WOAI News 4

3 (5)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WOAI News 4

3 out of 5
5 Ratings
2 weeks ago, Chickasaw saya
A very good app!
This is a very good app, with exceptional reporting & stories. I monitor the app often to keep up with events and weather because I have family in San Antonio & Boerne.
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9 months ago, gtfoohfr
Poor layout, lacking in quality and content
Top news is flooded by endless ads, incessant calls for 'cute pet' photos, "amazing" high school football plays, and more ads. The few article that one manages to find after scouring through the drivel, are poorly written and never present an authoritative professional journalistic tone. Trying to get the days news from this app was akin to "reading" a mediocre high school news letter. Yes with such abysmal writing and reporting, it is only natural for a reasonably intelligent person to "expect more", but less is all that is on display with News4.
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2 years ago, HealthyLaura
Completely unusable after most recent update.
The app opens to the logo and never goes beyond it. It doesn’t even get to a point where I can access settings to try to fix it. It doesn’t matter if I open the app directly or try to open it through a push notification. Same issue. I tried to report a problem but that took me to a website that said I didn’t have a purchase so I couldn’t report an issue. Frustrating. Guess I’ll just delete it all together.
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9 years ago, Rudydavilla
Super easy to navigate- - it's a great way to get un-biased, up to the minute news. Alerts are sent to my phone as news events happen.
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2 years ago, motas53
New update
Old version was a lot better. I’ll try to see if I can roll it back. If anybody does know please post it. Thanks
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2 months ago, sleasy e
The app is not working like it used to
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11 years ago, Apps-junkie
Iphone5. I 'vote' for the previous version as well, though this has its good points as well. I don't notice any technical problems (no crashing, no long download times), but the weather module has little info & and that info is not "live", not up to the minute. It has no radar (but that is no problem for me, since there are a couple of better weather apps out there).
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3 years ago, pitbulllcmc
Pushes the mainstream media narrative
I wanted news from San Antonio as we live nearby and conduct business in town. I was willing to deal with the mainstream narrative as I just ignored it, reading the actual news only. But what caused me to delete this app was the polls they ask. After answering the polls they give the results. The results were always so unbelievable and totally conflicted with national polls, bordering on ridiculous. I just couldn’t take it. News is supposed to be news, no narrative, just news.
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8 years ago, Stand4life
Your app is terrible
I get a notification on my phone about a story that is "breaking", I click on it to read or understand the situation and I cannot actually see or find the story. Your app is pathetic when it comes to seeking developing stories. I will be deleting your horrendous app. It provides me with nothing about what is going on in the area. I have to jump to other sites to find the actual news on what I get a notification from your site/app. Very disappointed!
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6 years ago, Nandeeezie
Needs work..
It can be very frustrating at times with the app. I love the notifications, but sometimes it’s a 50/50 chance on when you click on the notification that, that news is actually on the app(usually developing stories ie). Videos hardly ever have any sound. And maybe update the ratio aspect to fit newer devices and there longer screens(iPhone X). Definitely a work in progress.
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10 years ago, ShortTexan
No Sound on Video
Since moving to their new building, I have not been able to get sound when playing their video. Keep trying every few days to see if problem resolved, but, not yet. I have an iPhone 5s with iOS 8.1.2 Don't know if problem is tied to connectivity with the phone or another issue, but it is frustrating to be unable to view a listen to a video when viewing...especially times when there is no written article, only a video! Would like to see (hear) problem resolved; was looking forward to experiencing the changes in their news as result of moving to new building. I watch news exclusively on my phone so I can watch it at my convenience.
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8 years ago, protectanimals
Disfunctional app
This app has multiple problems. When I get a notification and I click on it from my phone or ipad the app opens to the features and I can never actually use the app. Morning notifications of dead bodies found on the east side or people being shot on the west side are seriously unnecessary. None of that is "news I can use." Can a person get a notification for the weather? A real time traffic report? Something uplifting?
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9 years ago, Soccerlynn22
Stop The Video!
PLEASE stop forcing me into watching a video!!! It's annoying to no end when I swipe for a new article and instead get sent to you tube to watch a video I don't much care to watch. It happens every few swipes (I'd say "articles" but those number fewer with this app recently) and it's frustrating. STOP. Loved the app until it became less like a newspaper (let me read!) and more like a cheesy news feed topped off with unwanted you tube detours.
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5 years ago, sthrist06
Doesn’t work consistently
I watch the news on this app everyday and love WOAI . However , the app doesn’t stream correctly . I’ll be watching and then it just turns off & I've missed the story . Sometimes there’s no sound . And other times , it appears to “rewind” itself and then goes back to real time . So I’m missing many parts of the news broadcasting daily . Hopefully this will be fixed soon .
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6 years ago, Roushsm
No sound
I deleted the app and reinstalled, I turned off my iPad and turned it back on... no sound. Sending an email to the developer and to the news station to see if they can look into it. Not experiencing this issue on my iPhone, just the iPad. Looks like other users are experiencing the same issue since there is another reviewer who wrote about it on 2/15.
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7 years ago, iTunes junkie01
News break problem
Whenever news breaks and it domes through the news feed and I click it to see the story... it goes to the main page and I lose the story I was interested in. This is annoying. It never goes to the news story I clicked on.
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8 years ago, Tootsie555
I have not been able to use it because it will not load correctly. I get alerts and I try to see story and it still will not load. I will be removing it soon if it is not fixed. I have deleted it and reinstalled it and it still does not work.....
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10 years ago, X@26c
Waste of time
It would be a great app only if it was kept current. Too many news stories that are days and weeks old, a news app should update multiple times a day at the least. I skip the app and go to the TV or web for current news. Don't waste your time on the app. Caveat, I love WOAI radio and TV but the app needs to improve or go away.
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3 years ago, Ugatl
Personalized ad notice
The notice appears, but I can’t get it off to read the news. Makes the use of the app useless
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2 years ago, bigwangmeercat
Slowly but surely disliking this app
I enjoy staying up to date with what’s happening but the more I read and understand the undertones to some of these posted articles. This app is biased and pushes one side way more than the other. I wish y’all could lean more neutral and stop eating the sheep feed. 🐑
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4 years ago, Ph1sherman
Wish rotated
Portrait orientation is good for using on a phone, but a lot of us use a tablet in landscape. Even on a phone it is handy to be able to rotate 180 degrees if connected to a charger.
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10 years ago, 55pooppoops
Not good!
This app sometimes won't open articles, won't switch between articles, and always gets stuck and can't be closed. I've reinstalled this app several times in the past months but it continues to have major problems. Don't waste your time.
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9 years ago, Gunspurs
Where is the editor?
Do they actually pay the people who write the news briefs? My 4th grade granddaughter could do a better job with sentence structure, grammar and spelling. You'd think a big news station would care about such things but apparently News 4 does not. Do not recommend!
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9 years ago, Trippitup
The app needs a big update on weather and news currently
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8 years ago, DL415
Recent update causes app to freeze
I am unable to use the app following the most recent update. The screen totally freezes.
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8 years ago, GigaJiga
This app is worthless. The experience is horrible. The links to articles are wrong and open completely different stories than what you clicked on. Don't bother installing this and WOAI should get their money back from whoever sold them this crap.
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4 years ago, keithH12321
App is useless
The app sends breaking news pop up, when you click it you have to sit through minutes of commercials to find what is presented does not relate to the pop up. App not worth the memory on the phone
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11 years ago, DottieNorth
This is a terrible App!
You need to rewrite the entire design of this App. The designer(s) were "on something". It's very confusing if you're interested in catching weather or news stories. If I need workers comp insurance I guess this is the app for me! I deleted it immediately. "Weather Bug"
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6 years ago, Samc1987
No sound on videos
I can’t hear any sounds when watching videos. I’ve deleted this app and reinstalled, and yet the problem persists. I do not have this problem with any other news apps.
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8 years ago, Kibbie Morales
Not so good
I've downloaded this app twice and both times the sound doesn't work. The sound on my iPad works great with all my other apps. I have to conclude it's this app. Too bad because this is my favorite news station.
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6 years ago, Jcbdsicjbsdvisdc
No sound
There is no sound with the app? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but haven’t been able to get it to work.
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11 years ago, Janlg5064
Just Sad
This used to be an app I would go to everyday, but since it changed, it is useless. No Radar? Little to no news? It is all showy, and confusing. You had a good thing going, you should have kept it.
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9 years ago, 210woggy
Where's Cleto?
Very disappointed again. This app is just a list that doesn't even rotate. Why even have an app? It was great up until the last couple updates. I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone. (F)
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10 years ago, Mikemvr
Worst app ever
News 4 your app is garbage please turn it off. It has constant shutdowns!! please don't re-release this app again when it is shut down again for problems.
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9 years ago, Babygar
App doesn't update
The weather portion of the app is inaccurate and doesn't update to the current date and time. Other sections haven't been updated in months.
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8 years ago, barnett31
Frustrating. I get a notification with a link to a story but when I swipe, that story is not one of the stories listed.
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11 years ago, What a Waste of time.
Waste of time, does not work.
Really?? Did any one test this app before delivering it? It does not work. I guess quality is not important to WOAI. You get 0 stars. I only show a star because I was forced to rate.
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10 years ago, Nogo50
Videos don't work
Nothing works video wise you can read the articles however I feel like I can do that anywhere.
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10 years ago, SAWildman
App crashes and won't load. I get the breaking news alerts, but the app crashes when you try to link to the story.
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10 years ago, Terifleming09
This app hasn't worked in over a week! Please fix ASAP; I don't want to use another news station app but I will if this isn't resolved quickly.
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11 years ago, prime1201
Slow at loading
I downloaded the app and even though I'm connected to wifi it's taking long to load.
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9 years ago, alexplaysgibsons
Needs a big update!
Horrible graphics and navigation not even worth having! Please update.
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11 years ago, What? Why did you change?
New app :( not good
Please bring back the last app. I used and liked the weather section,to check corpus and San Antonio. This new app is not work correctly.
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11 years ago, Sarahhallway
0 stars
Crashes. Doesn't open at all. When it does open, it crashes as soon as I choose a section.
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11 years ago, LakersSuckAss
Doesn't work
Doesn't work. Looks confusing. When u find the section you want, it doesn't work or update.
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7 years ago, Vwm8
No sound
This app only has sound if listening through earbuds. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Censures business
Not unbiased
There has been a lot of biased and false news reported this week from your app. I am Renoir from my phone
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8 years ago, Texas Capone
Bad app delete!!!!!
After update app crashes when checking weather. Staying with radarnow.
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6 years ago, K W B
Beware! Sinclair station with homogenized slanted news
Local outlets are required to plant Sinclair-created propaganda that fail to reflect public interests. Local issues are sidelined in favor of the corporate national Sinclair-ization
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8 years ago, Dalv103
Terrible app
Don't download this app. Too many notifications. The Dallas cowboys win is not a reason to send a notification.
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