2.4 (78)
66.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WMTV NBC15 News

2.42 out of 5
78 Ratings
6 years ago, Ncraximus
Keeps Crashing!
This would be a very good app if it did not keep crashing when I’m trying to watch the latest news broadcast or open up other features not on on the homepage. Come on NBC15 please fix this!
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9 months ago, tired of loading issues
I want to use the app to catch the previous newscasts for local news but a lot of times it’s just the “LNL” which has the most annoying anchor around or a special news report that is sure not the local news for that time. Can’t even get it over the weekend most times. It seems they only have the previous newscast when they feel like putting it out. And when you do get it, watching is annoying as it’s so choppy with dead spots, evidently to compensate for commercials yet it has its own ads too. Useless! If you’re going to have an app to help out your audience, maybe put in some effort and not just slop it out there and say you have an app.
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2 years ago, DaneCoMama
Biased coverage leads to low rating
I have this app for local news and weather coverage. I keep it only for the weather reporting but find your news coverage biased in favor of Republican agendas. Your blackout on the dire conditions Dane County, which for several days we experienced the second highest Covid positivity in the NATION, puts the entire community at risk. This should have been a lead story and yet there was no mention of at all anywhere on this site. Everyone associated with this should be withered with shame at abandoning their journalistic responsibilities.
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6 years ago, highschoolspellbook
Very Usefull
This app shows a lot of the weather around my area and is definitely more accurate than some other apps I tried.
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5 years ago, Rnk2461
Can’t read
When you overlap ads on top of the article, how are you supposed to read it. I will delete this app after this review. Thanks for nothing.
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5 years ago, bri.deyo
Awful Writing and Editing
Quality local news can be tough to find, but the writers at NBC15 are so consistently awful that I can’t give this source more than 1 star. There are examples of unprofessional language and/or grammatical errors every day. The only stories that are written well are from external sources.
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7 years ago, Zwischenzug
Ads ads ads
Pop ups, banner ads, thing blocking the screen and slowing down viewing all the time. I wanted news, but could barely find it behind the ads. Couldn't navigate the comments sections of each article. Rubbish.
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11 months ago, Grateful in Madison WI
What’s the news? What a joke- press release central for Joe Biden.
I’m old enough to remember when journalists were supposed to question the government narrative not regurgitating the press releases of the government bureaucrats who may, or may not be, acting in the best interests of the country. Shame on you!
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7 years ago, The prince 12354
Please update!
Please fix. It will not load the news stories. Channel3000 has so many pop up ads that I've turned to nbc15 solely for local news. Looks like I'm going back to the pop ups until this is fixed. Please hurry!
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4 years ago, HRH Moss
Very provincial content but with very unsophisticated organization and presentation. Much too “small town” in its approaches, even for Madison. Tedious finding specific reader topics of interest. Better off with a larger news provider—even out of state—with the scope and span to cover this area.
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7 years ago, Tug o war
Literally just an add, no news
On more than one occasion I've opened the app to check the news and the only thing on the news page is an add. Can't even navigate around to get it somehow; no news... just adds.
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2 months ago, ElectricEye67
No Dew point
Please add the Dew point.
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2 years ago, RhondaE13
Always kicked out
This app always shuts when you’re trying to get a weather update. So frustrating
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3 years ago, nenjzuuujkwklppwppkennennw
Is watching live an option?
Why is it so hard to find a live stream of the news
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4 years ago, EastSide2020
Try reporting news, not your agenda.
The pop-up ad when you first opened up the app was one thing, but when the ad is politically biased- deleted the app.
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6 years ago, MOC0617
Opens and then crashes
The app looks like it will open but then it immediately closes itself.
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7 years ago, PumpkinDog
Trying to get an update on the tornado when my DIRECTV went out and I have to sit through a 30 second ad. Pathetic. I hope that fractional cent of revenue was worth my safety.
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4 years ago, jbirckh1
Simple app- simply terrible
Had this app for several years now. It has become extremely biased liberal garbage. An idiots tool to sew discord and nothing more.
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5 years ago, Baldone66
Keeps locking up
Can hardly ever use it without it locking up, requiring app restart. Frustrating.
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3 years ago, bgebhardjr
New update doesn’t work
Can’t open the app, useless
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5 years ago, smervilton
Doesn’t work
It keeps crashing as soon as I open the app
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5 years ago, lindseyth
Won’t let you open the app
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2 weeks ago, Bleed Red Wisconsin
When it comes to politics this station is very misleading and is incompetent about the real facts. Typical liberal Madison 🙄
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4 years ago, Tyson C
Loaded with ads and convoluted structure.
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8 years ago, SolarWind
Stupid ads preventing access to news now
A postage stamp sized ad appears when the Home->News is selected (or when News is selected from the entry page). Difficult to get fresh news in Madison / south central Wisconsin and this app doesn't always help. I would have rated this app 4 stars a couple of years ago but my rating has dropped as the app deteriorated.
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8 years ago, MsMagoo58
Is it the 90's?
Dated font, & default size is tiny, the setting to change it failed to work. The menus froze & sharing was sluggish. It looks dated, like what you'd see on a website in the 90's. Content was not updated to things that were just on the news. iOS app.
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11 years ago, Kil a ma sheen
News 15
This app is great for getting up to date on the news I like it and I use it a lot I would recommend this to other people
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8 years ago, McOfFour
Too many ads; can't get to the news
I'm letting go of this app. Too many ads.
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8 years ago, duchapeau
Shame on you!
Allowing ads in front of a single news story is annoying enough, but you allow the ad to also hijack my phone to open up that ad's website on Safari automatically w/out my permission, on top of my having to view an ad?! Shame on you, NBC15!!!!!
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8 years ago, Sorry affair!!
Fed up
This app is so pathetic. Hard to navigate. Live streaming is horrid. Most news is cut off and weather missed because it is so overloaded with ad after ad and so repetitive. Winter ads run all through summer. Such a disappointment. The other local stations do a superior job why can't news15 do the same.
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10 years ago, K&MTR
Where is the national news??
Still no national/world news!!! Same news repeated in too many categories. A lot of old news as well. Unfortunately, not recommended!
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8 years ago, ExMacLife
The ads they allow mess up the app. Loads but when you click on news you get a single ad and no way to get out of it. Useless.
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10 years ago, mutt4me
Still crashing
Downloaded update. Tried to open it, and it crashed. Deleted app and re-downloaded it. Still crashing.
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10 years ago, MommaWahl
Too limited.
Not enough content.
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8 years ago, Em 0
Good app but...
There are so many typos it drives me insane. Does no one proof read this stuff?
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8 years ago, Xcalak
Won't open news
Won't open top stories. Update is awful. Unusable
Show more
10 years ago, mpmccormick
crashes on share
crashes on share
Show more
3 years ago, Tkuenzli
11/19/21 version fails to open
The Latest version will not open on either my iPad or iPhone...
Show more
11 years ago, TheProgrammingHQ
Good App
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