2.4 (14)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLUK FOX 11

2.43 out of 5
14 Ratings
9 months ago, memyselfandeye1
Not bad, but not made for iPad use.
The app itself is a decent app, news is well covered. Would be great if the app worked in landscape mode for iPad.
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1 year ago, 777henny
Slow and unresponsive
The app worked great until they decided to update and change the app. I read a story and app crashes or does not respond. JI used to rely on app for breaking news and weather but now it is unresponsive even after update. I rely on school notifications and no longer receive. There is no longer an option to sign up for alerts or breaking news. I have now downloaded the competitors apps and they are easy to follow, responsive to selections, and receive the notifications. I have emailed a few times without a response. Time to move onto channel 2 & 5
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1 year ago, Cabbage Picker
App is now unusable!
I depended on this app for daily news sports and weather for a few years now. It was great until about one week ago. Whatever was done to the app at that time made it unusable. It is now sluggish, very slow and unstable. When it does work (seldom) the presentation and “look” of the stories is disjointed and terrible! I can’t understand how a news organization can’t test their app prior to publishing it! Just bad and a bad look for WLUK! I assume that whoever wrote the app that was in use prior to last week has left the company.
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6 years ago, Kessababy
Major hits, although Major Misses
I love having the worldwide news interpreted by our favorite staff at Fox 11! The one thing that bugs me terribly is the radar on the app. Yes there is a radar, but you do not have the “Play,Pause””Future,Past” ability for the radar in the app. And even if I go to safari and click on your radar, it brings me right back to the app! That is very frustrating to me.
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1 year ago, Kfoster777
What were you thinking?
Congratulations! You have successfully ‘fixed’ the app until it broke. Can’t even get news anymore. App is garbage and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Unbelievable.
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6 years ago, GrammymjTwo
Ms. Marilyn J Streubel
Fox 11 is the most trusted news and weather station we watch....your team both during the week and the weekends are perfectly matched and can always count on the latest breaking new and weather....I am not saying I haven’t tried other local newscasts but have always come back to channel 11....Fox news....you are accurate and fun also....thank you for allowing me to tell you all that you are GREAT! Thank you for many years of accurate news and weather....Marilyn J Streubel....
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11 years ago, S&L mom
Needs help
This app does not work very well. It is slow & the home button doesn't always work. It sometimes won't let you scroll down. It forces you back to the top! You often can't click on stories to read. Sometimes the bottom menu bar gets stuck & covers over headlines so you can't read them. It really needs to be fixed. It worked much better before the last upgrade. I am deleting it until it is fixed. Too frustrating for me!
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8 years ago, Photo Bug Nik
Nice but needs improvement
I get a notification on my lock screen but when I slide it, it doesn't go to the article or any additional information, only to the general news list and what was in the notification isn't there. I wish they would fix that. Otherwise it's a nice app. I like that I can watch the news live on my iPad through this app.
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9 years ago, T2.jamo
More bugs to fix
After latest review, iPhone app version refuses to show any articles unless under "All news". The message "No articles were found for the selected categories" is displayed for every other category. The app is otherwise ok but this has been a problem for a few days now.
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11 years ago, Digiworkz
This updated new app is horrible!!!
It's two steps backwards from the previous app. One thing that really irks me is that when you scroll down the list and find an article to read and you select and read that article and go back to the main menu it takes you to the top instead of to where you originally left off. Too much scrolling and wasting time in this new update. I can't use it no more until they fix these excessive scrolling issues.
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11 years ago, epigamma
iPhone user
This app is still terrible. The navigation is awful. After you leave the home page and progress through multiple screens, you can't go "back". You have to go "home" and then find your way all over again. Also, the 7 day forecast in the app is always different than the forecast in the video. I prefer to use their website over this app. I'd recommend they ask for a refund from their software developer.
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9 years ago, Paul23892011
Some bugs need to be fixed
When I try to post an article to Facebook it posts the weather not the article. When I try to go back to Fox 11 app from attempting to post an article there is no button or link to send me back to the app. Occasionally crashes. Please fix!
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9 years ago, Mollymuffin1978
Can't handle the pop up ads
I have never ever been so ready to throw my phone over pop-up ads. Every time I read a story, it's a full page pop-up, and one tiny "x" to hit, which half the time takes me tithe ad I am trying to close. I. Do. Not. Want. A. Lazyboy!!! Worst I've ever seen. I also agree with the other reviewer that said there is excessive movement with the article titles. The titles are constantly sliding everywhere. Life doesn't have to be this hard people.
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11 years ago, firemanmatt
Since the last update, this version constantly freezes up. It almost always stops working at some point in between articles. It has never stayed open for the entire time I have been reading articles. When I click from one article to the next it takes forever. I seriously wonder how the old app that was spectacular could be replaced by this pile of garbage. Horrible move Fox 11.
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11 years ago, Motherfukka Jones
Definitely not an update
I agree with all other reviews. This app has potential, it could be nice but until the small bugs are worked out its quite a bit less useable than the last update. Blows my mind you gotta start from the top of the list everytime you go back to the article list or at the end of a story. Please fix! I uses to love this app
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6 years ago, Dbartels7223
Alerts pop up and I go to the app to find out additional info or to watch a video it says is playing. Most times the alert story isn’t posted yet and the videos, after having to click on this, go here and there...it doesn’t load or play. What a waste. Love the actual news on TV. The app needs a lot of work.
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9 years ago, knnetic
Definitely NOT loving newest app.
Duplicate stories are very annoying...especially when it takes longer to load. The fact that the app can only be viewed in portrait (versus landscape) orientation makes the app not friendly to many iPad users. The app overall has a "cheap" look, design, feel, and flow to it. It is definitely not as rich as it was with the previous version and developers.
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4 years ago, Diane WI
Needs bigger back buttons
I do like this app, but trying to use the tiny little back buttons after reading a story makes it much less enjoyable. Just enlarge those buttons a little bit and it will be much more user friendly.
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2 years ago, scullyn
App settings
It’s 2022. Make the back button easier and stop the stupid auto play ads in news stories. If you are listening to podcasts or music it cuts out then you have to exit the app and go into what you were playing to start it again.
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9 years ago, Rico G.
Still Not Working
This app used to be great, but all the screen movement due to adds is ridiculous. When I contacted the station in March they had no idea it was an issue and said they couldn't recreate the problem. Yet, it happens to me and others everyday. Today there are no stories listed, only adds! Based on current feedback and one star rating, its not getting any better.
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11 years ago, Bur074123
The app still needs some work. When you press into a article there should be a back button to go to main screen at the end of the article not just the top. That's my only draw back of this app. Get that right it'll be great.
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4 years ago, AllChristmas
Needs Updates
This app is good for getting news but if you watch the weather and close it the next time you open it the same day is still playing. It needs to refresh itself upon opening. Only thing that works is to force close the app to refresh it
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9 years ago, Barbie54114
Deleting This App
Deleting for a second time but not going to reinstall it. The app hasn't worked for a few days. The only thing I can see are the ads. I deleted the app off my phone and reinstalled it thinking that would solve the problem. No such luck. Deleting now for the last time. I'll see if Fox 11's competitors have a better app. Has to be better than this one.
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11 years ago, B325633946637
Old app was smooth and intuitive. New 3.01 app is slow and cumbersome. No back button when reading article (unless you scroll back to top). Hitting home or using back button causes app to refresh data, resulting in the "hourglass". If I just want to go back to the list of articles, it should not take that long. I refuse to use this app till a new update comes out. I will re-review at that time.
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10 years ago, Lsgendj219
Was good, but now it keeps crashing
The app worked perfectly fine for me until today, when it started crashing every time I open it.
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9 years ago, Kolberg kid 24
Too many advertisements. Annoying
Could fit more news story's in the ap by not having all the annoying advertisements
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10 years ago, DEllyn2
Fix the links!
Really getting tired of tapping on a story and getting a different one. Also the images don't pinch to shrink or enlarge any more. Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem. How can it be so hard to come up with a news app that works? WBAY works fine so do the other local news apps. If there are no fixes within a week I'm junking it going with WBAY.
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6 years ago, Babs1231
Apple TV
I need this app to be available in the apple tv app store along with the fox11 weather app. I have no had an issue using these apps on iPad or iPhone.
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8 years ago, Mkarb
Way too many notifications
When I first got the app, I loved it. Then they started sending me notifications about what was coming up on the news. I even turned off all the notifications except for breaking news but I was still getting useless notifications. I finally had to delete the app.
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10 years ago, TekD
Junk App
What was once good is no more. When tapping on a story headline the correct story is not coming up. The latest update caused this to begin happening. The app is also crashing. I removed the app, restarted device and re-added the app and for it only to begin immediately redoing the same things. No change occurred for removing/re-adding. Please fix the app!!
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10 years ago, Casssssssssss$$&&@
Can't hear videos
I love this app it's probably the best one I have but every time I try to watch a video there is no sound... It would be a 5 star app if I could hear videos!! Please fix!
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5 years ago, ToolFan1991
Works great on iPhone XR
I can finally watch the news again. Haven’t been able to since cutting the cord!
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10 years ago, Brendyn_23
Fox 11 is great
Fox 11 app is very accurate and never had a problem with it. By far my favorite weather and news App and favorite news station. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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11 years ago, Larry Kamholz
Crappy update
Had the app for a long time until the update. New update is not user friendly at all. The navigation and the ability to go from story, and back, is horrible and extremely irritating. I love Fox 11, but I had to delete this app and use a different news app for my mobile needs. Very disappointing.
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10 years ago, Daveo211
Horrible! Doesn't work!
Hey Fox 11, get someone new to do your app!!! This is the worst version yet. It won't even open. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it will NOT work! Don't you even try something before you release it??? Pitiful...Do you really think that little of your viewers that you think this will pass as anything useful? WAKE UP!!
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6 years ago, Sudz945
Freezes up
Freezes up then crashes while scrolling thry headlines. This happens daily, in some cases multiple times in one day. Phone and app are updated so not sure why it happens but it's annoying.
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8 years ago, Mthome2295
Terrible app functionality
This app hardly works the way it's supposed to. A push notification will come through and then when you click on it you get taken to an empty article or just the home screen with no corresponding article in sight. Will not ever use again.
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9 years ago, Beyond epic
Stopped working - jun2015
When it did work the commonly mentioned ad issue that causes the text to move is a simple issue to fix. Load place holders that are the same vertical size as the ads then load an ad within the place holder. An issue that has plagued this app can be solved easily.
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9 years ago, Awesome15428354
App no longer working
I wish it were possible to give an App a negative star, or even zero stars! I've had all the same issues as previously listed in the reviews and now the app doesn't work. Shame on Fox 11 for taking no action. I've ready stopped watching them on TV as well.
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10 years ago, foxy1125
Needs to be updated!
I used to have this app & loved using it to stay on top of local news but ever since the ios8 update I can't read any articles at all. As soon as I try to, the app crashes. I'll check it out again if I see that it's been updated but until then it's a useless app
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11 years ago, Opie4678653322
Still hate this app
I don't even bother using it for the news stories anymore but will still checkout the weather. The old app use to have a time stamp that would tic through on the future cast radar. Now I can't tell if its showing what may happen in 3 hours or 3 days. Complete fail!
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9 years ago, Djjdjdjjdjjfk
Annoying ads
I used to love using this app to read all of the local news. Now, this app just makes it annoying. I am constantly closing out of pop-up ads. It also shifts the stories up and down because of the ads. I would not recommend this app.
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11 years ago, Matt2612
I have no issue with the app on my i5. It takes maybe 5 sec to load or go back, but it is nothing excessive in my case.
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2 years ago, packerfan77
Choice of stories
Seems to report on any car crash and house fire. Also likes to choose off beat stories that appeal to the typical Fox News viewer.
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11 years ago, Bob1st
Works great
Idk about all those other reviews but it seems to work like perfect
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10 years ago, Jiggsbird
Just updated and now it doesn't even work!!
I gave these guys a shot at fixing there newly released app that crashed and gave me trouble. But with the new update with the new home button (never saw the button cuz it won't start) this update now won't even let the app start!! get white screen at start up!! Do you even test your apps? Who developed this? I'm done!! Update... Was told by support from Fox11 that there is nothing wrong and people who complain just don't like change. Whatever!! You lost a viewer!
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11 years ago, Always watch Fox 11
Since I updated to the new app almost never works. I always try and watch Fox 11 when I can but while at work And I want to be up to date I used to look to the Fox 11 app, but now it is always frozen and I am lucky if it refreshes. Hope they fix it soon
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11 years ago, Memyselfandeyee
Why change what isnt broken??
Why make people delete a perfectly good working app and keep replacing it? Every one else IMPROVES on their apps and sends updates. Unless i uninstalled the app (as strange as it may be) i couldnt even get to the website using safari... Cmon you guys... It was fine the way it was.
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9 years ago, Dlaatsch
Excess movement and pop-ups
As you scroll through the news stories the screen constantly will shift up or down based of all the banners and pop ups. Very annoying. And now pop-ups after ever article. This app is junk.
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7 years ago, Waste of time 86
Can't read the news because the App Store keeps popping up! Over 12 times I was forced to see an app in the App Store! What is this? Why would you update the app and have this be "better"? An update is to improve not go backwards. I'm done with this app!
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