WMBF Breaking News & Weather

4.7 (4K)
85.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WMBF Breaking News & Weather

4.66 out of 5
4K Ratings
6 years ago, Blackeyed'josie
Local news
It would be nice if a news app gave info on events happening in the area; I feel like we should go back to getting a newspaper. What would be so hard to have a small section about local things to do on the weekends.
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6 years ago, bninsurdside
Better Updates
Your station is very quick to report breaking news. I appreciate that! However, I find your updates lacking in both speed and content. Often, I find myself wondering about certain events that you have reported on and when I look for updated info, I typically find only the original story with a new or updated headline. Generally you end the story by saying you are following the story and will update as info becomes available. Instead of chasing every new and often trivial story, please spend a little more time on presenting the latest info on important stories you have started. Thank you, BHN Surfside Beach, SC
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1 year ago, travelingbear
Great App
I very much love the information and presentation presented by this app. I only have one suggestion. Like today there was a be on the lookout for a fugitive post that was informative. However, you are unable to enlarge the picture to really see the person of interest. There are lots of times that there are great photos but you can’t see them on the presentation of a phone screen because it’s too small. Please see if there is a way to allow us to enlarge photos. Would be a great help. Thank you.
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6 months ago, CaDiLLAcStyle03
Problem loading articles
The problem is actually not a problem, but it’s a problem correlated to being on Wi-Fi. if I’m going to use this app and use it to its full potential, I have to not be using my Wi-Fi. If I’m using Wi-Fi the app will open, the ads will play the articles will not open. As soon as I turn my Wi-Fi off and use AT&T’s network, then the articles will show. it’s something I don’t like having to do by turning on and off my Wi-Fi it’s just how you have to do to use it now. Please fix.
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6 years ago, mblocal
Fan of old app
I do not like the new app at all. It is very hard to scroll to read the news due to so many pop up ads blocking your stories. I have all local mobile news apps and WMBF was always my favorite . Please clean it up!
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5 years ago, Lazer2234
Great app currently has bug
This app is fantastic but ever since I updated this app, it instantly crashes the minute I try to even use it. It won’t even open at all now.
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3 years ago, Katieham23
Weather updates
Even with my settings adjusted to only be alerted for “breaking news” I still get flashes about weather every day. Not dangerous or unusual weather, just alerts to tell me that weather will be discussed on the news. Annoying.
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6 years ago, SCDivedog
New app format
The new app layout is very bland and does not really highlight stories. It’s kind of boring and confusing as to what is news and what are advertisement sponsored material. I am a news junkie but my time on this app has dropped 90% according to my screen time tracker.
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5 years ago, Inthe Pits
Up to the minute!
WMBF gives me the up to the minute news on local and regional information
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3 years ago, Uncle Pince
Another garbage news app!
This app requires location services to load, really? I know why you want that feature so you can blast us with ads and btw this app is loaded with them to the point it is disruptive to the app! News is not updated daily and stories have misspelled words. For locals relying on information this is not the app for that!
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3 years ago, bricampb
New app needs fixes
Not thrilled with the new update. Every news alert is sent twice, a few minutes apart. The notification sound is quite annoying. It sounds like a video game.
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2 years ago, Weaverea
App has issues
Alerts are revived. When you click on the sheet the article is not available. on it - and the article has not been published to the app yet Need ability to set parameters for news alerts and only get them for areas wanted.
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4 years ago, NewiOS Fan
Redundant content
Breaking news is fast, content of stories is adequate - however the number of unique stories is low - as you scroll down the list of stories they repeat over and over-why??! This is the reason for the 2 stars.
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5 years ago, Fiddlehrad
I’ll keep using the old one
As long as my old app works, I’ll keep using it. I happen to like it.
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5 years ago, R u kidding me....
I have updated my app but every time I go to open it crashes. I get notifications from the app but can’t do anything else. Plz fix soon. Thx
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5 years ago, Fitz29511
It’s ok
They push out updates and when you click on the link it brings up the old story with no update.
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3 years ago, Bait and switched
Terrible app update
This recent app update is terrible. I believe the advertisements are causing an issue. The layout is pretty bad as well. Have the station manager use this app for one day and I guarantee this will get fixed quickly. Looking forward to a quick corrective update.
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3 years ago, redneckbelle
New App Stinks
I hate the new app. Can’t silent the sound when notifications come in. Always shows the red bubble with all notifications even if they where two weeks old and clearer then. I am deleting this app. Can’t even rate it because they know it stinks.
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4 years ago, ccunetman
Popup adds are too agressive
I just uninstalled this app and switched to another local stations add. It got to where I could not read an article without popup ads taking over the screen. To frustrating, I'm done with it. I understand ads on a free app but not to the point of highjacking the user.
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4 years ago, SandyBeachBabe55
Great App! I used to be contacted about traffic. I need to look to find that again! Thx!
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3 years ago, LeeA2502
Terrible News App
Horrible attempt to create or redesign a news app. The app is loaded with click bait. If you are lucky enough to actually click on a story they are very slow to load and crash. Totally disappointed.
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7 months ago, 9 Fire
Pages won’t open
When I click on the top stories, the page won’t load ! Since I own property in Surfside Beach we would like to know what is going on in the area!
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4 years ago, puravidapal
Too many ads.
Its too difficult to navigate through all of the ads to get to the news
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6 years ago, paulnrobin
New app is a step backwards
I was forced to download the update. Don’t like it at all. Why do I have to scroll through days old news to find anything from today? Will be searching for another news source.
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3 years ago, Batt116
New Update makes site unusable and not worth the trouble
When you try to view a page ad comes up, you delete pop up ad, then unable to read story you hoped to read. Very disappointing
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6 years ago, gatorpit007
Excellent news coverage..
Thanks for always keeping me inform with my community and its surrounding area....
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5 years ago, fskull1412
Not happy
Downloaded the updated version and now it won’t let me open it. Click on my existing WMBF icon and it will not open. No issues prior
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5 years ago, Fibromom
New update closes my app!!!
What happened? I just downloaded the new improved app and my iPhone and iPad closes every time I try to open to read an article. What was the update for? I want the older version back.
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5 years ago, gladmad1
Up To Date
Great app to keep up on current news in the area.
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6 years ago, kitty companion
Love this App!
I like to get updates when things happen! WMBF keeps us “In The Know”.
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3 years ago, cgjguddsnb
Ever since they got the new app, it keeps crashing. Unable to rate app on the app. The notifications clear but then return in large numbers. Too many ads. Old app so much better
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6 months ago, #1 pia
Power outage 2/1/24 in our state
No explanation as to cause of outage? That’s unacceptable. What’s the secret? Hope to hear the reason soon. Amid all the terror, hacking, inept governing, we need clarity and honesty.
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3 years ago, Tysus
App used to be informative. Now it’s filled with nothing but ads. Confusing and difficult to navigate.
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4 years ago, Sunspotbaby!!!
Too many ads!!!!
I understand they have to pay for free app but goes way to far!! Too many ads not enough substance!!!
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6 years ago, LE retired
News alerts
Thanks for these alerts. Merry Christmas!
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3 years ago, BelleFacchini
Why did you do this?
I really don’t like the app update. I tried to get used to it for a few weeks but it’s difficult to navigate, glitchy and has invasive pop ups.
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6 years ago, Bergengolfer79
Online version
I am not a TV news watcher, but the online version of WMBF is awesome. Thanks
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5 years ago, Dragon City Lexington SC
Newest update not working
Just updated the app yesterday and when I click on the news app it immediately closes. Turned the ipad off and on and didn’t help the problem.
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6 years ago, Th3seus375
New update
The new update that I was forced to download is, frankly, absolutely a down grade and confusing from the previous version. A lot of my friends and colleagues agree with that since we typically use just WMBF app. Considering changing news apps.
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6 years ago, witchesdorothy
WMBF is the best!!
Always on top of the latest news great asset to we folks in Murrells Inlet many thanks
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3 years ago, Tickie11
Privacy Issue
Updated app, doesn’t load until I have location setting and notifications on. Really??
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6 years ago, Joekardel
Always keeps me up to date. On the go or snug in my home.
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3 years ago, ssmilholen
New format!
This new format makes it very difficult to reach the news! Hate it! Going to have to switch to another news app.
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6 years ago, DTmTASF
I like to keep up with Myrtle Beach news, but you don’t get it here. For that matter on WMBF live either! Only Florence, Dillon, Longs etc.
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2 years ago, Lady R2
Where is information?
You are all headlines…no follow up information. i.e. headline..Man goes missing..follow up. He is found….where? When? How? Who? First things I learned in journalism class.
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3 years ago, LA Customer
Doesn’t Work
The newest version of this app does not work - will not load just keeps dropping out. iPhone running iOS 15. Please fix
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3 years ago, Kikibot7
Works only with WIFI & location on
🤔Why is that? Why doesn’t this app work with my data plan? I live in a major city.
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1 year ago, MrMac2010
Does not work
After the last update, app no longer works. iPhone X with latest IOS
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6 years ago, dougaddsmoreappsnow
Next flood hire me to put up a map and mark twice a day where water breaching banks, instead of linking to a 7 day old projection and verbal non specific locations. Thanks
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3 years ago, Lowkiie
Garbage News
They only tell you what they want you to hear. Not the entire truth. The leave out things.
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