supposed to be having 11 mph winds now. Yup! Also there’s been several times where rain was predicted all day in Bowling Green and I called off my construction crew only come to find out it never rained a drop! I kid you not. Not sure what weather app is the most accurate but this one is absolutely terrible. Would not recommend!!!
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5 years ago, Mark42701
Great app with great content
The WLKY app is great if I need to know what’s going on and I don’t have a lot of time but it’s also great because it keeps me appraised of everything that I need to know about from traffic to weather to our communities. Upcoming events recent happenings it’s all here thanks for doing a great job
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1 year ago, Tractor 60
Current weather and local news
I’m a diehard supporter of WLKY. When I want to see the most up to date and accurate weather forecast I just turn to WLKY . I either watch on tv or pull up the app on my phone.
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4 years ago, PurpleLadie1
Great ... when it works!
I get notifications for breaking news and live reporting which is great. But it’s a coin toss if I will get to actually view the live video once I click on the notification. The app freezes a lot. Additionally- what’s most odd is, after it freezes, I have to close out the app. Once I go back into the app, I am unable to find the live video from the notification. Definitely frustrating at times.
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5 years ago, Ultra Kryptonian
Stutters on my iPhone XS Max!
Good app, but it gets annoying when you scroll down through multiple news stories and it STUTTERS, instead of scrolling smoothly. I have iOS 12.1.3 and I only notice the stuttering on this particular app. Please fix it or I may seek out something different. Also, quit being so BIASED in your news stories (especially your newspaper)... it reads like propaganda!
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4 years ago, jeannie carol
My review : what’s weather like mat from Jeannie
I watch WLKY all the time my favorite Chanel I met all the cast at the Ky state fair every year . Love mat Susan Nora had picture taken with few them during the year they did photo event adversiting a new show that was coming in tv .
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3 years ago, TopRope80
The Video Ads that can’t be paused are annoying
I would be more apt to use this app if every time I clicked on a notification I did not have a video ad coming up. Nobody wants to be in a public place and their phone starts blasting some ad. I would prefer to read the story and have a choice to play the video related to the story. Good news coverage though.
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6 years ago, I'm J A M
Every time I either read an article or watch the video, it always brings me back to the top of app. I’m tired and frustrated always having to re-scroll down to where I was. Fix that please. And yes I agree you guys have way toooo many ads. I get it your sponsors want their air time they paid for. But the unnecessary scrolling has got to go!
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12 months ago, n o h d
Sever storms
When there is an active sever storm, there should not be any adds. A news company should be able to control that… legally…. If I am watching your app (which is my only way to watch) I have to listen to 10 adds before I hear you telling me to seek shelter!!!!!! That is so unsafe and unprofessional. No need for the app or to watch online if it won’t save a life!!!! Control your adds during emergency weather! Ya might save a life or two!!!!
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4 years ago, baw101
Do not like new app.
Please change back to old format. I do not like having to listen to an advertisement. I would just prefer to read the article. The advertisements are too loud. Is there a way the volume can be cut back. I prefer it not be any louder than what my volume is set at on my phone.
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4 years ago, sunbum59
1star review
If ever given the chance, you need to report the actual news, other than a totally bias opinions you give now. It is wrong on how bias you give the news. You use to be a little discreet, but those days are over. This household does not watch any news cast anymore from ANY local channels. And will continue until after the election, I figure after that, you will maybe ,finally be convinced you being the media is the real enemy of today.
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7 years ago, OAVigil
Review of WLKY app
Ads a beginning of each story last too long and you can’t get out of them early. Especially bad as they are mostly the same 3 or 4 and boring! Also every time I open up my computer, it always says an update is ready. Only media app that does that.
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4 years ago, Pullatch
It has problems
App started locking up after a update over a month ago. Thought it could be my phone but after getting a new phone found the problem is with the app. When you click on a story it takes you to a white page that will not load. Just deleted the app and will choice from the other 3 local news app.
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3 years ago, Musick68
WLKY news app
Only complaint really is when my iPhone is locked and a notification appears if I open the app to read more on whatever news item the notification is for the story isn’t showing.
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1 year ago, Silverfox #1253
Great Station
Love the Website, Keeps Me Updated with what has happened. Especially the Weather. The News Caster are Outstanding,
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4 years ago, not snoring
Too many adds
I know adds pay for the service but please don’t repeat them over and over. I do read some DURING THE Day! I turn phone off at nite, all the alerts and add wake me up and I’m a light sleeper. Love the news at my fingertips, but too many alerts! Not Snoring
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5 years ago, fneuma123456
Decent app but needs work
I like this app to be able to check local news and weather. The problem with the app is that when you click on a news story to read and then go back out it always takes you back to the top of the feed which is so frustrating!
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5 years ago, emma4601
News is always accurate
My favorite news channel, watch it daily
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10 months ago, Nisha😏
Not getting notifications
I have not been getting notifications for the past 3 days now. I have notifications on. I have and iPhone and pixel and neither are getting notifications. Also the widget doesn’t work for iPhone it just shows blank.
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7 years ago, tunesjunkie22
Weather app being deleted
I'm so disappointed and upset that y'all have decided to get rid of the weather app and making us switch to the news app that has weather included. If I wanted to look at the news I'd turn it on. I just wanted the weather only. So I had to switch to wave 3 because they have just a weather app! Please bring back the weather only app
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4 years ago, Crazy About Big Fish
Love WLKY 32
App is great! Love this channel over all others. Alex Durham is the best and her personality and smile makes my day every morning. Wish more people had her outlook on life. Keep up the great work. From Southern Indiana with a smile
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5 years ago, J40291
We watch WLKY daily for news, weather and sports reports. I like getting breaking news from this app. Generally out TV stays tuned to WLKY. We think they are the best in reporting the news ASAP.
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4 years ago, Sugarstreasurechest
I love seeing the news. It would be fantastic if the advertisement didn’t cover the news content.( It is sometimes difficult filling in the middle of the story). Thanks
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5 years ago, Ash710b
Annoying Notifications
The app works fine, but it will randomly send you notifications every few weeks saying they’ll turn off your notifications if you don’t open up any other notifications. It’s unnecessary and annoying. Just be prepared to open them to keep your notifications on.
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4 years ago, SassyValley
The Only Channel
I have been watching you guys since I was sitting on my grandmas lap. Thank you for all your years of service.
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4 years ago, carebearkiss
Best news journalist ever!!!
Great news, keeps you very informed about what’s going on locally and around the world. The news anchor’s from WLKY do a great job at giving us honest, truthful news. “Thank you, WLKY!”
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4 years ago, Torahzone26
I hate that the video with the annoying and noisy ads start up immediately. I prefer to read the information it I have turn the volume off so I can read without distractions.
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5 years ago, iceebar
I love this station
I watch this station more than any other. WLKY. Has the best people and information. Number one station for me.
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6 years ago, Ole grey head fat man
I live in Mercer county and have found that WLKY forecast are more accurate than the local forecasts. That why I always follow WLKY. Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, joni51
Can’t actually try to read a news story with out a commercial blasting noise. Not so welcome depending on my location... I e work. So I end up using other news sources. Most other sources let you choose to play the video story. This site doesn’t not. It just plays. Very disruptive.
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6 years ago, Johnboy1715
Why does it auto start the App Store
I live in Louisville and prefer WLKY as a local news source. When I use the app, an ad pops up when I open it, and then it randomly opens the App Store and doesn’t allow me to read the news. If this continues, I may begin looking to WAVE for my news.
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6 years ago, 165 Morris
Great way to get the immediate coverage of important news weather etc. We love this and it is so dependable ☺️ keep up the great work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The Morris’s
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4 years ago, jww19jww19
I close it every other time I open
I love to get the news but absolute hate the auto video ad plays. I close it as soon as they pop up almost every time and open another local news app. Give us a mute or skip button please!
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3 years ago, sm stand
Incomplete sentences
In general I find your app very informative. My main complaint: sentences are often incomplete and important parts of the story are left out. Sometimes this appears to be due to ad placement. Can be frustrating
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5 years ago, VBscorer
Ads block stories
Nearly every story is partially blocked by ads scattered throughout the story. Even if you click on the ad, it comes back to a blank box that still blocks information in the story. Very poor news delivery
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7 years ago, Kyle41486
Too many ads!
Every time I click on an article an ad starts yelling at me, it’s ridiculous. Every article an ad starts playing and I have to quickly turn my volume down when I thought I was going to READ an article. Time to look at WAVE3 or WDRB, hopefully those apps is better.
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7 years ago, H1255h
The app does not work all the time one cannot hear the video this is a problem when trying to hear what is being said.
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6 years ago, Bosco_B
Love WLKY 32
App is easy to use. News is usually current stories. Weather is very reliable
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6 years ago, KGayleF
I love the notifications!! Enjoy the up-to-the-minute breaking news. Keep up the great job!
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5 years ago, Kirstin P.
I love this application, I still can get WLKY News right at my fingertips as if I was right in front of my TV screen!
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7 years ago, Debfromtheville
Great news app
WLKY is my favorite news app. It’s one of my main sources of news. Keep up the good work guys and gals.
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6 years ago, Ihatemakingupnames2
Old news
The news is old news on this app the last 6 month.
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5 years ago, sheilawidebones
Like having the app to know about the local happenings But it isn’t up to date Same stories on here forever There is way more happening in Louisville good bad interesting. Need more news that pertains to Louisville
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6 years ago, Aiwyn
Commercials Play Automatically LOUDLY
I tap a notification to read a story and instead, get a loud commercial. I don’t mind ads, but when I am in a quiet place like a library or an office, and want to read a headline, the last thing in the world I need is a loud commercial. I have deleted this app.
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6 years ago, lilherbie
Weather app is not as good as competitors I wish you would have 7 or 10 day layout like weather channel or like you show on tv weather broadcast similar to channel 11 weather app👍
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6 years ago, NeedMyWeather
WLKY News and Weather app.
The old standalone WLKY weather app gave me much more information in an easily accessed format. It was my primary app for local weather. I find seldom use the combined WLKY News and Weather app. Back to the National Weather Service !
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