WOSU Public Media App

4.5 (112)
28.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
WOSU Public Media
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WOSU Public Media App

4.5 out of 5
112 Ratings
5 years ago, The Dadster1967
Great app!
I really enjoy this app! For someone who knows very little about the world of classical music, this app provides a wide range of composers and musical styles within the genre. The station hosts also do a wonderful job of conveying background information pertaining to the composer, history behind the piece, etc., that help to provide the tapestry into which each musical piece fits. The sleep timer is a great feature to have as well! The only "ding" (and this is very minor) is I would like to see a better display of what is currently playing.
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7 years ago, Liederlover
Not user friendly for me
I love having the app since the radio signal is so hard to get. I hook my iPad to the stereo for good sound. But everyday I struggle to find d the ‘live stream’ part to turn it on. Easy on my iPhone, but the iPad; not so much. Maybe I need more morning coffee first.
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6 years ago, wily ludo
Not yet practical for hearing the day’s news
I want a WOSU app to substitute or replace my radio, not my other apps. I want to be able to play all of WOSU News’ morning / afternoon stories, as heard on air, in a few clicks. I want to be notified when they are all available to hear. As the app is now, you can play some stories singly, but it’s not immediately clear if/when when these stories aired. I don’t want to play them one by one. I want to start playing the morning or afternoon news, then set my phone down and go about my life while listening. (Like a radio but on demand) Thank you!
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3 years ago, Carter Williams
Excellent App
I listen to 101.1 pretty much constantly when I’m in my car and I often want to hear the rest of a piece or finish an hour show, this app allows me to do that. I also think that the classical music and talk radio as background is better on this app than classical Apple Music radio stations, for example, because these are curated by people—and it’s live which is way better.
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1 year ago, Michael Hannemann
very nice app
The WOSU app is very nicely done. I mostly use it for streaming the radio as it's playing right now, either the news station or the classical station, but sometimes I go back and play older stories. The text stories are easy to browse through and read as well. Pop-up notifications are extremely rare and generally actually newsworthy.
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5 years ago, Garden girl in Ohio
My Escape from stress!
I grew up with WKSU in northern Ohio and came to appreciate the window to the culture of that area the station offered. With WOSU I am able to have both the news when I want to hear it, and classical music when I don’t wish to focus on the madness of our world. Also, I am kept abreast of the cultural happenings of the Columbus area. Thank you for all you do!
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2 years ago, ds reyburn
Solid App but…
I would like to see two things in future updates: 1. Better organization of titles to make it easier to access on-demand titles. 2. Functionality that remembers my last-watched episode and/or grays out previously viewed episodes.
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5 years ago, fredg1947
Great way to listen to great music!
I’ve been a fan of WOSU Classical for nearly four decades, and now with the app I can listen anywhere! The app lets me see what is being played and offers other helpful information as well. I would urge everyone to install it!
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4 years ago, Saltypoetry
OSU radio, news, & tv all in one place
The app works great. It allows me to listen to WOSU programming from anywhere. It’s especially useful during road trips. It also gives me access to some PBS content I can show my kid when we need a quick distraction.
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3 years ago, dhugot
Surprisingly better than the NPR app for their shows
Considering how many millions more users the NPR app supports the WOSU app is much more reliable across iOS updates. For example, it the WOSU app plays all of, say, the previous day’s archive of All Things Considered whereas the NPR app has failed to do so after each of the last couple of iOS upgrades. Of course, this app also serves up WOSU TV (PBS) programming. Bonus! :-) It’s a free app so go ahead, download it and see for yourself. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, TugsMomma
Good choice of apps
Seem to be able to find live streams easily and doesn’t crash. Not so easy to find news stories to read, though, but maybe that’s not what it’s really for.
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4 years ago, Grendel_Girl
Happy to have NPR on the go.
WOSU is a terrific station and being able to take it anywhere, with this dependable app, is great reassurance that I won't miss news or a great program.
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7 years ago, Doctormounir
Very convenient
Great to use this app when you're not in the house or in the car and without a radio. You can stream NPR here while out and about from your phone. It's great.
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6 years ago, Lovmytwins
On-The-Go Knowledge
Luv how I can be arriving at my destination & thinking, “Oh my, this WOSU program is just getting interesting,” &, rather just sitting there in the car, I can turn on the app & keep going with my day! Art
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7 years ago, DLFish11
Sure Beats Radio
I find WOSU's radio signal intermittent at best. Love getting the clear signal via the app. My problem is with my carrier T-Mobile which has lots of drop spots when I get outside Columbus and interstates.
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6 years ago, MeemaBaps
Excellent for classical music
Highly recommended for classical music lovers. I will probably enjoy other aspects, too, but haven't done much exploring yet
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4 years ago, Sherry 609
Listen all day long!
Listen in the early morning when hubby is still asleep. Listen while my hubby watches TV. Listen while I take my morning walk. LOVE this app!
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5 years ago, 3kds2dg
WOSU is great
Love the convenience of this app. Use it to listen to my favorite shows and look up NPR stories. Also can access coupons associated with my WOSU sustaining membership.
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7 years ago, greiner3
I get so angry sometimes
When the app works I'm happy as NPR is my lifeline. But the app drops me a lot. By this means is I'll be listening and then silence. I check the app and it is loading over and over. This happens when I'm at home with wifi on. Out and about. There's no reason I can find. Sorry but I curse WOSU there you have it
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1 year ago, Hank20184
Works and sounds beautifully
And the price is right!
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7 years ago, mellow limes melt
Let's me listen anywhere!
I love that I can listen to my favorite shows from anywhere with just my phone.
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3 years ago, BMacJ
This app has everything!
Love radio, podcasts, live TV, programming information - what’s not to love! If you live in central Ohio (or are from), this is a must have.
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2 years ago, CeoiSong
Great experience
Great way to listen to music and read news.
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4 years ago, RussF....
Love this app!
Clean layout and it works perfectly. No better way to listen to my favorite station!
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5 years ago, Sbennett509
WOSU is great - app is ok
While the programming and features of WOSU radio and television are always outstanding, this app is not an intuitive delivery vehicle. I’m happy they have an app at all, just wish it were a little more refined and in tune with how people use apps.
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4 years ago, Vradde
App Review
The app has always worked great for me, but definitely could be a bit more intuitive.
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4 years ago, ohgoblue1
Great! Solves radio reception issues
NPR is daily staple for me and my family. This app ensures we never miss it...even when on the move.
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4 years ago, evealani
Wonderful app!
Thank you for these amazing stations and media content! The app is very easy to use.
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4 years ago, hollieseven
Perfect to listen to local NPR any time.
Nothing fancy. Just perfect for listening to my local NPR station whenever I want.
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7 years ago, Stanislav P.
It works
Interface could be more intuitive, but it does the job.
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1 year ago, Ohio Traditional Girl
Nice App
I live outside the listening area, so I enjoy using this app from my phone at home or on-the-go
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4 years ago, Big tuna 29
So far so good
Works as promised
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5 years ago, DBA Roy
On-demand playback not great
On the first use of the app in my house with good wireless signal strength and about 25 megabit/second internet speed, on demand playback of a Wait,Wait episode kept stopping. And the app doesn’t even seem to keep track of what I was listening to or where I was at in the show.
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2 months ago, Capam34
Good relaxing music!
The app works very well and the music is excellent!
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4 years ago, Stxman08
Lots of content
This app does a great job of organizing the mountain of WOSU content and bringing it to you in an intuitive way.
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7 years ago, Hfchjfft
Great app
Listen every morning and evening. Makes my day better.
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4 years ago, LKBoanueryn
Has all my favorite local stations.
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4 years ago, iwillnotpayfornetworktv
Easy to use
It’s easy to use and find what I want to watch. It’s a great value to support WOSU.
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7 years ago, Blackbower
Portable information
Must have app, especially in the absence of am 820.
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4 years ago, casey_lyn_clark
We love it
We listen all day
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6 years ago, Javamomma 237
Love this app. Never miss a favorite show. No streaming issues.
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4 years ago, Boycanipickem'
I like it a lot
It’s nice to stream it off wi-fi and listen while I watch the birds and drink margaritas.
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1 year ago, oscrodmed
I love the composer's datebook!!
Amazing app !joyful content everyday and everywhere!!
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5 years ago, DaylilyFan
Now Playing not accurate
While Grieg concerto was playing, app showed a Mendelssohn overture instead.
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6 years ago, Labbie rules
Very informative and varied subjects to choose from.
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5 years ago, nprpbs
Nothing but good here. Keeping us informed, enlightened and current
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4 years ago, MrsClem
Drops off Often
Good app but it often just stops
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3 years ago, mre74
Love WOSU and it’s app!
Works smoothly, great content!
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2 months ago, Straight & Narrow
No value added. Inferior to similar apps. I’ll likely delete it.
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7 years ago, ARMcBride83
Love it
I can stream NPR. I am happy.
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