WMUR News 9 - New Hampshire

4.2 (6.4K)
110.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WMUR News 9 - New Hampshire

4.24 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
4 years ago, NEMillennial
I Would Give It a 5 But...
I love this app as I rely on the push notifications more so than manually scrolling through stories. I find the notifications better and more informative and definitely more “on time” (lightening alerts and the like) than my other apps. However, several times when I’ve clicked on a notification in order to be brought to the full story it just brings me to a blank page. At that point I have to close the app and re-click to open it and find the story I wanted to read. If you could fix this I would give you a 5 star review. Also, if you could add an allergy forecast section I’d be the happiest person alive (app wise.) Thank you & be safe!
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5 years ago, AprilBarbere
Yes there are ads...
Yes there are a lot of ads, but that’s how apps are free...plus this is broadcast media! There are commercials during every news broadcast on TV, and though it’s annoying it’s really no different for a television station to include them in their app. The ads are kept to 30 seconds max, and I really don’t find it to be a deal breaker. WMUR Weather is the biggest reason why I use this app. Most accurate around for local forecasts compared to any weather app I’ve used. I like catching up on local news and weather when I’m on the go and can’t watch it at home (which is most days). Yes yes the ads are in every video, but like I said it’s really no different than commercials during a television broadcast. It’s definitely a great app in my opinion. I read the articles more than I watch the videos so it really has no impact. Will continue to use!
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2 years ago, luckyrabbit123
Would use this more, but it needs fine tuning
There’s a couple bugs on here that are a bit of a pain. Scrolling down the page is no problem, but scrolling back up is a pain. The screen keeps jumping around and I have to scroll fast with a couple fingers to get back to the top of the page. The live videos I click on open, but don’t play as well. It does play videos when not live however, but not always. It will keep going to the video player as if to play the posts made, but loads rarely in more recent days. Finally, I went to report all of these bugs, and yet the “report bugs” button doesn’t bring me to the link tied with the button. Please update these because I would use this app every day if it didn’t have these issues. I’ve already tried deleting, and reinstalling the app, but am still experiencing these issues. Thank you for your time
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5 years ago, tweedle bug
Too many commercials
I really like being able to get the news and radar maps whenever I want The weather items are great. I never have a problem with that. The problem comes when I want to watch any story...usually I never end up watching the story. Every time I click on a story there is another commercial to watch. I am very impatient and don’t have the time to watch a commercial EVERY story, so I just read the story during the commercial and move onto the next story to read during the commercial. Also most times it takes a couple of tries when I want to watch the news now. I usually get stuck in a commercial loop or freeze I have to get out and go back in a couple of times. (A couple more commercials.) Lastly it would be great if I could steam the news now to my tv. When the cables out, it would be nice to not have to prop the phone for my husband and I to huddle up and watch.
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3 years ago, Independent NH Women
To whom this may concern. I have watched your Staition for years as I live in the state! But when you take on the media with one side of the story and do not let the other side even have a chance to say there side of the story! You have lost me and a lot of the people in this state! As a News Staition you should be neutral! Not Democratic or as it seems to me Communist. I am a unenrolled voter or as we use to call it independent! This country is going down a horribly bitter road with no end in sight. It is pretty sad when you can’t say Merry Christmas anymore because you may offend somebody! This country was established on God in whom we trust! So as far as I am concerned I will never vote again as it seems to me that there is so much cheating and corruption that it doesn’t matter who or what you vote for because the crooks will get their way anyway! I hope you have the decency to post and publish this to your viewers. God Bless America !! Lyndsey Marie Burke LS
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5 years ago, In A Nut Shell
Too Many Ads - Love Haley & Amy
There are too many ads especially when you click into a news story and an ad comes up that you get stuck listening to. Most of the time they are so annoying that I purposely won’t buy their products. And when you try to view one of the news videos there are more ads to contend with. On a positive note, I enjoy listening to the weather with Haley LaPointe. She is a breath of fresh air. She delivers the weather in terms that the average citizen can comprehend, and she doesn’t stand in front of part of the weather map when speaking like the other two men do. It’s annoying to not be able to view the coastal section of the weather map because someone is blocking it. Amy Caveno is awesome, too. Much more personable than the others. Wish she was on during the weekdays.
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3 years ago, klackmass
Weather is not accurate
I used to watch WMUR just for the forecast as I’ve been a resident for over 40 years and they were usually correct. I got the app 2 yrs ago and in the past year I noticed the weather report is always wrong. For instance forecast said the next couple days will be comfortable in the 60’s. Next day was humid in 90’s. The other day it says current temp is 68, I walk outside and it’s way hotter and humid. The forecasters are terrible. Also it only shows humidity and dew point for that day. It would be nice to know if the the next few days are going to be humid as well. I’m very disappointed with how far off their accuracy is. I can see being a degree or so off, but off by 10+ degrees and utterly wrong about humidity, these people should be fired. Absolutely unforgivable.
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4 years ago, Ptdrivas
Awesome app except for one thing...
I use this app everyday so overall I’m a big fan. Very timely updates and reliable source of information for local news. Also pretty solid for live streaming when it’s available. The only thing that can be frustrating is when a notification pops up and you click it and it brings you to the homepage instead of the relevant story. I’ve seen this with other apps, so maybe it’s just a matter of using the notification to get breaking news out ahead of the article being ready, but some sort of landing page would be helpful!
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4 years ago, Royal in NH
WMUR App provides timely information
My experience is that the WMUR app provides timely and effective information on both local and National (or International) breaking news. And, over the last several months, they have done an exceptional job of covering COVID-19 issues across most of the communities across the state on this platform and their broadcast platform. I would have rated them a “5” but I frequently find their text reports truncated / cut off mid-sentence for some reason and that is sometimes no big deal but sometimes aggravating. Fix that nagging problem and you get a “5”!
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5 years ago, Mrs "C"
Needs a lot of work
I rated this app 3 stars because there are a lot of commercials. It is annoying to have to wait to view a news article. Also, another issue I hope is resolved is the w/e news. It seems that the news never changes during the w/e. When the app is viewed on a Saturday or Sunday one would think that there would be something new in the news to see, but no, what I see is the same news from Wednesday or Thursday. I know there are different news reports during the w/e days. I would think that the news changes everyday. Is the person who posts the events that happen on the w/e off? This is just not right. Grrrrrt
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5 years ago, BerlinAngie
WMUR Meteorologists Should Check Potential Satellite Issues
The displayed temperatures seem to often get stuck. I know it’s usually cold in Berlin, but when it displays our morning temperature all day long, it gets very frustrating. I’ve conditioned myself to google my current temperature...which makes me question why I still have this app. The weather was a major reason I downloaded it because “north of the notch” weather on air is often overlooked (well, not just the weather, I guess 🤔😒). I hope WMUR meteorologists look into this issue.
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4 years ago, inter net only
No search ability
I enjoy the news and the ability to see NH news any time, but I have a VERY frustrating time to find something that was mentioned or to ask a question about where to look. There is also NO place that I have found that allows someone to report something that was seen or is happening, unless you have social media - nothing on the internet for those who do not have any social media accounts or to call a receptionist who could answer a question or that can connect someone to the right department. I also dislike that if someone is sending a critical review, that the review is refused!!!!!!
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6 years ago, GreenEggs&Grayham
Ads are out of control. Hard to search for things.
I love the weather and news headlines on the WMUR app, but the amount of ads and pop ups are over the top. What I’d like to see is more information. Not just a headline, but a transcript of the story underneath. We can’t always watch videos while we’re checking the news. Also, more than once, there was an ad in the middle of the story that appeared to be a photo about the story. I’m sure the model in the ad appreciates being plopped into the middle of a news story about a woman arrested or something. Make it easier to search. Organize the ads (if you can’t cut down on the numbers) and keep giving us the more news.
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1 year ago, M^P
App very glitchy
Love catching the local news on WMUR app as I have dropped Direct TV and living in the north country don’ t have reception with an antennae. Don’t mind the commercials but after multiple commercials it gets stuck on the ‘WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK AFTER THIS BREAK’ screen sometimes 3-5 minutes (complete silence) or app shuts down by itself. It’s not my internet as we have state of the art fiber in Sandwich and streaming anything else is never a problem. Even in hi def. Also the audio quality from the in studio part (anchors) is poor. But the reporters out in the field sound fine. I’ll still use the app but it can be very frustrating.
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4 years ago, skydiverj9
Love Local News with a Smile
The WMUR app is wonderful, I would have given it a 5 Star review if it was possible to have this on my Apple TV. I got rid of the ball & chain of cable 😅 a few years ago and now streaming through high speed internet. I’m able to have it on my phone and iPad, which is great for when I’m cooking dinner or at work to get the news updates and alerts. However, in the evening, it would be wonderful to watch it on my tv. There seems to be a few glitches within the app at times, it just shuts off in the middle of a news report and then I need to log back on to view that specific story. The WMUR staff is always a pleasure to watch, with the weather as Kevin Skorupa with his great smile, shares the weather forecast. Keep up the great job, we all love you! Cheers, Janine
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5 years ago, 2-wanda
Old news and ads before every news video
For New Hampshire’s only source for news I’m constantly frustrated over barely to no coverage for any town north of Manchester. Another frustration is with the app; the consistency of old news still being blocked off as if it were important that we not miss reading for the next few months. Enough with the overload of political news! Where is the news of our N.H. people? Last but not at the bottom of the list for frustrations is the constant ads before every video news feed. You can not replay or play another story without the ad popping back up again.
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7 years ago, SligoWindsor
Extremely frustrating. Most every single news video is tied to an advertising video. Why so many ads? Most ads are 30 seconds. If the 30 minutes news boadcadt has an ad between every story, people would be really annoyed. The app should be the same. Every 3 news stories watched gets an ad. Furthermore, more than 1/2 the advertising videos freeze before you get to the real video you want so you need to reload and watch the ad again! If you're lucky to get the video... about 1/2 the time the news videos you can watch end up freezing and then you watch another ad before getting back to the news video. Ridiculous.
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5 years ago, stephanienh
Why can’t you scroll through all the stories?
The main page is great for headlines, but if you click on a story you go down a rabbit hole of random local and national stories all mixed together, and it’s not a complete list. I would Ike to be able to start at the beginning and then either scroll or swipe though all the local stories that are shown on the home page. Now, you get a couple but have to go back to the beginning and start down another rabbit hole to get to other stories. It just isn’t user friendly.
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5 years ago, M Springtome
Enjoy it. But The story is sometimes cut off I am doing it on my iPhone 7
I’ve talked to someone in your support before on this but the stories - the paragraphs- on my iPhone will sometimes stop mid word while there’s an advertisement underneath and then you think the rest of the story is underneath the Ad but it isn’t. The next paragraph with the rest the story is below the Ad but picks up saying something else. I can tell I’m missing a sentence or two.
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5 years ago, Kry%+=
Entertainment section
Can we update it every other day? Some articles are there for weeks. Between art, theater, movies, TV and all the people in them, there must be new true news to post each day. It seems as if no one even works these section. Have you checked it out? Old, old articles. Remove them after a week at least. The worst maintained part of this app. Enjoy the rest alot. Read it two three times a day to see what is going on. Though I notice on weekends, nothing much gets added unless it is a big story. Thanks
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6 months ago, Mute City
To start, the app harasses you at the beginning to try and get you to personalize stuff and get notifications. It does this in the form of a chat. Shut up, leave me alone and let me use the app. More importantly, navigating it is atrocious. You can’t even scroll in this app without the scrolling having a mind of its own. I’m trying to scroll down and I can’t stop it. Absolutely infuriating to use. I can’t really explain it. Just download the app and you’ll instantly know what I am talking about. I deleted this app after 2 minutes. No thanks. I’ll stick with going to the actual website like an adult.
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4 years ago, Mrs Cranque
Love the people on the news reporting the news, but like most main stream media, your reporting is a bit biased. You don’t report on all of President Trumps statements. The positive remarks he makes get cut out of the report. Basically, we listen to stations that give the entire statement he makes. Your local news is fine and of coarse the weather is always newsworthy. This is just my humble opinion.
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7 years ago, Marine2183
Waisted of time
The news sections are not updated daily, you’ll see the same story/video posted for a week at a time. The news posts have incomplete sentences, misspelled words and most are only a few sentences which makes most of the stories lack in content. The network has this obsession with some how connecting/linking every news story in America to NH in some way. There was recently an update and it made things much worse, as if it wasn’t bad enough that Every video has a 30 second ad, now there is an ad that plays in the background, this has made it to the point that I’ve deleted the app.
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7 years ago, nachofwend1525
Ads and video issues
There is a 30 second ad on every single article that contains some sort of video (which is almost all articles). I can’t scroll to read the article without an ad video taking up half of the screen. When I want to watch a VUZ video I sit patiently through the ad only to have the whole app close out when I flip my phone to watch the video full screen. I’d have better luck just googling the article, or picking up a newspaper rather than using this app. It’s disappointing. If you’re going to make an app, don’t half-a** it. Especially when you’re a news station.
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4 months ago, DT_CT
Being part of ABC, you get nothing but censored "news" favorable to Democrats. For example, the morning after Biden's state of the union speech from 3-7-24 which was full of half truths, they had video of Biden talking and yelling with his divisive talking points for his campaign, then clapping from Democrats. This went on for about two minutes, then ABC put a clip that lasted only for about three seconds that had the rebutal. That is not news, but it is only propaganda. WMUR does not represent our state which is fairly balanced, but represents the far left so I do not waste my time watching it.
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4 years ago, LadyRoseCTFan
I love this app. I go to it for weather & news constantly. I’d be lost without the radar. This morning I received an email from WMUR/Hearst in response to my review about sentences being cut off by ads. I am so pleased that an app I count on HEARD ME and fixed the problem! Thank you for being responsive! Thank you for the fix! WMUR will continue to be my most-often-used (and appreciated) app.
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6 years ago, Human Grammy
Mrs. M
I don’t mind the ads, they pay the bills. I use to live in the Manchester, NH area but now live in Florida. I’ve put my local stations and newspaper on my phone to keep up with the news and weather. I also put WMUR on my phone. I’ll tell you I get breaking news from WMUR before I get the information from my local stations, ie: the school shooting in FL. I heard it first from WMUR. Keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, Rev JT
Can’t read the articles anymore
I have relied on this app for many years now. It has been my quick source for news and information, especially local. It was one of the most used apps on my iPhone, until the latest update. Now, I can’t read any of the articles as the words are all cut off. If a headline catches my eye, I have to go elsewhere to get the information. My phone meets all of the compatibility requirements mentioned. I tried it on my iPad, and that works fine, but that doesn’t fit in my pocket very well. Hoping this is fixed, so I can continue to use on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, TGsews
Too many ads
Before every story one is forced to listen to the same ad over and over. Many times stories are shorter than the ad. I wish WMUR would focus on local and state stories and let the national news take care of the national news. Many times I watch Maine news because they have more New Hampshire news. At least the weather is focused on NH and is usually reliable unless it is a long weekend and tourists need to be encouraged to come to our state.
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6 years ago, Angry Administrator
Stop prompting me about notifications!
If you have notifications enabled for the app, it occasionally prompts you to open the app or else it will stop sending you notifications. Quite an annoying way to force you to open the app so you’ll see some advertisement. Pretty sure I’ll be deleting this soon as I don’t like being held hostage like this by apps. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the story I’m getting notified about actually existed in the app when I open it, as other reviewers have said. Sister station WCVB’s app does the same.
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4 years ago, Moonbe@m
Sorry devs it’s not the app
In the last 3 days I have gotten so many notifications for this virus that I finally turned it off this morning. If WMUR would focus on local instead of blowing this out of proportion they would have more users and followers. I’m sick of hearing the notifications go off for stuff overdone in the news. Don’t follow CNN and Other national news, serve up NE news. Epic fail WMUR. My apologies to the devs as it really isn’t the app, it’s the content they push too often, the app is great.
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7 years ago, Kkkgggccc
Bad and getting worse with ads
Too many ads! They now often pop up even when opening the app. Ads almost always precede videos and are way too long—30 seconds to look at a 1 minute or less video. Also the app is not nearly as good as others in returning to the same correct place on the home page from something you’ve opened—often takes you back to the top of the home page instead. I like the weather, but again, long ads to get to the video.
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6 years ago, Walch07
Good for local news, but...
Edit to original review: There is now a new pop-up ad that pops up repeatedly while trying to read a news story. It blocks the entire screen and is extremely annoying. Because of this ad, the app is more of a headache than it’s worth. Original review: the ads are awful, especially the auto dealer ones. If the auto dealer ads are running, I either mute them or I just go elsewhere for my news. Find new sponsors for the app. Sometimes the app crashes which is annoying.
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6 years ago, Our shyanne
Scrolling issue
I like this app but don’t like that it goes back to the very 1st story after I finish reading another one. Very frustrating to scroll back down to where I was over & over again. It’s done this for years. The WESH(FL) news app does the exact same thing so it’s a Hearst news problem & they need to fix their news apps. If not for that issue, I would rate it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Orlando6
Want the weather quickly?
GO OUTSIDE. The WMUR news app is at best frustrating. National news is scant but there. Too much emphasis on local death; is there no more significant news on the positive side? And, the weather app is a DISASTER. One is fortunate if it opens on the first go 'round; then it sticks on something like "100 degrees; visibility, 0 miles." Difficult after first page to move easily AMONG other interpretations of the weather. Sometimes I just go to the news app for the weather. Otherwise, one gets used to these apps and their quirks.
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5 years ago, Sheriff13X
Simply too many adds especially with the politicians running full minute ones. Tend to avoid the channel because of the ads and I completed news stories. What ever happened to who, what, when and how. Never gets answered without local news stories so viewers are left hanging. Haley and Chris explain and detail the weather the others simply read from the computer predictions. The station leaves a lot to be desired as NH only news station.
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4 years ago, CyberRN
Cannot give a five star
The app is somewhat easy to navigate but some of the content remains confusing. We use and depend on accurate weather forecasting but recently, your forecast have not been very accurate. For example, the forty plus inches of snow we received when WMUR forecasted our area to be five to eight inches.
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4 years ago, advertising Abused viewer
WMUR - Manchester NH
Short & sweet way to much advertising that we can’t paused or stop & now i don’t watch chnl 9 any more !!! New Idea - u pay me/ the viewers $ 2 or $ 5 every time u put an add on my/our cell phones and see how u like that !! Ur station has become invasive/abusive w/ advertising. It’s no longer the conservative community station it used to be when providing news & information to it’s viewers (just stick to the facts). In fact there aught to be a law against the virtual flood of advertising you uncontrollably pour down on viewers - and bottom line - it’s caused by pure greed !!
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5 months ago, ricwash
Video functionality needs work
Video will stop when display locks. Super annoying when you are streaming video to your apple tv. You can't use your phone when watching the live feed. When you leave the video feed, to use your phone, you get the start up add every time no matter the time between. The list goes on. I would use the You Local app on Apple TV, but it does not stream the live feed. Why isn't the WMUR app available on Apple TV?
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3 years ago, TaistoNH76
That little 'ol jingle
I have my phone's sounds set to a certain ring whenever it's..."Breaking News!" My mom also has the same tone for her phone. So everytime it's..."Breaking News!" Our phones ring together albeit, there's a small delay which makes it sound in Stereo especially if we're in different rooms & our ringers are set to loud.
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4 years ago, matsi2003
App freezes and repeats constantly
Just this morning I saw the same story 3 times in a row , each time starting at the beginning and going a bit longer in segments until entire story was finished. I also watched the same group of commercials repeat at least once as a group. The streaming is terrible, always has been even though I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting my phone , etc. I know it is free but I would gladly pay if it would only WORK! With that said, WMUR is one of the most SLANTED news outlets. They don't even attempt to be unbiased.
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5 years ago, Manchester resident
Sound on ads plays automatically now
Recently I noticed the sound is automatically playing now on ads. I was fine with the ads playing without sound. Until that changes I have turned off notifications and will only open the app when I am at home.
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6 years ago, Scboyd99
This is news on line?
I really do not like the format you try to deliver me the news. Top stories okay. But then everything else below and the bunched up format of political news. But most of all DO NOT ask me to watch a 30 second advertisement to watch and 20-40 second new video clip. Using this app less and less 1.5 years later and the app is still sub par. Still asking me to watch a 30 second advertisement for a 15 second story. When you read a story or leave the app you go back to the top of the news stories and start all over again Many less-than-news stories stay in the news feed for as long as a month. Really not enough news happening that stories have to stay posted for a month. This is what I would expect from a college station maybe even HS.
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4 years ago, quik pic'er
Local news fast
This is a good app. It does have times where it will buffer incessantly (I have good WiFi) . Also, the most annoying thing is the commercials. I stopped watching individual stories because every time you click you get an advertisement video☹️. So I read most of it. Still, I can get through the news in less time than watching TV.
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5 years ago, NH NAVY
Do you read these comments?
When I opened the app today I was asked to rate it and comment. Before rating I reviewed the past year’s comments. There is nothing new for me to say, it is already there which prompts me to ask, do you read these comments? The only addition I would suggest is updating the weather video during the day instead of running the early morning video all day. Time to get to work folks.
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4 years ago, GranniePants
This app sends notifications for things that are not ‘breaking news’. Then, the truly newsworthy stories are sent much later than say, The Patch. Many, if not all stories, are out a minimum of an hour before WMUR’s. I would recommend trying another news source. EDIT: This app now sends a notification, you click, it brings you to a totally different story.. the one I was interested in is nowhere to be found. As a news station, WMUR has been somewhat of a joke in this area for quite some time.. this app is consistent with that sentiment.
Show more
5 years ago, Another Snowbird
Pop ups are annoying
I realize that having pop ups provides you with a revenue source, but it is extremely annoying - and I am sure that this is a common complaint. Additionally, I use your site for NH news and national news. Not weird or disturbing items that you grab from the wire services. Also, why is you weekend news rarely updated? Maybe you should consider a proofreader as well.
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4 years ago, Sheila153
It’s okay. I feel I need to have it because it is NH news. What’s so frustrating though is that I’ll be reading an article, and it just stops in mid- sentence. There’s no “continue reading here” button or anything. Right under where it stops is an ad which is fine, but after that is another news article. Not the one I’m trying to finish. Ugh. So, I do use the NHPR app way more. Easier to use and the articles are complete.
Show more
3 years ago, !JayThomas2
Continues to Disappoint
if it were not for the school closings information , I would rarely use the ad riddled app.. difficult to read with ads garnering more space than news, I am often frustrated by ads looking like real news..as well, WMUR and uts parent company Hearst include much more national tidbits than before, and have reduced New Hampshire local coverage. In short, an amateurish attempt to blend news and wats to pay for the news.
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3 years ago, Fitzaer
1.) EVERY SINGLE TIME you go to this site it a.) asks for your location and b.) wants to show you an ad for news from a particular political slant. EVERY SINGLE TIME. 2.) As I believe it has been pointed out, this “news” program was created to sell ads. Cars, mostly. Relevant news from the state and the towns within it is beyond their grasp. 3.) The WMUR personalities have been trained to either SHOUT their “news” in the manner of a carnival barker or raise their pitch and eyebrows as though they were addressing an audience of second graders, emoting as much fake, canned sentiment as possible.
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