Wordcloud by Wordsalad

4.5 (355)
15.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Libero Spagnolini
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wordcloud by Wordsalad

4.46 out of 5
355 Ratings
3 years ago, lkaerlvn
Needs more shapes to choose from
I like is app well enough to have paid for it, but it would be nice to see more shape choices added or even a way to insert a picture in with the words.
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12 years ago, ZombieYaY
Read if you can't put in your own text
You really can ill show you how. 1.) go to your notes app 2.)type all the words you want (the more times you type in the same word, the bigger it becomes) 3.) highlight all the words 4.) copy 5.) go to the app 6.) press "new" 7.) choose "select from clipboard" (its something like that, I'm not sure what it is exactly, its something "clipboard") and your words should show up. It's a cool app but my only complaints are: 1.) the water mark is terrible and practically ruins the whole thing 2.) you can't put multiple words for one. Like if you wanted to put your favorite artist like boys like girls (just an example) the only way to keep the together is by putting no spaces. Example: boyslikegirls And that looks very weird. If you fixed those two things the app would be great. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Dickmacvb
Give me the old version
This newer version of Wordsalad is not as easy to use as my previous version. It takes more steps to get the same word art.
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4 years ago, Punkymarie
too expensive for full version
I wanted to like this app as it makes a nice word cloud. That said, you have to pay for each of those nice feature. Twenty dollars for the ability to use your own fonts is waaaay too much to pay. I think I will have to pass on this one.
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3 years ago, Mthebyrd
Fantastic Program
I use for me website. When my wife saw it, she downloaded and upgraded to use for her Bible class emails.
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4 years ago, betctru
Can't use own words without paying $6.99
Apparently to do anything with this app, one must pay $6.99. As is, the app appears to be just an adversities platform. If I'm wrong, tell me how to add my own words. I thought there would be at least a basic ability to add a few words--ten? With a single palette. But not as far as I can tell.
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2 years ago, JenGfromNJ
Why did I upgrade?
Give me the old version back. The font I used is gone, the palettes are all different & I can’t get it to recognize capital letters in my word list. Disappointed.
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1 year ago, Nnnsddjfrjk
Ho hum
It seems there was more thought put into pricing the app, than put into the app. Used it briefly, but it's too random and didn't serve, so deleted it.
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4 years ago, betrue05
False advertisement
You can’t even attempt to use your own words without being told to pay to use the basic edition. The app is not free and yes it’s says inapp purchases which I figured would be to upgrade but you can’t even use it
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5 years ago, Person7M
Not free
This app did not indicate that you can’t use it without paying for it. Once I entered my words then it wouldn’t do anything unless I paid a fee for even the most basic use.
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5 years ago, NO12U
Not 5 because
There is no option for different shapes like a square, heart, etc.
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2 years ago, Mr Toner
Nowhere does the description say that you won’t be able to export your creation unless you pay.
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3 years ago, Bad Genes
If it were possible to give this app NO stars, that is what I would rate! You have ONE template and it duplicates your words. I wanted to use my words ONE TIME ONLY and it just repeats the words within the art :(
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4 years ago, NickC#4
Don’t buy. Garbage app
Not a good app. Spent the money but I didn’t get the access that it said I would. Says it’s free but once you get into the app you have to spend money to do anything.
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5 years ago, Adopt2
Can’t do anything unless you pay
It may be free to d/l but that’s it. If you try to enter your own words or do anything at all, the payment screen pops up.
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4 years ago, Mrs.Dean Winchester
Can’t use it until you pay for it
Yes the app if free to download but you can’t do anything with it until you pay for it.
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3 years ago, logan hoffbeck
This is a zero star app
It’s is a pay to do anything so have apple ban this app because it doesn’t work
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5 years ago, tomanny$$$
I only wanted to make a wordless and apparently you can’t, it’s not free and to make your own you have to pay for it. No offense it’s not that cool of an app why the heck isn’t it free
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5 years ago, bigfandmb
Zero stars
I’d give this zero stars if I could. You can’t even enter your own text unless you pay $6 for the basic edition.
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5 years ago, DumpsterDiving101
Not Free
This app claims to be free but in order to actually add your own words you need to pay for the $5 upgrade. Not worth it.
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4 years ago, um lame-o
Doesn’t let you use your own words unless you upgrade. Lame.
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2 months ago, Jomaican1
Word Salad
This is an awesome app. Priced very reasonable.
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5 years ago, kid who has homework to do
This was bad
It didn’t let me put in my words and I need it for a project due tomorrow, it is utterly useless
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4 years ago, CarFam99
Super limited
Bah! Calling it “free” is a stretch... Hardly any options available. Waste of time.
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4 years ago, carlcheerio
Are you serious?
Not free. At all.
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12 years ago, T M H
Worse than blah
Where to start? ▪You can't enter text. That's correct. In a word-based app, you can't input, change, or delete text! You can import a fixed block of text in from clipboard. But that's it! ▪If that doesn't deter you sufficiently perhaps the very blah color palettes will ▪What next? The watermark is horrible. Obviously the developer doesn't know the definition of watermark and doesn't know how to create one that provides the right mix of subtlety and reasonable deterrent to people fully using the app without having paid for it. But it's so dark and dense that it detracts from the text to the point that you can't even decide if you like it enough to pay for the unlocked version. ▪There are in-app ads AND that horrible watermark. Buying the app will apparently remove both but that really is a belt-and-suspenders approach to making sure the user experience is especially bad. If the app were better then maybe people would spend time using it and the developer would get some income from the ads and understand that the watermark is an unnecessary impediment -- even in a free version. ▪A good app of this type should let you have angled text as well. This one, not surprisingly, does not. ▪You can't make changes to specific words such as altering their color, for example. I could go on but I won't bother. I have an app to go delete…
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11 years ago, jvmangia
Can't get two word phrases together/needs more features
I followed the instructions I found on the site to separate with a tilde and it worked once, then never again. The app needs a better tutorial/help for tips and tricks also I'd like to be able to see the last 3-5 salads or at least have a save in progress function. More importantly, I'd like to be ale to manipulate words more. If I just had a listing of keywords, I'd like to choose one or more to be more prominent without having to repeat the over and over in my clipboard text. Aside from all this, it's an easy app to create word clouds from a selection of text - it's just annoying to create from a list of words.
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11 years ago, Future runner
I like this app. It's super easy to use. You just need to type in your words (I used the Notes app that came with iPad) and then select them all and copy. That places the words on a clipboard. In the app, you click on "New" and then "From Clipboard" and a word cloud is automatically created for you. You can change the colors and formats and then save it to your camera roll. Love it!
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11 years ago, Brdmom4
+ one little problem
I agree, for less than a dollar, this is not a bad app. but I do agree that I cannot figure out how to make all words show. I have tried the function stop words, but it is not solving it. It seems like it's supposed to be an easy solution, but I am not getting it. I have two letters (initials with no periods) I want in, but it keeps removing them. I would just like to see that fixed or updated.
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12 years ago, Teophilus
Promising App... But
by Theophilus Compliments. WordSalad is an interesting and promissing app. But it is wanting. If I would buy the upgrade it is not easy to find instructions as how to do it. You can not find what you get with the upgrade. Do you get more color palletes? Do you get a larger variety of fonts? Do you get more versality in changing the word cloud form? Do you get to reorder words? Do you get to highlight or increase the size of important words? So many questions. It would be really nice to know what exactly do you get with the upgrade. Or is it just adds off, and word salad stamp off? By the way the guys behind these apps assume you have a facebook account! Well I do not have one. So I do not get a plus set of color palletes? It sort of crashes now and them. No real problem, but it would be better if it did not crash ever.
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11 years ago, opayba
Honestly people? + one little problem
You can use your own words. Read the directions. I dont know if its just me, but the only problem i have with this app is that i cant figure out how to change the settings so tht every word shows up in the salad. Is it the "stop words" button? i feel like it is but for some reason it's not working. Help please 😁
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9 years ago, Just me no one else2
Pretty good
I like wordle better, but I downloaded this app because I did not have access to a computer. Wordle does not work on an iPad so i had to use this. It works fine but if you have a choice between this and wordle choose wordle.
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8 years ago, OurLadyOfGuadalupe
I wanted to love this app. I really did. I tried out the free version, and it has some nice features including the ability to put a couple words together. And I like how it puts emphasis on different words. But the designs aren't that great. I tried several versions, and maybe a different font would improve the look. But I can't try that without paying $5.99, and $5.99 is a lot for an app that I'm not liking in the free version.
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8 years ago, By Jacob
Not worth it
When I first looked at I thought, "hey my computer doesn't support wordle but this could work." It works great except the fact that you have to pay $6 to save what you created, which is also not mentioned in it's description whatsoever. It mentions that to export to photoshop you have to pay, but not to save it. Maybe if the price was a lot lower sure but $6 just to be able to save!?! Not worth it.
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5 years ago, McSear
Would be great if not $6 bucks
Good app, but for $6 as an IAP the user should get control of word size for a few user-selected words. The next best app can do this to make better scattered text wordsalad. But, this app has better font, color, and output options IF you spend the $6. Nice app, good update, but still Disappointing. #HANDY #RELIABLE #BADVALUE ---> used for 3 mos. on iPad mini w/ iOS 12
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10 years ago, Allavinder
Umm... Ok
Well, it is a good app. Not great, but good. It would be better if the wordsalad circle didn't pop up every time u get ur picture. Like what you do is write a word that you want to say/ have on the picture. ( it can be more than one word.) So anyway u process the picture and u see the word but there is a big, light gray circle behind the picture that is really noticeable! It bothers me so if u think ur like me, just DON'T get the app😡😖😒!!!
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11 years ago, Lkn12mom
Limited and disappointing
I'm disappointed with full version. There's no way to type in words. Great features but if you can't type words the app is useless,
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11 years ago, Balloonface86
Not perfect but good
First, yea I read the directions. It WORKS. I paid the $0.99 to remove watermark and ads, and if you don't want to spend LESS THAN A DOLLAR on it that's your own choice. Anyways I did that even though I hoped it would be free :( but its way better that way :). Ps COPY FROM NOTES APP!
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11 years ago, MMacguinness
You CAN create your own
Type your words in notes, then copy the list to the clipboard. Launch the app and select new, then paste from clipboard. Works great.
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9 years ago, Booper06
Class tool
Awesome tool to use in the classroom with my students. I used Word Salad with Bio Poems to get to know my students. They absolutely loved the keep sake all about them. The parents were pretty happy too!!
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9 years ago, Crazydancer4ever5
I am enjoying using this to make a sign for church. I would love to be able to edit which words are used or to be able to click and drag them to different places.
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12 years ago, Kbirdy29
This app was fantastic! A lot of people are saying that you cannot use your own words, but all you have to do its copy and paste.
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7 years ago, 💚💚💚💙
I am a very picky person but this app I found to be easy to use and fun. At first it’s weird and confusing, but then it becomes easy and fun to use!!!!!
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11 years ago, InLeoWeTrust
Don't Even Bother
This app is a disappointment, you can't create your own. Who would want to see random words shaped like clouds that nobody cares about!
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10 years ago, Dundeedog
Annoying watermark
I like the app it's nice but the watermark is annoying. It makes it hard to see the words and ruins the picture. I believe the watermark should be made not as obvious because it ruins the app.
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12 years ago, Doodley987654321
Ok but the problem is u can't type words directly to it the color options aren't great and it says word salad ALL OVER the background when you save it. Free is what it's worth.
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12 years ago, 风行狩
Never be FREE
It is really creative and beautiful but... If you want to create your own customary word salad, you have to buy the pro version. Without buying pro version you can only click on the button and then have a random words salad.
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9 years ago, Drakekt
Doesn't work well
I'm pretty frustrated. I downloaded this to use for a project in my classroom. I quickly noticed the huge watermark so I reluctantly paid $4.99 for the in app purchase. Since I clicked buy, the app has started immediately closing with an error. Hoping they fix it soon.
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11 years ago, Samwow92000
Absolutely awful
2.99 for this awful app, I was lucky and finally figured out how to work it. I was unable to save it ,when I eventually got it just the way I liked. My mistake not reading the reviews first. My suggestion word pack .99 cents. The developer of this app needs to be smacked!
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8 years ago, Banshee's Cry
Don't Bother
This is just so you can see how the app is. You can't make any new word collages or change colors or text unless you buy the full version for $6 and this is definitely not worth $6. It's extremely limited. Very few fonts.
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