Worldstar HipHop Videos & News

4.7 (40.4K)
216.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Worldstar LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Worldstar HipHop Videos & News

4.68 out of 5
40.4K Ratings
6 years ago, colingairtress
Video stops playing
Love the content of the app but i cant watch more than a few seconds of any video without it stopping and going back to the beginning like the video is just starting. I close the app and re open and problem still persists with or without wifi. Please, i really enjoy this app and want to continue to use but it is incredibly frustrating when i cant watch any videos!
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4 years ago, capainnalgas
Bad on iPhone X or newer
I don’t even know how you guys have such a high rating. Obviously only because of the content but you need to fix your app. It’s 2019 and this app is not iPhone X friendly. When the videos enter full screen you can’t swipe out by pulling down nor can you scroll through the video or rewind because the scroll bar is too close to the “home” swipe area on the iPhone X or newer. Tried it on a X, XS, and XS Max. Same thing on all of them. When leaving a video, feed automatically starts back at the top instead of keeping its place meaning if I watch the 182nd video when I leave it starts back at the latest. Could be better, definitely used to be worse. Edit: after further review upon a fresh install of the app, going back to the feed goes to the position as it should, but the video player during full screen is still bad for new generation iPhones.
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6 years ago, Slickrick2121
“LIMITED” aka bogus.
I’ve been using this app for years and the content always forces me to use this bogus app. They have never fully fixed it but are trying to add to it for social media. After the first video you get your first ad. 99% of the time that’s when it locks up and you HAVE to crash it because of that 10 cent ad they feed us. Then relaunch and can watch maybe 3 more videos and guess what?! Time to crash and relaunch again. This has been my experience with this app for years and multiple phones. I have 200 mbps connection and tests prove it but Worldstar servers are throttled outbound or this app is just garbage. Like I said the content is great the app is garbage. I have finally given up and put a review on this app which is the real problem. Not the users.
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6 years ago, BrewHa34
The content is great, app needs work
One thing I’ve noticed about using this app is there is some sort of bug when scrolling and after watching a video and going back to the feed...if you scroll it’ll go down the page, almost like a glitch. Another key issue I’ve found is how this app drains your phones battery somehow. When using and watching videos my phone will immediately start getting very hot and I went from 28% to 10% battery life within 15 mins. My phone is a brand new IPhone X and it doesn’t do this with any other app. FIX IT!
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2 years ago, Jjaybad
I am in shock seeing some of the videos people have downloaded. It’s shocking knowing their are people out their who care vary little about human life and these people are the people people have killed police officers and caused people to turn their backs at the police. Look who you protecting. Thugs are thugs and they need to be treated as such. Just saying.
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3 years ago, scizzorhandz
This app seriously needs to get it’s ish together.
This app only has a decent review because of the content on it, which has nothing to do with the actual app. Watch one video with no issue and then it’s all downhill from there. Freezing, crashes, literally anything that can make a content viewing app annoying, this app does it. I downloaded this app like 2 years ago and immediately stopped using it for the reasons stated above. Now the website directs you to this app automatically. I was in disbelief when I realized literally none of the issues that made me stop using it had been resolved.
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3 years ago, ETOC666
As opened my morning dose of WSHH I again was hit with the fact that ONCE AGAIN I cannot access any of the music videos, not one, new and upcoming , NOTHING to do with a music video will play. It was like this for almost 2 months last time then is was fixed by an update and now back at it maybe only by 3 weeks later. Looks like a new update is in order ! Thanks though for being the best app around I will change to 5 ⭐️ once fixed ! I love me some WSHH !!!
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6 years ago, AceVang
Needs a lot of improvements.
First of all the app is ok. There are some improvements that needs to made to make things a lot easier such as page numbers. I don’t like scrolling down and down past videos I’ve already seen. There should just be a page number option at the bottom of the page like the actual website. Once you back out of a video or close the app. You start back from the top of the video page and have to scroll down and they ALL the videos again. Gets very annoying.
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3 months ago, kokernnn
If every video told the story like this. It’s in a full clip of lifetime in prison. Nothing matters
This told the full picture unlike other videos there are real folks having fun. With all the drugs in their system. There’s got to be a trigger drug that excites them 🤔🤔what happens when they’re hard and lonely ??
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2 years ago, derekallnicknamestaken
Ads. Crashing. Slow Load Times. Only Gets Worse
Used to love this app for the content. It is next to unusable now. Runs terribly. Ads that take just as long to load as the time they force you to watch them, which is long. Crashes like crazy. Videos take forever to load. Did I mention that they constantly force you to watch ads now that you cannot skip through until 20-30 seconds into the ad? Not at all worth the content. Horrible way to mismanage what used to be a worth-while app.
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6 years ago, H-Double
The App is ok!... But it could improve in a lot of areas. For starters fix the cell phone view when trying to watch a video it's very annoying!... other than that the App is decent. also the pop-ups are annoying as hell when you first click the app, I usually have to back out and start over. the pop ups are annoying as hell also, please fix that immediately because a lot of people have left worldstar and have now moved to a new site called the Grand Report.
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7 years ago, kc_cuts
I've been with WSHH since before they had an app. My only thing is that I wish you guys had a search engine. Every clips goes through you all first and I love that. Before it hits social media, you guys have it first. That's why I mess with you all. But I can't search old stuff or hashtag what I want to look up. I'd appreciate it if you add hashtags and search engine for mobile app. Thank you
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6 years ago, HTown Joe
The best place to see it raw
Sad to say but this is my go to ap for raw news. They also have some very funny and enlightening stuff as well. If you are really down with hip-hop then you will find a lot of things on here entertaining, if you are not into hip-hop please do not download this app because you will need an interpreter for 99% of the clips.
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2 years ago, Abe Guy
We need balance in new content.
I usually pass up all the fights and same drama filled post looking for unique content or interesting posts. We need to see more of the plus side of the net. Im not a social media person so I feel like I’m spared the continuous bombardment of uselessness!✌🏿
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1 year ago, da_leach
This app has so many bugs and pop ups it’s ridiculous
If you like pop ups that will just instantly open up a page in your web browser and that will make you back out of a video and load back into it you will love this app. You can’t even use the the button to make the screen bigger because it don’t work 99% of the time and where the fight videos and someone the post some of the videos on here is super thirsty it’s kinda sad sometimes
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5 years ago, LauraZer1
I can barley even use this app anymore. The ads have gotten ridiculous. I understand the need to generate revenue, but I am tired of having to sit through a three minute ad for the same dumb game( that can’t be skipped) over and over and over. It has gotten so bad , you almost have to watch an ad for every video you play. I shouldn’t have to do that to watch a one minute video clip every single time. World Star has gotten greedy and T his app is complete garbage now. I’ve used it for years but I will definitely be deleting it now.
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5 years ago, ahmed da 3
Worst app , personal agendas
App bugs out a lot, a lot of ads in and out of videos. They re post the same thing all the time. They post fake videos knowing it’s fake for views. The views are clearly fake, they put a million views on some random dude cause that rapper is usually signed to them in someway. they always change the titles of videos and repost them same day for more views. The comment section is just a bunch of trolls. Worst app ever been on. Always posting videos against cops yet they show nothing but bad stuff about black people.
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6 years ago, Charlie Sosa
Man the status of Worldstar is just declining to me. & it is demoralizing that it’s the way it is after a legend (R.I.P. Q) created it. It’s like worldstar takes content that ig has had up for weeks or days & then they put it up there. Everything I watch on worldstar, I’ve already seen days prior on ig minus any of the comps. & even the comps are boring to watch. & can’t forget to mention how hot my phone gets using the worldstar app to the point I close the app cause it seems my phone is going to explode.
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5 years ago, MrMikieMike
Bring on the update because the current one blows!!!
Iphone Xs and the clips in the app stop playing/ restart after 3 seconds. It forces me to close out the app so that videos return to “normal” and allow me to watch. Fix that garbage!! Out of the years I’ve had this app, why now
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3 years ago, gangsquadmokes
Trash app
If I could rate this app half a star I would. I imagine this app was made by one person barely out of high school who has never seen or used another app before. Videos don’t load, the scrolling bar is right next to your swipe home bar (FRUSTRATING) they don’t bother enhancing the video quality so half the time your looking at videos 1/5 of screen size and don’t forget what worldstar it notorious for NEVER GIVING CREDIT TO THE OWNER OF THE VIDEO so worldstar makes a bunch of money off promo on other people’s content. It’s a modern day scam
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1 year ago, 10N3
App is awesome. Update is making the app VERY LAGGY
The app itself is awesome. The convos, the videos, the news. The only issue I have is, it’s always been kind of a slow app. It was okay before but ever since the. Ew updates, it’s SLOWER than ever. It’s horrible. Please clean it up.
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1 year ago, TheRealDWard
Lost watcher
Been watching world star since 06 but, just deleted the app and don’t planning visiting website for awhile at least. This new video improvement means ads for every video and no being able to go full screen with iPhone. 1/2 the time backing out of a video gives a pop up ad. Watching a video sometimes moves you through 3 next videos then you got to back, back, and back just to get to menu for yet another ad
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3 years ago, danders2349
App on iPad
I think there needs some work put into the app for iPad because it’s buggy and doesn’t automatically go into landscape mode when the iPad is in landscape so I can only see part of the screen and can’t read half of the videos description
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5 years ago, fernyarias
Alright but could be better
This app is really good at letting you know about news but I haven’t been able to view music videos for about a year now. It always has an error message pop up.
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6 years ago, Extremely displeased gamer
Fantastic content which I have watched every day for years. However, ads are becoming an increasingly annoying issue. They used to play after the video, now they play before, during, and after. Can’t watch one video without ads popping up nonstop, it obviously shouldn’t be this way. Please give this bug some attention!
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1 year ago, Definitely love this game!
This app is so poorly made. I love the content on Worldstar but I can’t even view a video in full screen, the app just randomly starts clicking on 10 videos that I have to click out of. So much potential here and it’s like nothing is being done to help the interface at all. Just adding more and more ads
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6 years ago, oo00777
Fix it!!!!
While using this app the phone gets hot drains my battery this is the only app that does that this world star hip-hop app fix it it has a major glitch when strolling will look in that video it gets extremely hot fix it
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6 years ago, Rely-po
Too many ads!!
If I have to keep having to wait on iTunes music ads n theses non stop game pop up blocking my view ads I'm out!!! I get that you need to get them plugged for pay but lord tone it down! I'm scared to open up my world star and having to wait 30 seconds to finish seeing a comercial... ni bueno..
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3 years ago, hector215
Make New Changes
We been having problems with wshh app.. some videos won’t load, videos under favorite are gone, play bar is Wonky. It would be nice to update the whole app instead of small fixes. Plus we’re heading into 2021, think that’s more than enough reason to upgrade the the whole app. Let make some changes.
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5 years ago, The a k47
Worldstar is a very crazy app. This app has some of the craziest videos that is hard to find anywhere else. In all good fun app, but I warn you stay away from the comment sections on certain videos relating to racism or anything political. I have seen some race wars in those comment sections that are so toxic, it’ll make you physically sick.
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2 years ago, Boboggins
Keeps crashing my iPhone
This app starts to lag really bad the longer you spend on the app. Eventually it just locks up and it causes me to have to turn my phone off and reboot. Half the time it crashes so bad that I can’t even shut off my phone!! Only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because I like the content when it works.
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6 years ago, GivenchyWalkin
I love WSHH
I really enjoy watching the different videos people post all over the world doing funny things! It gives me laughter every time I see something on here! So keep up all the good work of making this site a joyful thing to watch!
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6 years ago, Wil the Photographer
Good content. App needs work.
Let me start by saying the video add is very annoying. I love worldstar, but I hate that the videos are not embedded correctly and when you click the small video to make it bigger, it’s still small but centered in the screen and surrounded by a black empty space. The video needs to go to full screen. This is very very annoying as there is no way to zoom in on the video.
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5 years ago, T.Corp
Videos stop playing
My videos stop playing after a few seconds. I’ve closed the app out, rebooted my phone, deleted and downloaded the app over, and nothing helps.
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2 years ago, EternalZay
Minor fixes needed
Simple and good app but the app will glitch, slow down, and crash when clicking too many recommended videos, also the comments section disappears. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a more recent iPhone (iPhone Se 2nd gen) but other than that I like how the app runs. PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES.
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6 years ago, johnny Web
Always looking forward to this site!
This site hits all areas and topics that other sites do not cover. Gritty heart felt stories that keeps up to date and on point” any other site is a Worldstar pit stop, nothing compares to Worldstar Hiphop”.
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4 years ago, Jolly boo boo
Needs to be updated
The content is alright, but the platform needs work. - the clock is not displayed in the app, it’s easy to lose track of time - there are no fast forward 10 second buttons like ALL other video content apps - when you swipe down on the comments the entire screen swipes down and you can’t see the video
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5 years ago, J_DUB31
Superrrrr annoying !!!!!!!
Been using it for years and for a while i view a video and once it plays and a couple of seconds in restarts itself from the beggining super annoying and made me start using top buzz as my online viewing source
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4 months ago, DubbDeBoyT
Love it
Worldstar is more informative than our everyday news!! I find out more things about the world on WS before anywhere else
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1 year ago, Chris1433333333
Its alright
Recently just updated my phone and everything was fine but today the video player don't even have the option to maximize the video anymore. Just mute and a big red box for play and pause. Plus too many ads.
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3 years ago, Blacbarbie40
Audio malfunctioning
After watching a couple of videos all of a sudden while watching another, all the videos I previously watched starts playing all together.
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4 years ago, @3mas__
Useless app
I went to download it the Worldstar app then got charged $17. Thinking it was free like the website. The website is set up way better than any the app itself. This app is useless if you compare it to the website. I scroll down and it loads the same videos and never refreshes itself. Big waste of money and a little waste of time. I’d give zero stars I possible, unfortunately that is not an option.
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5 years ago, Dr. Pepper (no PhD)
It’s great BUT
The app is great but my only concern is when it comes to the comment section. If they could just leave the video alone and let us scroll through the comments at the same time, that would just be great.
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2 years ago, G-Money 00
A good place
A good website to see different stories on different things. And some of the headline stories as well.
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9 months ago, Xavz 793
Fix it
This app could be so much better, whenever I watch one video it stops towards the end and starts a random add. Then you can’t exit the add, also if you try to rewatch that video good luck it jumps to like three videos from the past and you have to back out all the way. Do better WORLDSTAR
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3 years ago, eman.vz
Let’s be real
People need to start giving their ratings based in the apps performance not the content which is just projected from the WSHH website. The app is 10 years outdated. Nothing works properly, you’d think with all the money their making off the adds and posts that they’d invest 10-30k in some decent app development. I like the content but the mobile app is a complete embarrassment.
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9 months ago, Bussemaster23
This app has been having bugs for years. The company doesn’t want to fix or update the UI system.
This is not a small company, no excuse for the amount of bugs or malfunctions in the app. You can’t search for a video. The videos stop playing. Formatting is awful. Better off going on the web to find Worldstar videos.
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5 years ago, Just another great one
World star is really just a place where racist can rant
I understand everybody want to see some type of conflict or whatever but allowing people to hide behind a fake identity and constantly spout racist garbage is really just a app that is supporting racism. I don’t know why you don’t do a better job at censoring the racist rhetoric or banning the people who spout the nonsense instead of supporting it. (by doing nothing you are supporting it)
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1 year ago, The Truth Fasho
Can’t go full screen
Y’all need to update this app again. What’s the point of having the app if you have to use a browser to watch full screen videos? Then I can’t scroll on video descriptions. I can only see the top half of them. Inconvenienced by downloading a app that is supposed to make it more convenient doesn’t make any sense.
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5 years ago, Yelly305
Videos won’t play
Does anybody else has problems where the video will start playing then stop. Click on it again and it will only play a couple of seconds and stop again. It’s getting annoying
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