WLOX Local News

4.5 (5.8K)
65.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLOX Local News

4.54 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
6 years ago, survivorRose
Up To Date News Alerts!
Appreciate the convenience of staying fully informed while on the move. The AAP gives a Headline which I can clip on for the full story, or leave till I have more time, etc Great knowing immediately the local headlines, wrecks, as well as important national news. I’m a believer👍
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4 years ago, smy822
Poorly optimized and unavoidable ads!
I enjoyed the access to local news headlines, and I appreciate that the news stories were never behind a paywall. However, this app made my phone’s performance abysmal! The app constantly refreshed in the background, even after disabling this option in settings, and unavoidable full-screen animated ads (with embarrassing sound) popped up at random intervals. Extremely frustrating, and there’s no paid ad-free version available. Save your phone and just pin the WLOX homepage to your home screen!
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3 years ago, Sassy polly
Don’t like new update
This new update isn’t as user friendly as the previous one. The colors and the set up seem distracting. It just kind of irritates you look for what you want to see first. It also freezes up, you have to close it and reopen. Sometimes change isn’t always the best. Also couldn’t rate the app in the actual app. That link doesn’t do anything. I had to go to the App Store.
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4 years ago, Tims-22
Good news, the app needs a little tweaking
The problem with the app is when I turn my iPhone sideways to view a picture or video I can’t go back, the app freezes. I have to completely close the app and reopen it to continue. Very frustrating. And I realize the news has to advertise, but do I have to see one EVERY TIME i view a video? I have to admit that I don’t watch as many because of the ads. Thank you for letting me air my thoughts.
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6 years ago, cbgonzalez
Latest Version is a disappoint
The new version uses a font that is not as reader-friendly. It’s much slower to load, and the ads are placed too frequently and are distracting. In general, I find WLOX doesn’t update the news as frequently enough. There has to be more stories that are of local interest. Instead of the same news with no updates,!there could be more inspirational local coverage. Perhaps the most ironic and frequent negative aspect is the message of “there’s no news,” which in find is more frequent at night and on weekends.
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1 year ago, Papa0861
Lacks local sports
Football is over; all I see are JUCO or High School football choices. What about Basketball, among other things. Coast teams have been trying to get to Jackson, but I can’t seem to find anything about them. Hard to support them if we don’t know where/when they’re playing next.
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6 years ago, biracialgirls
How well the reporters articulate
I am so proud of how well our local reporters articulate what is happening in our community. They do it with such professionalism and most of it is impromptu which makes so so much believable, “ no fakes in our news casters.”
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6 years ago, Just me again26
New update seems like a jumbled mess.
I use this app everyday and I recently downloaded the newest update. It looks like a disorganized, jumbled mess. Often the same story featured several times and there is no clear division and eye appeal to the dividing lines between stories as they are listed on the main page. Also with the recent storm in the Atlantic there should be an update on the main page with current Speeds and forecast.
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2 years ago, ok ill review
Ad aggravation
I do not like having to go thru an add to get to the news. TV is ok but on your web site an ad is aggravating . In my case, I had a bad experience with America factory and it’s a waste of time navigating thru the ad. Do you have a premium app that by-passes the add?
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6 years ago, Biloxi63
I always check the news and weather every day several times. Love getting it on my phone
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4 years ago, Nannysc
Thank you for excellent coverage
We appreciate you for providing up to the minute news coverage!
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6 years ago, Jown222
WLOX is where I start my morning. The content is lackluster, and stale. Quite a bit of the current content is months old. The weather part is only somewhat helpful now since they removed the live morning report. Really enjoyed watching Wesley, he had a lot of enthusiasm. Near Zero on the saints. My time on the site has gone from 15min to 4min, then it's on to AppleNews.
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4 years ago, Figgypie
Thanks for all the wonderful updates and news that you provide us daily
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1 year ago, heede 102
Upgrade not working properly
Ever since the upgrade a couple of weeks ago The app at times will not open at all Like this morning
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5 years ago, Rerun Fast
A local restaurant
Very good. I’m able to stay informed at anytime of the day with the news and weather apps.
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6 years ago, Kath*ling
Four Star
Four Star because the iPad version, you have to start the program, close the program and restart program to get horizontal NOT vertical to work!
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1 year ago, Want News Not Adds
Too many adds.
I don't want to see an add breaking up every sentence of every news story and prefer not to read the news at all if that'a what I'm going to get. Would even prefer to pay for news and not get the add interruptions, but, doesn't seem to be an option.
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3 years ago, Pastordavewins
Not improved! Just MORE ads!
Too many ads! Can’t tell the news stories from “sponsored content”ads. Too many ads interruptions!!! Wish I could go back to old app. Will probably delete this whole app. Makes it Too much trouble to try to see the local news!
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3 years ago, massivewiener
Another racist news outlet.
This “news outlet” that claims to be unbiased and equally representative is ACTUALLY openly racist. Notice the capitalization differences. “Black” is NOT a proper noun, and by capitalizing it and not “white”, you are a prime example of how media drives separation in the masses for profit. Shame on your company and I will no longer follow such racist bigotry. What a joke.
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1 year ago, Pam in Pascagoula
Bigger print
Can you possibly add a setting to increase the font size? I can barely read articles unless I have my glasses with me! Thank you! Pam T. Pascagoula, MS
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6 years ago, Wonder Ella
I trust WLOX news!
I love WLOX they keep us up on all that is going on ! Please keep up the great news!
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6 years ago, CathyMKJ
Latest Version is Awful
The new update is awful. It is confusing. It's hard to separate the headlines. It repeats headlines/news on home page. Mixes old news with new news. As a result, I have now started going to the Sun Herald app to get my daily news. I pray to God that they do not screw up the wlox weather when they do an update for it.
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1 year ago, Gulfport1
Why do we have to watch unwanted commercials when we open stories? Cant close out until finished? Wasn't like this before makes we want to delete Ap!
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2 years ago, Big Daddy C in Tx
No thanks
Will not work unless location access is given. Why does the app require location access to just read the news? And, just like last time I had this app, it’s slam full of ads. No thanks, I’ll be deleting again.
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3 years ago, Fosco1983
Stuck on loading screen
Ever since the update the app freezes on the loading screen with a circle just going round and round. I hope this gets fixed soon cause I loved the app before the constant freezing
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3 years ago, Wloxuser
Updated App
Not user friendly. Continually freezes up trying to open. Will not open to the notification story when opened using notification link. Poor overall update
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3 years ago, ldyray
Needs a serious update
The app is always crashing. Weather forecast never works. Live news feeds doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, BAC1955
Horrible app!
The old WLOX app was not very good. This one is a hundred times worse! It’s hard to follow which stories are actual news and which are just click-bait. It’s very disjointed in the presentation and has too many adds.
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6 years ago, Big Fish iTunes
What happened to this App?
We used to be able to get more than just local news on this App. Recently it changed? Probably will delete it soon if it stays this way. Sad!
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2 years ago, whowantsnews
Way too much ad and click bait. Search either locks up or returns no or irrelevant issues. Too much outdated junk
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6 years ago, sharlie1967
Old one is better
I don’t like this newer version it is not categorized in a more helpful way as the other one and it keeps old news way to long
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6 years ago, BigTimeToo
App is terrible
Your new news app is more than useless. It has no logical order and if this app was paper, it would not even make a good mullet wrapper. It should be flushed. Since giving the app zero stars is not an option, you get a one.
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1 year ago, Dogfish6
Since previous updates, when I select a story, the download stops around halfway and that’s it. I never see the story. I have a really nice frame and title, but no content. Same on the WDAM app
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3 years ago, jreyn234
Old app was WAY better!
The new version is hard to work with and every time you click to view a story you get a loud annoying ad. Deleted the app and now using Sun Herald.
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5 years ago, Skeeter Kitty
Faulty new app
Was prompted tonight to download the new app when I opened it to read the news - now it won’t open - have tried over the past few hours. Deleted and will try to download and see if if that works.
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5 years ago, Sad Jane
New update
I updated the app and can now no longer open the app. Don’t know how to solve the issue. Miss checking the news each morning
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6 years ago, most def!
My local news app
The info gathered from this app satisfies my need to know appetite!👍🏾
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3 years ago, liverpool1fan
Still don’t like. You get maybe a few news stories mixed in with a bunch of ads made to look like news stories. “ mom in tears plays app and wins big”.
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2 years ago, 13 NM
Click on notifications and find every thing but the story
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3 years ago, Thasro
Latest Update Horrible
The latest update is absolutely horrible. It is riddled with ads even worse than before. The new layout is horrendous.
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3 years ago, ggluvbug
Update doesn’t work
Since the April 2021 update, my app no longer works. It gets caught on the loading screen but never goes further.
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5 months ago, Location 500
When you report on businesses,frequently you omit the addresses Newcomers and visitors do not know where they are located Also events
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3 years ago, dago1one
Go Back
Go back to old format. Had a whole lot less useless links and more current news
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3 years ago, tasmith168
Terrible upgrade
I absolutely hate the new mobile format. I don’t want to click topic headers for my news. It is harder to view alerts.
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6 years ago, Dr mac rebel
I liked the previous version of the app much better, this is a step backwards. It looks like a cheaper version. I enjoyed the trending stories section, why was it done away with?
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3 years ago, csptls
Last update is horrible
The April 2021 update is horrible. Since this update I don’t use the app as much.
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6 years ago, tchsum1
Horrible new app
The new app is a horrible set up. Toyota ads running way to often and very annoying. There are too many pop ups on the app which get frustrating.
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3 years ago, Psalm8n2
Used to be a good app
Pitiful app. News articles are heavily out weighed by ads. Updates are infrequent. I get better local news from another app.
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3 years ago, CB Iraq vet
Does not work
My WLOX app asked me to up date and that is the last time it worked I have deleted and reinstalled five times and all I get is the wheel of death
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5 years ago, urignorant
Update and streaming
The app version for the weather is not updated frequently enough. The watch live doesn’t always stream it cuts out a lot.
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