Words With Friends 2 Cheats

4.3 (1.9K)
18.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local Network Media
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Words With Friends 2 Cheats

4.29 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
1 year ago, CarolynTav
App not working
I really like this app but it quit again. You got it up and running again but your contact us page isn’t working. It’s the best app. As far as I’m concerned. When will it be fixed?
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5 years ago, angelwings1987
What’s up with game!
I use this game to help me spell my words right now it won’t work you will lose a lot of people if they go out and down load another form if you could just keep your faithful followers informed we wouldn’t get so upset! If I have to go to another app that’s where I will stay just keep us informred and we will stick around!
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5 years ago, Mark - Go Braves!
Cheat With Friends
We have enjoyed the app but currently it does not work! I deleted it and reinstalled the app but still after submitting letters to get ideas the results are always “0”. Then and ad comes through and I try again to submit letters but still no words are given, just the “0” for results. I guess your system in the app is non functional and will try again tomorrow. I suggest you have create feed back inside your app to voice comments.
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5 years ago, jaab0605
Why has this app stopped working?
Cheat with Friends has always been a helpful app, but for the past couple of weeks the app no longer work. I put in my letters, and I get a response of “0.” I click on the “Need help?” link, and receive a 404 error message. Anyone else encountering this problem? Any idea what is going on with the app?
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5 years ago, Sherrykay
Not working at all
Have used it for years and was real happy with it until recently having the same issues as a lot of people app is not working at all after many uninstalls and reinstall still won’t work.
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5 years ago, Jassy1
Was ok but not now.
This app helped out a lot. There were times when there were obvious words n it wouldn’t list them but it did help. Now all of a sudden it’s stopped working. I type letters n it say 0 results. I type in common words n nothing. Every thing I type in gives 0 results. I typed the letters STATE n it came back 0 results. Typed FRIENDS, 0 results. Typed THANKFUL. 0 results. Guess I’ll delete it.
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6 years ago, DLR1949
Lazy and sloppy programming
This could be much better if the coder would think about the user a bit more. The text entry boxes at the top should be larger; the choices should be LENGTH and score; when a blank tile is used in an answer it should show up differently, like lower case or another color; the user shouldn’t have to enter the letters in the pattern box into the letters box - come on, lazy programming; puzzling results if you don’t include pattern letter(s) in the available letters.
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4 years ago, Assfjkl1234
Much easier than using a dictionary or trying a letter to see if it makes a word. I like it better than some other applications because all the words seem to work with “Words with Friends 2.” This is a fair and honest “Richie🐝” review.
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5 years ago, Pseudosam
No longer working
If I could I would only submit with zero stars, no other way to submit a review. What is wrong with this version is it not working anymore? Are you guys gonna start charging for this or what’s up?
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8 years ago, LarryOO4
Great App
Makes my game of words with friends more exciting especially when I am Brain dead 💥this app is always dependable and makes my words with friends more enjoyable Highly recommended for keeping your sanity 🙄
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8 years ago, Wacoflyer
Not very good
The constant interruptions for ads are a huge pain. There are only the options of beginning and/or ending letters, no specific letter placement. Plus, what genius thought it was a good idea to make the space at the top for entering letters so so so tiny? Change just to make a change is stupid and annoying and a huge waste of time. Every update makes this app worse
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5 years ago, 1kb2
Not working
I loved using this app to help me learn new words, however it is no longer working. I type in letters and the results are “0”. Reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work. Very disappointing
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5 years ago, getting angry 450
So far, good. Helps the thought process. Haven’t encountered the problems yet that others have talked about. It isn’t rocket science, It’s a good word cheat for early mornings, when my brain is still dead to the world and I’m trying to wake it up.
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7 years ago, Melody254
This app works pretty good giving most of available possible words. I have noticed several times however that 'good' words are not listed. Possible updating needed? Regardless this app has helped me out many many times! Thanks!
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4 months ago, edpnjax
Done with this app
I’m done with this app because of the way ads are implemented. You need to run ads, fine… BUT lose the audio or have muted by default. Also the ads are beyond obnoxious, they are long and do things like force you to go to a website or App Store. You DO have a choice in the ads you show and have shown you do nit care about your users.
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5 years ago, Snpy28
Not working
I really like this app but lately it’s not working. It’s only giving me 0. I delete the app and added it again. It still does the same. Please check what is going on.
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5 years ago, ham0751
Cheat for words
Liked using this app to just explore possibilities and for a little edge sometimes, but for last week it has been unusable. Put letters in and results pop up 0, even if you put in a real word. Have deleted it twice and reinstalled still didn’t work. Will try again soon to see if they fixed bug.
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5 years ago, RCSMG
The app was working great and just stopped. Ads are still working but I am getting 0 words found. As others have done, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. But the app still isn’t working. Have you been shut down? An update about what is happening would be great.
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7 years ago, janet114
Ads are horribly intrusive - even when no-ad is paid
I've used this for a long time and it's great, but now ads come up that can't be bypassed, and worse, they have sound. Then I paid to not have ads. That works, for a little bit, then the ads come back.
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5 years ago, CRAZY WORDS W/ Friends!
Cheats with Words Ap Is not working!!
This Ap worked until last Thursday evening (I would have given a rating of 5/5 until now.) Ap please fix it ASAP, Thank you so very much!
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8 years ago, TopQat
The ads are more than annoying especially when they interrupt you in the middle of typing in letters. Also the ads that make you what's several seconds before you can click out of them are very frustrating.
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5 years ago, AydenSucksAtLife
omg please please stop the ads they are annoying when I am typing the letters they interrupt me and I forget the words I’m giving this app 1 star for sooooo much ads interruptions I also want the ads to never show on the app again and please make the white box bigger I can’t type all the words in thank you the ads sound like the interrupting cow your typing the letters then an ad shows up
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8 years ago, Milanmima
It's exciting, especially when your letters are not the best, you good suggestions to use. My only problem, it sometimes freezes.
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5 years ago, FriendPartLove
Good when it works...
I use this regularly and it is easy to use but doesn’t always give you all the word possibilities and some results aren’t valid in Words With Friends. Right now it isn’t working at all for last two days and no reply to my email.
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5 years ago, joackb
Worked okay than stopped working
The app is no longer working after using it for a couple of years. Have read other reviews that are having the same problem lately.
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5 years ago, Revelation 19:11-16
Fix please!😀
I agree with Carolyn tav. Worked well! Maybe update with Oxford dictionary that “Words” is now using? The advertisements are still “working” fine!😉
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5 years ago, bhopkind
Cheat with friends
I loved this apt but currently it is not working. How thoroughly do you check on the apt. I reinstalled it but to no avail. When will it be up and running again. I love this apt as well but for the second time this summer it is not working. Does anyone check on this apt to assure gliches are fixed and start working again.
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4 years ago, Crochet Junkie
Stupid ads get in the way
The ads are stupid, and always get in the way. They fill the whole screen and by the time the little teeny tiny X shows up for me to get rid of it, I forgot the letters I wanted to put in. I’ve had this app for a few years. I’m deleting, the ads are too annoying and there’s no option to pay to get rid of them.
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5 years ago, Paradocs 78
Not Working
Hasn’t worked for the past couple of weeks!
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5 years ago, 1footbrad
App not working
Getting no response, contact us function also getting error message, unable to restart or get any response.
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5 years ago, drdonnatom
No support from company.
My phone was upgraded now the app won’t work. It was really good when it did work. Too many ads.
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5 years ago, Tk00007
What happened to tho App????
Ditto Marks review!!! Please fix ASAP!!! App not working for 2weeks!!!! Fix please !!!! What is going on????????? Second time in a few months. RE downloaded and isn’t working!
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5 years ago, @lindsayv
Used to Work
I have used this app for a long time then yesterday it quit working on iPad. It says 0 results when of course there are. I’ve deleted app and reinstalled still no change. Frustrating.
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8 years ago, Karan 1970
Pretty good. Accurate w letters and gives good choices. Problem is when I have a blank tile. Wish it would give an idea of letters/ words to use for the blank one.
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5 years ago, 12357winston
Twice in the past couple month it was not working for weeks at a time. Disappointed
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5 years ago, john17055
When I start it, it keeps shutting off, maybe 12 times, then it will run. Can you fix it? I’m using on an iPad Pro.
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7 years ago, MeiLi #1
Nice App when it works.
Actually stops working. When letters are entered instead of coming up with words tells you there are zero words. What I have figured out is if you delete it and download it again then it works for awhile, sometimes a week or longer before It stops working again.
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8 years ago, Nickzombie496
Ads are too annoying
The ads are so many! Multiple times in one action! They interrupt while you're typing in the letters. Then sometimes you even forgot your letters by the time the ads stop long enough for you to type them in.
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5 years ago, BeCur
I have used this app for a while now, like at least a couple of years, suddenly one day, it quit working. Just gives “0 results”! Is it because I allowed my phone to update to the new IOS? Fix the app, please!
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5 years ago, Cake Lady
It was working then it stopped no help I deleted and reinstalled it still will not work
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5 years ago, Fran Gom
Not working
The app worked great for a while but it has stopped working. Not sure what happened.
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3 years ago, %^*_
Too many words not acceptable
Words for Friends only uses real words!
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5 years ago, ncphs
No longer works
This app doesn’t work any longer it appears. Bummer
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5 years ago, ydroow
Stopped working
I uninstalled then reinstalled and it still gives me 0 .. not very happy after using it for a couple years .. liked it when it worked.
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5 years ago, Schmervette
Results always 0
This is a new issue. No matter what word I enter the results are zero. Even after deleting and reinstalling the app. Also when I request help and enter all my information I get a message that the ReCAPTCHA was not entered correctly but I see no way to enter that.
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5 years ago, Michelleen
Cheat with friends
This app no longer works. I’ve tried several times and it just keeps saying no results. Are you going to fix it or did you just stop it.
Show more
5 years ago, bree1944
It quit giving me words. I deleted it and reloaded it and it still doesn’t work. Please help!!
Show more
8 years ago, AnaProfe
Pretty good
Suggested improvements: I wish you could put in more than seven letters. Also it would be nice to link words to dictionary definitions if you wanted to.
Show more
5 years ago, mcgowrob
Great App!
This app works great with all the games I play. Unfortunately, it has stopped working. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled but it keeps showing 0 results. PLEASE fix ASAP! I need this!
Show more
5 years ago, JAW429
Doesn’t Work
About a month ago it quit, then it started working, now it has quit again. Just stopped working. I have tried deleting and reloading, but it won’t work, I needed this because of a learning disability and it helped me. I am aggravated.
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