2.6 (23)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLOS ABC13

2.57 out of 5
23 Ratings
7 years ago, Christylynnnn2
Update is messed up the app
The last update has messed up and it gives no story just the headlines. It freezes also and you can't go back. Please fix this asap
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12 years ago, Cj3d
Poor new design
Honestly the new menu is nice but there are issues. The traffic info has been removed. Not that it was that helpful in the first place but should be improved upon, not removed. The news category is now poorly formatted. The old size and format were better. I imagine older folks had a hard time viewing the title and thumbnails on the old version which may have prompted the change but now it looks sloppy. Also, you can't scroll down to view more stories. It hangs up and for whatever reason the "more" button was removed. Now you have to choose one of the other categories like weather at the bottom of the screen and then go back to news to be able to scroll down to see more stories. This has to be repeated everytime you are finished reading a story as well.
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12 years ago, AjdMommy
Fix it or Remove it
I'd rate it a 0 if I could have. It is a waste of space on my phone memory.I been using this app for months and never been truly been happy with it: slow to load, updates are more like old news by the time it's posted. But it work but now it hasn't updated in nearly a week!! I reinstalled the app several times and it didn't fix the problem. Maybe someone at Sinclair HQ would like to know about this. I hope the developers actually read these new reviews, but my bet is they won't for days or weeks. I really want this to work. So either fix it or remove it!!!!
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4 years ago, JAFChicagoland
Poorly designed, poor reporting, infrequent updates
I would use 1.5 as a rating. 1. Will not display in landscape 2. Many articles report on something in a City or Town but do not say what state, as if readers can read their minds. 3. Way to many grammatical and spelling errors. 4. Video Ads must run before seeing posted videos, I understand they need revenue for a free app, but the volume boost is so annoying I will not load their news videos. Or listen to the adverts.
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12 years ago, Ggfoodgirl
Not so great
Not very user friendly. Headlines cannot be clicked on and read. Articles available to read are not the headlines. Weather can be found on other apps inn much easier way. Such a shame western Carolina doesn't have a user friendly news app. Developers really need to look at other news apps and get a clue.
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9 years ago, jason675326
worse than their broadcast
i'm not sure what I really expected. I have never been impressed with the old broadcast news team or the like. I moved here 15 years ago it was horrible at the quality of the broadcast journalism in this area why would I expect their mobile app to be any better than what we get on TV. The app has about six stories there following or them or feel good pieces two of the pieces that might be newsworthy are all missing critical information. this app is a joke
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10 years ago, The Hornichai
Video feed fails every time
For a news agency, one would think video feed to be important. No, I don't want to watch glitchy adds for 2 minutes before a video fails to work. Hasn't worked for months. I used for weather info, but that's not working either. I'm sure you have an IT guy sitting around somewhere in your office to handle this task. It's a shame... Since it hasn't worked for such a long time, and appears no one is up to fix it, I'm about to delete my app.
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5 years ago, 235bec
In-story ads are annoying
Too many ads within the news story. Every few lines, an ad appears - not just a still ad but a moving one. And the ads are huge and take up a lot of the screen. One SHORT news story had FIVE ads. Would not have had to scroll at all to read that one if it had not had all those ads. Also many repeats of same ad within the story. Many, many. many, many repeats of a vape store ad.
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8 years ago, Tiger shorty
Not happy😕
I used to really like this app but since they've changed to a new format, it's been quite disappointing. I view this app on my Ipad usually. I now have to hold my Ipad vertically since the change. However, due to incorrect formatting i'm unable to read the entirety of the articles shown. Not sure if anyone reads these things but i sure wish they would fix it. I enjoy keeping up with the news from WLOS. Unfortunately, that may cease.
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10 years ago, LoveLife3:16
WORST app ever!
Often times I want to find out about a news story or a school closing, this is definitely NOT the app to find out the local information/news you are looking for. I signed up for the school closing text message alerts and I'm lucky if I receive half the texts I am suppose to. When I need to find out about local news, I don't even hesitate.... I go straight to WYFF app to find what I'm looking for. P.S. Where do some of the people come from that WLOS interviews?
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10 years ago, BGoVols
Good App
The screens can be a little laggy when switching, but overall, a good app. There is a homescreen with quick access to local news, weather, closings, etc. I like there are short text versions of news also for when video isn't ideal.
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13 years ago, MickeyHoxit
Not So Great Anymore.
Videos still won't play. Rerelease the old working version.
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1 year ago, Ticket tooker
Wlos was better before
The improved version is not as good as the older one. Yes it has more news, just the layout and accessing just isn't the same. More cumbersome and slower. Can’t watch video reports because the commercials don’t close after running and if you touch anywhere on screen, the app crashes.
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10 years ago, SmokeNsmolder
Needs improvement
Overall not too bad. Would get push alerts about breaking news but nothing on app about story. Needs improvement but not too bad. Worked great for a while then started crashing every time opened. Had to uninstall. Would reinstall if bugs were fixed.
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9 years ago, Education It Tech
Live news fails again
When trying to watch Live News feed on iPad the App goes to Landscape okay (but only fills a quarter of the screen) when you try to select full screen, it rotates back to iPhone portrait mode and is annoying to watch. Please fix rotation issues again for Live News on iPad.
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12 years ago, SASNC
Update doesn't fix video problem
Changed the "ad partner"!? I think I'll call their ad partners and let them know if they are paying for these ads they are wasting there money.... Maybe if they all drop their advising WLOS will fix their app! Commercials before the news video plat perfectly, how come they news videos don't?!
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11 years ago, Frank Bowie
Worthless like the channel
If your not going to do it right do not do it at all! It is worthless like the channel an its news team. Same old faces on the nightly news for the last 30+ years. The only reason they are so called news leader is they are the only local news channel. It's said that two Greenville SC stations are 1 and 2 in the W NC market place and WSPA pulling 3rd then Same old same old WLOS.
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10 years ago, elijahwood
Video not working
They never updated the app Videos not been working since IOS 8 come out need to fix the app or take it out of the App Store they need to keep up with technology new software comes out all the time but if you're not gonna maintain the app what good is it I can't even give this app one star really spend the money and fix it
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1 year ago, JRock 300
Ads! Please stop them!
I can’t even scroll through the news articles without the screen jumping on me because the ads change or pop in! Please stop it!!!!! It becomes stressful to even try to look at the posted articles!
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10 years ago, Q2e3t4
Works for me
The app seems to work as well as anything else at WLOS. The "school closings" section is quick and easy. The live streaming is a bit quirky. So far, no complaints.
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4 years ago, Ecodiesel 2014
Horrible app, very glitchy and freezes up!
This app needs a serious overhaul! Pictures are blank, scrolling is very glitchy and freezes. Way to many advertisements. Whoever writes these news articles needs to learn how to spell and proof read before publishing, I mean come on now WLOS and you call yourselves #1 news leader in WNC?
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10 years ago, Avljack
Read only
You can read the news. As far as watching the live broadcast you might as well beat your head against a wall. You will be less frustrated. If you can tell what is happening around the world how about getting the app to work. If not just call yourself PBS an start a radio show.
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10 years ago, Missionman2912
You can read or watch TV live definitely worth the download
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6 years ago, FrondFarmer
Still freezes up
I have yet to see an app from WLOS that didn’t have at least one major problem. This time it’s freezing when trying to return to the main screen from a story. Try doing some QC before tossing the next build out over the transom.
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5 years ago, Kathey528
When I am running the app on my iPad Pro and my iPhone 6S using latest iOS, my alarm no longer sounds. I often wake up early and turn on WLOS live news, the sound turns off when it is time for my alarm, so I have no WLOS nor alarm sound. (Like the spinning wheel when is is buffering)
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9 years ago, Dr.Douglas
App same as WLOS newscast
Stinks!! App is just like WLOS newscast they go through reporters like the apps here high turnover rate find a goo reporter they let him or her go just like here they had a good version it worked well and they replace it and it works like the DOT rofl. Hey don't bother with app just download FoxCarolina, used to love WLOS but I guess Darcel is designing the app section now don't bother.!
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12 years ago, NoahsMommyy
Love it!
And to the people who don't know... WLOS news 13 is in ASHEVILLE NC! Not all other states, don't rate bad unless you know what you're doing
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8 years ago, Daddycook
Will Not Load Operating App
I have downloaded and installed the WLOS app three times on my iPad. I cannot get past the introductory/training slides. I can find no way to eliminate the inter slides and thus cannot access any of the content from WLOS. As a major news outlet for WNC, I would expect their app to at least function properly.
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9 years ago, TrumanRousseau
Not designed for iPad
Frame is offset to right side of screen and text of stories sometimes runs off the right margin with no user settings to correct display issues. Only displays stories in portrait view. Video in landscape view limited to portion of screen.
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13 years ago, Tebojock
No Updates
Had the Ap for a couple of months with no problems. Now it doesn't update.
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10 years ago, Sunbeamer63
Latest update is a bug fail
Ever since the latest update I can't even open the app. It crashes before it gets to the home page. I hope it's fixed soon! It went from at least a 4 star rating to a no star rating!
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4 years ago, Skinny before
Glitchy and full of ads
Closings and delays section is now full of ads making it tedious when you need information quickly. The layout is not user friendly and I never get my text alerts about closings and delays.
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9 years ago, Love thisgame8645789
Traffic is not working. Shows snow totals rather than traffic speed.
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9 years ago, PunkieSelena
Crashes all the time now
I use this app to check the weather and such. But lately every time I try to open it, it crashes. Won't load. Nada. It's very frustrating. Please fix this ASAP!
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9 months ago, Kokopaulie
Taylor Thompson — Nickname , “Mumbles”
I’m so tired of watching TT mumble her way through a broadcast. Please ask her to speak more clearly.
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6 years ago, i4Life
Notifications To Nowhere
Local news station, great. Alerts and notifications, great. Click on notification to a news alert, end up on who knows what with no way to find the event you were interested in = fail...
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9 years ago, Rural MH worker in community
App not updated in days
App used to work well and updated often. App has same top stories for about 1 week now. Disappointing and not able to keep up with news on the go as app promotes. Hope it will get fixed soon!
Show more
10 years ago, LadyLarson0616
I can't open my app. Whenever I click on it, it shows me the News 13 symbol then shuts off. What's going on? This isn't the first time this has happened.
Show more
9 years ago, yfd76
Does not support Ipad screen
Your app was once ipad friendly now it locks you into the smaller screen and you lose part of the pictures, you need to fix this issue so we can use the app again
Show more
6 years ago, kmill2692
Just okay
The App is not updated as often as the webpage and does not include all stories.
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4 years ago, Gatorette1978
Just updated the latest version and it doesn’t work
I recently updated the latest version on my iPhone 11Promax and none of the articles display. They are just black boxes. Terrible.
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2 years ago, Fowl Mood
App threw up and died during mid-term election coverage.
Sinclair, if you want to play with the big guys you’re going to have to put some money into your app. And hire a copy editor. PLEASE!
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2 years ago, jwaltb
Not the best
Have to delete and reload almost every day. I want local news but it’s a challenge.
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11 years ago, Black Mountain54
App worked fine until last upgrade now it crashes every time you open news. It needs fixed fast.
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11 years ago, metalxee
App Keeps Shutting Down
Have had this app for several months and just this week it shuts down when I enter the news function. Used to be a great app. Works fine on my iPhone but now not on my iPad. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Loves details
Why no landscape view
I like the app but would really appreciate having landscape view on my iPad. A little clunky but good for breaking news stories.
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11 years ago, BatCaveBear
Version 2.4.2
Well, for an update that was intended for "minor bug fixes" and "performance improvements", this has done neither. After installing the update, the app won't even start. A very less than successful update. Thanks WLOS.
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8 years ago, Fun bored
Not good
Terrible interaction not user friendly and the ads work perfectly but trying to watch the news video is nearly impossible
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4 years ago, AvlMom2
Too many ads
You have to watch an ad for each and every news video you want to see... there is no limit on how many they will show. Time waster!
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10 years ago, Seorus
Waste of time
Now max list of news is ten items. Most are now just video and not a news article. Not updated during day as much as website. Waste of time.
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