WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson

4.6 (2K)
87.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson

4.58 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, Petetom2
Tv 6 news
The best in the area. The 5, 5:30 and 6 newscast gets better every day. Also on weekends Allie does a wonderful job. Keep up the great work. Lauren is just the best. She always has and will always be my all time favorite. If she ever leaves, so do I.
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2 years ago, GrtLakes
A time machine for news
While the actual live television crew at WLNS does fairly well with keeping up, the same cannot be said for their app. It’s the perfect app if you’re wondering what the news is from three days ago, a week ago, or maybe even a few months prior. If you’d like breaking news or even current happenings for the day, you are out of luck. But hey, at least you can always count on them to leave a story up long enough for you to read it, even if you read at the speed of pond water. 0/10 for quality. Cannot recommend.
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4 years ago, penny1953
Opinionated channel
I loved watching TV 6 growing up but as time goes on it seems the station is perpetuating a liberal bias. I want the news as in facts and truths and more often than not we are getting the station’s opinions on many articles. I don’t appreciate this. I want to decide on my own based of the facts and truth. Brainwashing is a big issue which I believe affecting all aspects of our lives. I’d appreciate the news if they stopped trying to influence us with their beliefs.
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5 years ago, Big - DG
Yesterdays News
Nice app, but they don't keep it up to date. For example, they were talking about school closings for an ice storm that happened last Thursday. It was Sunday and we were in the middle of a snow storm, which was not not mentioned Update- don't bother, great app but they have an ad flashing in your face every 10 seconds. Cannot read even one article completely without an interruption.
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7 years ago, Supermex81
News 6 is our choice!
News 6 is our choice for local news and weather. Weather on the 6’s in the morning, reliable and accurate reporting, and community support are just a few reasons we love NEWS 6!
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5 years ago, xgjklrc
Watching the weather three xs in one broadcast is way overboard. Fill the slot with a positive community deeds.
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5 years ago, hondo517
If you love intrusive, pop-up ads
I was hoping this app would provide me with a quick snapshot of local news and weather. However, EVERY time I open it I am bombarded with horrible, intrusive pop-up advertisements. It’s gotten so bad that instead of “swiping up to dismiss” the ad, I just double click and swipe up to force quit the app. I am so frustrated that I don’t even care about reading local news. May as well just get an app that provides me ads and not news.
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3 years ago, ?$U Know?
Can’t find
When I want to look up an article I seen before can’t find it later. Need a search engine or something like that. Also when something went live can’t see it later when I can watch it. Some of us can’t have our phones when working. Frustrating!
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5 years ago, cjdjfjcjdksjxjx
To many notifications
Used to love the app and now I’m going to delete it. Problem is now I’m bombarded with notifications to watch the news. Unless you have lived in a cave for the last 20 years most people have an idea when the news is on. Give me the weather and news notifications and get rid the watch me ads.
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4 months ago, PPC0816
App Stopped Working
Unfortunately after the last update, this app no longer works — the screen is black. I've removed and reinstalled the app and still the same results. I liked the app when it worked, but now it's not useful.
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4 years ago, Customer Service is TERIBLE
Fix your alerts!!!
I’ve opted out of select alerts (which is a feature your app offers), but yet I still receive ALL of them! When I open up the app the notification alerts that I received if I long tap on the notification it even says “you have opted out for NOTIFICATIONS alerts” but yet the app still sends them.
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2 years ago, cond22
No timely updates
When they report it is good. But updates are few and far between. On weekends it could be dats! Why even have an app if you don’t keep users informed ?
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6 years ago, KimberBR
Disappointing Local News Source
•Biased reporting. •Incomplete news stories. •The same news stories remain posted long after they should have been removed. •Too few local stories.
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5 years ago, Jane B. From Marshall.
Early AM news and weather
I like Emily and Melissa on the morning news and weather.👍 Jane B. from Marshall.
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4 years ago, MBN.com
Honest, Objective, and always delivered professionally.
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4 months ago, Pepper080619
App junk!
This app is junk! When I g we a notification and click on it, the entire screen is black. I deleted it and reinstalled it and it still does the same thing.
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5 years ago, bigbruce20
Stop with all the new alerts for live streaming!
It’s too much and not wanted. I want news and weather alerts only.
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5 years ago, merrilj4
Good for the most part
Live streaming always crashes if I try to watch on full screen.
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5 years ago, Are you a real news channel?
Only watch for weather
What a bias channel all democratic and they are not from our own State, you must think people don’t watch other news you make your newsfeed to what you want not what is the real truth. SHAME ON YOU and some of your newsfeed!
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5 years ago, Wing2012blue
News alerts
Stop sending news alerts telling me to turn on my TV
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5 years ago, Ms . P
I’ve been watching forever ! Before Fred was an “ Uncle “ ! Great people providing vital information . Plus nice community involvement.
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6 years ago, Ibmssmith3
WLNS News app is not updated timely
Updates to the news are very slow especially on weekends. I rely on WILX to get any current news.
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7 years ago, goofy367
Poor update!
Can't get a real weather forecast! Your Changes are terrible. Not Not Not user friendly!
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7 years ago, Zeus13169
New format stinks!
Where did the weather coverage go? Less user friendly. Who writes these articles - Mrs. Anderson's third grade class?
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11 years ago, Emily13526
Love this app!
This is the best news app I've found so far. It's very informative, and I feel as though these are actual news stories... I had the fox47 news app before this one and this one is a BIG improvement.
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3 years ago, pinpoint weather ha!
Give unbiased news, stop being an arm of the Democrat party.
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4 months ago, MikeCon1
App not working
App opens to black screen and stays there.
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4 months ago, 123nicki123
App will. It load or ope
Will not ope
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3 years ago, zxyad
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9 years ago, MIbxrmom
Still problems!!! Hope they are fixed soon!!
When you get towards the end of an article, the screen bounces up & down so you only get to finish the article about 50% of the time because the bouncing won't let you finish the article! Also when you share an article on Facebook the article's link comes up in the space where you can make a comment before sharing so you have to delete that first. When these issues are fixed I will give a higher rating.
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9 years ago, 315alex
it's ok
I usually get onto this app often it's just lately I haven't just cause mine is always crashes it crashes about 3 times a day, and also it will send me a notification and I will open it and see what I was being notified about and most of the time the number on the app that says how many notifications it has usually goes away but lately it just stays there and it don't go away and I think it needs to be fixed SOON
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12 years ago, m dub theme
Positively awful & blind-unfriendly
I installed this new app/update/whatever-this-was at the urging of a news article on the old app. There are few things I regret more: the scrolling headlines make it nearly impossible for VoiceOver (built-in iPhone screenreader) to follow; there's a "settings" button but no settings options, only version and developer info; and when I clicked on "top 6 news", the app shut down on me, not one or two, but three times. The only thing keeping me from deleting this, um, app, is the hope that the developer will do better next time. UGH!!!
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11 years ago, Dr+oz
Best news app
I can watch my local news from anywhere in the state, I think they need to put the wether forecast on the videos portion so we know what the meteorologist is saying. Also you can't view the community calendar, but if you miss the news or have no time for it, this is the mid Michigan news app for you.
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9 years ago, Iamprophet
No School closings?
I wanted to see a complete list of school closings instead of Concentrating on the bottom of the screen And there were no school closings listed on the app
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10 years ago, Craigvi
Need an editor
A pretty good app, overall, with nice speed, pretty interface, and decent video. What drives me nuts are the poorly written articles. Writers seem unable to use proper grammar, punctuation or spelling. So many articles read like something from a teens text message. Please hire an editor to go over this stuff before it goes public.
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11 years ago, Shutupaboutthekid
Not as simple as old app
Liked old app simplicity better. Only Lansing app with easy to find community calendar and up to date school closings. Can't find school closings and now news stories too graphic laden not enough typed info. Takes too long to load now too. You were best but not with this update.
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10 years ago, Goobersnapper
Good News App
Needs to be updated on weekends. Grammar is terrible. Otherwise good. Works well. Great for local news. Articles are timely but often too brief and appear to be taken directly from presenter's scripts.
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9 years ago, Stress2012
News review
Ok app. Would have give 5 stars except not always up to date and slightly dificult to navigate.
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10 years ago, gitmo1
Wlns is great on the go!
When you need to know its great to be able to go to the site and catch up on what's happening in Lansing and the world!
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11 years ago, Milindkea
Useful information, accurate and informative. I like the local aspect and that the school closings are readily available
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12 years ago, bvldz
Good design
Not what I expected. Really nice easy to navigate design. And doesn't crash like I thought it would. Nice job WLNS!!!
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9 years ago, Jake Przy
No Sound: Amateur Hour
There is no sound for any of the videos that I've tried to play. There were also typos in the first two stories I decided to read. Journalism 101: don't allow typos to make it to print. The whole app feels very amateur to me, which is sad, because I actually really like WLNS as a local news station.
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12 years ago, Shannon *:D
Still needs work!
Weather section still needs work. The local radar doesn't come up. Some of the maps you can look at show data from an hour or more before, would like to see more real time radar.
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10 years ago, MLOsborn
Someone Should Proofread Before Publishing
The too-brief articles should be proofread and edited before they're published. The weekend news needs to be updated. I only watch WLNS news and weather. The website? Not so much.
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9 years ago, Jane-Jenkins
No longer user friendly
I loved this app before the update now it is nearly unusable. You can't scroll through the news without hitting a huge ad and opening safari. Other features including the weather no longer work. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good app WLNS
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10 years ago, Xraytox
Easy to get on the go news and weather
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12 years ago, Ocsoccl
Getting so much better
Like the format and content. I could tell you had some issues with the new format. Improved!!!!
Show more
12 years ago, Conner19
Great news app
I love the new look and it is easy to navigate.
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9 years ago, Atari Gurl
Only Old and National News
This app only provides national news feeds and news videos that are at least a month old. If you are looking for an app that provides local Lansing and Jackson news, then look elsewhere.
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11 years ago, Wayno2005
Very nice
Much improved , especially like the weather part of it !!!
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