4.6 (3.1K)
65.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WNEM TV5 News

4.56 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, loyal wnem watcher
Our dish network don’t carry WNEM and I miss the news and weather.
Hope this doesn’t last much longer. I was used to watching wnem for the news and weather and am also missing the programs too. You get used to certain ones that do the weather and news and they are like part of your family. Come back on soon because soon the new fall programs will start. Used to watch the Doctors in the afternoon if I could.
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6 years ago, wudddy
TV5 news weather sports
I have been around the world not fully but I have seen many news stations and I just love coming home to our hometown news channel. You guys rock the world. The news people are always looking very well dressed and always smiling brightly. It’s the best news and up to date and times. Yes you guys rock the TV. Good thing it’s bolted to the wall. No seriously love watching channel 5 news. Very pretty women too.
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5 years ago, toappdeveloper
App has air play issues
I like and use the app but it doesn’t work as well as other streaming apps I use on AIR PLAY. First, when my phone goes to auto lock , the app shuts down. To fix this I have to change auto lock to never. (Not so with other streaming apps). Second, I have to rotate my phone to get the correct orientation on my tv. This is automatic on other streaming apps. Third, the picture is still not full screen when orientated properly. Maybe it’s a problem on my end, but I don’t think so as I have no issues with other streaming apps.
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7 years ago, Crush Addicts
Animal abuse
If you don't stop showing graphic pictures of abused animals, I will be forced to switch news reports. I have been a faithful viewer for more than 40 years, but I can't stand the horrible things you are broadcasting. The people who should be paying attention, aren't. Stop!
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5 years ago, E. & H. Teacher
Writing Errors Decrease Effect
WNEM handles our local news well in many ways. The station includes stories from all around our area, not just the big city news. I appreciate the attempt to cover positive events along with the tragic or criminal. The disappointment comes in the quality of the reporting. Silly, elementary errors of grammar and mechanics should not be prevalent from professionals. Editing should be a priority before uploading writing to the public.
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4 years ago, local4life
No detailed local news and biased world news
What happened to just telling the news in an unbiased format. What happened to letting me know exactly what is happening in local news. Not something happened somewhere by someone somehow. All your world news comes from CNN. CNN has been so biased lately. Try Reuters or another wire program that is not so far left or right. You are so much better than this. It's just sad that the only news I enjoy from you is the fluff pieces. Whatever happened to the direct news?
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5 years ago, Mystery Princess
The WNEM crew members are just like family. I am always up to date on what’s happening. Local sports are highlighted during school seasons. The only draw back is I have to mute the audio when Kylee Miller does the weather. Keep up the good work. You are always welcome in my living room.
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6 years ago, casey 1047
Likes and dislikes
Have more of bay city that is part is the dislike! The likes are all around good news. Quick harping on the same thing over and over all you do is used different words but it the same thing this is a dislike.
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7 years ago, galwayjoe
Old news
A news story is only interesting for two or three days ( I am referring to local news) , after a week give it a rest.
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1 year ago, Vggfu
The ads always freeze unusable
Ever since you’ve put in a lot of ads in the app me and a friend been having a lot of freezing trying to click out of Them just did another update if not better I am deleting Not a fan of a crap load of ads popping up constantly anyway…
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7 years ago, Dawnb4day
Love It!!
News 5 is my favorite place to find out what's going on in Michigan and the world. The app helps me keep in touch with everything going on even when I'm not at home. Love the app!
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1 week ago, Bay City MI
Best news source, most irritating app!!
WNEM is one of the best news sources locally but the app is the worst app for all the local news outlets. When pop up and loud ads interrupt my news feed I just shut it down and go to another local news app.
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5 months ago, aunt elephant
WNEM is the only news network that my husband and I watch. Thanks for being our number one news team. 🤜🤛👍
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6 years ago, loganvanw
Great news!
I use this app several times a day to keep me updated. Very great articles and always up to date. Thanks guys! A++++
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6 years ago, tlee1974
Doesn’t always work
I try to listen to the news on this app every morning and half the time it doesn’t work I get the error that video timed out. When it does work it skips like a scratched record.
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2 years ago, goretcki
It is very easy to use and you guys are the best at the news. Keep up the good work 😎
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5 years ago, Robert2385
Enjoy The App
I use the app daily. It keeps me up to date on weather and news
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5 years ago, lindalswain
Love the updates
Love the updates. Most important is keeping in the know
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7 years ago, Kubik1456
How can I express - Needs work
I'm telling you someone needs to have a class in Web design or maintenance. Never any updates to news stories and if there is a update it's a lousy job. If you want to be semi-digital then be more professional. I don't even get a response to any of emails I send.
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2 years ago, Lkr405
Not happy
What did you do with the obituaries this is the only way you can find them anymore, since you change the app you don’t have them on there.
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5 years ago, JT Joker
Expect More
Read articles nightly to catch up on local happenings. Unfortunately the reporting is lackluster with regards to specifics and there are often grammatical errors. Over the weekend there are few new stories. Expect more from such a great station.
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7 years ago, Papa nitzh
Can't go without you guys
I keep you with me where ever I go love keeping up dates on on city's
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6 years ago, AndyBehm
It's functional for local news
Advertising is too intrusive and notifications a bit too frequent. But it's still useful.
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5 years ago, camy miami
WNEM from Cameron
It helps me with weather and other stuff similar to that
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1 year ago, kingramathorn
Weather app is very hard to follow, hard to find radar, and follow along with forecast each day! The old app was a lot better with the weather! now you have to enter a nickname! That’s just ridiculous!
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4 years ago, VMarquez345
Great App - Landscape Please
This is a very good app, but it’s useless in landscape. Please build landscape functionality and this will be a 5-star in my book!
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6 years ago, Faithfull Mom Follower
WNEM The Station to Watch!
I just love how News Reporter Ashlyn Hill and Meteorologist John Gross work together. So Fun and exciting to watch!❤️
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2 years ago, smokeyandjo
Streaming via the app
Why can’t I watch the news live from the app? I’m being priced out of watching it on the streaming services.
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5 years ago, Hoglicker
Bad move
This app automatically plays video ads eating up my data. I can put up with ads but not video ads. Bad move now I’m going to delete the app and you won’t be able to advertise to me at all. How’s that for sense..... So long tv5 app.
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2 years ago, #SassyCat
What happened
Your app used to be user friendly. I’m not sure who designed the new format but I can’t get anywhere with it. Is there a secret that I’m missing?
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6 years ago, Mgm2338
Good app
Works great, no issues
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2 years ago, wish for old app 1954
Hate the new app can’t find anything easily started using other apps for weather and news
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7 years ago, jim kep
they don't update the site enough. some of the articles are weeks old when you get into the site. Takes to long to load.
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2 years ago, dont992
Hot links
Ever cents I got the app I can’t find the hot links section or when I go to contact us and click in a link nothing happens. This is on my iPad
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2 years ago, sweetness#3
Poor sports coverage
Why you don’t give saginaw area high school football and basketball scores, I have to go to traverse city tv station to get them.
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2 years ago, cougar camper
Horrible new app
Takes to long to find the stories I’m interested in. Bring back the old app.
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3 years ago, clsgw
Hot links
Where can you find the hot links section?
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2 years ago, Generic66
No obituary
Your latest update to app has no obituary listings, it was one of the Main reasons I used this app.
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5 years ago, Brevort1
No review now give that choice
Nothing now
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1 year ago, Caro viewer
Great job
Ch 5 has a Great news, weather & sports crew.
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2 years ago, maxmindy
Where are the hot links or the quick links
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5 years ago, Justified43
Get your crap together
It is time to get your differences with Dish solved before you lose viewer permanently. I am finding I really don’t need this channel and know others feel the same way. NEGOTIATE GET IT SOLVED!!!!
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5 years ago, Rebecca Mathewson
No more tv5
Dish dropped tv5, now I get no locals 🤬🤬🤬
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2 years ago, Trams Nosrep
Their ads are filthy and disgusting. Many articles about human trafficking with ads about meeting women. The ads have pics of disgusting women.
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5 years ago, Mich fisherman
Too many pop up ads
Too many pop up ads
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6 years ago, Roz81
Clunky McClunkerton
The website and app are very cantankerous and frustrating to use. It’s like the prototype for weather news apps only in 2018. It’s akin to 1990’s sitcoms in 2018 underdeveloped nations. Get in the game man.
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5 years ago, Dale from the Jail
Great station but not on our TVAt the present time!!!
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4 years ago, CDF30
One sided news network.
Pretty obvious the narrative you’re trying to push.
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4 years ago, bouggs
Wnem tv5
I would watch WNEM tv5 but you guys don’t show the Genesee County forecast as well
Show more
2 years ago, Michicamper
No obits on new app!
Old app not working as of 3/3/22 - removed app showed ‘no content’ - reloaded app and no obits section.
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