WMTW News 8 - Portland, Maine

4.4 (1.8K)
116.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WMTW News 8 - Portland, Maine

4.41 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, MikeyDvd
Not bad. Could be better.
I really like this app. But there seems to be an issue at times with the radar map refresh rate. Sometimes it loads very fast an other times not at all. I remember when using the radar and hitting the play button the map would go back maybe an hour or two. But it’s going back as far as 6 hours or so. This is to much. Why does it go back so far in time. An hour back is just fine. Is there a way to fix this. I use this app a lot. An waiting for the map to catch up from a six hour loop is a pain In The but and a waste of time. please fix. Thanks.
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5 years ago, msnala
Advertisements Get in the Way
Like everything about Channel 8- it’s our ‘go-to’ station so I wanted to use this app exclusively for news. I find that the blocks used for advertising cut off sentences describing the article however, and I’ve lost information. There is no transition to the next paragraph located under the advertisement. This is very annoying as I don’t know how important that info could have been. Not sure if it’s the format, or something I could tweak on my iPhone, but I dislike having to access PPH to get the complete version of the story. Fix it please?
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6 years ago, WalksAsOne
Mostly good
I really appreciate being able to see the weather forecast video whenever it’s convenient for me. I also check in on the live feed when storms are brewing. Like others have said, I just wish there weren’t so many ads. I have to plan ahead to make sure I can get through the ads before the live forecast. It does seem like the number of ads at start up has gotten better and I appreciate being able to skip an ad, so thank you for that.
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5 years ago, jdog207
Not bad for the most part
Getting the weather forecast on demand is helpful. However any push notification I get I have to wait usually 15 minutes or more before the story actually shows up on the app to read. Also the content as you scroll down often times is old like months and months old so whomever is in charge of updating everything needs to spend more time keeping everything up to date. I usually have to go to the website to see more recent stuff which defeats the purpose of having the app.
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7 years ago, Mainegirl53
A Ok
Over all the air prefer ends quickly and nicely. But when accessing the live streaming of the news that’s where it gets very annoying. Do not like when ads pop up immediately when trying to access the live newsfeed, the return to full screen button does not always work and it closes the live news and puts those stupid ads. You miss part of the news forever how many seconds it takes to return to the news.
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4 years ago, Bri-boo
News app 8
I’m happy you have this. I’ve called in a few times to say the watch now red band wasn’t there. Someone should open the app on their phone at 4 to check if it’s working right. Another weird thing is when I get the message we will be right back, as I’m waiting and nothing is happening, I’ll hit the double arrow fast forward button, and it comes up a little bit into the report. Definitely have someone monitor the output and document it.
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3 years ago, algernon123
My Go To Source
I go here for weather as you can get it at the top of the hour and 10 minutes in ; the app is good for weather and tracking radar and they are very accurate; I go here for news and the newscasters are friendly but professional while speaking to the audience and with each other and have managed even speaking from home when needed in these Covid times JE
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6 years ago, Scotty 04224
App is good for 3 stars but could be a five star with less ads!
Love to watch the news on TV when I can. I do like the breaking news alerts on my cell when I don’t have the News channel on at the time. However the app is an excellent app to read but if you want to watch a video you have to watch like a 30 sec. ad for each and every video and most story’s are just a bit longer then the ad itself. Do like one ad for every 3 video stories or even better like 5 stories and make the app a 5 star!
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4 years ago, Denise from Wells
I love this app!
Before I moved to Maine 5 years ago, I downloaded the WMTW app so I could get a feel for the state where I planned to relocate. At that time, I found the app cumbersome to navigate & had very little information. However, now I love this app. It’s beautifully redesigned & has so many areas of information. Keep up the good work! WMTW is my news team for all things Maine. You guys rock!!
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5 years ago, ginah1933
I like to check the weather before letting the kids out of the house to go to the bus stop for school. I just have a few things that should be updated. The first thing I find very difficult is trying to find specific articles that you are looking to read. I have also came across several articles that are old. Some of the articles are several months old and not to mention years old. You really need to check out your website and see for your self
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3 years ago, RN2951
Some special interest articles linger too long.
I have been viewing this news app for over a year now and I do like reading the news every day on the site. My biggest pet peeve is some of the special interest articles are kept on the site for months. And also when the news is posted and the story is still developing, the site will say about updating it as they receive more information-many times it never occurs. Frustrating in both instances...
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5 years ago, AmJer668
Stories not loading properly
I love the updates. My issue with the app comes when I hot the banner, because I’m interested in the story and the story either doesn’t load or the app shuts down. My other issue is that if one of the two scenarios happens I can NOT just open the app and have the story right there. I have to go hunting for it and sometimes I find it but often I don’t see it anywhere.
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4 years ago, Hellnore
I sometimes have a problem getting it but I don’t believe it is your feed but rather the
location The gov said when elected that she was going improve the broadband statewide,!however doubt Ill see it my lifetime! Fact is that SHE &CMP are more interested in building the corridor that will do nothing for Maine residents but will reduce the electricity costs in Mass!! And destroy our wildlife & the gorgeous scenery of our forests & waters!!
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4 months ago, MaybeOneMore
Sound issues
App will continue to play audio or restart audio after being closed (not force closed, leaving the app normally). In a first for me, last night I was woken up when it randomly started playing an ad long after the app was closed. This was on an iPhone 13 and there was no way to stop it since it didn’t appear in the “now playing” control panel section. It stopped when I force quit the app - it was a pretty easy guess which app was doing it.
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6 years ago, catdocme
I feel that the app allows me to know when news or weather is affecting Maine, and I would have given 5 stars however alerts sometimes show on the locked screen but I can not find the story details when I go to the app. The problem seems to be a time lag and most alerts eventually appear among the line items on the app but some never do so.
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4 years ago, 1strenovation
Good for headlines
I like that news 8 sends me important info when it comes up but doesn’t bombard me with notifications all the time. Once in the app it works well enough but there are too many ads and too many steps to get to what you are looking for. Nevertheless, this is my only news app for Maine and I am overall quite happy with it.
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4 years ago, Maragnus
Embarrassing Ads
They need to filter their ads AND start them muted. And you need to turn off your volume before you open the app in public spaces. I clicked on a headline from my lock screen only to had the word "Diarrhea?!" fill the otherwise silent floor of my office. And withing earshot, my director and VP. Luckily with a good sense of humor. But not everyone will be able to have all eyes on them from their phone yelling something inappropriate unexpectedly. It was worse than when Pandora on my TV started showing dildo ads while my mother-in-law was over.
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2 years ago, DJMichaelTank
Video doesn't match story
When I click on a news story to read there is usually an accompanying video. I'd say about 50% of the time the video story does not have anything to do with the print news story. I don't know why you do this. I'd rather just read the news story if that happens. It's actually quite annoying because one thinks there's accompanying video. Please stop doing this.
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3 years ago, will change to 13
WMTW channel 8 news
Needs work. Cannot get into app. Just keeps spinning & spinning & won’t open. Please fox this for me so I can watch it again I’m having trouble with my WMTW app, It won’t open, just keeps spinning & spinning It’s done this before & you fixed it I would appreciate it if you could fix it again. Ty
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7 years ago, Memy27
Back button goes away
I’m editing my review from 5 stars to 3. After watching videos, the back button goes away and you have to close out of the app and go back in. It’s annoying. When it’s fixed I’ll edit again and bring it back up but not until this little annoyance is gone. Otherwise, this is the station I refer to first every single time I watch the news. Awesome app, but needs a little work.
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6 years ago, Grave digger2851
Good afternoon
I am this date deleting your web site from all my iPad & iPhone. I am tired of being commercialized to death when attempting to read most stories on your site. I don’t have to be deluged by commercials on Fox & most sites such as Reuters. I also dislike being taken over by your demand program. Goodby.
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1 year ago, @JennieCote16
App Notifications No Longer Working
WMTW 8 is our favorite local news station and when I first downloaded the app about 3 years ago, I would get the news updates with the WMTW “theme” song, however, that hasn’t happened for a long time. All the notifications are on according to the app info. I still use the app several times a day. Thanks for all you do! Jennie L. Cote
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6 years ago, lji58
I use this app every day. Love the video forecast it’s short and to the point. I don’t like how the ads pop up when I haven’t even touched them but it’s gotten better. Your stories at the bottom stay on too long. The ones below entertainment (which I like by the way). Overall a good way to get my news in the morning
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6 years ago, UKLuver
My favorite local news app
I gave them a 5 but it seemed to rate each star when I entered so may be a glitch with the review process. Anyway easy to use and very up to date with news, weather and alerts! Like other reviewers I too think the ads are a nuisance.
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4 years ago, The Cat Sass
App freezes on some articles
When using, the app freezes up and locks on an article or is blank and won’t open a news event. Have to open and close app numerous times and even then sometimes just give up for the day.
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4 years ago, MorningNewsFan
Problem with ads overtaking newscast
I really liked this App for watching newscasts on my iPhone however within the past several weeks something has happened where Ads will all of a sudden start playing on top of the morning newscast while the newscast audio is still playing in the background. Once this happens I can no longer get the newscast video back. I hope this can be fixed or I will have to try another station.
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5 years ago, same nick name
Easy way to get the days headlines
I appreciate the first half or so of this news app. however most of the second half repeats for a number of days. Some of the stories have been on there over a year! What’s up with that? Lorry
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4 years ago, chief1893
Up to date and personal
Keep me in the know without all the political spin. Just straight news and feel good stories, weather and all the things I need for my day
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5 years ago, cheriO411
The only thing I don't like is that sometimes I get a breaking news alert I click on it and it brings me to the old article about the same story. I then have to close out of the app and reopen to get the update.
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4 years ago, Jlcookermaniii
Very clumsy site
Adds are far too intrusive Non-news items stay forever. Site is difficult to navigate I do appreciate the ease of checking the temperature.
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4 years ago, youdont wantto hearrhis
The ads that you have covers important part of the stories and actual news that you are sharing. I would suggest that you put your ads in between paragraphs instead of covering the article and important information.
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6 years ago, Mom2dt
Not too big, not too small... just right!
Appreciate having the alerts - and the volume works well for me. Key items, I don’t miss something important and I’m not bogged down by more info than I want to see. My choice if I want to read the article or just the headline.
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2 years ago, MikeInt18
Weather Widget Would Be Great
Nice app all around, but would love to see a weather widget. Direct access from the main phone screen would be awesome instead of having to click through.
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4 years ago, Chazeecat
My go-to news app
Love the updates on breaking news, and the variety of other news. Also love the weather radar within the app.
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6 years ago, Faust1961
Pretty good.
Not a bad local news app. But wished it would be updated more often. The on demand news cast is good but is only on when the news cast is on. The notifications are very good with news and especially weather.
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6 years ago, TaanyaP
WMTW app is awesome!
Love the quick notifications ... love knowing about breaking news when it is happening! ...and knowing the weather at my fingertips. Great job! ...oh yeah, can’t forget about the school closing notifications too!
Show more
4 years ago, Snowpyle
Ok but if you’re not going to sell....
If you’re not going to sell sponsored content then get rid of it! It’s taking up space that could be used for other stories instead of the same ones that have been there for a year!
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7 years ago, Tigzola
Sound issues
I love that I can get home from work at 1am and watch the full broadcast, but I like to steam it to my Apple TV. Lately, whenever I try to stream it from my phone to my TV, the sound is totally messed up. It sounds like everyone is under water. After dealing with a computer screen all night, I like to watch tv on my tv, but the app update isn’t helping.
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3 months ago, Chevy2500HD4x4
Good but
Why is this the only news app that insists on deleting every single push notification when you open the app? Every single other place I get news from knows better than to do this, but hey you folks can’t even be bothered to fix the widget after 17.4 gave it a ridiculous looking black border so I don’t know why that surprises me. Almost as bad as 13.
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3 years ago, brickyardcove
Good app but no way to turn off sound of ads
This is my go to app for local news and weather. It’s great but I just wish there was a way to mute the ads! Please add captions and give the option to turn off the sound, please:-)
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7 years ago, Maranacook
Where’s the weather video cast?
In older version of the app users could quickly find the videos cast. Now it’s either deeply hidden or not there at all. Way to make your app experience exactly like a television experience where your audience has to endure all the content they don’t care about so they can get to the stuff they do care about. I cut the cord in cable tv 3 years ago. Now I’m cutting the cord on this app and wmtw completely.
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5 years ago, Love to knit
Best News and Weather App
I get up to the minute News and Weather alerts when anything is happening in my local area and nationally.. I can always depend on this app. Thank you!
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4 years ago, peteswede
Lot better than others. I see
Works smoothly and is way better than the few other tv channel apps I have used
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6 years ago, crochet santa
WMTW app
Really enjoy being able to look up to see the weather and get the news. Please keep up the good work and keeping everyone up to date.
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5 years ago, f*%#
Unbalanced News Reporting
To whom it may concern. I have been a long time subscriber and I noticed that you love to report mostly all negative things of our president and hardly positive. This country is better now than ever before so let’s start advertising that and be Happy you live here in the USA 🇺🇸. Can you try?
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2 years ago, VenusShimko
Love WMTW8
Love have my news at my fingertips. I love getting news and weather alerts keeping me updated on what’s going on
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4 years ago, p-ant
We can’t depend on the weather report on channel 8 because the weather report as well as other reports always stop at Sanford. Channel 9 in NH is more of a accurate report pertaining to our area. I do like the team very much but like I said most of the news is for upper Maine.
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11 months ago, SLK2019
Ads giving off bells and sounds
I’m deleting the app. I liked it for local news but now certain game ads give off shrill whistles and sounds. Jumped me the first time it happened. And it doesn’t turn off until the app is closed. News isn’t worth the annoyance. Bye.
Show more
5 years ago, russ240z IPhone
Best Local News App
Best news app for local news and weather. Always on top of the latest up to the minute news! Very dependable..
Show more
3 years ago, Rocketcar200
Needs a little tweak
This app would be better if you didn’t have to scroll to read the weather. Trying to scroll up to read can be difficult and you have to do it just right.
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