WPBF 25 News - West Palm Beach

4.5 (3K)
120.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WPBF 25 News - West Palm Beach

4.51 out of 5
3K Ratings
5 years ago, Southerngirl561
I’ve Always loved WPBF, as id the main Nres Station I watch, Especially throughput Hurricane season. Their usually correct with their weather reports. Their All Great. The only one thing that I’d like to see more of, is more of what’s happening here in Palm Beach and surrounding areas. There’s Allot Of reports from Martin county, Fort Pierce... Other than that, it’s my favorite News Channel. Thank you kindly, Bonnie from Boca Raton.
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6 years ago, Tigermykat
Ads are annoyingly, more national & global perspective needed
I like this app in principle with two exceptions. (1) when you tap on a story, you must watch advertisements for at least several seconds. It is so annoying. (2) when I get a push feed on my phone or pad, sometimes I can’t even find the story on this app. Overall, I think this station on tv spends way too much time on the weather, but maybe that is what people want to see. Not me, I have a iPhone with weather alerts. The app getting better with news content pertaining to national, state, and local news. There is almost no international news. You need to report more news about the three branches of national government and what is going on in Tallahassee, coverage is better than a year ago so 4 stars.
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3 weeks ago, Babygirl1599
Interruptions on ABC network at 11 a.m. for nonsense!
As a Floridian, I’m getting tired of WPBF25 interrupting the only morning show at 11a.m. If it’s not about the weather which they talk and notify us as an emergency and/or non-emergency. And today May 31, 2024 , WPBF25 puts former president Trump for 30 minutes. He spoke how innocent he was for the “minimal “ guilty 34 counts. Like really?? Couldn’t it wait till their regular time at 12 to put on the “allegedly innocent former president.” I’m getting so tired of these interruptions. It’s been happening for years. I think I will just record my show and watch another channel for the weather and regular news. A very concerned customer.
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5 years ago, cocakitty
So disappointed!
I have been watching WPBF app for many years since you first started and this year has been the worst for glitches, advertisements and bugs. I like to read the stories and every story has multiple unfinished sentences. It is like reading half a story. I don’t mind a few advertisements but each story has at least 4 plus the additional 15 second video advertisement. Plus the picture shifts, not sure if it wants to show me a picture on the story or an ad. Also, we have multiple phones in my family that are iPhones and Samsung’s so it isn’t just one operating system affected. I hope you are able to fix these items soon because it really isn’t worth our time to watch half the news.
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6 years ago, DDAL324
Mostly Cons
The only good thing about this app is that you do get notifications of current news/events while they are happening. However- you can't find the event once you go into the app. You are really only getting a headline once you find the story. Barely even the highlights of the story. And my goodness there are so many spelling and grammar errors it’s like reading a 1st grade paper. They only want to be the first to report - accuracy and detail is not a factor. Also - they have no sensitivity to victims privacy. And they don't update the stories or the weather. Way too much old news.
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7 years ago, Popgar
Your News & Weather
I find that your news & particularly the “Weather” is NOT up to speed with current happenings. Often, several hours & 1/2 day old. The “weather” report is even more so !!! When I come on to your Web-site in the mornings around 7:00 to 7:30 AM you are giving a “stale” report, as it appears from listening to it, that it was done & recorded the “night before”. With modern technology your web-site should be on target & very current, not hours old.
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2 years ago, Zextacy11
I do not like your IOS app at all like click on one of the notifications and you lose all the others that you wanted to read but now every one of them have been deleted absolutely terrible design!!! It doesn’t do this on all the other Made for IOS phones and tablets, you can still read all of them , maybe I should switch to WPEC and WPTV as theirs don’t do this , but however I’m just wasting my time as y’all never read the comments and never fix what is broken so what’s the sense in writing this to you !!!
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4 years ago, NecePie
Favorite news app
They are quick and thorough with the news. The news videos are easy to find and use which is the main reason this is my favorite news app. There are ads, but it is FREE! You would have ads with any free app.
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4 years ago, Trouter3
It’s getting better
Fairly comprehensive local news broadcasters are very personable and easy to watch very homey which is effective when dealing with the same audience every day .. one weather person needs to stop modeling on the newscast the blonde lady Shaw I believe her name is, phony smile, needs to calm down some and stop projecting herself as the beauty queen others are excellent .. you asked u got an opinion from a non professional ...
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4 years ago, Tatianna56
I love this app. But I hate Indianapolis & want the weather for Stuart Florida so please leave the weather for Stuart Florida as I plan to move there very soon. WHY can’t this app. leave the weather in Stuart?? I have several Florida news station & they all leave my weather in Stuart Florida???? Do you only acknowledge the good ratings? Other than this problem I love WPBF!! Since you have ignored my review of keeping my weather in Stuart & can’t keep political references off & are very biased against Trump.(I didn’t vote for either) I am now deleting WPBF App.
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7 years ago, Sassywpl
All the news and weather I need
WPBF app gives me all the news and weather I need in an easy to navigate app. I would prefer more substance to the articles, but realistically I don’t have time to read all the details...so they give me enough info to know what is happening in the community. The weather forecasters are the best! I rely on WPBF for the most accurate weather forecast.
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11 months ago, first orbi user
Alerts not working properly
If there are multiple alerts on my Home Screen, clicking one alert removed all other alerts. This prevents me from reading multiple news one after another. There is no other way to find those removed alerts.
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4 years ago, Suzette37
Happening Now alert pops up BUT
When a happening now alert pops up one would think the app would allow us to watch the news. Uh no! On has to watch an ad for 30 seconds before being taken to a video that may or may not consist of the information that is “happening now”. Not only is this annoying, but it makes me look for a different news source,
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7 years ago, Danceintozen
Not useful or Relevant...
I've had the app for a few years, always hopeful that it would come around and be better for local, breaking and relevant news. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened. Often the stories don't match up, an article is on there for days, obsessed with Dalia (who really cares), lots of ads, videos are a serious pain with 30 second ads and not enough local news. It's a shame. Has potential but they just aren't taking the suggestions seriously. It's finally getting deleted.
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4 years ago, Brit/Can/Yank
Adverts cover content with no remission
The news coverage is good except editorial content is often missing or storyline interrupted by advertising. With multiple feedback from myself and I’m sure others this has not changed. It’s time to decide what road to go down, that of compromised news where advertising is king or keeping advertising in check and realizing why your here in the first place.
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6 years ago, Grass2u
Pitiful forecasting on Irma.
Had everyone convinced it was going up the East Coast and the forecasting turned into “Oh its there”, “Now its over there”, “no its going there now” Sounded like a bunch of rank amateurs. Then, when it hit the SW coast you were in Delray Beach sucking up to your rich New Yorkers who took over that whole area and talking about winds there instead of getting down and dirty and covering the “lesser “ base of your network, the people who were getting wacked, you were in Delray and Boca acting like you were “ on the scene” for Irma, effectively abandoning the people in harms way. A TRULY PATHETIC PERFORMANCE.
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7 years ago, Jim & Cindy J
Love WPBF...Like the app!
Overall, I like this app. Helps me to stay on top of the news, along with the top-notch on-air talent! It is sometimes a bit slow, but it is a good source of news for those of us on the Treasure Coast and points south. WPBF is definitely the local leader in broadcast news, by far!
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6 years ago, poor service for dish !
Weather people
it has been sunny & clear, how about reducing the live weather feed & let us watch Ellen. Sometimes it is too much. Hale didn't hurt us, looks like the worst has past. We are used to this weather. Sunny, no wind, hot,& sticky. Snow birds are pretty much gone.
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4 years ago, Jadeita
Up to the minute News.
Received Alerts and update on current happenings as they unfold. Can see News live including weather reports or catch up on other happenings by reading the news of the hour or days. Easy to access each News items.
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5 years ago, ftpiercewatcher
Old weather app
I too use this only to preview the oncoming weather to plan outdoor chores, and much prefer the old app. It's frustrating to find Mike Lyon’s 5PM report at 6:30AM the following morning when you have already been broadcasting for 2 1/2 hours. As Mike says “our weather predictions can change rapidly”.
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1 year ago, MileyIsSmokingHot
It used to be a good app
I just updated the app thinking my older version was the reason for the glitches, but no. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the scrolling up and down is a nightmare, it’s so super glitchy. Like I said, I updated but same problems, please fix.
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4 years ago, DuckyDiva
It’s ok.
For a quick reference of the top local news reports it’s fine. The videos are annoying with the 30 sec ads before you can see the 30 sec report. Also, on weekends the reports aren’t updated from Friday night until Monday morning. Then the radar weather map crashes regularly. Besides that, it’s ok.
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5 years ago, pinkys lost
Good app, news reporting needs tweaking
I enjoy the app, however most of the news Info always Iacks the basics of who, what and where, not enough information given, the weather reports are too short, many stories are repeated and the adds seem longer
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4 years ago, BernadetteB1128
Thank you
I only moved to Florida One year ago and thank you for all the updates and feedback on everything though that goes around and here in Florida it is very informative to me
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6 years ago, ktravels51
Up to date weather radar
I love using the app for the weather radar. I can check my local radar plus up the East coast when we travel. I also use it to check on the radar when our kids live.
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4 years ago, Cvtayholmes
Thank you
I look to you for local news and accurate weather information; especially during hurricane season.
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4 years ago, jeannie4209
This app is disappointing on several levels: 1) sometimes the app alerts me several times about the same story or a new alert sends me to an old news story; 2) some news stories have sections chopped out, presumably by ads; 3) some live alerts aren’t accessible (Christmas boat parade).
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6 years ago, TitiNanni
I truly enjoy this app. Love the notifications and everything about it. I get to know the news first. I’m the one that lets the family know what is happening. Keep up the great work. It is awesome 😀
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4 years ago, Federal st
News app
Although I live out of state I visit the area . I love your tv news and the online feed. You all do an exceptional job. Better than my areas news app. Good job.
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6 years ago, mzsrcazm
Great news app Except I wish the separate weather app would be brought back. Plus on this when I’m looking at the radar, it’s always about 10 minutes behind where as before, it was up to the minute.
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7 years ago, Spades Cloud Dancer
I like having local news alerts and news with weather
Title says it all except it even means more to me when I’m away from home.
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6 years ago, dsk2107
Way too many ads
Too many ads and when you click on a story chances are it won’t load up. Something else random does. Also has way too many stories which lead you to think they are local when they aren’t.
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3 years ago, Natalie Baby Girl
I check with this app every morning. I like to keep up with the latest.
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4 years ago, David 45185
Love the app but....
Love the great stories. Get rid of those annoying ads. Forcing us to watch an ad is really a pain. Love the news love the weather love the traffic hate the ads.
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4 years ago, Les4Him
Good & bad
I like the app because I can keep up with weather & things concerning my family. What I don’t like is that if I click on one story to read, I lose all the other stories I may not have had a chance to read, yet. Any chance that will change?
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9 months ago, BearKitty98
Great app , maybe time for an update …
Keeps crashing, even after uninstalling & reinstalling
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4 years ago, Seabaptiste
Blaring ads!
Cannot watch a news reports without having to suffer loud ads that have no relevance to me- I would like to read the news report not have to watch a video- makes me miss newspapers
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4 years ago, cvsshoper
On point
This is an amazing app. They give me real time news, traffic alert and accurate weather. Not to mention Covid updates daily. I love this app
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3 years ago, Kellicious328
You have to watch a 30second ad in order to watch a news clip sometimes shorter then the ad. 30 second ads excessive! Especially when there’s a hurricane brewing, and you need an update!!
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5 years ago, NY Snowbird
Great for Snow Birds
I added your app this spring and am very pleased. It is great keeping up with the news on theTreasure Coast where we have a condo in Stuart and come down from New York for a couple times a year .
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5 years ago, wellington 01
Thank you
I love this app and am a loyal tv viewer would not think of watching another local station. I would have rated a 5 star, the 4 is due to all the adds. Thank you for your service to this community.
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7 years ago, Hope-1
Good App
I love this app keeps you up to date on everything that's happening excellent during the storm keep all of us updated.
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2 years ago, Nickman42
Information Overload
The amount of information provided by the station is repetitive and 24 hour coverage is more harmful than helpful. I believe most viewers mentally shut down and stop paying attention. Specific coverage by county may be more beneficial.
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4 years ago, censored citizen
I do not understand why news is so redundant and/or not diverse. Little if any news on what is going on with holding politicians accountable for incompetency. No follow up news on past criminal cases. No fugitive alerts.
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3 years ago, Cap'n Ed999
Moron news app! Should be no stars
WPBF provides little real local news and most of their news is stale repeating the same stories multiple days in a row. The national ABC news is biased and not worth reading as there are more informative national news sources. It is sad as it could be a beacon of local news, i.e. providing more than 50% of its info for local news. The apps weather is stale, at 6:15 am I get the 4:30 am weather. The app is too full of commercials I need to suffer through waiting for a local news item. Very disappointed in the app and I deleted it.
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7 years ago, Bob music
First alert
You are getting rid of First Alert before you work out the bugs on the replacement news app. The weather part of the news app is extremely poor quality. Just try using it and you will see especially if you have it on your iPad! It is not iPad supported as it states! It does not even deserve a one star rating!
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5 years ago, Globalflier
Functions well but...
As compared to the WPTV App, your content is frequently lacking the current news and often is still displaying old stories from months ago, like the Pulse shooting. Ads are too long usually causing me to go elsewhere for the news.
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5 years ago, hazel,
Stories missing information
This app has ads in between paragraphs of news stories so that much of the information is missing, really annoying!!
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4 years ago, t.schofield
News alerts are never immediately on the app
Title says it all! I’m tired of going to the app after seeing a news alert and getting nothing more than a Jetson or Ford commercial and then nothing! If you broadcast a news alert then put it on the app site immediately! This has to be one of the poorest news apps I’ve ever seen
Show more
4 years ago, GGma Susie
Frustrated reader
I do not appreciate having to watch a commercial when I open an alert:( I also get frustrated when reading an article and the sentence doesn’t complete, and when I advance the article I am reading the start of a new sentence in that article.
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