WNYT NewsChannel 13

4.7 (6.7K)
74.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WNYT NewsChannel 13

4.71 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
1 year ago, WNYTFAN
Abrupt Need to Reload
I have had this app for a long time, BUT I really wish they would do something to fix to no warning stop in broadcasting. It’s not timed to a commercial break, just smack in the middle of the weather, or sports, or regular newscast. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, looked for updates, and (sigh) downloaded competitors apps so I can watch a full news broadcast uninterrupted, but the problem still exists. WNYT is my favorite, PLEASE fix your app!!!!
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1 year ago, MBDorkenstein
Impressively Disappointing
The short and uninformative articles are not updated frequently enough, particularly on the weekends. They aren’t spell or grammar checked, though they always take the time to boast about how all 4 sentences of the article were “posted here first”. The radar only works when the skies are clear, and goes completely blank anytime there is any precipitation, which I suppose is at least predictable enough to tell me if I need to close the windows. The app freezes all of the time because it’s so bogged down with ads and it needs to load those first. Today, a school day at 8am, they are still showing the live weather forecast from 22 hours ago.
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8 months ago, Molly Austin
Charlotte Sena
Thank you, Brian and Chrissy for your coverage of Charlotte Sena’s kidnapping. I can’t stop thinking about it. I had a cousin who was abducted, sexually molested, and shot back in the 80s…Kari Lynn Nixon. Her assailant was Robert Jones, who is still in prison to this day, and was just denied parole in August. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison. We can never become too complacent. Your discussions are very meaningful and greatly appreciated!
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6 years ago, KLB23
Take it from good to great
I love the features of this app, but it needs some improvements in the streaming video portion. If you want to minimize the screen to multitask, the video stops playing in most cases and the screen goes black. Clicking on it to make it larger again and play does not work so you have to go through the whole process of turning it on again, including listening to the ads (which are too repetitive) again. Also, it is not mirroring properly with appleTV.
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4 years ago, Alex Espi
Great to outstanding
You can even watch it from New York City through the App. Never been to Albany but enjoy seeing the local events and news throughout the capital region. Sister station WNBC rarely reports about the state capital and I do not like to see Albany far apart from the New York Metropolitan Region.
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1 year ago, Wally in Wilton
A Complaint
Seem to loose my connection on a regular basis when watching live and have to re-start. Do not have that problem with other local stations.
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7 years ago, MyPooper
Would be a 5
Like the app. Would love the app if I did not have to wait for ad in between EVERY story. Was always a fan of 13 but can not deal with ads. Even an ad free version for minimal charge I could rate it a 5
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5 years ago, jodi schenectady
I love watching the news every morning until I go to bed best news ever everything’s I need turn to channel 13 news they give you everything that’s going on give them 10 they are great people Jodi from Schenectady New York ❤️❤️❤️😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ they are the best
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3 years ago, mommysunshine13
Love it
I love this app. I get all my local news on my phone and most importantly I get the weather. News channel 13 has been a part of my family’s nightly watching my whole life!
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5 years ago, Grame
Depending on This
I have to depend on this news to keep me up to date as I’m on the move all day and can’t stop to catch it on tv. Thanks for keeping me in the know.
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6 years ago, Scribbler Sam
The ad at beginning of news is off putting after receiving an alert of interest. Then the ad for videos instantly after continues a sense of disconnect with what viewer wants to see. Content, however, is good with few grammatical errors.
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3 years ago, Bhenry2
Informative but glitchy
The app has good content but when you are scrolling through the constant ad updates cause the content to go up 3 to 4 articles and you have to go back down to read the last article you were reading just to see it again
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2 years ago, zumbaPL
Coffee and My Local News source.
First go to place on my phone every morning. Thank you for consistently being the best!
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12 months ago, tino-567-989
I enjoy this app, but when you click on a news story and the commercial immediately starts to play; it’s just too much. When you’re in a quiet situation and you want to read the article, the video or commercial bursts through your phone. And you’re left scrambling to lower the volume or pause it. They need to fix that.
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2 years ago, Hhfdeeddddd
App freezes all the time. And as much as I hoped the local news would actually focus on important topics, they’re just out for likes and clout like the rest. Quite sad really. When your entire job is to read off a teleprompter and not do any of your own fact checking, it’s easy for people to question everything you put out as truth.
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2 years ago, JRHodgens
Weather feature
I go to the weather feature twice per day minimum. I use it for gardening and bike riding and exercising.
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3 years ago, Sprint T-Mobile
Need more to date news erase old news with in 48rs of posting
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3 years ago, Raul499
Only place for local news
Best network in the area do local news, weather and sports
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2 years ago, gramchoclady
The same news is always there ?
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4 years ago, 00rah
Commercials are annoying
See above
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6 years ago, YoDMASS
Your alerts on the app come thru faster than a lot of other news outlets. Keep it up
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4 years ago, Ktipper
Great news articles
Very informative news articles about the Capital District. I appreciate the free access
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7 years ago, Jijoa
Excellent Local App
Great source of local news & weather. I also find the traffic reports & gas info very helpful.
Show more
5 years ago, Earl From NY
Thank You!
Really Enjoy Having The Weather Forecast At My Fingertips When I Need It And Not Having To Be At A TV To Find Out What It Is
Show more
7 years ago, Tap Forms is #1
It's the very bests local app
I've tried others This is the best for local capital district news
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4 years ago, EmmiSha20
Awesome news coverage
I love this app because it keeps me updated to what’s going on in the Capital District.
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2 years ago, Cheech58
Need to update more on weekends
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3 years ago, milker tot
Two major irritants; the videos automatically start to play with no way to turn it off in the settings and when you scroll down it will shoot back to the top.
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6 years ago, must be a lot of angry people
Used to be decent.....
The has progressively gotten worse. Now I can’t read anything because the ads block the entire screen and pop up repeatedly! Think I’m done with it!
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6 years ago, Kate327
It's my go to app first thing in the AM and anytime I want to check local weather, news etc. Great job by WNYT!
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4 years ago, Saratoga Viewer
Emily DeVito
She is maturing well as a reporter BUT she must slow down with her speech-at times she is understandable.
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2 years ago, g wilmot
Gretchen wilmot
Wonderful people on channel 13 They have a great group of younger reporters The tell it like it is No bias.
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6 years ago, NDBNana
Hometown News
I enjoy reading about my hometown. It keeps me informed!!
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5 years ago, Stang1973
I have been a channel 13 news viewer since Ed Dague and Chris Kopasty I probably misspelled there names ! I now have the app and it is great
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2 years ago, Oscar####
Missing Detailed Forecast
When I tap On weather it just showed radar no place it showed detailed forecast which they had in the past.
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5 years ago, Frustrated 323
Dishonest app
This app actually changes your settings without your permission. I’ve declined ‘breaking news’ notifications and other notifications repeatedly but the mysteriously get turned back on by this dishonest app. DELETED!
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3 years ago, sharesculpture
Great job! The app comes and goes and stops..
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3 years ago, Parabolh
Get rid of auto play
Get rid of auto play on articles. This was a stupid change made a couple years ago and it’s absolutely terrible.
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6 years ago, BjP3106
Channel 13
Great app. For our local area. Thank you.
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4 years ago, toighjskskffjk
App sends constant notifications saying things like “open now to read this story” when clicked this opens to the app home screen not the story mentioned. Waste of my time.
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4 years ago, Greatest Beach lover
Objective news
Like you being objective and NOT Sinclair or Fox related.
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5 years ago, Kisdy Lady
Good job
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4 years ago, smilesabe
App review
Find it difficult to find what I look for through the app.
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6 years ago, kamgodema
News to the point not dramatized is worth a persons time, dragging out the news with repeating unnecessary untruth is exasperating !!!
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6 years ago, Geo cruiser
App has issues
App opens to a blank page, rarely opens to the alert that interested me. Please fix it!!??
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4 years ago, xtuhbft
No detail. News often a few days old.
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5 years ago, Kelly3499
Lk George
Live camera not working for two weeks now not loading....
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3 years ago, DiveyD
Nursing homes
Your reporters should be ashamed of themselves for not following up and doing some professional investigative reporting on that bully Cuomo!! They musta been scared of him.
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7 years ago, mks1
It's terrible
I never use it anymore!!
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5 years ago, qsrgukpnc
Tedious App
IThe process of opening the App, specifically for live viewing is very tedious.
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