Worlds of Fun

3.4 (86)
68.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Worlds of Fun

3.36 out of 5
86 Ratings
12 months ago, Nnluv23
wait times & can’t see until in park
the reviews are right, the wait times are sooo off it’s funny. it says patriot has 5 min wait and there’s a pretty long line, could take at least half an hour. also, it can show what rides are open or closed. nice, but when you leave the park, if you wanna check what rides are open or not.. “times will show when you’re in the park” meaning if all your favorite rides are down you won’t know till you get there and see it lol
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3 years ago, 1opinionEndlessviewpoints
We’re they even concerned?
I get having to do reservations. Whatever it’s the world we’re in. I already bought season passes filled out allll the info retyped 3 separate 20 digit codes instead of it auto generating from the email like every other company under the sun and then EVERY TIME I want to go to oceans I’m gonna have to fill it all out All over again instead of you using the info I’ve already given you??? Don’t waste my time! This app also restarts about every time you go to another screen so you get to do it all six times and I’m on an iPhone 12 max...
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3 years ago, Vduffel
Horrible for Reservations
You are now required to complete a reservation. Got my passes last year and they are saved in the app. But to make a reservation you you have to re enter the 20 digit pass number for each pass that is already saved on the app. Didn’t get a card so have to write it down or use another phone each time I want to go. A lot of work. It would be nice if the system could see my passes and let instead of having to re enter everything every time.
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8 months ago, EMK801
Tickets, map, wait times—all trash
Tried several times to upload my tickets to the app and they never do, but given the reviews I've read on here that sounds like a good thing since it's a hassle for entrance employees to retrieve them. Map is only useful for someone who has been to the park before, no location markers. Wait times are way inaccurate.
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6 years ago, Ratherberunning
Decent app but wait times is a joke.
So we got in the park and looked at wait times. It said 15 minutes for timber wolf. Went to line and have been waiting 30 minutes and am not close at all. These apps are good for directions but terrible for wait times. Someone needs to figure this crap out. So frustrating having a family at park and wait 1 hour for each ride. Especially when the app says 15 minutes.
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7 years ago, Nidikhi
Decent app. Just one thing...
Looks like a cool app with lots of useful features! I'd like to add one though: each attraction should give live time feed of whether it's up and running or the ride is down for maintenance or just out for the night!
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5 months ago, Fun12111
Works great for me
This app is so easy to use only thing off is the wait times but other than that it is a good app
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3 years ago, JohnPthatsMe
Wait times not accurate
App was good for map and such, however if the wait time says 15 minutes it is going to be an hour minimum. When it says 40 minutes it is going to be 1-1/2 hours.
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2 years ago, Mdphm2
Wait Times
Not sure who or how this app is updated with wait times but; listed 15 minutes for the Patriot and it was 25. Listed 45 minutes for the Mamba but we waited 3 min. Needs improvement.
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6 years ago, 2tuckered2
Pain in the pass
You can store all your season passes in the app, so you don’t have to have the individual cards to carry around. Problem is, that retrieving the passes so you can enter the park, is rather cumbersome. Even the people who work for ‘Worlds of Fun’/‘Oceans of Fun’ have great difficulty retrieving them, so you can enter the park. Same thing for retrieving your prepaid meal passes. You’d think that they would make this access easy. The app that they had last year was much more user friendly. It was obviously designed by someone in an office and not someone that actually uses the park.
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7 years ago, DeAnnGL
Great App - Helps Me Plan Family Fun
I'd be lost without this app! It lists all current park events, operations hours and specials. The fun photo filters and detailed park map make this a must have app for anyone planning a visit to Worlds of Fun.
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3 years ago, zenicasr
Unrealistic wait times
The actual wait times were always twice the predicted wait time on the app. The app was slow to update on which rides were down. The boomerang ride also did not exist on the app. Overall, I’d have to rank this app as an F tier and would not recommend to my friends or family.
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7 years ago, Gmamake
Great app
This app is fun and easy to use. Take my daughters and grandsons. The picture app is amazing to send to family and friends. And the find family app works great
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1 year ago, LuCy IrEnE jOnEs
My worlds of fun review
It was SO helpful! Wait times can be inaccurate but it gives you an idea of how long you’re going to wait.
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7 years ago, Rwcclc
Works well
Working very good compared to when fist lunch. Like that maps are updated to each season.
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12 years ago, Atomicus_
Worlds of fun
Would be a very cool and handy app if you could use it without being connected to wifi. Tried to use it at park and nothing would load would just tell me it was not connected...
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1 year ago, DaveIsLuckyDuck
Not useful for navigating
Mapping is really poor for walking navigation- just a base image with no landmarks labeled. It sometimes routes you through paths that aren’t available to walk . No menus?!? Take a look at how other parks use the platform - it’s truly not that difficult to make a useful app.
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9 months ago, CJEF87
Map Functionality is Useless
The map and directions feature needs updated as the current iteration makes finding destinations nearly impossible. The physical park maps are much better.
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4 weeks ago, I'll Tell You What...
Super Buggy
The app will not let me log in, no matter how many times I try, and yes I have the right login info. It just glitches and never even accepts that I’ve input the information.
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2 years ago, Scotch
Wait times off by more than an hour
Wait times of 5 mins turn into 90 minutes. I asked one of the workers “oh yeah, they haven’t updated that since we opened.” Other than a map it’s pointless.
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3 years ago, aevansrules
Don’t get the app for wait times
App is fine to store passes, map, general info - but posted wait times are WAY OFF (by like an hour or more). Super frustrating
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3 years ago, hotelie14
wait time inaccurate
the wait times don’t change throughout the whole day. What’s the point of the app or showing fake wait times?
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6 years ago, Melfmho
No wait times
Great in concept but wait time for the rides reads a constant 0. Not helpful as we waited anywhere from 15-45 mins for rides.
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7 years ago, hhhhhhhjhj
It's good!
I wish they had a place for the park hours...over all great!!
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3 years ago, dog_eat_cat_world
Wait Times Drastically Inaccurate
The wait times are so inaccurate you will stand in like for 45 minutes for a ride that says 5.
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5 years ago, bugeater1890
Great for the map
Don’t even bother with the wait times, it doesn’t update. The interactive map is good though.
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6 years ago, lahoriii
Wait times
The only reason i downloaded this app was to get wait times. But they are extremely inaccurate.
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4 years ago, CD079
The only reason to have an app - ride times - doesn’t work!
One ride was even open and the app said closed
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5 years ago, TheJLM
Wait time 10mins. BS!!!
Wait times are a joke. Not even close. So far only one wait time was within 40 mins of being accurate!!!
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6 years ago, Toya1096
Can’t get in
Every time time I go to sign in it keeping oops something went wrong. Once the bug is fixed I’ll amend my review.
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7 years ago, alma_lo
It connects me with friends in the park
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7 years ago, Quigg1e
Fun place
Fun app and handy
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7 years ago, Saleem yasin
This app is helpful
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3 years ago, Scre idle gun
It’s an app
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7 years ago, Nifty7892648397
I like this app. It is cool.
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8 years ago, Mr e smash
Good app for WoF
I'm just going to echo several of the other reviewers: nice app and I do like all the features, but I wish it had just a little more. A digital season pass/fast pass would be great and I miss an easily accessible calendar (as of now I have to access two: one for park hours and another for shows but upcoming events like Halloween Haunt aren't anywhere to be found...).
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9 years ago, Mr_109
Map Error
Downloaded this map for the sole purpose of using the map feature to navigate the park. Every time I go to the map page, I get the following message: "Processing Error: There was an error processing the map. The downloaded map may not be a valid map file." After clicking "OK" on this pop-up (the only option given), I get a blank map page with my location in relation to some rides, but no map - no pathways, no images, nothing. Deleting this app as it was completely useless to me while visiting the park.
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8 years ago, Asherraa
I actually like the app for this park. It's pretty easy to use. What I wish the app had was the payment deferral plan integrated inside. I also wish it were possible to put season passes in Apple Wallet. Sometimes you leave your pass at home but it is rare you leave your phone! All in all? I don't have any problems with the app.
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12 years ago, MS3104
Has potential.
This app works great at home! The maps loaded quickly. Quite a different story once we got to the park. We went on a Friday night during one of the Haunt weekends. There were so many people there that the app couldn't connect to the data network. It might work better on a slower day. I'll keep it and try it again during the summer and see if it is any better.
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8 years ago, Bowserisawesome
Very good app for the park
I love this app. It has everything I needed to know except for one thing - weather. I wish the app had its own weather forecast, but that is all it's missing. Great overall!
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7 years ago, Edster00
Great App
Shows you everything you need to know about the park, whether it be where rides are, what time shows are, or what restaurants there are, it's all there for you.
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8 years ago, WeatherVaneRoof
Map Worked Great!
Gps dot kept on the right track. very easy to get around this park with this. Good info on each ride and the ability to filter the rides was great.
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8 years ago, 09283856
The app is okay. Not really good for anything but getting news about upcoming events. If you are new to the park it has a map but when you go regularly it doesn't make a difference. The app needs something more...
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10 years ago, Taco2121
It's ok but I can't read the map, you can't tell what some of the pictures are, and when looking at different rides I wish it would show you where it is in the map, not in the US
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9 years ago, Tball9781
Ride heights are not consistent from summary page to detailed page. Summary images and Detailed images are not correct. The summary page shows a roller coaster and the detailed page show some other ride type. Someone needs to review/test their work before it gets released.
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8 years ago, Beeyle6
Very efficient
This app works really well for parents who get separated and need to find each other on the Map.
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9 years ago, Fried on a Stick
Not Always Current
Planned a trip on a Sunday, app said open until 10PM. Then while there, find out it's 7PM. Asked someone at the gate, and was told "yeah, the app isn't always current." What good is an app with wrong information?
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12 years ago, Jonathan Chase
Absolutely wonderful
Used it to find my way around the park, find interesting rides, etc...
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12 years ago, Show_Stomper
Needs improvement
Great idea for the friend finder but won't update on our iphones over 3g. Showed my friend never moved and sometimes never loaded. Hope they fix it!
Show more
12 years ago, Demonw
Had to turn my phone upside down when going south, but this is definitely a keeper app.
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