Words with EZ Cheats

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10 months ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Words with EZ Cheats

3.93 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Sillicacher
Great app for when u are stumped or have brain freeze!
I use this app when I have no other options! I am a real wordie person. I have a vast vocabulary and often frustrate those I play, however growing up words played I big spot in my family. As an only child, I was considered an adult so my vocabulary began the moment I spoke my first word. My parents believers that when we played scrabble, a dictionary and thesaurus were part of the game and were to be used. Made for a great game. As a middle aged adult...we still play this way. I also use this app to see what I missed or what could have been better.
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5 years ago, karendep4444
Words 2
Love it. Addicting. I don’t care for all of the interruptions nor do I care for the nonsense that interferes as well such as the yellow options - where I could’ve played? I don’t even accept them. The other gifts such as where I could play... they overlap. ??? Can’t decipher the mess. PITA. I love swapping when I have to, though. I don’t like the childish cartoonish games that truly get in my way nor do I care for the games they attempt to shove down my throat always. I especially don’t like playing THEIR letters for gifts??? I don’t even know where they go. The wrapped gift boxes get in the way and, too, are childish interruptions. As well, there are words we use on a daily basis that aren’t accepted and words that are only sometimes accepted. Annoying. If they’d get their words in order and cut the silliness of it all, I’d say it’s one of my faves. I do love playing it but with annoyance at all of the childish interruptions. Perhaps they could give us an adult version. Even further, perhaps they could give us the full version: allow us to swap out letters in already played words to take them one step further for more points. Again, an ADULT version.
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3 months ago, FlashyFoto
If I could give it zero stars, I WOULD - app constantly rips you off. READ MORE.
I downloaded this app as a tool for when I get stuck playing AI-generated word bots in WWF2. The first few weeks it worked great, but the past 10-14 days it's completely making up letters that I don't actually have, thus, if you click to redeem a clue that you've paid for, you lose that clue because you don't have the letters it says you do. The developer could alleviate this by allowing you to confirm and/or edit your board, and even further - allow you to report when this happens so that they could fix this. I’ve lost out on somewhere between 18-24 *paid for* word clues because of this. I’ve now switched to a competitor’s app that allows you to edit your board in the *rare* instance that their AI mis-reads your board. I wouldn’t complain if this were free, but to pay for a service and not receive what you’ve paid for is sincerely irritating.
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7 years ago, WMM72
Fine, but....
I fully admit appreciate I using this occasionally for a couple of different reasons; if I can tell someone is cheating against me, I rationalize it as a way to learn new words. If I'm truly stuck, I'll try to figure something out from the first and last letters that are shown, or just go with a low scoring word and move on. The way that WWF does their challenges now, your score increases every week, which infuriates me, so sometimes I pull out some high scoring words if I just need to squeak out a goal. However!!! Has anyone else noticed an abundance of words given in the app that are "unacceptable" in their games? It's happened to me more often than not over the last few weeks. I mean, whatever...I try not to be dependent on the cheat...its just annoying!
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7 years ago, FortWayneGurl
Love Love Love This App!❤️
This is an absolutely fabulous app for increasing your word base/knowledge and vocabulary, when playing Word with Friends. Like the Word Cheats app, it would be great if this app had a way to earn keys, (other than paying for them) to reveal the highest scoring word, by viewing videos, after the initial download where you are given (20) free keys. Since I no longer have any free keys to utilize, I use the app to figure out the highest scoring word, but writing down the letters of the possible word, and consulting the Merriam~Webster Dictionary, for what the word could possibly be. Otherwise, absolutely love this app😍
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6 years ago, MashaT22
Devs, Please Respond
Overall the app works well, but the new solo games does not work at all — the app does not recognize the board as being a WWF board. I even tried reinstalling the app and doing a hard device reset. I’m using latest version of iOS on an iPhone XS Max. Please fix this problem ASAP — I got all excited to see this feature in the update log, and then was sorely disappointed! The UI can use a major overhaul. It’s really annoying to keep hitting the back button several times to get back to the main page for importing a new board. The UI literally has not been updated since I downloaded the app upon its initial 1.0 release. Please make the UX more user friendly! Also, why are we limited to buying only 50 keys at a time?
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4 years ago, mimeem
Cannot get the full App restored
I have been using this off and on for about 6 years or so. I purchased the “always unlocked” version so I don’t have to pay $1.99 every time I want to unlock 50 more words. AND, I even tried to “repurchase” after all these years, but I can’t even get it to do that! I got the IPhone 11 Pro Max late last year and have had this problem since. But now that I’m on lockdown with the rest of the U.S., I have time to write! Hopefully someone sees this who can help me. I’ve already written a few emails. I’m thinking they are all at home right now too. Donna
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5 years ago, LoganL2
Great but multiple issues
April 27, 2019 It seems email works again. I added another star. March 22, 2019 As some have pointed out, this app suggests some words that aren't usable. The app recently suggested COON, which evidently isn't a word. However, my most recent oddity (which just happened just now) is the top word being WAY too low. The app determined that my highest point word was only 38 points. I thought, ok, cool, I don't care, I'm way ahead anyway. But the word strength meter in Words told me this was a weak word. So my word radar indicated a potential 7-letter word to end the game. The anagram finder in this app told me my letters could spell METRIST, which turns out was 104 points! not including bonus points because this play actually ended the game. So, that's my personal story with this app. I can't give it 1 star because it actually functions fine, it's just not accurate, and needs a lot of fine tuning. However, the email in this app is invalid. If you don't fix it I will give you 1 star, I'm not forgiving that.
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7 years ago, Blue9244
Great help when stuck but...
When I am totally stuck, this app helps a lot but I won’t pay to reveal words so sometimes no real help at all. Most of the time, the lower scoring words are ones that I already found and I am just trying to improve that score. However, occasionally I am able to guess one of the top words and I can then get back to it.
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7 years ago, Kimmer991034
Good until update
App was working fine until the update. Now I keep getting pop ups saying invalid screen shot when I know my screen shots have never changed. I have to manually import the board which then the words will come up. However, the words that do come up are different than from when you just tap on quick import. It makes no sense to me. Not sure what the glitch is, but I don’t like it. If you pay for the app, which I have and have had it for a long time, all the glitches etc should be worked on. I know nothing is perfect, but everything was fine til this latest update.
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2 years ago, Nana.of.1
Appreciate no ads
So I have tried other apps and I always come back to this one. I have found that the cheat words are not always allowed by wwf. Maybe an update is in order? I do wish that you could buy more keys at a time. But I do appreciate the low cost of them as well. Overall I love this app and appreciate the hard work that went into creating it. Great job!
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4 years ago, Jeff8457905149743848
Why is everyone complaining?
This app unlocks all top words indefinitely forever. I paid $1.99 one time 6 years ago and it’s worked perfect since. I do agree however that if the app isn’t compatible with the newest iPhone (11 Pro Max, at the time of this writing) the developer should address this. There are some words it recognizes as being legitimate which in fact are not. For example, IB is not a word, yet the software recognizes it as one. I don’t understand why so many people are saying they have to pay $1.99 to unlock only 50 words. As stated above, for me, it’s unlocked all top words in every game for 6 years now. I’ve used this app historically on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s and now exclusively on iPhone 7 Plus. Works seamlessly on all models.
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6 years ago, pradcliffe
Some issues solved. Some new ones
No longer get invalid screen shot messages. No longer misreads the letters on the board (e.g., q’s as o’s, p’s as r’s) which always happened when you paid for a word. These are great fixes. But, does sometimes miss higher scoring words and reject legitimate words. Also, crashes and freezes occasionally. Generally a good app but having to pay for the top 5 words will always keep me from rating it higher. I usually just check out the free words when I am absolutely stuck.
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6 years ago, Traveler 10000
Latest update has bug
Latest update was supposed to improve OCR accuracy, however now 8 out of 10 times - after scanning the board successfully, the suggested words appear on a blank screen with no other words - i can make words out of the letters - the trick is placing it on the board - so this app is no help when the board is blank - i don’t know how it can get the letters off the screenshot but not have the words on the board - never happened before this update
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7 years ago, deabad
Great learning tool
Latest update helps iOS 11.2. If it is not working after update, try this: delete app. Update iphone to latest iOS. Reinstall/open this app. I use it as a learning tool. I check to see if my chosen word is up at top of Cheats list. I don’t use it to get ahead of my opponent. It can be a crutch or a tutor. I have learned an insane number of new vocab words.
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6 years ago, Aknrn
I find this app helpful for wwf. I use it occasionally. Usually when I know or fairly certain I can use all letters but just can’t figure out how to connect it in puzzle. Sometimes I feel like I am an alcoholic that hides my liquor ( this app) or my secret lover....yikes I have to remember to delete all photos of screenshots before I share my photos to others .... just saying
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6 years ago, whipper5051
Not good any more
I have used this ap for years but in the last few months I am noticing it does not always give all possible words, that is ok, but usually when I use the ap I want the highest point word I can get. Time after time I think I have the found a good word and use the ap to check. The ap’s “best” word has been as much as 27 points LOWER than the word I found ! Do NOT depend on this ap for finding your best word. It absolutely does not. I’ve written them about the problem but it has not been corrected.
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1 year ago, Lindalbk
Love this app - when it works
But too often it does not work. Too often when I import a photo, it shuts down immediately and counts that as a one-time use. I've paid for many checks I haven't ever gotten, and when I report the app as having a bug, I get no response or an occasional "we'll look into it" but never a credit for what I've paid and couldn't use. I love to check after the fact when I know there's a good word and can't find it, and sometimes this app is great. Too often it's not been great.
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6 years ago, DsnyLola
Used to love this app
I’ve had this app for at least 3 yrs & have loved it. My game & vocal has improved a lot during that time & I'm a much better Words player. However recent chgs have resulted in screen shots of games in progress of being interpreted as new games. The recent change with the addition & resulting limits of keys is taking away something we’ve had for a long time. I would have preferred the option instead to keep what I was accustomed to having even if it meant a nominal fee.
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6 years ago, Vislanee
Worked perfectly, until...
When they updated WwF, with the new color tile system, this app no longer recognized the screen captures. So I had to delete it. If it ever gets an update, I will happily return. But until then, I am going to try and find a different app, or suffer solo on the two letter word front.
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3 years ago, Il sue
Used to be good
I have used this app for years. Suddenly it started adding letters to the screenshots that don’t exist. I wrote to the company & even sent photos quite a while ago & they have not fixed this problem. When I wrote back & asked if they were working on it, I got a very snarky reply.
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6 years ago, quinoje
Not keeping up
I used to use this app, EZ Word Cheats by RedSpell (the names of the apps are too similar so the developer name is a less confusing way to say it) BUT RedSpell has recently been very slow to keep up with changes to the WWF2 screen changes or new game types, especially with new phone screen layouts like the iPhone X, even though I provide them constant feedback. They also never improve the interface (like an auto-import or getting rid of the huge CHEAT wording) or makes or responds to changes based on such suggestions.
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5 years ago, Bear2929
Not working right now
It worked great for a long time for me...but as of last week it continues to say no words available for my letters. I hope it works soon or I want a refund. If it hadn’t stopped working I would of given it 5 stars. The only other complaint is....sometimes I use one of the words and the puzzle says it’s not a valid word...which is irritating as now I used 1 with no results.
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1 year ago, TXLineDancer
Good app but thieves
Love the app! But I have discovered I have double and triple paid for the “keys,” needed for higher scoring words. Because the game is from a non-English developer, their help portal cannot be read on how to login or create account. Reported double payments in April, now June no refund or key credits, which I would gladly accept to keep using the app! Only allows single purchases of 50-keys, but I am owed about 500 keys! Too bad, liked the app…
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6 years ago, So worker
Less happy with it
I got an email showing my Apple account had been charged $2.99 for this app. First time I’ve been charged and I didn’t authorize it. I won’t use it if it’s going to charge me. When I use it on my iPad, the app works totally different, not showing me the whole word unless I pay. What’s the point? I use the app when I can’t find any place at the end of the game. If the suggested word would change the score so that I’d win, I don’t use it.
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6 years ago, MasterGoose
Stopped working after iOS12 update
Title pretty much states the issue. I’ve used this on and off for years, paid for the full version a long time ago. After the iOS12 update the OCR reader no longer works. Tried the “email support” to no avail. The emails are returned ”failed to send”. Very sad, as this is the only app that scanned the entire screenshot and input the tiles available to play. The others I’ve tried that actually worked after iOS12 I have to scan the screenshot THEN add in my playable tiles. Oh well.
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6 years ago, longhorn k
Used for years. Deleting now
Well this used to be a go-to app for me. Helped me learn how to play WWF. This app hasn’t kept up with changes in the WWF games and that is just silly. I can’t use the app for solo games, for the weekly challenge games and now if my opponent uses colored tiles, this app doesn’t recognize them at all. Too bad. I’ve been a loyal fan for years. I contacted their support folks but they just said don’t use the new colored tiles. Again, my opponent uses the colored tiles and I can’t change that. Sheesh. So disappointed.
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6 years ago, Lmh0925
iPhone X compatible?
I’ve been using this app on and off for a couple years, and I love it for the times I’m just STUCK...but, I recently upgraded to the iPhone X and the app no longer recognizes my screenshots. What up with this? Is it no longer compatible? I also can’t seem to leave ANY feedback via the app...I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to offering feedback, are my expectations too high to think that I should expect a response to a review? I mean honestly...should I just cut my losses and move on? Help!!?!?
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6 years ago, _AmosD
Lacking Solo Challenge Ability
I like this app for learning. I use it like Hindsight in WWF2: I screenshot the board, make my move, then use this app to see what I could have done better. The trouble is that this app is not able to recognize the smaller grid of the Solo Challenge board. These days I play more Solo Challenge than real life opponents, so this app is not useful nearly as often as it could be.
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2 years ago, SierraCarolyn
Too much junk and disruptions
I really love the game and would have given it 5 stars, but all other stuff you’ve added is totally annoying. I agree with the long review. I can’t remember the name but it ended with 4444.
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6 years ago, YokiC
Slow to update!
I’ve been using this app for quite some time to help increase my vocabulary within the Words With Friends game. But it doesn’t seem like you are keeping up with the changes they are making within the game. EZ Word Cheats doesn’t work for Solo games since it has a smaller board and now it doesn’t work if you change the tile colors.
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2 years ago, Honey4u2
Love this game, I wish they would fix ads
I don’t mind ads but broken ads that are blacked out you can hear not see? Then it won’t return you to your game? I have not played in years but I am hooked.. I hope they fix soon
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3 years ago, AlisaKing
Very good free app
I use the free version and, therefore cannot see the top scoring words that can be played. However, I can see info about the top scoring words. Then it is my personal challenge to determined where the words can be placed. I like the application 👍
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6 years ago, Nanadx3
Very helpful
Some people only use it to cheat. But it can be a great learning tool. And help you get better at the game. It sometimes uses words I don’t know. But once I see them and realize they are allowed I try to remember them for future use.
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6 years ago, Mardigus
For hard core Scrabble players this app is messed up. The money words give you the first and last letters, enough for a skilled player to wipe up on anyone. Of course you can’t throw down a word for the sake of high points and expect to beat 2000 rated people but other than that it’s all good
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Thought it lost paid version info
Love it. I've had many phones since I bought this. This is the first time I've had to restore purchase. Didn't work at first but now all is well.
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4 years ago, MET314
GREAT APP!!! The only thing I think would make it better would be to offer a paid version that came with unlimited keys instead of having to purchase 50 keys periodically from the App Store but I still love the app. MET314
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1 month ago, ladybug828
It makes a lot of words with letters you don’t even have in your tiles
This app just takes your money. It makes a bunch of words that you can’t even play because it shows words with letters that you don’t have so don’t waste your money. It used to be a good app, but now they take your money and they don’t keep up with the updates of the other games that they say they support.
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6 years ago, Veevee333
Paid $1.99 but keeps asking to buy again
Bought the paid app, which is supposedly free! It’s locks you after giving few cheats and forces you to buy. So paid $1.99 and bought the app but after a week it has stopped and wants me to buy again. Also, works only on one device, can’t use it on iPhone with same log in. What’s going on? Need someone to look into it and get back as early as possible!
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6 years ago, Dj urish
Great app but wish it would scan automatically once you take a screen shot of the game but other then that it’s a great app to use whenever you run out of words to use.
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6 years ago, Kadilynard
Quit working properly
I used this app when I might need a little assistance. Helped me be more observant and find new words. Now......it quit working today, stating an error occurred, didn’t look like screenshot was from Words With Friends. Well it certainly was! Another time it scanned screenshot and up came a blank board, like a start of a new game. This is irritating. I uninstalled and then reinstalled.....didn’t help. What happened?
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3 months ago, Mjt10024
Words cheats
The app says for a one time fee of $1.99. That’s a lie, I paid &1.99 and it worked for 3-4 days, then quit. I tried contacting by game and left several messages, no response at all. So I figured, it’s only $1.99, I bought it a second time. The exact thing again, after 3-4 days, it quit working. My advice is for anyone not to purchase the game. Go to a different site.
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6 years ago, Gud Spelher
Doesn’t recognize board
The developer apparently abandoned the previous version of the app which no longer works but I PAID FOR. They released this one which DOESN'T WORK and is not the same app technically so I’ve lost my keys that I purchased. I have written to the developers half a dozen times and have NEVER received a reply of any sort. This is a great app as long as you don’t expect it to work or be updated.
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7 years ago, FoxHunter10
Great App
If you're stuck and just need a little push in the right direction. Also helps to get change your method of playing to one that's more strategic. Excellent App
Show more
7 years ago, Chippy6565
Great App
I admit that I use this app and it works well. Like others I use the app if I think someone is cheating against me, but mostly I like to use it after I play to improve my strategy.
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6 years ago, travelkitty4
Not worth the $
This app is out of date with the ever changing words with friends app. And they don’t seem to care. I have sent several screenshots to explain issues that continue to happen . All the response I get is to update to 5.8. I tried to explain that I have 5.8. They again reply with upgrade to 5.8. I’m ready for a refund! Poor customer service. Poor communication!
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6 years ago, dgp1
Doesn't work with new pink/colored tiles
If anyone has pink tiles (or probably other custom colors) on the board, it no longer can see any letters on the board for some reason. Even my letters I played, which aren't pink. Also it doesn't support the smaller boards when you're playing against a bot. This is all in Words With Friends 2.
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Great app. I made my whole family cry and cheated and won 50$. Also they slaughtered my dad after they thought he gave me the cheats
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6 years ago, Tinak57
I do use this as a back up plan an a thesaurus n Dictionary but the new colors don’t let it happen I think u need to to update the app to accommodate these new colors Thanks
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6 years ago, staceynation
Good tool
Good tool for learning new words and looking at a "bigger picture" when you're completely stuck.
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