WLWT News 5 - Cincinnati, Ohio

4.5 (3K)
117.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WLWT News 5 - Cincinnati, Ohio

4.49 out of 5
3K Ratings
4 years ago, pfward81
Notifications are prompt and informative
We moved just north of the city in 2017. We started watching WLWT immediately - have to admit NBC was (and is) our preferred news source for local and national information. WLWT have informative and immediately important notifications. I enjoy listening to their journalists. But the best is their weather department. Their weather predictions are more accurate than other stations or apps. Randi Rico tells me exactly what I can expect for each day. WLWT definitely deserve a 5 star rating . . . . . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from our family !
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7 years ago, Nakoff
Was working great but now live broadcasts are not working properly.
I was always using this app for the live news broadcasts in the morning while getting ready for work. Recently it has started to not function correctly. It will play commercials before it shows the news. Then the news will come on and then at a commercial break it plays more commercials but then it will never pick back up showing the live broadcast it just is a blank screen. Please fix this on your app.
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5 years ago, GracefullSunangel
My Go-To News App!
Visit the site many times throughout the day to stay on top of things. I appreciate getting the latest news from my favorite reporters, Newscasters and, of course, weather/traffic. Not always easy to watch a while broadcast on the app - but it what I need out for. Will watch full 30-60 mins at home. But for "on the go" and updates, WLWT is my main source. Congrats on the Emmy's, too! Especially for the 53 Story. Blessings - a Loyal Viewer
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4 years ago, SouperFlyz
Stop Race Baiting Garbage
Sick and tired of wanting to read real news, both locally and abroad, without inclusion/racism/LGBTQ+++/anti capitalism/Trump hating/COVID-19 lies about meds that really do work but because you hate Trump you won’t tell the truth & COVID-19 rules for me but not for thee/cop hating propaganda. When will you, Apple News, and all news outlets learn people of all colors, ages, genders or lack there of, are really tired of it all. It’s forcing people to look elsewhere for news like Twitter & RT. Think of something your parents tried shoving down your throat when you were a kid. What happened? You rebelled and were most likely disgusted by it. That’s how a lot of people feel right now. It’s nonstop 24/7 racist divisive garbage. Please just give the news. A sports team kneeling before a game is NOT news.
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5 years ago, Guy in Newport
Sometimes breaking news is not really “breaking “ as it has already been broken by another station. I really dislike the idea that they have of leaving the main part of an announcement off so you have to open the article. Annoying and makes me use my Fox19 App in order to see the headline without even having to open it. Sometimes I know by the headline if I even want to read the article. Weekend updates of weather are not always punctual in the early morning hours. I do like the news anchors and the weather team though, which is why I still use the app.
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4 years ago, Missy OB
Best in TriState
You are the best. The most accurate (especially weather), which is a big deal. So happy, positive, and upbeat. I work from home, so i watch all three of your newscasts; therefore, i need this app! Because of the anchors and reporters, and support staff, i know this app will be just as great! I travel with this app. It is on all our family’s devices. TOP NOTCH! Accurate. Get to the Point. Easy to read on the go. Always know what’s going on re: Weather, “Breaking News,” Food Recalls, Safety and Health stories. Anything important/relevant. Also love stories about local heroes, and know who is in need. You are the best on tv, and thru electronics! Thank you. I simply cannot imagine having another app. You are all that! Thank you.
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4 years ago, fantom flyer
Lose the ads!
WLWT seems to report on mst breaking events. This good! However, every time I start to rad an article, a ad pops up and blocks the news article. At the end of the ad, the article continues, but the news article information that was covered by the ad ca not be retrieved. I understand that the ads are needed to provide revenue for the paper. If the article is Thai important, try one of these remedies: 1). Show the ad before or after the article. 2) leave the ads where they are, but after the ad, pick up the remaining information on the article beginning at the point where the article was interrupted by the ad.
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4 years ago, FL2piece
Breaking news
App works I can say that much. But really, I get notifications for a breaking news story and it’s followed by days old news stories from every where. One day should be enough for stories that are local news for me. The news cast itself is in my opinion okay nothing special. I like Lester Holt and NBC news that’s why I’m sure to watch last 30 minutes of the daily news on WLW Cincinnati.
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5 years ago, TTJNEW
Radar is 8 minutes old!
After having been hit by the tornado in 1999, I am always keeping track of storms when they come through. But with the radar the images are always 8 minutes behind! A lot can happen in that short period of time! Why isn’t it more current? I do find that the forecast is more accurate than those by other statistics, and I like the meteorologists! The anchors have fun together and are great together.
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3 years ago, ktfeldk
Stories in Push Notifications Impossible to Find
I really want to like this app. My primary issue is that stories in push notifications are nowhere to be found in the app. If I get the notification on my Apple Watch, the banner clears from my phone. I will still see the red notification badge on the app, but when I open the app without clicking on the push notification, 90%+ of the time I cannot easily find the corresponding story. If something is important enough to send a push notification, I should be able to find it on the app!
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4 years ago, LuciDae
Great coverage & breaking news alerts
I like the news alerts & thorough coverage this app provides. I recently moved out of state and continue to keep up to date with the local news through this app. There isn't any comparison in my current state, that seems to only report on the weather. I learn more in what's going on not only locally but nationally through this app. Great headline usage and alerts. I'd definitely recommend
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4 years ago, lostmymind1978
Get rid of the stupid COVID banner
It was good for a while and I didn’t mind it because if you wanted to view the “updates” then all you had to do was scroll to the top and click on the banner. NOW they banner is almost if not more annoying as the “pandemic” itself. Trying to read headlines and scrolling up only makes the banner take up over half the screen. Get your wannabe updates about COVID off the screen and allow the people to be able to read the news without you shoving this overrated COVID crap in their face.
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3 years ago, BA! ten10
Weather doesn’t work
I deleted the app and installed it again. I haven’t been able to look at the weather. I’ve checked my settings and gave permission to everything. I’m so sick of this. Over 2 weeks now. It always worked before and I depend on it.
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3 years ago, confused on correct weather
Hate auto played video
I tend to catch up on the news either as I lay dune at bedtime (only to open an article to read, waking my husband because it starts involuntarily playing the article video??) I never click on the videos as I am trying g to quietly read the articles while others are sleeping. I hate when you click on an article to read it, and blasting commercials then articles play. I have to completely turn off any volume before opening a every single article on your site. Often I forget to turn it back on. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, Kaesey1727
Like the app very much with one exception
If the news stories did not automatically start with the news video I personally would like it better and would have given 5 stars. I would like to read the story. There are times the video sound is inappropriate and I have to wait for the advertisement to finish before I can stop the news clip. I would like the choice.
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4 years ago, JarJarB_5
Share function broken in app
Decent enough to stay up to date on local news but the share button doesn’t work in the app. Whenever I try to share an article it just copies the headline with no link. Or it will copy the link in a broken format that I have to edit before it will work. Seems to be something you would want fixed since it is directly limiting traffic to your website via shares.
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2 years ago, Rb928
Used to be great, but…
I liked using the app to keep an eye on local news throughout the day. It used to be very informative, but lately the notifications have gotten very “clickbait-y.” It’s clearly not a character limitation because what needs to be said can be said in fewer characters than “open the app to see where.” It’s really turned me off. I get that clicks = ad dollars, but I will likely be looking for local news through other sources that don’t waste my time.
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5 years ago, precarium
Lacking in the News Department
Normally I have good things to say about the WLWT news team. However, the app is frustrating. Apart from the numerous adds that pose as news stories, the alerts are misleading. If you are going to send an alert to my phone, then I should be taken to a story that is related to the alert when I click on it. Unfortunately, the alerts do not represent actual stories or even information that can be found on the newsfeed. Seems like a strange way of reporting news.
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5 years ago, Elohim55
To many commercials
Top news and most accurate weather in city. Just to many commercials when you use app. When people come to catch up on news and weather we don’t always have time for all the commercials. I understand that they pay to advertise and keep the app available but it is just to much to have to watch them all the time.
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4 years ago, whatdafrack
Battery drain and frozen screen
I used to love this app for local radar and staying up-to-date on local news. But my battery started to drain and traced it back to this app. After deleting, my battery still has about 70% charge at the end of the day. Before it barely made it a full day. The app also locks up all the time. You have to completely close it once locked to get it working again. And finally, someone else mentioned the 6hr Doppler radar loop makes no sense. The default should be an hour with an option to change it or a link to the website if they want more history or options. It’s painful waiting for the 6hr loop to load. I’ll download again in a month or two and hopefully at least the battery drain and frozen screen issues are fixed.
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2 years ago, 5Grams
Great weather
Always go to WLWT to check what the weather is going to be. They are the most accurate in the area. Also they have the most up to date on all the closings. Great weather station and the people seem very knowledgeable and friendly.
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5 years ago, snow pugel
I think this app is good for weather & news. The only thing I don’t like is videos or ads always come up when trying to read news. I find it distracting. I have a child with special needs & the ads or videos automatically coming up is upsetting to him. I wish there was a way for those to not automatically come up.
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6 years ago, B’s Apple Account
👍🏼 keeps me informed
I watch WLWT morning news because they are on top of all stories and I love the newscast. The app is a great extension of the broadcast with videos, stories, and push alerts. I especially like the push alerts for serious traffic incidents and breaking local or national news - keeps me informed at a glance!
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4 years ago, Double doozer
This news service is excellent! Great factual stories without wordiness. Up to the minute news stories, not old ones. Also, good; the human interest stories are great to read. The weather part is factual and current plus the Futurecast weather is very good, timely and accurate! Keep it up.👍
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6 years ago, timberwolf007
News when you need it!
This is a great news app. The only difficulty for the mobile users can be the the refresh rate when trying to load images form social media like Twitter. Scrolling is problematic when going by the images.
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4 years ago, 789Pat123
It’s changed over a few weeks, not good
For a few weeks when I choose a news story to open only about 30% of the time does it open correctly, the rest of the time it will open with nothing there and freezes the screen. Besides this, I always thought this was a great app.
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6 years ago, BoxingIsAwesome
Too Busy
I love WLWT as far as a news team but the app is just too busy. There’s so much crammed into small space. It shouldn’t navigate like a web site with all these CTA buttons jumping you all over the same page. Then with all the ads it’s just super busy. Clean it up, streamline the navigation and get rid of all (or a lot of) the ads- you’ll have a first rate app that matches the first rate news team.
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4 years ago, kjaybeee
Interactive radar
The interactive radar on my iPhone 8 has stopped working. Only a white screen appears. I delete and re-installed the app. No different.
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2 weeks ago, Marketing_Mommy
App crashes and news articles close before you’re done reading
App is always crashing, open a news story and it goes back to the Home Screen or goes back to the top of the news area and you have to scroll through all the articles again until you get to the one you were trying to read. Radar map also won’t stay but, it auto closes and goes back to the home news screen.
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3 years ago, Ellie Lexis
Worst Weather Predictions
Literally your weather predictions are always ‘I don’t know’. I have no idea how you keep getting rated most accurate with weather because you never predict it correctly. I’ve cancelled something important twice now and both times because it was supposed to rain but didn’t. Now your forecasts always say ‘we don’t know but there’s a chance but there’s also not a chance so choose your poison.’ Worst weather predictors ever.
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3 years ago, Lord Fahrquar
Great content annoyingly surrounded by click bait ads
Take this app to higher level by placing the ads at the bottom or somewhere other than within the individual articles. Too tired of “accidentally” leaving the app for my browser to open because I touched the screen where a clickbait ad hadn’t even loaded yet.
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6 years ago, cfr115
Does not keep the news fresh
This app has different sections such as Local News, National News, etc. In each of these sections they only run 5-6 news stories. Then they will keep the same story posted for a couple of days. You mean to tell me there aren’t 5-6 new news stories out there each day. This has been like this for years. With their recent app update to the graphics, it only makes things run slower. I’ve had enough. I’m deleting the app.
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4 years ago, Ehall1971
App broken?
I use this app on 2 phones. I have issues with article loading on both phones. When I click an article often it will just load a white screen. And then if I try to back out of the article it won’t function. Sometimes the app then shuts down. Otherwise, I have to close the app manually.
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4 years ago, Jared Rice
Developers need to fix this app
I have nothing against news 5 but whoever made this app needs to fix it. You can tap on a story to read and it may never load. Most frustrating however is when I receive a notification that takes me to nothing. I would like to get more information on a story when I get a notification about it but once you tap the notification the story never loads in the app and half the time you can’t even find it in the main list. I just don’t understand how the main goal is to get news in front of people and the app actually prevents that. Terrible user experience.
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2 years ago, frankclan
Worst traffic app ever
This continues to get worse daily. You receive a notification of traffic problems near you and when you click on it you get a map of issues not at all relevant to your search. I have kids on the road and want to know what’s going on where I search. Whoever controls the traffic app needs to switch to something more befitting their experience.
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5 years ago, paps2p
Stories are held for weeks
Weather radar is great. But some news articles are kept for a month. Need to change the news everyday. The entertainment section is like that and national news. One story was on it for 6 weeks. Love that you can watch newscast anytime
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6 years ago, Toodiebun
Messed up!
I watch your app in the morning while I’m getting ready for work and lately it has been freezing a lot, as well as repeating what was just said. It also plays the sound for one commercial while showing the video of a different one!! I hope you can get it straightened out quickly!
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4 years ago, niewie
You have to dig through piles of advertising
I’m very disappointed in the wlwt news 5 app. I think many of the positive reviews must have come from employees of the station. 70% or more of the app is advertising and commercials. Every video you try to watch makes you dit through the same commercial for 15 seconds. In between articles are loads of advertisements making it unbearable to dig through and try to read. Terrible!
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5 months ago, 5 all the WAY, all DAY
News Room
Anytime I need the news if not on air, all I have to do is call WLWT news room. Yes, I can always get an answer to my concerns. They are pleasant to speak to. Never seem to be in a hurry to rush me off. They are the top reporters when it comes to NEWS. Thank you
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6 years ago, Cincy-Fan
Most Accurate Weather?
Nobody’s better than the ‘on-air’ team of Weather Talent at Channel 5. But when it comes to this app (for hearing their LATEST forecast) it’s a disappointment. Posting half day old video content (after having to sit thru commercial content) is a real deterrent for making this a go-to source for a meteorologist’s insight.
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9 months ago, Once a teacher
Great wake to keep informed.
The first thing I do every morning is to check this app and see what occurred overnight and get an unbiased view of local and world news.
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6 years ago, mmtng02
Works pretty well but not 5 Star
I like this app but it is way too busy! We need latest news weather and sports. Not all the news you can fit on the page! I found my best news app is not from Cincinnati ! Look for ease of use and not covering it all.
Show more
7 years ago, Wjgffu
Pop up only gives you the choice to “ Yes” to review?
I would’ve given you a higher review of 4 stars but it’s very annoying when a pop-up asks you if you want to review and only gives you the choice of “yes”. All of the other options are grayed out.
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2 years ago, tjburke1
Keep it up
I have used channel fives app for years I have been very satisfied. It gives me accurate news but it’s been a little glitchy lately Other than that keep up the good work
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5 years ago, jojourm
Love it but.....
I love my WLWT news app. Very easy to use and informative. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is that sometimes we get “alerts” for silly things. I think alerts should be kept for important info we need to know quickly.
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4 years ago, Luke58909
Great Source for News.
You get updates on things very well. No stories are old. They tend to always give updates on stories that are featured.
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4 years ago, Bearcats67
Great App but when you try to find a story after getting a notification from the app you can’t find it. After you clear the notification it removes the story from the app.
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6 years ago, Pa Rick1
Too much video
Those of us who have slow internet have to wait too long for the stories to load because of the video. Take a look at WCPO’s website that separates the video from the print. Otherwise you have informative and accurate coverage.
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6 years ago, Sumone❤️
Not breaking news
When I receive a breaking news alert, the link is never on the app at that exact moment. I have to wait at least 5-10 minutes after I receive the notification for it to appear on the app.
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2 years ago, Novice gambler
Horrible App
This app is horrible. When you get an alert about a news story you might be interested in and click on it, it just takes you to the app and whatever the top story of the moment is. Not the story you wanted to read. Then it’s nothing but ads while you try and find the story you wanted. I am deleting this app.
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